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PLEASE NOTE that all the Parish Register Extractions, along with other material contained within the Devon Parish pages, including photographs, have been provided FREE and are:  FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY 

Under no circumstances are they to be used by any researcher, either amateur or professional, for commercial or financial gain.  All Devon photographs remain copyright to this website unless otherwise stated and may be copied for your own personal use, but may not be republished in any format, including to other websites, unless you hold copyright to the image.

My own parish register extractions come from microfiche held at: Plymouth and West Devon Record Office and I would like to give special thanks to them and to the Chief Archivist at Devon County Record Office for granting me the permission to share these and also those contributed by others with you.

Below follows an Index to Devon Parishes.  Some contain extracts of baptisms, marriages and burials from various Devon parishes that started as a result of researching my own Devon ancestors.   There are also transcriptions of other sources of genealogical material that have been contributed by myself and others.  I hope that you enjoy exploring and find something of interest amidst these many pages.  Who knows that long lost ancestor may be hiding somewhere here - or a long lost cousin may be lurking in my Guest Book or have left a message in the Forum!  

Index of Devon Parishes


Have you anything for a particular Devon Parish, that may be of interest to others researching their Devon Ancestry?

If so and you would like to share with other Devon researchers,  
then please contact me,  in the first instance with details, 
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 Where I can get the permission, I will put any genealogical record online for you all to see.  
Acknowledgement is always given to the contributor and your continued support in helping me to build this site for other Devon researchers is greatly appreciated.

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