St George's Church - Moved Tombstone Inscriptions 1907

Originally transcribed by Rev RG Bartelot Rector in 1907 and entered into St Georges Parish Register

Compiled by Michael Russell OPC for Fordington Sep 2012 (Memorials to 29 People)

Card by Walter Cox of Weymouth was posted in 22nd Aug 1905 - the photograph is thought to be circa 1895
and shows the church as it stood for many years prior to being enlarged

Copy of Tombstones made by the Vicar July 17th 1907 when we began moving them for the enlargement of the Church

The Vicar then was Rev Richard Grosvenor Bartelot MA FSA (1868-1947)

[Note:- Many of the gravestones being moved must have been in poor condition by 1907 making transcription difficult. I have therefore checked against, and quoted the parish register entry, for each burial as these are likely to be more accurate being contemporary with the event and commented where there is any discrepacy with the transcription. Michael Russell OPC for Fordington]

I. Sacred to the memory of John George HOCKEY the ... of John & Sarah HOCKEY who died May 10 (?) 1857 (?) aged 2 years. Also Emily Rhoda HOCKEY daughter of .... who died .... aged ..(4 lines partly illegible)
    [Note:- John George HOCKEY the son of John & Sarah HOCKEY who lived at the back of the pound in Fordington was privately baptised on 21 Feb 1853 and received into St Georges church on 29th May the same year. He died aged 2 years and was buried in the graveyard on 17th May 1855. I have not located the baptism for Emily Rhoda HOCKEY but her birth registration is at the GRO in 3rd qtr 1856 Dorchester district Ref 5a/338. She was buried with her brother on 1st Feb 1861 aged 4 years ]

II. Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth WHITE who died February 5th 1855 aged 41 years. this stone is erected to her memory by her son H. WHITE

    [Note:- Elizabeth WHITE from the High Street was buried at st Georges Church on 05 Feb 1855 aged 41]

III. In memory of Honor wife of John BROWN Senior who departed this life April 13th 1834 aged 67 years, Also John BROWN husband of the above who departed this life December 16th 1838 aged 75 years

    [Note:- Honour BROWN, who was from St Peters Parish in Dorchester, was buried at Fordington on 18 Apr 1834 aged 67 Years. John BROWN who by then was from Holy Trinity Parish in Dorchester was buried at Fordington with his wife on 21 Dec 1838 aged 75]

IV. Sacred to the memory of Sarah BROWN daughter of John & Honour BROWN who departed this life March 30th 1793; Also John & Sarah their children. Sarah died July 4th 1803 aged 7 months; Likewise of Charlotte this daughter who died July 24 1809 aged 4 years*.
    [Note:- See preceding Tombstone III - Also the marriage of John BROWN to Honour EAMES at All Saints church Dorchester for a list of their 10 children. I have not been able to locate a baptism for Sarah and the renamed a subsequent child Sarah in 1796. *Charlotte was born 21st June 1808 so was a year old. As the Rev RG Bartelott was reading from a gravestone in 1907 the writing may not have been clear?]

Same stone on the reverse:- To the North adjoining this stone lies interred in one grave the bodys [bodies] of Samuel & Mary the parents of John BROWN Senior. Samuel died August 4th 1794 aged 60 years. Mary died Jan 22 1814 aged 90 years & retained her faculties to the day of her death

V. John RANDALL who departed this life March 13th 1863* aged 58 years; Also Elizabeth wife of the above who departed this life July 9th 1864 aged 60 years

    [Note:- John RANDALL who lived at 'The Cliff ' in Fordington was buried at St George's Church aged 58 on 20th March 1865 so RG Bartleott's transcription of the year as 1863 is incorrect. Elizabeth aged 60 was buried on 12th July 1864 so pre-deceased him]

VI. To the memory of Robert PARSONS who departed this life October 12th 1836 aged 19 years (10 lines of poetry, dedicated by a widowed mother)
    [Note:- William Robert PARSONS from Millers Close in Fordington was buried on 16th Oct 1836 aged 19 Years]

VII. Sacred to the memory of James BOGGETT who departed this life March 19 1814* aged 35 years. Also Lydia BOGGETT wife of the above who departed this life February 5th 1830
    [*Note:- James BOGGETT was buried at St Georges Church on St Peters Dorchester; 21 Mar 1816 aged 36 years; Lydia BOGGETT from St Peters Parish in Dorchester was buried with her husband at Fordington on 11th Feb 1830.]

VIII. Here lyeth the body of George BRICE who died January ye 28th 1736 aged 65 years. Also Jane his wife who died February ye 25th 1724
    [Note:- Joan and Jane were often interchangeable and his wife was buried 2 days after her death at St Georges Church on 27th Feb 1724 as Joan BRISE. George BRICE was buried 2nd Feb 1736/7 and left a Will see wills index]

IX. In Memory of Maria GAULTON who departed this life August 1st 1829 aged 25 years. Also of Mary Ann WARREN who died March 25th 1851 aged 50 years; Also Sarah Allen GAULTON Mother of the above who died June 14th 1852 aged 72 years, Also Martha Milbourne GAULTON who departed this life October 3rd 1851 aged 40 years, Also Charles WARREN who died December 6th 1865 aged 26 years, Also John WARREN who died March 7th 1866 aged 66 years
    [Note:- Maria the daughter of William & Sarah GATTEN [GAULTON] was buried at St Georges church in Fordington on 06 Aug 1829 aged 24 Years; Sarah Allen GAULTON from Grove Buildings in Fordington was buried 18th June 1852 aged 72; Martha Milbourne GAULTON also from Grove Buildings was buried 10th Oct 1854 aged 40; Charles WARREN from 'The Hill' in Fordington was buried 9th Dec 1865 aged 26 years; John WARREN from the Dorset Militia who also lived at 'The Hill' was buried 10th March 1866 aged 66 years]

X. Fragment: Sacred to the memory of Jeffery MADDICK who departed this life May 26th 1826 aged 73 years - Also Elizabeth wife of .......July 13th.
    [Note:- A James MADDICK from the parish of Holy Trinity in Dorchester was buried at St Georges Church in Fordington on 01 June 1826 aged 73 Years; Elizabeth MADDICK from Grove Buildings in Fordington was buried at St Georges on 19 July 1835 aged 83 Years]

    [Note:- My Latin leaves a lot to be desired but I think this says 'Sacred to the Memory of the Rev. John JACOB Doctor of Canon Law Vicar for 46 years who died 22nd day in the month of January 1759'. Follow this Link to a short account of his life]

XII. Beneath this stone lies the remains of Henry Edward BINGHAM who died June ye 21st 1813 aged 5 years and six months
    [Note:- Henry Edward the son of Emily BINGHAM of Fordington was buried on the 29 Jun 1813 aged 5 years & 6 months]

XIII. In the Harvey Vault just east of the old north transcept the following breastplates & tombstone:

In memory of Susanna Maria daughter of Robert RIDEOUT and Susanna HARVEY who departed this life 12th May 1807 aged 3 years & six months.

Susan HARVEY died December 1st 1858 aged 80 years (six bodies altogether left as they were)

Tombstone with (illegible word)

In memory of William LUCAS died January 29th 1819 aged 48 years; Also Elizabeth wife of the above died August 12th 1820 aged 58 years; And Elizabeth their daughter died Nov 26th 1828 aged 19 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord

    [Note:- Susanna Maria RIDEOUT was buried at St Georges church Fordington on 17th May 1807; Susan HARVEY was buried 8th Dec 1858 aged 80; William LUCAS was buried 4th Feb 1819 aged 48 years; I can only locate the burial of an Elizabeth LUCAS a widow on 26th July 1819 and she is aged 52 leaving a will? ; Elizabeth LUCAS was baptised at Fordington on 4th Feb 1811 aged approx 9 months and although recorded as from Holy Trinity Parish she was buried at fordington on 5th Dec 1828 aged 18]

St Georges Church Circa 1930's

The church was enlarged and the chapel added during the incumbancy of Richard Grosvenor Bartelot (1868-1947)
Vicar of St Georges Church 1906-1936 Postcard used 19 Nov 1937

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