Bernard TOUPE (c1587 - 1635)

[Also spelt Barnard Toup, Toop or Toope]

of Chaldon (Now East Chaldon) Mayor of Dorchester 1634

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He was the son of Bartholomew TOUPE of Staverton Devon, a small village at the south eastern end of a parish of the same name, and situated on the south side of the River Dart 3 miles NNW of Totnes.

His mother was Alice [? - 1634] the daughter of John GOULD of Staverton. Alice's brother, John GOULD [1558 - 1630] arrived in Dorchester12 in the 1590's and quickly became a very successful merchant and a major benefactor of Dorchester charities. His son James GOULD [1593-1676] was elected Alderman of Dorchester in 1630 whilst his eldest daughter Johane [Joan] GOULD became the second wife of the woollen draper Dennis BOND 2. Both James Gould and Dennis Bond also invested in the Dorchester Company being friends of the Rev John White.

Alice's sister Thomazine GOULD married William WHITEWAY [1570-1640] of Denbury in Devon who first came to Dorchester in 1585. He was the father of the famous diarist of the same name, who called him "cousin" so Bernaud came from a tight knit interrelated group of influencial people in Dorchester.

Bernard TOUP the elder [c1587-1635]

Their son Bernard TOUPE (c1587 - 1635) of Dorchester [whom I shall refer to as 'the elder'] married Margaret PITT (? - 16731) in the year 16085. Bernard and Dennis BOND were appointed Magistrates4 under the new Charter granted by King James 1 on 26 June 1610 (and reconfirmed by the Charter granted by Charles I on 22 Dec 1630).

On the death of William HORSFORD one of the Aldermen of Dorchester5 he was chosen to take his place and appointed on 16 August 1621. He first became Bailiff of Dorchester in September 1622 and was still there in that capacity when the Visitation of Dorset was carried out by the heralds who arrived in Dorchester2 on 9th August 1623. He was one of the stalwarts who stood by John White when the Dorchester Company got into difficulties and ceased trading and even supported their efforts to help those left behind in America and to launch the 'New England Company'. He signed Charitable deeds along with all the other Bailiffs and Burgesses of Dorchester14 in June 1624 and must have also been Steward of Dorchester Hospital as there is a reference in William Whiteway's Diary to William Whiteway senior taking his place on 3rd Jan 1626/7. He was bailiff of Dorchester again for the years 1628/29 and 1629/30

In 1631 Bernard TOUPE gave £100 to help John White, purchase the impropriate parsonage of Seaton & Beer, a particularly generous donation reflecting the esteem within which he regarded the Patriarch. He was elected the same year to the board of management and was therefore at least partly responsible for placing the Clergy of Dorchester onto a better financial footing.

In 1634 he was made Mayor of Dorchester, a post he held until his death the following year when Dennis BOND took over as Mayor. There is another interesting entry in William Whiteways diary concerning this:-

"Diary entry date - 2nd June 1634 - Mr Bernard TOOPE overruled by his wife went hence to live at Chaldon against his will. But at Michaelmas next he was Chosen Mayor and being invited home he returned the week after his election".


Barnard and Margaret would have had a reasonably sized family as they married in 1608 and she was still giving birth in 1621. From varoius records including a pedigree written by the Rev RG BARTELOTT and recorded in his notes on Bradford Peverell we know they had at least three sons:-

1: Daniel TOUPE (? - 1717) of All Saints Dorchester15 he married but all we know about his wife is her name which was Katharine and that she was buried in All Saints churchyard on 2 August 16996. Daniel (referred to as 'the elder' in All Saints burial register) was also buried there on 13th July 1717. They had at least three children:-

1.1: Dorothie TOUPE [1667 - ?] Baptised in All Saints church Dorchester on 2nd May 1667,

1.2: Marie TOUPE [1669-1672] Baptised in All Saints church Dorchester on the 25th January 1669 ; she only lived three years being buried there on the 22 January 1672.

1.3: Daniel TOUPE [c1671- ] He was named after his father and although we do not have his baptism the pedigree shows that he moved to Cornwall where he married a Martha EMMETT in Falmouth on 29 May 16808. They settled in the town and in turn had the following children baptised there: James Toope 29 Mar 1681; Daniell Toope 26 Dec 1682; Elizabeth Toope 8 Dec 1684; and Mary Toope 26 Sep 1686.

2: Onesiphorus TOUPE (1620 - ?) He was educated at Magdelen Hall Oxford3 where he matriculated on 31 Mar 1637 at the age of 17. I have not been able to locate his ordination but he joined the church and was appointed as Rector of Bradford Peverell in Dorset on 20 February 1647 and held leases of land in Purbec. He married Joane [ - 1699] the daughter of John BARTLETT Gentleman of Maiden Newton and was living there in 1672. His wife Joan was buried 6th Feb 1699. Onesiphorus and Joane had the following children:-

2.1 John (Johannes) TOUPE ( - ) of Maiden Newton who married Sara HAINE at Compton on 6th April 1675; she was buried 6 Dec 1695

2.2 Bernard TOUPE (1642 - 1682) of West Compton bap 20 Aug 1642 and buried 20 Aug 1682

2.3 Daniel TOUPE ( - ) of Colyton in Devon who married firstly Mary (Unknown) she was buried 22 Oct 1695. In the year 1690 Daniel Toup who was described as a mercer had a mortgage of £45 on premises at Colyton at Gittishayne, late Westslade's, close called Chappells Land next to Lilly Lake18. He remarried on 29 Sep 16988 at Seaton and Beer in Devon to a widow by the name of Amy WOODMAN. They had three children :- First Onesiphorus TOUPE (1680 - ?) of Colyton in Devon born 24 Sep 1680: married Christian WHICKER [or WHISKER8]of Seaton and Beer in Devon on 7 June 1708 (she was buried 4 January 1721).Secondly Barnard TOUPE (? - 1679) who died 31 Aug 1679 and thirdly Mary TOUPE [1693-1710] born 1693 buried 20 April 1710.

2.4 Onesiphorus TOUPE (1653-171610)He was baptised on 11 Feb 1653 at Bradford Peverell8 and educated at New Inn Hall Oxford3 where he matriculated on 9 July 1672 at the age of 18. He then joined the church7 being ordained deacon on 15 Dec 1677 and priest 20 Dec 1679. He was appointed Rector of Bridport on 16 Jan 1683 a position he retained until he died in 1716 when his place was taken by the Rev Richard Button. He married Grace COLMER and a brief scan of the parish registers for Bridport show the following baptisms there (1) Jonathan bap 6th Apr 1684 (2) Grace bap 30th Mar 1686 (3) Susanna bap 10th Dec 1688 (4) Ann bap 30th Dec 1689. There were probably more as I had insufficient time to carry out a thorough search. His wife Grace pre-deceased him being buried 23 April 1713. He left a Will dated 1st May 1713 which was proved by his daughter Ann on 5th May 1716 an image of which is available on

      His son Jonathan Toupe [1684-1721] was educated at Wadham College Oxford where he matriculated 7 July 1703 aged 17 (actually 19). He married Prudence [1691-1773] the daughter of John Busvargus of St Just Penwith in Cornwall and by her had a son and daughter. He became curate and lecturer of St Ives in Cornwall3,7,9 and was buried at St Ives Cornwall 4 July 1721. After his death Prudence remarried to John Keigwen vicar of Landrake who died in 1761 and left her sole executrix.

      Their son, also called Jonathan Toup [1713-1785] was born in St Ives in December 1713 and baptised on 5th January 1713/14. His life is covered by the Dictionary of National Biography and in Chalmer's Biographical Dictionary. Probate on his will was granted 10 Feb 1785 and a copy is available at the National Archives [Ref PROB 11/1126]

2.5 Samuel TOUPE (nothing known)

2.6 William TOUPE (1657-1708) of Chaldon Born 6 December 1657 at Maiden Newton baptised 3rd January 16598. Buried at Maiden Newton, Will dated 1708

2.7 Ann TOUPE (1655 - ?) born on 3 Dec 1654 she was baptised at Bradford Peverell on 19 Jan 16558

2.8 Mary TOUPE (1658 - ?) baptised Bradford Peverell 16 Aug 16588

2.9 Martha TOUPE ( - ) (nothing known)

3: Bernard TOUPE (1621-1663) [Whom I shall call Senior] of Chaldon

married Hannah HARDY the daughter of George HARDY of Compton Abbas on 5th Sep 1654.

3.1 Bernard TOUPE (1661-1721) Junior was educated at Wadham Hall Oxford 3 where he matriculated on 21 May 1680 at the age of 19 and was awarded his BA on 26 Feb 1683/4. He was ordained as deacon in Chichester Cathedral on 19 Sep 1686, appointed Rector of All Saints Church in Dorchester on 13 May 1691, and then Rector of St Mary's in Tyneham Dorset on 6 Jan 1692 a position he retained until his death. He married a Mary and they had at least a daughter as Hannah Toop was born on 18th September and baptised in Tyneham the following month on 13 October 1696. On 1st June 1696 he was still renting a house and garden in All Saints Parish in Dorchester from Joshua Colson as he is mentioned as being the occupant when Joshua bequeathed the property to his sister Anne. He was buried on 10 March 17213

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15. Daniel Toop - In the above account I have stuck with the layout given by RG Bartelott in his pedigree. It needs to be remembered that he was Vicar of Fordington from 1906 to 1936 and whist a celebrated genealogist he like us is piecing together facts after the event. He does not give a date of birth for Daniel and I have not so far found a baptism. I am aware however that in William Whiteways diary [5 above] on page 157 there is a very short entry for the 12 February 1635 which simply says "Daniel Toope born and the 23rd, Elizabeth Paty my Goddaughter was borne". We know of his fathers association to the Toup's through the Gould family and entries in the diary like this usually refer to relatives. We are hampered because we dont know how many children Bernard and Margaret actually had and the diary does not give parentage, but if Bernard and Margaret married in 1608 their other 2 sons were not born until 1620 and 1621 so perhaps there were girls or sons that died young before and after these dates. 1635 is very late as Margaret would have been in her mid to late forties then but still just possible if they had a large family and Daniel seems to have married late as well. To complicate matters the burial registers for All Saints Dorchester have an entry for the burial of another Daniel Toop on 17 February 1740. Neither seems to have a place in the above pedigree but it was common for siblings to use the same names for their children so recorded in case more information comes to light.

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