Rectors, Curates & Church Wardens known to have served at Dorchester

From the year 1068

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Compiled by Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester June 2009
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The churches in Dorchester are of very ancient foundation being as old as the introduction of Christianity in the Kingdom of the West Saxons in the 7th Century. Records in most cases do not extend back that far and even in later years the fire at Blandford which destroyed many of the Bishops records has made it difficult. I have attempted to compile the following lists from a variety of sources that are currently available to me. I will gradually add to and improve the listing over time.

1. Sources :

CAM - Cambridge University Alumni - list of all known students, graduates, and officers at the University of Cambridge, England, from 1261 to 1900

CCED - The Clergy of the Church of England database" which covers the years 1540 to 1835 and is still [June 2009) in the course of construction.

CRO - Crockfords Directories

DNB - Dictionary of National Biography

FFH - Fire From Heaven Life in an English Town in the 17th Century by David Underdown published by Pimlico 1992

HD - History of Dorchester during the British Roman, Saxon and Norman periods by James Savage Published in 1837 by Weston Simond Sydenham and sold by Sherwood Gilbert & Piper 23 Paternoster Row London

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PG - A Popular and Illustrated Guide to St Peters Church Dorchester by Rev. A Metcalf - H Ling 23 High East Street 1907

RT - 'John White The Patriarch of Dorchester [Dorset] and Founder of Massachuesetts' by Frances Rose-Troup published by GP Putnam's Sons in 1930.

WP - Wall Plaque - List of Rectors of St Peters Church Dorchester. At 2012 these are listed as Rectors of St Peters but in reality St Peters was a Chapelry of Holy Trinity and these Rectors were appointed as Rectors to Holy Trinity with St Peters annexed.

WW - William Whiteway of Dorchester - His diary 1618-1635 based on notes compiled by Thomas D Murphy Dorset Record Society - highly recommended as a factual account by an eye witness.

2. Other Abbreviations AS= All Saints: BA= Bachelor of Arts degree:: F=Fordington St George: HT= Holy Trinity: MA=Master of Arts Degree: SP= St Peters:


NAME LIVED STATUS & period of office COMMENTS and sources
BRISTWARD [BRISTVARD] 1068 Rector AS HD - In the Domesday Book, which was finished in the year 1086, it is mentioned that BRISTWARD a priest held in frank-almoigne1 the Churches of Dorchester & Bere Regis and the tithes. The land belonging to these churches was one hide2 and one acre and was worth at that time four pounds per annum. Source:- JH - In the Domesday Survey Bristvard the priest held the church of Dorecestre and Bere and the tithes. One hide and twenty acres of land belong to the same. They are worth 4.
HENRY de Cerne Approx 1198-1218 Rector AS HD - In the Tetsa de Nevill3 page 167 it is said that "the church of All Saints in the borough of Dorchester is in the gift of the King and Henry de Cerne holds the same by the gift of King John and it is worth 30 shillings per annum
John de WALEYS 1302 Rector AS JH - Instituted 8id Feb 1302 (Reg Gaunt)
Thomas de CORNUB 1304 Rector AS JH - On Resignation of WALEYS inst 2 non Nov 1304 (Reg Gaunt)
Ivo de LANGETON 1309 Rector AS JH - Instituted 15 cal. May 1309 (Reg Gaunt)
Robert de HACKONSTORP 1319 Rector AS JH - Instituted 2 Aug 1318 on the resignation of the last Rector (Reg Gaunt)
John de SKERYNTON 1345 Rector AS JH - pbr. Instituted 10 cal. Mar 1345 exchanged with Thomas de BOKKEBROKE, Rector of Bell. Instituted 11 cal March or 17 Mar alio loco 1326(Wyvil)
Thomas TONEY 1349 Rector AS JH - pbr. instituted 19 Nov 1349 exchanged with
Thomas STOKE 1351 Rector AS JH - Rector of Pokeswelle Instituted 3 Nov 1351
Andrew le TANNER 1352 Rector AS JH - of Frompton [Frampton] pbr. on the resignation of STOKE instituted 10 July 1352
Roger STOCKE [blank] Rector AS JH - [blank]
John WYMBORN [blank] Rector AS JH - pbr. on the death of STOCKE instituted 10 cal June 1337? (Erghum)
Thomas HARRYS [blank] Rector AS JH - exchanged with
Thomas JORDAN 1386 Rector AS JH - Vicar of Osmington instituted 24 Jun 1386 (Erghum)
Thomas MAUNDEVILLE 1387 Rector AS JH - Vicar of Frampton Instituted 6 Oct 1387 (Erghum)
Robert CLERKE 1389 Rector AS JH - on the resignation of MAUNDEVILLE instituted 7 Feb 1389 exchanged with
John PLONKET 1391 Rector AS JH - Rector of St Peters Wareham instituted 5 Jun 1391 exchanged with
John NAGARD 1391 Rector AS
JH - Rector of Porton instituted 29 July 1391 (Waltham) : MRD - Page 103 See below; Also referred to in Dorchester Wills & Charters entries 227 (1412), 228 (1412) , 245 (1414) & 246 (1414 as Rector of All Saints church) 263 (1416); 265 (1415) Cousin and heir to Matilda late wife of John Joce took possession of a burgage, situated on the south side of West Street; 270 (1416) position of his house.
John MERCHANT Bef 1416 - 1424 Rector AS
MRD - Page 103 Hutchins makes John Hazard instituted 5th September 1424, succeed John Nagard instituted 29 July 1391. But in No 277 John Merchant is termed Rector of All Saints Dorchester 28 Dec 1416 and in document 445 late Rector of the same 4th Sep 1430. His name should therefore be inserted between Hazard and Nagard. 277 (1416) son of Matilda late wife of Richard Merchant and brother to William Merchant clerk
John HAZARD 1424 Rector AS
JH - Instituted 5 Sept 1424 ((Chandler) : MRD - Page 103 See above
John ROSE 1426 Rector AS JH - Chaplain Instituted 30 May 1426 (Chandler)
Philip SPRAKE 1428 Rector AS JH - Chaplain Instituted 19 Dec 1428 (Neville)
Richard HOGG? 1430 Rector AS JH - Chaplain Instituted 29 Nov 1430 (Neville) [Note:- See also Richard MOGGE below?]
Richard MOGGE? (1441) Rector AS
[Note:- See also Richard HOGG or HOGGE above?] MRD - See Charter 492 - Sir Robert Moreys also said to be Chaplain. Richard MOGGE the Rector of All Saints Church Dorchester was left 3s 4d in the Will of Thomas WARYN the Rector of Holy Trinity and St Peters in his will dated 1441.
Thomas BENNETT 1452 Rector AS JH - pbr. instituted 14 Apr 1452 ( Beauchamp) Collated by the Bishop jure devoluto
Edward MASON 1452 - 1454 Rector AS JH - Rector of Draycote instituted 23 Sep 1452 (Beauchamp)
Robert GOGGE 1454 Rector AS JH - Chaplain on the death of MASON Instituted 16 Jun 1454 (Beauchamp) Collated by the Bishop jure devoluto
William BIRDE 1465 Rector AS JH - Chaplain instituted 5 Aug 1465 (beauchamp) Side line entry "The King"
Tristram MORE [MOORE] 1475 -1495 Rector AS JH - on the resignation of BIRDE instituted 24 Oct 1475 (Beauchamp)
William BAYLY 1495 Rector AS JH - on the death of MOORE instituted 16 Dec 1495 (Blythe)
Dionysius SOLOW [blank] Rector AS JH - [blank]
John APHERRY 1497 Rector AS JH - on the resignation of SOLOW instituted 30 Nov 1497 (Blythe)
Thomas HOMO 1510 Rector AS JH - Chaplain instituted 6 Mar 1510 on the death of ......(Audley)
John LYSTON 1525 Rector AS JH - acolyte on the death of ...... instituted 22 July 1525 He occurs 1534.
Richard HUNT 1540 Rector AS
FFH - Page 17 "The clergy who served the three parishes during these years are shadowy figures : Nicholas Knewstub [who was rector of HT and St Peters and Richard HUNT in the 1540's Source "Dorset Natural History and Archaelogical Society - Dorset Incumbants 1542 - 1731 by G.D.Squibb
Wilemus (William) MAUNDFIELD [MAWNFYLD] [MANFIELD] 1543 [1545] Rector AS
JH - Instituted 1543 Source CCED William MANFIELD (Mawnfyld, Mandefylde or Mannfylde) - Rector 1545: Source OXA - BA 30 Jan 1516/7
Sir William CARPENTER 1570-1575 Curate
St George 1570 AS 1574-1575
He was a beneficiary under the Will of Raynolde GAYE of All Hallows [All Saints] Church in Dorchester, which is dated 23 Jun 1575 and was proved on 08 Nov 1575. Here he is referred to as Sir William Carpenter curate of All Saints Church. [Note:- See Fordington Church Officials File]
William CHEEKE c1575 - 1650 Rector AS
Aft 1604 - 1617
Sources DNB, CCED, FFH, MRD (1613/4), OXA, RT(256) - The Dictionary of National Biography refers to him as an anagrammatist of obscure origin and to have entered Magdalen Hall Oxford in 1592. He was awarded a BA degree there on 14 Feb 1595/6 but nothing else is known about his university career. He was ordained deacon and priest however in Exeter's Episcopal Palace on 13 Jan 1604 and his place of residence was then given as Beaminster in Dorset. According to Anthony Wood, Cheeke 'wrote and published certain matters' but only two of his works seem to have survived (Wood Ath Oxon 2.143) The first a 48 page manuscript titled 'Quintessential anagrammatica' and a second work a collection of anagrams and chronograms in Latin and Greek published in 1613. Unfortunately the records relating to All Saints church in Dorchester held by the Bishop have not generally survived prior to 1628 so its not proved possible to pin down when he first arrived in Dorchester or in what capacity. John Hutchins states " William CHEEKE occurs 1611-1615 in the register".

In the Book 'Fire from Heaven' by David Underdown he is referred to several times:- "William CHEEKE still much beloved by his flock became so infirm that by 1617 the schoolmaster Robert Cheeke had to take over". This suggests that he had been Rector for some time. It also states:- " Sent to Napper's Almshouses in South Street Dorchester in 1636 as blind and feeble and with no one to look after him. He was obviously not someone who could be left to subsist on the inmates usual modest fare, so he was given an extra shilling a week from St Peters 'basin money'. His gown, of higher quality than those bought for the other residents of the almshouses reminded everybody that he was once a man of importance". Rose Troup in her book on the Rev John WHITE is more specific in that she says " On his (i.e. John White's) arrival in 1605, the other Parish of All Saints was in the hands of William CHEEKE who becomming blind and infirm soon after retired to one of the Almshouses where he lived for many years". It was of course 12 years after John White's arrival that he retired so its difficult to know whether this is just a generalisation. On balance I think he probably arrived soon after his ordination, possibly as a perpetual curate and was appointed Rector at a later date. The absence of kin to look after him coupled with no marriage or baptism records suggests he remained a bachelor. MRD Pages 613/4 23 Aug 1650". A place is void in the Almshouse by the death of Mr Cheeke C9. Note :- He is not thought to be any relation of following:-
Robert CHEEKE MA 1572-1627 Rector AS
Source OXA - of Somerset (pleb) graduate of Magdalen Hall Oxford where he matriculated 8 July 1586 aged 14, BA 22 June 1593: MA 7 July 1598: Source FFH - Master of Dorchester School from 1595 when he taught many of the sons of the more wealthy patrons of Dorchester; puritan reputation friend of John White taught William Whiteway & raised funds to rebuild the school in 1618 contributing from his own pocket: Took over as Rector of All Saints from William Cheeke 1617: He died in 1627 & after a years interval Gabriel Reeve a Hampshire man replaced him as schoolmaster. Neither of his two immediate successors stayed very long but a permanent incumbent was at last found in the person of William Benn. Source : Source WW - 8th October 1627 Robert cheeke died page 92
Samuellus WHITFELDE MA 1599-1628 Rector AS

Samuellus (Samuel) WHITFELDE (WHITEFIELD) MA the son of Rev. William Whitfield of Mayfield. His cousin was Henry WHITFIELD who emigrated to Connecticut in 1639. Samuel was educated at Queens College Oxford where he matriculated 15 May 1618 aged 18; but he graduated BA at Magdalen Hall Oxford on 17 Oct 1621 & was awarded his MA degree on 5 June 1624: Source: Guildhall Library 9535/2 (Ordination Register) Ordained deacon 18 Sept 1624 Bishops Palace London in Great Chapel Church : Ordained priest by the Bishop of Bristol 24 Sept 1625: After serving for a short time as John White's assistant (from Sep 1627) he was appointed Rector of All Saints Dorchester on 2 January 1627/8 to take over from Robert Cheeke who had died. William Whiteway in his diary however suggests that he was chosen as Cheeke's replacement on 16 Dec 1627 and a Mr RULIZIUS took over as John WHITE's assistant. Unfortunately Samuel became ill and died 5th July 1628 his widow remarrying 21 May 1631 to a Mr Marshall. Sources CCED: MRD: OXA: RT: Somerset & Dorset Notes & Queries Vol vi pp 185,188: WW pages 91,93,97,100,183:- .

Johannes BALL MA 1591-1639 Rector AS

See Biography of Rev John BALL (1591-1639) Rector of All Saints Dorchester 22 Nov 1628 - 7 May 1629

Willmus BENN 1600-1680 Rector AS
See Biography of Rev William BENN (1600-1680) Rector of All Saints Dorchester 5 August 1629 - 10 Feb 1663: Ejected 1662 but not deprived of his living until 1663: Founder of the Congregational Church in Dorchester and Minister of Presbyterian Chapel Pease Lane from 1662 until his death 22 March 1680.
William DRY
(or DRIE)
c1595-1663 Churchwarden
1637; 1658
Source FFH - The tailor William DRY was three times Churchwarden of and three times overseer of the poor in All Saints between 1637 and 1658. Source Bishops Transcripts:- Note:- Buried All Saints Dorchester 1 July 1663 Left a Will which is at the National Archives: Source MRD Apprenticeship Records - twice took on an apprentice to become a tailor for 7 years :- John son of John Boise of Shepton Gorge 1 Jan 1615/6 & William son of Nicholas Burden of Bradford Dorset on 8 Jan 1626/7: Civil War :- As Churchwarden collected payments for soldiers 2 Dec 1642 for All saints Parish MRD page 681
1641 Churchwarden
Source MRD Page 540
Richard FFOY circa 1628 -1682 Churchwarden
Richard FOY was originally a resident in St Peters parish on 14th Nov 1654 when he married in his bride's parish of All Saint to Judeth BISHOP. Richard & Judeth had the following children baptised at All Saints:- (1) Richard born 27th Apr 1656 and bap 2nd June 1656 (2) James born 14 Apr 1658 bap 4th May 1658 (3) Mary bap 10th June 1660 (4) Robert bap 26th Nov 1662 (5) Martha bap 25th Feb 1664/5 (6) Rose bap 11 Feb 1666/67 and buried there 20th Oct 1667 - Richard FFOY signed the Oath of Loyalty to King Charles II on 31sy August 1681 and died intestate and was buried at All Saints church Dorchester on 26th June 1682. Letters of Administration for his estate were granted to his widow Judeth on 7th November 1682 - image available on
Sources: All Saints Parish Registers and notes made by the Rev Richard Grosvenor Bartelot. Letter of Administration granted to Judeth; MRD;
Richard WINE BA Bef 1640-Aft 1687 Rector AS
Sources JH; CCED & OXA- Richard WINE BA was educated at Brasenose College Oxford which he entered 30 Jan 1655/6. He was ordained priest 29 Mar 1662 by the Bishop of Bristol and appointed Rector of Wraxall 1st April that year. Source MRA: He was then appointed as the Rector of All Saints Church Dorchester on 10 Feb 1662/3 and to the Rectory of East Stoke 18th Dec1667 (Somerset and Dorset Notes and Queries Vol vi pp 139,141,233) which he resigned a few months later. He recanted his error in declaiming against the authorities 19 Feb 1683-4 being then termed Curate of All saints Dorchester (Tanner MS 129 fol 105). He and his wife Christian had six children baptised at All Saints:- Marie bap 19 Oct 1664: Christian bap 11 Feb 1666/7: Frances bap 8 Mar 1668/9 & buried there 16 days later : John bap 14 Apr 1671: James bap 20 Dec 1675 and Elizabeth bap 19 Apr 1678. Apparently he was instituted to the Rectory of Clifton Maybank 26 April 1687 when his place at All Saints was taken by Charles Howson. Richard Wine resigned circa 1691-2 to become a non-conformist and died in London (Hutchins Dorset Vol iv p431)
Thomas BUNN Bef 1692-1705 Churchwarden
abt 1692-1705
Source Rev Richard Grosvenor Bartelot - Notes at start of transcription of Parish Registers All Saints Church plus entry "13th September 1705 Thomas BUNN Parish Clerk was buried" Note:- Also his will dated 2nd June 1705 amongst other legacies left £5 to the Rector Richard HUTCHINS.
Charles [Carolus] HOWSON BA 1662-Aft 1691 Rector AS
Source CCED - :Foster: s. Rob. of Stanford Deane, Berks. cler. ST.ALBAN HALL, matric. 3 July 1678, aged 16; B.A.: Ordained deacon 24 sept 1682 when made rector of Compton Abbas, Dorset, 1690. See Foster's Ind. Eccles. Described as 'of Stanford Dingley (sic)' on his letters testimonial in 1686. Letter testimonial 33 from Edu: Fulham, Rector of West Ilsley, Franciscus Sayer, Rector of Yattendon and Guil: Powell, Rector of Sulham. States he is 25? years old: Appointed Rector of All Saints Dorchester 19 September 1687 - 13 May 1691
Bernard TOUP 1661-Aft 1696 Rector AS
See Biography of his grandfather Bernard TOUP (1584c - 1635) of Chaldon & Alderman of Dorchester one of the investors in the Dorchester Company: - Bernard TOUPE [1661-1721] Junior was educated at Wadham Hall Oxford 3 where he matriculated on 21 May 1680 at the age of 19 and was awarded his BA on 26 Feb 1683/4. He was ordained as deacon in Chichester Cathedral on 19 Sep 1686, appointed Rector of All Saints Church in Dorchester on 13 May 1691, and then Rector of St Mary's in Tyneham Dorset on 6 Jan 1692 . He married a Mary and they had at least a daughter as Hannah Toop was born on 18th September and baptised in Tyneham the following month on 13 October 1696.
Richard HUTCHINS BA 1669 - 1734 Rector AS

Rev Richard HUTCHINS BA (1669-1734) The son of John HUTCHENS the vicar of Sydling St Nicholas in Dorset . He matriculated at Exeter college on 12 May 1687 at the age of 18 and graduated at New Hall Inn Oxford where he obtained his BA on the 9th March 1690/1 : He joined the church being ordained a deacon in Magdalen College Chapel on the 20 Dec 1691 and was appointed Rector of All Saints Dorchester on the 17 October 1693: He was also rector of Bradford Peverell although church records do not seem to have survived enabling us to confirm his appointment but he lived there and the historian the Rev RG Bartelot refers to gaps being in All Saints records because he lived at Bradford Peverell and many couples went there for example to get married. He was the father of John HUTCHINS (1698-1773) the topographer and county historian of Dorset who was baptised at Bradford Peverell on 21st Sep 1698. The parish Clerk of All Saints Thomas BUNN left him £5 in his will dated 2nd June 1705. He attended Mary CHANNING whilst in Dorchester goal before her execution in 1705/6. His death is recorded at All Saints church Dorchester on 15 Sep 1734.

Sources:- CCED; OXA; Will of Thomas Bunn 1705
John [Johannes] JACOB LLB BCL 1690-1759
Rector AS
Rev. John JACOB [1690-1759] was Vicar of Fordington from 1714-1759 and an account of his life is given under Church Officials of Fordington. He was also appointed Rector of All Saints 18 Sep 1734
Thomas MILLER ? - 1743/4 Sexton AS -1743/4 Source All Saints Burial register described as 'ye Sexton' at his burial on 15th January 1743/4
William BANKS ?-1749 Churchwarden
Source All Saints Burial Register described as Parish Clerk
Seth BANKES BA 1733-1769 Rector AS 1759-1769

Rev Seth BANCKS MA (1733-1769) was the son of Seth BANKES (d.1752) of Bridport. His father was a graduate of Brasenose College Oxford and ordained a priest on 25th September 1726 at Bugden Prebendal church and appointed curate of Hitchin in Hertfordshire. He was instituted as Rector of Broadmayne on 28th April 1730 having married Elizabeth BUTTER in the same church 15 days earlier. His father appears to have died at Bridport being buried there on 21st December 1752 ,when he was rather confusingly described as a curate. He was clearly Rector of Broadmayne however as after his death a new Rector Samuel BASKET was appointed to Broadmayne the following May.

Their son Seth BANKS Junior was baptised at Broadmayne on 28th August 1733 and matriculated at Queens College Oxford on 12th May 1752 at the age of 18. He was ordained a Deacon on the 14 March 1756 in the Royal Chapel at Somerset House in London serving his curacy at East Lulworth in Dorset. Just under 2 years later he was ordained a Priest on 19 Feb 1758 in the Spring gardens Chapel in Westminster: He was then appointed Rector of All Saints by the Corporation as they held the advowson on 27 January 1759, officially recorded by the church on 19 February 1759: He signed the new burial register on the 1st June 1759: He died still a bachelor and a transcription of his will dated the 5th March 1769 can be accessed via this link. It was proved by the oath of his widowed mother on 3rd May 1769. He asked to be buried in the Chancel at Broadmayne and the parish burial register show that he was buried there in woollen on 25th March 1769.

Sources: CCED; OXA; JH; Broadmayne & East Lulworth parish registers; MRD page 619; Transcription of his Will

James CHAFFEY ? 1751 - 1765? Churchwarden Source: He may be the 'Jms C' who signed the All Saints burial register at Lady day 1751 and again in 1759. Also ref to an E.CHAFFEY being Churchwarden in 1761? and J Chaffey Churchwarden who checked the baptism register at All Saints 8th May 1765.
Nathaniel STICKLAND ? 1754 & 1759 Churchwarden Source: Signed All Saints Parish Banns and Burial Register as Churchwarden
John RANDALL BA 1714-1784 Rector AS
Rev. John RANDALL BA (1714 - 1784) - was the son of John RANDALL of Sturn in Dorset a Gentleman. He was educated at Balliol College where he matriculated on 20th Oct 1731 aged 17. He was awarded a BA degree there in 1735 and joined the church being ordained a deacon in Wells Cathedral on 21st Sep 1735 and a priest on 24th Sep 1738. He was appointed Vicar of Stinsford 6 Feb 1750 where he married by licence Ursula COZENS of St Peters parish in Dorchester on 5th June 1765. Ursula was the eldest daughter of six children of Revd Edward COZENS MA (1690-1753) Master of the Free Grammer School in Dorchester. The Municipal Records of Dorchester show that he was then elected Rector of All Saints Dorchester by the Corporation on 29 May 1769 a position he resiged on 28 September 1774: His wife Ursula was buried at St Peters church Dorchester on 15th Oct 1780 but John himself died at Stinsford being buried there on 9th Jan 1784.

Sources:- CCED; JH; MRD page 619; OXA; Parish Registers St Peters & Stinsford
George DONISTHORPE BA Bef 1750- Aft 1776 Curate AS
Source CCED - Graduate of Jesus College Oxford admitted Mar. 22, 1765. Of Dorset. ' Matric. Lent, 1765; B.A. 1769. Ord. [mentions also St johns college] deacon (Norwich, Litt. dim. from Bristol) Dec. 23, 1770; Licensed & Appointed as Curate of All Saints Dorchester 24 Dec 1770: Ordained Priest St Martins Ludgate London 19 Dec 1776
Samuel HOBBS Bef 1740?-1778 Churchwarden?
Samuel HOBBS (d 1778) was the parish clerk for All Saints and his signature can be found on many marriages from 1756. He served in the Militia in 1758 when his trade is given as that of Glazier. He was buried at All Saints on 16th Oct 1778

Sources: All Saints Marriage and Burial Registers; Militia return for 1758
Samuel BAILEY Senior
1778-1811 Snr

1811-1846 Jnr
Samuel Bailey (1731-1811) is described as a clothworker by trade and he married Mary HOPPIN in All Saints church on 14 June 1761. They had 3 children baptised in the Parish (1) Mary (1762) (2) Elizabeth (1766) who married William Baker of Holy Trinity 5 Jan 1790 - and (3)Samuel Bailey (1769-1848) who was baptised there on 13 Oct 1771. According to the Rev RG Bartelot Samuel Bailey senior was Clerk of All Saints for 33 years and died on 24th March 1811 in his 80th year. The Parish burial register shows that he was interred on 17th of that month having been preceded by his wife Mary 11 years earlier on 25 Sep 1800. He apprenticed his son Samuel in May 1789 to Thomas Gritton of Holy Trinity Parish and when this was completed Samuel (junior) married Ann Dyke who lived in St Peters Parish in Dorchester at All Saints church on 30 Oct 1797. He also became Parish Clerk being appointed 3 days after his father's burial. He served in this capacity until 1846 when his place was taken by his own son John BAILEY. Samuel Bailey junior was buried on on 18th Jan 1848 when his age was given as 79. Sources: Transcription of All Saints Parish Registers by the Rev RG Bartelot: National Archives A2A website D/TH 57/63
Thomas BRYER BA 1750- 1818 Rector AS 1774-1818 Thomas BRYER (1750-1818) was the son of William Bryer Gentleman of Dorchester who died circa Sep 1767 just as Thomas was due to go to University. Presumably his death cast some doubt about the ability of his widow to fund his further education as the Corporation made him an exhibitioner under the John Hill bursary on the 5th Oct 1767. His fathers will was proved 24th of that month. He was admitted sizar at St Johns College Oxford on 30th June 1766 matriculating Michs 1767. He was awarded his BA in 1771 when his funding under the bursary would have ceased which is why he did not go on to get his MA. (Although Hutchins seems to award him this honour?) He entered the church being ordained a deacon at Bristol on 19 Sep 1772 and appointed curate at Martinstown Winterbourne St Martin Dorset on the 28th. His elevation to priesthood occurred on 29th Sep 1774 when the Corporation in Dorchester who held the advowson had him appointed as Rector of All Saints Church in Dorchester. He is shown in various land tax assessment returns from 1781 as owning various properties in Dorchester but it is not clear whether these were actually owned by the church and the revenue from tenents used towards his stipend. According to church records he also took on responsibility as Rector of Beeby in Leicestershire 1787-1797 and then St James church in Shaftsbury 1797 -1818. He was still Rector of All Saints in 1818 when he died and was buried there on 13th October at the age of 68.
Sources:- CCED: JH; MRD: OXA: All Saints Burials; Land Tax returns 1781-1785
Frederick Joseph Cox TRENOW 1787 - 1855 Curate AS
SEE Entry below under St Peters Church: Source:- Entry in the Burial Register of the Parish of Upwey (OPC) :-1814; Jan-10; Francis John TYSSEN ESQ; Upwey; 61; Revd R Renow, Curate of All Saints Dorchester
Evan DAVIES BA 1790 - 1866 Rector AS

Rev. Evan DAVIES BA (1790 - 1866) The son of Evan & Hannah Davies of Haversham in Buckinghamshire he was baptised there on 23rd July 1790. He studied at Wadham College Oxford where he matriculated on 13th May 1807 at the age of 17 and was awarded his BA in 1812. (Hutchins awrds him an MA but there is no evidence of this in his university record at Oxford?) Church records show that he was ordained deacon on 12th June 1813 in the chapel at the Palace at Wells and licensed the following day as curate of the small hamlet of Brean near Burnham in Somerset.

In practice he was appointed that year (i.e. 1813) as Master of the Free School in Dorchester when the present Master, the Rev Henry John Richman (1756-1824) then curate of Holy Trinity Church Dorchester; was made Rector there. The following year Evan was ordained as a priest, again in the Chapel at Wells on 11th June 1814, and made a stipendary curate at Burham-on-Sea. The Taunton Courier in their edition for 20 July 1815 confirms his position as Master of the Free School in Dorchester and reports his marriage to a Miss Sophia DODS (1796-1822). Sophia the daughter of Henry and Jane DODS was baptised at Burnham-on-Sea on 23 May 1796. Evan and Sophia married at Burnham on 13 July 1815. According to the Municipal Records of Dorchester Evan Davies was elected by the Mayor, Bailifs, Aldermen and burgesses of Dorchester (as they held the advowson ) to the Rectory of All Saints Parish Dorchester on 16th November 1818.

We are aware of the following children from their marriage, although for a Clergyman he seems to have been rather late in having his children baptised. (1) Sophia Jane Davies born circa 1817 for whom we have not so far located a baptism possibly because it was at Burnham before he arrived in Dorchester. She was buried at All Saints 17 Feb 1819 when she is recorded as being 2 years old: (2) Hannah Maria Davies who was baptised in All Saints Church Dorchester on 7th Oct 1819, when her age was given as 2 years old; She married as a minor in All Saints on 1st May 1838 to Frederick Thomas Miller, a gentleman. (3) Charles Moss Davies was baptised with his sister Hannah on 7th Oct 1819 when he is recorded as being '3 quarters of a year old' but he died aged 14 months and was buried at All Saints on 14 March 1820. His wife Sophia then died aged 27 being buried at All Saints on 31st Oct 1822.

The Gentlemans Magazine for the year 1824 reports that the Rev Richard Cutler was elected Master of the Free School when Evan Davies resigned that year but he remained Rector of All Saints and re-married by licence in Melcombe Regis to Harriet OAKLEY (1807-1832) a spinster on 22nd Sep 1831. She also died young being just 28 when she was buried at All Saints on 22 Jun 1835.

One of his achievments was to oversee the rebuilding of the church with the foundation stone (picture above) being laid by the Bishop of Salisbury on 4th October 1843 when he was living at High East Street. The 1851 Census taken in March that year locates him as Curate of Tollesbury in Essex but he clearly remained Rector of All Saints until his death as he is shown as such in Slaters Directory of Dorchester for 1852 and the Post Office Directories for the town for the years 1855 and 1859 but the church appears to have been left in the charge of the curate. Unfortunately his only surviving daughter Hannah Maria Miller died in 1858 and her husband Frederick in 1860. His three grandchildren from this marriage are with him in 1861 Census living in High Street Kelvedon in Essex but he is still recorded as Rector of All Saints Dorchester. Evan Davies died in 1866 at the age of 76.

Sources:- I am grateful for the research undertaken by Penny Gay in Cornwall on Evan Davies & his family; Other Sources include CCED; CLDS: GRO : HD; Pigots Directory 1830: Slaters Directory 1852; Post Office Directories for 1855 & 1859; MRD Page 619. Gentlemans Magazine Volume 94 Part 2 Page 463; OPC; His son in law died 3rd apr 1860 See The Essex Standard, and General Advertiser for the Eastern Counties (Colchester, England), Wednesday, April 11, 1860; Issue 1530. 19th Century British Library Newspapers: Part II. - Also his own death The Essex Standard, and General Advertiser for the Eastern Counties (Colchester, England), Friday, June 08, 1866; Issue 1851. 19th Century British Library Newspapers: Part II.

Richard CUTLER MA 1795-1873 Curate AS
Rev. Richard CUTLER MA (1795 - 1873) He was the son of John Cutler [1756-1833] of Sherborne Dorset, and educated at Exeter College Oxford where he matriculated 22 June 1811 at the age of 16; BA 1815; MA 1818: He joined the church being ordained deacon 17 May 1818, and priest 6 June 1819 both at the Quebec Chapel in Marylebone London; Licensed as a curate on 27 April 1819 at Sandford Orcas: Appointed Stipendary Curate at £50 p.a. at the Chapel in West Orchard Fontmell Magna Dorset on 20 March 1824 : Moved to All Saints Dorchester still as a stipendary curate but at the higher rate of £120 p.a. on 11 August 1825. According to Hutchins he was (like his father before him) appointed as Master of Dorchester Free School on 24 Oct 1824 and this duel role probably accounts for the higher remuneration. The History of Dorchester 'by James Savage published in 1837 states 'that in 1828 he rebuilt the south side of the dwelling house and made considerable improvements in other parts of the premises'. He is still shown as Master of the school in Pigots directories for 1830; and 1844 and remained in that capacity until June 1846 when his place was taken at the school by Thomas Ratsey Maskew MA and his curacy at All saints passed to Osmund Fisher. He had a son William baptised at Holy Trinity on 17th April 1846. Slaters Directory for 1852/3 confirms Maskew as Master of the Free School but shows Richard Cutler as Chaplain to the Union Workhouse in Fordington , presumably a less demanding role. He then appears to have moved to London as there is a record in the GRO deaths for the June qtr for 1873 for a Richard Cutler aged 78 who died in Kensington. Sources:- CCED ; OXA; Hutchins; Directories listed; GRO Deaths
Osmund FISHER MA 1817-1914 Curate AS

Rev. Osmund [Osmond] FISHER MA; FGS; FCPS (1817-1914)

Osmund Fisher was the son and heir of John FISHER Archdeacon of Berkshire and was born at Osmington, Dorset on 17 November 1817. He was educated at Eton and King's College, London and matriculated at Jesus College Cambridge on 6 Feb 1836 where he was awarded a BA in 1841 (18th Wrangler); See Memoirs of H. A. Morgan, 298, for an account of his discovery, when an undergraduate in 1840, of early 13th century arches in the cloisters of Jesus College, and how, when more than 50 years later he obtained leave to search, the entrance to the Nuns' Chapter House was brought to light. He gained his MA in 1844 and was a Fellow of the College (1844-1858) and an Honorary Fellow from 1892 until his death in 1914.

He was ordained a deacon at Salisbury in 1844; and appointed curate of Writhlington in Somerset and ordained a priest the following year by the Bishop of Sarum for the Bishop of Bath & Wells. In 1846 he became Curate at All Saints Church Dorchester and was already carrying out services in the church by June of that year. The Parish Registers continue to show his presence in Dorchester, where he lived in South Street, until 1853. He then became a tutor at Jesus College (1853-1857)

He was made Vicar of Elmstead in Essex (1857-1867) and Rector of Harlton Cambridge (1867-1906) both college livings. He was also made an Honorary Fellow of Kings College London 1880-1914.

He married in Puddletown, Dorset on 9th April 1858, to Maria Louisa, daughter of Hastings Nathaniel Middleton, Esq., of Bradford Peverell, Dorset and raised a family of at least 5 sons (Osmund Philip 1859; William 1860; Edward 1864; Lawrence 1865; John 1866) at Elmstead before his wife died (pre 1871). His eldest son also joined the church and William, initially a florest eventually became a Solicitor. Osmund resided latterly at Graveley Rectory near Huntingdon at the residence of his eldest son, the Rev.Osmond Philip FISHER (1859-1937). He died there on 12th July 1914, aged 96 and was buried at Harlton leaving an estate of £19,408. 12s. 11d.

Apart from his career in the church and publication of religious tracts and sermons he had many other interests. He was the author of The Physics of the Earth's Crust, published in 1881 in which he described the mechanism of plate tectonics through a convection current in the Earth's molten interior. His obituary in the Times states "Mr Fisher was best known for his researches which he afterwards summarized in his work 'The Physics of the Earth's Crust". Though one of the early discoverers of the contraction theory of mountain formation, he afterwards concluded that the cause invoked was insufficient to produce the known inequalities of the earth's surface, and preferred another theory, based on the supposition that the earth consists of a solid crust, a practically solid interior, with a liquid statrum between. He was one of the oldest Fellows of the Geological Society which awarded him a grant from the Lyell Fund in 1887, the Murcison medal in 1893, and the Woolaston medal (it's highest honour) in 1913.". He also published papers in "Scientific Transcations" in 1889.

Sources:- Cambridge Alumni ; 1851 Census; Image of his marriage certificate is available on; Crockfords 1874, 1885; Times obituary 21 July 1914

Rev John TOWNSON BA 1823-1910 Curate in Charge AS

Rev. John TOWNSON BA (1823-1910) Robert and Mary Townsons’ first son, John, was baptised at Crosthwaite on the 2nd September 1823 and started his education at the Crosthwaite School. After a time at the bigger grammar school at Heversham, he went on to Sedbergh where he got a scholarship to University College, Durham.  He graduated with a second class honours degree in classics in 1845 and became a Fellow of the University in 1847.  He was ordained a deacon in 1846 and a priest the following year being appointed curate of Warminster in Wiltshire for a number of years, before moving to Dorchester where he was curate in charge from 1853 to 1858. 

He became Rector of Strensham, Worcestershire, in 1862; a living he held until his retirement in 1907, when he was presented with a large silver tray by his parishioners in honour of his care of them over such a long time.  He appears to have written a number of religious works, (sermons and gospel truths) but none of these seem to have survived.

The Revd John Townson married Agnes Hodgson, the daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth Hodgson, at Kendal in December 1862.  Agnes was a person of some property indicated by the marriage settlement enacted just before the wedding.  Apart from holding a number of mortgages, including one for £450 on Townend at Troutbeck, she owned three small farms at Underbarrow in the Lyth Valley, Beckside, Lindeth Brow and Gillbank Spout. They had only one child, a daughter Mary Agnes Croft Townson (known as May), who was baptised on the 23rd September 1865 at Strensham.  It would seem that the couple kept their links with Westmorland and visited the area frequently, to see family and to manage their property.  John Townson would have liked a local living and applied unsuccessfully for the incumbency of Crosthwaite and Lyth in 1862 when it became vacant after John Dixon’s death.

It is not known when Agnes Townson died, but she predeceased her husband who died on the 17th July 1910.  He was living in Malvern at St Elms, Avenue Road at the time of his death.  Apart from a few bequests to servants and some items for the church at Crosthwaite, he left his whole estate to his daughter May.

Sources:- Mostly from "The Townsons of Lyth" by John Townson : Also :- All Saints Parish registers; Crockfords 1898; Strensham Littleburys Directory 1879

Jonas Pascal Fitzwilliam DAVIDSON 1832-1900 Curate AS

Rev. Jonas Pascal Fitzwilliam DAVIDSON MA (1832-1900) The first son of William DAVIDSON of Isle of Tenerife, gentleman by his wife Sarah ATKINSON , he was educated at Lincoln College Oxford where he matriculated on 18 March 1850 at the age of 17. A Scholar in 1850 he was awarded his BA in 1853 followed by an MA in 1856.

He joined the church being ordained by the Bishop of Salisbury as a deacon in 1856, and priest in 1857. He served initially as curate of Shaftsbury from 1856 to 1859 when he was appointed curate of All Saints Church Dorchester (1859-62). He married in 1859 to Jane Dora HINCKS a native of Killyleagh, Co. Down Ireland and settled in Dorchester living at 49 High East Street where he employed Mary Ann LOVELESS as a general servant. They had a son Arthur Fitzwilliam DAVIDSON whom Jonas baptised at All Saints Church on 25th July 1860 and in April 1861 they were still employing Mary KEATS as a nursemaid (Arthur was still alive in 1900 when he was employed as a private tutor). At the end of November 1862 Jonas left Dorchester to become the Vicar of Frampton where they had a daughter they called Mary Helena DAVIDSON (1884 -1894) who remained a spinster.

Jonas was then made a perpetual curate of Chipping Sodbury (1866-1877) in Gloucestershire where they lived at Brook House, and had another son whom they called Edward Fitzwillian DAVIDSON (1868- 1953) who later in life became an inspector of schools. Jane seems to have come from a reasonably wealthy family as with them in Brook House are two of her sisters both independent, living off their own annuities, despite being unmarried and 3 servants - a housemaid, a cook and a nursemaid for the children. Jonas was then made Chaplain of the House of Mercy at St James Fulham (1878-1892) when he lived in Fulham Palace Road at Colehill Lodge. It was here that he became a member of the Guild of All Souls and from the year 1880 was for 12 years to become its president. He then served as Vicar of St Matthias at Earls Court Kensington in the Diocese of London from 1892 until his death at the age of 67 in 1900.

Jonas died on 6th March 1900 at 3 Earl's Court square Middlesex leaving an estate of £5678.12s 7d administered by his two sons. In memory of him the guild of All Souls erected a sedilia [a group of stone seats for the clergy in the south chancel of the church usually 3 in number and often canopied and decorated]. They attached a commemorative plaque to the wall (picture of the inside of the church) and still pray for him on the day of his death each year. Link to more info about St Matthias which was demolished in 1958. This plaque has now [Oct 2012] found its way to an antique dealer in Omaha Nebraska who is offering it for sale :- Link to sale of Plaque .

The sedilia in the Sanctuary of this church were erected to the Glory of God by members of the Guild of All Souls
in pious memory of the Rev. Jonas PF DAVIDSON for 12 years their president
and sometime Vicar of this parish who departed this life March 6th 1900.

Sources:- Census Returns 1861; Crockfords 1868; 1898; Parish Registers All Saints Dorchester; OXA; GRO Index, National Probate Register, Parliamentary Voters List Town district No.3 for the Division of Hammersmith & Fulham page 91; All Ireland Civil Reg Marriages Index 1845-1958 Page 675 Film 101247; The Guild of All Souls website in Memorium pages

Charles Tickell PROCTOR 1830-1900 Curate AS

Rev. Charles Tickell PROCTOR MA (1830 -1900 ) Admitted at KING'S College Cambridge as a scholar from Eton, Apr. 13, 1850. Said to have been born [Aug. 4, 1830], at Sandhurst, Berks. B.A. 1854; M.A. 1857. Fellow, 1853-68. Adm. ad eundem at Oxford, 1858. Assistant Master at Eton, 1855-8. He was described in 1857 by a scholar as 'having a close cropped head and pale face like a medieval monk'. Ordained deacon (by the Bishop of Salisbury) 1858; Ordained a priest in 1859 (by the Bishop of Sarum); Curate of St Edmund's, Salisbury, 1858-62. Curate in charge of of All Saints, Dorchester, 1862-7. Curate of Holy Trinity, Windsor, 1867. Vicar of Richmond with St Matthias, Surrey, in the Diocese of Winchester 1867-1900. Hon. Canon of Rochester, 1881-1900. Married, Elizabeth Caroline, eldest daughter of Lieut.-Col. Procter, of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst who was ten years his senior. Died Apr. 7, 1900, aged 69, at Richmond.

Sources:- A2A Website Ref BRA/2/76 1855-1856: Cambridge Alumni; Kings College Register; Crockfords 1868, 1874, 1885; GRO age 69 Richmond Surrey district Ref 2a/262; Oxford Alumni; Scott MSS; James Brinsley Richards 1846-1892, Seven years at Eton 1857-1864; Times 09 Apr 1900, Sir W Sterry

Thomas Henry BRAIM 1814-1891 Rector AS
Rev. Thomas Henry BRAIM (1814-1891 ) sizar at ST JOHN'S, July 3, 1834; re-adm. Oct. 14, 1845. Of Sussex. [S. of Thomas, V. of West Wittering. B. June 1814. School, Clergy Orphan, Canterbury.] Matric. Michs. 1834. D.D. (Canterbury) 1856. Incorp. at Sydney, 1857. Head Master of Bishops Grammar School, Hobart Town, Tasmania 1835-41. Principal of Sydney College, Australia, 1841-8. Ord. deacon and priest (Down) 1848; V. of St John's, Belfast, 1848-66. Archdeacon of Portland, Victoria, Australia, 1854-66. R. of All Saints', Dorchester, 1867-8. Chaplain to the Marquis of Lothian, 1867-8. R. of Bishop's Caundle, Dorset, 1868-75. V. of Ilsington, S. Devon, 1875-9. R. of Risley, Derby, 1879-91. Author, A History of New South Wales, from its settlement to the close of 1844, etc. Died Oct. 14, 1891, at Risley. (Clergy Orphan School Reg.; Boase, IV. Suppl.)
John MILLER 1818-1896 Rector AS

Rev John MILLER (1818 -1896 ) The son of Henry MILLER of Ipswich where he obtained his early education before matriculating for St Johns College Cambridge on 18 Apr 1837 at the age of 19. BA 1841; MA 1844. He was ordained a deacon at Winchester on 10n July 1842; and a Priest 17 Dec 1843 by the Bishop of Winchester. Formerly Perpetual Curate of of Christ Church Bookham Surrey (1847-49) Curate of St Thomas Winchester (1850-54) Perpetual Curate St Paul's of Preston Lancs (1854-1866). Appointed Rector of All Saints Church Dorchester (1868-70); Head Master of Middle School Weymouth (1873-1885) At Eastbourne (unbeneficed) (1876-85). Curate of Melcombe Regis (1885-7) Subsequently resident at 10 Chiswick place Eastbourne where he died 22 Feb 1896. father of Samuel H MILLER.

Sources:- Crockfords 1874 & 1885; CAM;

Henry Frederick JONES BA 1809-1901 Rector AS

Rev Henry Frederick JONES BA (1809 - 1901) Born in Ireland he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Trinity College Dublin in 1831; He joined the church, according to Crockfords, being ordained a deacon by the Bishop of Killaloe in 1833 and a priest by Bishop of Kilmore in County Cavan in Ireland in 1836; I could not find out anything else about his early career in the church in Ireland but he served as Rector of All Saints Church in Dorchester 1870-1886 when he also acted on occasion as Officiating Minister at St Georges Church in Fordington . A newspaper report on 17th Sep 1880 refers to him having been abroad but now resumed his duties at All Saints. He is shown in the 1881 Census living at 39 High East street and as being unmarried aged 75. In 1886 he retired to Bournemouth living at 'Mayfield' in Kerley road Holdenhurst where he died at the age of 92 on 3rd June 1901

Sources:- Census Returns 1881, 1891 and 1901; All Saints Parish registers; Fordington Burial Register 1871 & 1874; Post Office Directory 1875; Newspaper Western Gazette 17 sep 1880; Crockfords 1874, 1885, 1898; National Probate Register; GRO death index 1901 2nd qtr 1901 Christchurch hampshire district; Ref 2b/413 aged 92 years

Robert Rogers STROUD 1797-1877 Sexton AS

Robert Rogers STROUD (1797-1877) Senior was a boot and shoemaker by trade and the son of Joseph STROUD (1774-1846) an agricultural labourer by his wife Alice ROGERS (1770-1826) who married at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 6th June 1796. Robert, the first of their children was baptised 4 miles south west of Dorchester in the parish of Winterbourne St Martin on 4th June 1797, simply as Robert STROUD. The family soon settled in Fordington however where 4 younger sisters and a brother were baptised (See his parents marriage for details). Robert married twice the first time at the age of 21 to Mary SARGEANT on 2nd November 1818 at St Michaels church in nearby Stinsford. They had 6 children together before Mary died at the age of 36 and was buried at F StG on 10th April 1836. (Link to more information about these children)

Although baptised as Robert ROGERS he then adopted his mothers maiden name of Rogers as a second name. His second marriage was by banns to Elizabeth Mary DENNETT a servant the daughter of John DENNETT a labourer at St George Church Fordington on Easter Monday the 24th April 1848. Link to their marriage for a list of their children, the first two of which were baptised at Fordington. Robert was being described as residing in Fordington High street but he had his children born after 1855 all baptised at All Saints Church in Dorchester where he was Sexton. He was buried at Fordington 12th May 1877 aged 80.

Source:- Census Returns; GRO Birth Index Robert Rogers Stroud Dorchester viii/57: Catherine Ellen 2nd qtr 1852 Dorchester 5a/339: GRO marriage Dorchester viii/113: GRO Death index Age 80 Dorchester 5a/231; StG Baptism Marriage (page 96) and Burial Registers;

Rev. William Joshua ADAMS 1834 - 1904 Rector AS

Rev. William Joshua ADAMS (1834 - 1904) BA DCL The son of David Rutherforde ADAMS (1810-1885) Secretary to the Chester City Mission by his wife Sarah STUBBINS. Baptised 3rd Sep 1834 at Cambridge. Admitted pens at Caius College Cambridge 26th June 1856. Matriculated Michs 1856. He joined the church being ordained a deacon at Manchester in 1859 and was appointed curate of Dolphinholme Lancashire in 1859. He was awarded a BA degree in 1860 and ordained a priest the same year. He also married on 15th Aug 1860 to Adelaide Jane HARRISON the 24 year old spinster daughter of William HARRISON a music professor who lived in Market street Lancaster and was appointed vicar of Dolphinholme the same year, a position he retained until 1867. They had a son there in 1862 they named William H Adams. William Joshua was awarded a Doctorate of Civil Law (Univercity of Pensylvania) in 1870 and made Secretary Jews Society (1870-1883) also being appointed Minister at St Andrews Bermondsey by 1871. He was made perpetual curate of St Paul, Kilburn Middlesex 1879-1886; and then Rector of All Saints Dorchester 1886-1892; and Curate of St Luke Kilburn Middlesex 1893-1895. Chaplain at Neuilly Paris 1895-1904. He died on 3rd March 1904 at 3 Parliament-hill-mansions Highgate Road in Middlesex and was buried in the South Metropolitan cemetery on the 7th. Administration of his estate of £276.1s.6d was granted to his widow Adelaide Jane Adams at Lonodon on 18th March 1904

Sources:- Ancestry Family Trees; Cambridge Alumni; Census returns 1851-1901; Crockfords Clerical Directory 1898: Kellys Directory 1889; marriage Register Lancaster; Burial Register South Met Cemetery; National Probate Register

Rev. Samuel Edward Valpy FILLEUL M.A 1855- 1931 Rector AS
1892 - 1918

Rev. Samuel Edward Valpy FILLEUL M.A (1855-1931)
Samuel was born on 24 June 1855 in Tasmania the second son of Rev. Philip Valpy Mourant Filleul MA (1824-1901) by his wife Marianne daughter of Samuel Rainbow Girdlestone, Barrister at Law. His father was warden of Christ's College in Tasmania from 15th Dec 1853 until 1858 when he was appointed Rector of Biddisham in Somerset within the diocese of the Bishop of Bath and Wells where Samuel spent is childhood. His father was a great beekeeper in his spare time writing several books on the subject including the "English Beekeeper" published by Rivingtons in 1857 and "Profitable Beekeeping" published in 1868.

Samuel was educated at Corpus Christi College Oxford where he matriculated on 22 Oct 1874 aged 19. He was awarded a BA degree (4th cl History) in 1878 and his MA in 1881. He joined the church being ordained deacon in 1879 and made a priest at Sarum in 1880. He served his curacy initially at Charles Church in Plymouth 1879-83 and then at the Lady St Mary church in Wareham in Dorset 1883-87, before being made Vicar of Highcliffe in Hampshire from 1887-89.

He married on 17 Dec 1891 at St Mary church in Wareham to Mary Jane Bashall daughter of Richard Bashall Rodgett Esq of West Cliff Preston and was the Rector of All Saints Church in Dorchester from 1892 -1918 when he retired to Sandford House at wareham in Dorset. He is shown in the 1923 edition of Kelly's Directory for Wareham where it states "Sandford the residence of the Rev. Samuel Edward Valpy Filleul M.A. about 2 miles north, is an elegant mansion of white brick with stone dressings, in the Elizabethan style; it occupies an elevated site over looking Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island, and is well sheltered by fir plantations, and surrounded by an estate of 1,500 acres". Samuel died at Sandford House Wareham on 18th Nov 1931 at the age of 76 leaving an estate of £18,813.14s7d

Samuel and his wife had the following children:- (1) Richard Rodgett born 1 Oct & bap at All Saints Dorchester 1st Nov 1891 died 27 July 1921 (2) Philip Miles born 13 Apr and bap All Saints 11th May 1894 died 1st Apr 1975 (3) Grace Mary born 12 Feb & bap All Saints 17th April 1896 - Jan 1982 (4) John Valpy born 1st June and bap All Saints 1st July 1898 - died 1979 (5) Phyllis Elizabeth bap All Saints 10 Mar 1900 - died Jan 1964 (6) Francis Edward bap All Saints 2nd Apr 1902 died 1969 (7) Ruth Marianne 1906-2001 (8) Evelyn Jeanette 1908-1964. They lived at the rectory and South Walks in Dorchester.

Sources: All Saints Dorchester Parish Registers; Armorial families : A directory of gentlemen of coat-armour by Arthur Charles Fox Davies; Census returns 1861, 1881, & 1911; CRO 1874, 1932; GRO death 1931 5a/307 Wareham; Kellys Directory 1895; OXA; St Marys Wareham Marriage Register; The Colonial church chronicle and missionary journal, Volume 7. NPC;

Rev Hugh Wilson TEGART 1867-1956 Rector AS
1918 - aft 1932

Rev. Hugh Wilson TEGART (1867-1956) [variations recorded in his Surname:- Tegart, Tagart, Teggart, Taggart]
The grandson of William Tegart his father Robert Tegart married his mother Mary Jane McLenaghan in the civil parish of Errigal in the County of Londonderry in Northern Ireland on 20th August 1850. Hugh Wilson Tegart was born in the village of Garvagh which is located 11 miles south of Coleraine but still in the County Londonderry. He trained at the Church Missionary College in Islington where he worked with the Church of Ireland's Young Men's Society to promote the views of the Society amongst young men in London, Belfast and Newhaven. He was accepted for Missionary service by the Society (published in the Times on 22nd May 1896) and following an anonymous donation of £2,000 the Society decided to send out another mission to Uganda. He was selected with others for this mission and ordained for the College at London as a deacon. He gave a last public address to 'All young men' about the work of the Society before attending a farewell meeting at St Mary's School on the 17th August 1896 as he was to leave Belfast on the 1st September for work in Uganda Eastern Equatorial Africa under Bishop TUCKER.

He served as a Missionary at Nakanyonyi, Kyagwe (1896-1897); Gayaza (1897-1898); Singo (1898-1901); Bugoma (1902-1905); and at Masindi (1905-1917). He was a well respected Mountaineer with a number of accounts of his expeditions being published in various newspapers such as the following:-

    The Sydney Morning Herald - Saturday, 7 July 1906 "ASCENT OF RUWENZORI - DUKE OF THE ABRUZZI SUCCESSFUL - LONDON, July 6. The Duke of the Abruzzi has succeeded in ascending Mount Ruwenzori, variously given from 16,000 to 20,000 feet, between Albert Nyanza and Albert Edward Nyanza, in Central Africa. This is the first occasion the summit has been reached. The Duke of the Abruzzi's expedition to Ruwenzori sailed from Naples on April 16. It consisted of the Duke, Captain Cagni, Dr. Cavalli, Lieutenant Winspear, Dr. Roncati, a geologist, Signor Vittori Sella, two alpine guides, two porters, an assistant photographer, and a cook. Ruwenzori, first discovered by Stanley and identified by him with the Mountains of the Moon of the Ancients, is a range whose highest peak the Duke of the Abruzzi has been the first man to succeed in ascending. In the "Geographical Journal" an account is given of the immediately previous attempt to ascend to the summit made in January of the present year by Herr Rudolf Grauer, an Austrian, with the Rev. H. W. Tegart and Mr. H. E. Maddox, F.S.I., both of the Church Missionary Society, Uganda. They succeeded in reaching the Mubuku glacier, which is immediately adjacent to the base of the highest peak, called by Sir Harry Johnstone, Duwoni. The height reached was 15,030ft, but calculations based on the boiling point of water gave 14,956ft. Mr. Tegart, in the course of an account of the ascent, says: "We failed to reach the highest peak I am sorry to say, and our failure was due to mists and want of porters to carry up sufficient outfit to enable us to camp out for the night. Even then I am afraid it would be a difficult undertaking, unless by good luck a whole day without mist was obtained. To the peak which we reached it took us two days to get from the permanent snowline, which is 14,150ft above sea level." Three attempts by three different paths were made to reach the summit, but each failed. Mr. Tegart thinks that the highest point is not over 16,500ft."

During furlough leave of absence in 1907 He married at the age of 40 when his residence was given as being in Belfast Northern Ireland. He married Esther Mary Constance TIDDY (1874-1958) a 33 year old spinster who lived at Fairlight Glen in the parish of Parkstone in Dorset, the daughter of Andrew Brandram TIDDY (deceased). They married after banns on 1st June 1907 in her parish church of St Peters. He took his new bride with him back to Africa embarking on the 3,695 ton ship the 'Admiral' from Dover bound for Durban on 27th November 1907 and continued his missionary work at Masindi.

He was Superintendent of the Northern province of Uganda (1913-1915);and Rural Dean of Bunyoro (1916-1917) before returning to England to serve as curate of All Saints church Eastbourne for a short time whilst a suitable appointment could be arranged (1917-1918).

He was appointed as Rector of All Saints Dorchester in Dorset from 1918 until after 1932 with a net yearly value of £334 (1927) and £396 (1931). His wife is recorded on electoral registers as Constance Esther TEGART. With the permission of the Bishop of Salisbury Hugh and his wife accepted an invitation from the Bishop of Uganda and the CMS Uganda Standing Committee to go out to the Uganda Mission for one year and they left on 10th September 1929.

Hugh died at 24 Pembroke road Clifton in Bristol (he lived at number 80) on 24th April 1956 with probate granted at London to the Ulster Bank in Belfast on 8th August when he left an estate of £917.19s.0d. His widow Esther died at the age of 84 at St Monica Home of Rest at Westbury-on-Trym in Bristol on 10th August 1958 leaving an estate of £4,988.16s.2d

Sources:- CLDS Salt Lake City, Utah Family Search: Ireland Civil Registrations: Marriages 1619-1898 batch M70202-4 Gs Film 101315: Birth Index 1864-1958 Vol 1. Page 508 Film 101044. Births and Baptisms, 16201911. Film 101140 batch C70131-1; CRO 1876; 1898; 1908; 1932; British Newspapers : The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), for August 5, 1895; Issue 24979; and Wednesday, August 19, 1896; Issue 25303 and many others: The Times (London, England), Friday, May 22, 1896; pg. 8; Issue 34897 also Friday, Jun 26, 1896; pg. 12; Issue 34927; also Friday, Aug 16, 1929; pg. 13; Issue 45283 : Parish Marriage register for Parkstone Dorset; NPC; Kellys Street Directories of 1927 & 1931; For general background information consult "The Wonderful Story of Uganda" Also the Church Missionary Society archives held at Birmingham Univercity which includes an Index of printed Annual letters from missionaries 10 of which refer to him; also ref to Church Missionary Society photograph collection held on Janus ref CMS/13/221 1896; Alpine Journal 2006 page 230 100 years ago. Climbing History before 1906; Electorial Registers for Dorset Western Division of All Saints Parish Dorchester 1919/21

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NOTE:-Although St Peters it is the largest and the principal church in the town, it was only a chapel to the Church of Holy Trinity, and had been since 1303, and perhaps even before that; yet there are two instances in the Sarum Registers when the king presented it as a distinct rectory. From the municipal records of Dorchester in 1657 and a legal case that arose in 1826 it is clear that the two churches were united and this for example was why the Rev. John WHITE was appointed by the King to Holy Trinity in 1605 (taking up office in the town the following year) but often preached from the pulpit and, was eventually buried in the south porch of, St Peters church in 1648. The list of Rectors given below was therefore the same for both churches until 1822 when the King presented John Morton COLSON to St Peters despite Henry John RICHMAN holding both positions. He and his wife were killed during a great storm in 1824 and George WOOD was his official replacement. This led to a legal case with JM Colson remaining Rector of St peters and George WOOD Rector of Holy Trinity.
NAME DATE LIVED STATUS & period of Office COMMENTS (See Top of Document for Source coding)
BRISTWARD 1068 Rector HT & SP HD - In the Domesday Book, which was finished in the year 1086, it is mentioned that BRISTWARD a priest held in frank-almoigne(1) the Churches of Dorchester & Bere Regis and the tithes. The land belonging to these churches was one hide and one acre and was worth at that time four pounds per annum.
ALEXANDER de Dorset Approx 1198-1218 Rector HT & SP

JH - on page 392 - It is thus mentioned in the Tesa de Neville (page 167) "The church of the Holy Trinity is in the gift of the King, and Master Alexander de Dorset holds the same by the gift of King John, value 10 marks". On page 393 - Alexander de Dorset, inst. temp. King John -- This priests name occurs in the close roll of King John . "The King to the Barons of the Exchequer, &c. Allow the executors of the will of my Lord of Canterbury, against the debt which he owes us, £260. sterling, which they paid into our chamber, on Monday next, before the feast of St. Margaret(5), in the 7th year, [i.e. 1207] &c., by the hands of Alexander de Refham, Alexander de Dorset, and Richard de Bellhus, &c. &c. Witness myself, at Rocheste, July 19".

HD - In the Tetsa de Nevill3 page 167 it is said that "the church of Holy Trinity in the borough of Dorchester is in the gift of the King and Alexander de Dorset holds the same by the gift of King John and it is worth ten marks4 per annum.

Ralph de ODYHAM pre 1302 - post 1304 Rector HT & SP

JH - On page 393 - Ralph de Odyham, pbr [alias to the Chapel of St Peter tanquam ad matricem ecclesiam ]. He bought an inquisition 13th Nov 1302, by which clearly appeared that the chapel of St. Peter was dependent on the church of the Holy Trinity and was admitted 8th September 1302, it having been put in commendam for six months (Reg. Gaunt)

HD - Part of legal presentation 1824 assizes - page 166 " the next document given in evidence. The first of these is dated in the year 1303, in which Ralph de Odyham having been presented heretofore to the living of St Peters, brought an Inquisition, by which it clearly appeared that the chapel at St Peters was dependant upon the church of Holy Trinity. and he was afterwards instituted to the Holy Trinity accordingly.

William de AYREMYNNE pre 1304 - post 1305 Rector HT & SP
WP - JH - See next
John de AYREMYNNE 1305 Rector HT & SP
1305- 1306
WP - JH - John de Ayremynne, clerk, on the resignation of Will. [William] de Ayremynne, 17 cal.April 1305 (Ref Reg.Gaunt)
William de AYREMYNNE 1306 Rector HT & SP
WP - JH - William de Ayremynne, clerk, on the resignation of John de Ayremynne,on the nones of May 1306 (Ref Reg.Gaunt)
Alanus de CANCIA or KANTIA 1312/13 Rector HT & SP
WP - JH - Alan de Cancia, clerk, on the resignation of W. de Ayremynne, instituted 6 cal. March 1312, (Ref Reg.Gaunt) occurs 1321
Alan de SMEREDEN 1321 Rector HT & SP
JH - Alan de Smereden [Note:- Strangely does not appear on the Wall plaque in St Peters Church which lists Rectors of both churches]
John de WARBLYNTON pre 1324 - 1348 Rector HT & SP
WP - JH - John de Warblynton, clerk, on resignation of de Smereden, the last rector, inst, cal. March 1334 (Ref. Mortival)
Walter SWAINE or SWAYNE pre 1348 - post 1349 Rector HT & SP
WP - JH - Walter Swaine, clerk, on the death of Warblynton, instituted 19th Oct 1348 (Ref Wyvil)
Simon MACY de CLIFTON pre 1349 - 1350 Rector HT & SP
WP - JH - Simon Macy de Clifton, clerk, on the dismission [i.e. resignstion] of Swaine, inst 29 May 1349 (Ref Wyvil)

HD - Sarum registers of institution - St Peters - wherein the King presented Galferid de Hardwick to this Rectory and instituted November 1351 on the resignation of Simon Macy. but it is to be observed that MACY, ROWLAND and ROPKYN were also rectors of Holy Trinity
GALFRIDUS [JEFFERY] de Hardwick pre 1351 - post 1362 Rector HT & SP
JH - Jeffery de Hardwick, on the death? of Macy, inst 7th Nov 1350.

HD - Sarum registers of institution - St Peters - wherein the King presented Galferid de Hardwick to this Rectory and instituted November 1351 on the resignation of Simon Macy
Robert de CHERITON or CHERLTON 1362 Rector HT & SP
WP - JH - Robert de Cherlton, exchanged with John Robekyn, Rector of Tadmerton, diocese of Lincoln, instit 7th Feb 1362 (Ref Wyvil)
John ROBEKYN Bef 1632 - 1379 Rector HT & SP
JH - John Robekyn, Rector of Tadmerton, diocese of Lincoln, instit 7th Feb 1362 (Ref Wyvil)

HD - St Peters - John ROWLAND presented to this Rectory on the death of John ROPKYN instituted 27 April 1379 but it is to be observed that MACY, ROWLAND and ROPKYN were also rectors of Holy Trinity. WP has his name spelt as John ROBEKYN or ROPKIN
John ROLAND or ROULAND 1379 Rector HT & SP
JH - John Rouland, on the death of Robekyn, 27th April 1379.

HD - St Peters - John ROWLAND presented to this Rectory on the death of John ROPKYN instituted 27 April 1379 but it is to be observed that MACY, ROWLAND and ROPKYN were also rectors of Holy Trinity
William TOTALL or TOTELL 1384 Rector HT & SP
JH - William Totell, pbr, presented to this rectory with the chapel of St Peters annexed, on the death of Rowland . Instituted 29th Sept 1384, (Ref Erghum) exchanged with next.

HD - In the year 1384 was presented to the church of Holy Trinity with the Chapel of St Peters annexed, void by the resignation of John ROWLAND the last rector. In the same year this William TOTTELL exchanged with William HOLYN who was thereby admitted to Holy Trinity with the Chapel at St Peters annexed.
William HOLYN or HOLYM 1384 Rector HT & SP
JH - William Holym, vicar of Wethernese diocese of York, presented to this rectory, with the chapel of St Peter annexed , Instituted Oct 31st 1385, exchanged with next.

HD See above. This William HOLYN exchanged with Peter MIGHEL and was presented to Holy Trinity with the Chapel of St Peters annexed.
Peter MICHEL or MIGHEL 1385 Rector HT & SP
1385- 1393
JH - Peter Mighel, rector of Pulham in Norfolk, presented to this rectory, and chapel of St Peter annexed, instit 30th Nov 1385 exchanged with next.

HD See above. In 1393 Peter MIGHEL exchanged with John RYGGS who was admitted to the same church in the same manner as before
John RYGGS or RYGGES or RIGGES 1393 Rector HT & SP
JH - John Rygges vicar of Cranborne, instituted 1st May 1393.

HD See above. + National Archives Ancient Petitions, Henry III - James I - John RIGGES Parson in the year 1397 [Rigges requests that he can have the tithes that pertain to his church from the parish of Fordington and that Thomelyn be ...]
Thomas WARYN Bef 1400 - 1441 Rector HT & SP
JH - Thomas Waryn, clerk presented to this rectory, with the chapel of St Peter annexed inst 30th May 1420. (Ref Chandler): See Transcription of his Will by John Hutchins page 393.

HD In 1420 Thomas WARYN was presented to the vacant living of Holy Trinity with the chapel of St Peters annexed: Source MRD Charter 492 Will of Thomas Waryn clerk of Holy Trinity Dorchester. Probate proved 15th Nov 1441 asks to be buried at HT Church in Dorchester and makes it clear that he owned a burgage in Pease Lane which he left to John PASCO his main beneficiary and executor.
William WOTTON   Rector HT & SP
WP - JH - William Wotton, clerk inst 16th Dec 1441 (Ref. Ayscough)
Richard HYLL [HILL] BD Bef 1476 - 1496 Rector HT & SP
1476 - 1485

JH - Richard Hyll, clerk instituted 12th Oct 1475. (Ref Beauchamp)

The Municipal Records ( Charter 557) in the Will of Roger Arture dated 16th April, 1483, one of the witnesses was Master Richard Hyll, Rector of Holy Trinity, there is also a bequest in the will to " Sir Thomas, curate of the church of Holy Trinity, to pray for my soul 20d." He was Archdeacon of Lewes and Dean of King's Chapel from 1486 until he was appointed Bishop of London on 21st Aug 1489 and consecrated on 15th Nov 1489. A position he held until his death. With a group of supporters around the Court of Arches including Edward Vaughan he attempted to undermine the prerogative powers of John Morton Archbishop of Canterbury. He died 20th February 1496 and was said to have been buried " in the body of St Pauls Church". Probate granted 19th March his will confirms Edward Vaughan Doctor of Law was one of his executors

(Sources:- WP: JH (Ref Beauchamp) : MRD: Fryde, et al. Handbook of British Chronology p. 259. A Survey of London Westminster Book IV ) NA PROB 11/10 fos. 30, 33.The history and antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark, and ..., Volume 2 By Thomas Allen

John WYKYS   Rector HT & SP
? -1485
WP -
John AP-HERRY or HARRYS   Rector HT & SP
WP - JH - John Ap - Harrys Priest instituted 31st May 1485 (Ref Langton)
Robert GASKYN [or GASCOIGNE] pre 1504 - 1523 Rector HT & SP
JH - Robert Gaskyn, pbr on the resignation of Ap-Harrys Instituted 27th Dec 1504 (Ref Audley).

HD In 1504 Robert GASKYN was presented to the living of Holy Trinity in general terms. Died in office see following entry
John GLYNN or GLYNNE 1523 Rector HT & SP
JH - John Glynne, batchelor in decrees, presented, on the death of Gaskyn, to this rectory, with the chapel of St Peter annexed instituted 3rd June 1524.

HD - In 1523 John GLYNN was presented to the living of Holy Trinity with the chapel of St Peter annexed. This presentation being only 13 years before the statute which confirmed the union of churches existing previously to the time of the statute passing. After this time all the Rectors of Holy Trinity that can be remembered acted as Rectors of St Peters, enjoyed all the profits of St Peters and were in every respect treated an considered to be the rectors of that parish.
William TRESHAM 1534 Rector HT & SP
JH - William Tresham Occurs 1534.

HD - The next document produced was the Ecclesiasticus Valor of 1534 states " there is the church of All Saints and the church of the Trinity and the free chapel of st John Dorchester Mr William TRESHAM is rector there
Willimus BRYCE 1540 Rector HT & SP
JH - William Bryce pbr on the resignation of ...... instituted 13th May 1540:

Source CCED - Appointed Rector HT 14 May 1540
Nicholas KNEWSTUBB 1543 Rector HT & SP
JH - Nicholas Knewstubb instituted 1543.

Source Somerset Notes and Queries XVII page 183 Exchequer Composition Books Public Records Office " Dorchester S. Trinity - R [Rector] Nicol' Knewstubbe Date 15 Dec 35 [year of the Reign] Henry VIII [i.e. 1543] ;. Source CCED - Appointed Rector of Holy Trinity and St Peters 1545. FFH Page 17
Johannas HOLE 1545 Curate HT & SP
Source CCED - Appointed Curate 1545
William WOODMAN Bef 1543c - Aft 1576 Rector HT & SP
Rev. William WOODMAN (Bef 1543- Aft 1576) I could not locate a university record for him. See FFH (page 17) where there is reference to his being Rector of one of the 3 main churches in Dorchester in 1st part of the reign of Elizabeth 1st, probably 1560's & 1570's. John Hutchins [JH] simply lists him as Rector of Holy Trinity as occuring after Nicholas Knewstubb who took office in 1543 and before Edward Doughty who was appointed in 1580. The wall Plaque in St Peters lists him as being appointed in 1558 which would appear to be about right. The only reference that survives in the Clergy of the Church of England database which refers to him is dated 19th October 1562 when he was 'presented as Rector of Trinity church in Dorchester. His replacement below did not take office until 1580. He and his wife Margaret had the following children baptised or buried in Holy Trinity Church Dorchester where the parish register refers to him as 'Pastor' of HT. (1) Morgan Woodman bap 3rd Aug 1561 (2) William Woodman bap 14th Dec 1562 - buried HT 20th Mar 1562/3 (3) Roger Woodman bap 10th May 1564, buried HT 03 Mar 1587/8 (4) Faith Woodman buried HT 10th April 1572.

He was a beneficiary under the following Wills: (1) will of Robert ADYN Draper of Dorchester whose will was dated 27th Mar 1564 and proved on 20th June 1564 who left him 3 shillings and four pence. (2) Will of Richard STRTATFORD of Dorchester dated 18th July 1566, and proved on 31 Oct 1566, when he was referred to as Sir William WOODMAN Parson of St Peters Church in Dorchester and left 6 shillings and four pence. (3) Will of Katherine ADYN the widow of Robert Adyn who refers to him as Sir William WOODMAN Parson of Holy Trinity whose will was dated 14 Feb 1569 and proved on the 05 May 1570, when he was left 6 shillings and 4 pence. (4) Will of Henry BEAKE of Dorchester, dated 1st March 1576 and proved 28th Jan 1577 when referred to as Mr Woodman Parson of Dporchester and left 3 shillings and four pence.

His wife Margaret WOODMAN died and was buried at HT on 29th Sep 1576.
Edwardius DOUGHTIE MA 1550c- 1616 Rector HT & SP

Rev Edward DOUGHTIE MA (1550c-1616) Appointed Rector of Holy Trinity Dorchester and Master of the Free School in Dorchester 20 November 1580 [Follow link provided for an account of his life.]

Richardus JOHNSON MA 1562c- c1585-1604? Rector HT & SP
Source CCED - Appointed Rector Holy Trinity Dorchester 10 November 1585: Crown patronage by the vacancy of the See of Bristol: also appointed Perpetual Vicar of Osmyngton Dorset 19 March 1589 when existing vicar William Heath [Hayte] died;

Source CAM - sizar from ST JOHN'S, Michs. 1578; B.A. 1582-3. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) Sept. 29; priest, Mar. 25, 1586. One of these names R. of Holy Trinity, Dorchester, 1585. But see Al. Oxon. for a contemporary.

Source FFH - Re appointment of Rev John White 1606 says "Richard Johnson had died some years earlier, and although the Curate Richard EVERARD had filled the gap---". Source JH, Richard Johnson, inst. 1585 [Note:- could not trace a will or burial]
Richard EVERARD c1574-Aft 1613 Curate HT
pre 1599 - 1606
Richard EVERARD He signed many of the parish baptim, marriage and burial registers for Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester [eg 1603 marriages as Richus Everard clericus curat] between the years 1599 and to October 1606 when the hand changes, perhaps indicating his departure as curate. No university or church records seem to have survived / been recorded. See previous entry above - FFH also refers to 'his serving during the latter part of Elizabeth's reign & there when John White arrived in 1606'. He had a daughter Sarah baptised at HT on 1st Nov 1613 but I have not so far been able to locate a suitable marriage.
John WHITE MA 1575-1648 Rector HT & SP
Rev. John WHITE MA (1574/5-1648), The Puritan Divine, known as the 'Patriarch of Dorchester'. A native of Stanton St John in Oxfordshire he was appointed Rector of Holy Trinity Dorchester (and the Chapel of St Peters) on the 11 November 1605 arriving in Dorchester in 1606. A Puritan exercising great influence over the Borough and creating a new social order for the town inspiring the rich traders, gentry and Corporation of the town to invest in social works for the benefit of all. He was instrumental in driving forward the recovery of the town after the disastrous fire of 1613. From 1624 he was central to the drive to establish a puritan colony in New England gathering together 119 influential investors to form the Dorchester Company which later evolved in 1629 into the Massachusetts Company and underpinned the establishment of Charlestown in Massachusetts. During the Civil War he served on the Westminster Assemble of Divines which mapped out the future of the Church in England even chairing one of the committees. After the war in which his personal library was destroyed by the Kings troops he returned to Dorchester and remained Rector at Holy Trinity and St Peters Churches until his death in 1648. See the Biography of Rev. John WHITE for a full account of his life.
  Churchwarden HT 1606 Signed the Holy Trinity Baptism Register 20th July 1606 and 19th Feb 1606/7

  Churchwarden HT 1606/7 Signed the Holy Trinity Baptism Register 20th July 1606; 19th Feb 1606/7; and burial register on 11th Mar 1607/8
Simon HAYSELBURY   Churchwarden HT 1607 Signed the Holy Trinity Baptism Register 20th July 1606 and burial register on 11th Mar 1607/8
Edward (Edwardus) CLARKE 1593-1630 Curate HT & SP
Described as an assistant to Rev John White in Dorchester. He became the rector of St Mary Magdalen in Taunton See Biographical notes under the Dorchester Company
Ferdinando NICHOLLS 1598-1662

Curate HT & SP

Sources:- CLDS Extraction Programme; DNB, OXA; RT: WW,;OPC Sherborne; The Twickenham Museum: Account of Ministers etc ejected or silenced after the restoration by the Act of Uniformity page 218.
Presbyterian divine and ejected minister, son of a gentleman of Buckinghamshire, he was born there in 1597/98 and educated at Oxford where he matriculated at Magdalen College on 10 Nov 1615, graduating BA on 15 Dec 1618,and MA on 14 Jun 1621. He was recruited after the departure of Edward CLARKE (See above) and began his clerical career as an assistant to the Rev. John WHITE officiating as a curate mainly at St Peters church Dorchester from 1625 until he left to live at Sherborne in Dorset on the 26 August 1627. His selection probably arose out of John White's association with his elder brother the Rev Matthias NICHOLLS (1587-1631) who was at New College Oxford with him, and invested in the Dorchester Company. They remained in close contact and in May 1629 Ferdinando accompanied John WHITE to the Tower of London in an attempt to speak to Denzil HOLLES MP for Dorchester and other members imprisoned for preventing the speaker of the House 'Sir John FINCH' from adjourning the Commons. (See letter 9th May 1629 from Sir Allen ASPLEY, Lieutenant of the Tower),

According to the transcription of the marriage register in Sherborne he married on 12 May 1631 to a gentlewoman called Mary LOTSUM. The DNB however refers to her as Mary the daughter of Oliver Littisham of Fordington in Somerset quoting the same date? In fact I think he married Mary who was baptised on 22 June 1606 at Babcary in Somerset the daughter of Oliver LOTTISHAM who owned land at nearby Foddington. In June 1631 he became a lecturer at St Mary Arches in Exeter Devon and on 12 Nov 1634 he was collated by Bishop Joseph HALL to the Rectory there which is probably when his wife moved down as I can then trace the baptism of 4 children (Sarah bap 30 Aug 1635 - died young; Elizabeth bap 16 Apr 1637-died 12 Oct 1638; Sarah bap 28 July 1639; and Matthias named after his elder brother bap 2 Oct 1642). The DNB refers to two sons and 4 daughters but only one daughter outlived him.

At Exeter he agreed with his parishioners to preach two sermons every Sunday and they undertook to pay him £80 per annum. He was an eloquent preacher although he always wrote out his sermon in full. One of his parishioners was the alderman and redoubtable puritan Ignatius JURDAIN and Nicholls preached his funeral sermon in 1640 and showed his admiration for JURDAIN in a work he later published called 'The Life and Death' (1654). During the Civil War (1642-1651) like John White, Ferdinando also fled to London where he was presented to the living of Twickenham in 1645 by the Westminster Assembly after the ejection of the Royalist Dr Thomas SOAME. He was unpopular in Twickenham to the extent that parishioners refused to pay their contributions to his stipend and petitioned Parliament for his removal. As he was not receiving the profits of the vicarage he was granted an order for payment from the committee for plundered ministers. In 1646 he was removed and appointed one of three Bodley lecturers and in 1654 became sole lecturer for the rest of his life, receiving initially £40 pa and later profits of land at Henlock purchased with the Bodley funds. In 1648 he signed 'The Joint Testimonie' of Devon Ministers in support of the solemn league and covenant, confirming his Presbyterianism. After the Kings execution he influenced JP's not to attend the sessions and in 1650 he revealed his opposition to the Commonwealth, being accused with Thomas FORD of using his pulpit for 'intemperate declarations and seditious invectives' which might endanger the safety of the state. However like others in time Nicholls became in some measure reconciled to the new regime: he became one of the commissioners for examining the conduct of the clergy in 1654. He supported the Exeter assembly of ministers of Devon begun in 1655 and became its moderator in 1657. When thirteen of Exeter's churches were closed by the chamber of the city in 1657, St Mary Arches was retained and he was presented to the enlarged living. At the restoration Nicholls remained in possession of his living, but in September 1662 he was ejected. Nonetheless he fulfilled his desire to end his life with his congregation dying in his church on 14th December that year during the singing of a psalm. At his burial in the chancel on 17 December there was a disturbance from over a hundred objectors protesting at the services being according to the prayer book.

NOTE:- The biographical notes in William WHITEWAY's diary (on page 180) it states " Fellow student at New College Oxford with John White. This seems to originate from Rose Troup and her book on John White the Patriarch page 23. This is incorrect as he was educated at Magdalen and John White graduated at New College in 1597 the year before he was born. Although John White remained in residence there whilst a preacher he was presented to the living in Dorchester in 1606 well before Ferdinando began his university education at Magdalen in 1615. Although his older brother Matthias Nicholls was certainly educated at New College he matriculated there on 31 Oct 1606 and John White had already been presented to the living at Holy Trinity Dorchester by the King on 11 Nov 1605 and is known to have been in Dorchester in 1606.
John Nicholas RULIZIUS Bef 1627-Aft 1635

Curate HT & SP

Source:- FFH 93,94,169: WW 93,120,123,149,158,181: John Nicholas RULIZIUS [RULISS] [RULICE] was a refugee minister from Palatinate. He probably arrived at Dorchester in 1626. He was soon inducted (11 Jan 1627/28) as curate to assist John White but left to dwell in London on 31 Nov 1631 when,according to William Whiteway in his diary, 'there having been much stir about his departure' as he was to become the agent for Elizabeth the Queen of Bohemia and became an active fundraiser for German Protestants. On 15 Aug 1634 there is an entry in William Whiteway's diary " Mr John Rulice came out of the Palatinat to London with letters to the King for a collection for the restoring of the university of Heidelberg. But when matters succeeded ill in Germany, he presented them not, but went a while after unto Amsterdam to be Minister of the English Church there. His place as John Whites assistant was filled for a short time by Mr Roger DERBY until Mr John STRICKLAND arrived on 5th July 1632.
Mr John STRICKLAND 1601-1670

Curate HT & SP
1632 - 1632/3

Took over from John RULIZIUS see above. Sources: OXA:CCED:WW pages 123,127.DNB

The Corporation, with John White's consent, appointed an assistant for him on 23rd December 1631 called the Rev John STRICKLAND BD (1601 - 1670). From the end of 1631 however John White used the services of the curate Roger Derby MA (1605-) the son of Henry Derby of Beaminster, as 'Reader and Lecturer' until John Strickland arrived on 5th July 1632. The corporation ordered that Roger Derby be paid £12 by Benjamin Devenish out of the profits of the brewhouse. He became the curate at Trull in 1633. John Strickland was a native of Westmoreland and graduate of Queens College Oxford where he matriculated on 15 May 1618 at the age of 17. He was awarded his BA there on 9th Dec 1622 and his MA on 25 June 1625. He was ordained as a deacon on 11 December 1628 in St Giles Church Oxford and awarded a Bachelor of Divinity on 12 May 1632. His appointment as assistant to John WHITE was therefore his first formal appointment for which they paid him £50pa. He left however on 28 Jan1632/3 to become Chaplain to the Earl of Hertford when he was presented to the living and parsonage as Rector of Pudimore (Podimore) Milton in Somerset by Sir John Horner. He was licensed to preach the following year and became one of Westminster's Assembly of Divines from Oct 1643. According to William Whiteway his place was taken by Mr Jonathan LAWRENCE, and afterwards Mr GILES.

He was subsequently appointed rector of St Peter-the-Poor, London from whence he was removed in jan 1647 after losing the mastership of St Nicholas's Hospital, East Harnham, Wiltshire, to which he had been appointed in February 1646. He was appointed Rector of St Edmund, Salisbury until ejected for nonconformity on 17 October 1662. After he was ejected Strickland formed his own congregation in the town, in contravention of the Five Mile Act, and is also known to have preached in Tisbury, Wiltshire, and in Dorchester, in the company of Adoniram Byfield and the congregationalist minister Peter Ince. He was buried in St Edmunds church 25 Oct. 1670. See Ath. iii, 910, Add MS 15,670 p.23, & Calamy iii, 372.

Mr Jonathan LAWRENCE (LAURENCE or LAURANCE) 1601-1664 Curate HT & SP
1633/4 - 1641
The son of William LAWRENCE Clerk the second son of Richard LAWRENCE of Winterbourne Steepleton. His father married three times, his mother being Honara nee POPE. He was half brother to George LAWRENCE the heir to his fathers estate. He was educated at Exeter College Oxford where he matriculated 4 May 1621 at the age of 20 and awarded his BA 22 March 1622/23. He may have carried out his curacy at Kingsnorth as there is an ecceliastical record of a Jonathan Laurence there in 1628 who was licenced to preach in 1631. He became assistant to John White 1633/34 before being appointed Rector of Winterbourne Kingston in Dorset 1641-42 (Signed Protestation return); Haselbury Bryan in 1647, and finally Upwey from 1648. He signed the Act of Uniformity there in 1662 and was buried in Upwey in 1664. Sources WW pages 127, 132 CCED: OXA
Mr Hugh [Hugo] THOMPSON 1604- aft1633 Curate HT & SP
1633 - c1643/5?
The son of William THOMPSON of Brankinwall in Cumberland he was educated at Queens College Oxford where he matriculated on 14 Nov 1623 at the age of 19 He was awarded his BA on 31 Jan 1626/7 and MA on 30 June 1630. Rose Troup in here book on John White says he was also a Fellow of L(incoln) College but I cannot trace a source for this. He certainly joined the church being appointed deacon on 23 Sep 1632 and was ordained a priest in St Giles church Oxford on 16 June 1633. According to William Whiteway's Diary he arrived in Dorchester to become assistant to John WHITE on 20 December 1633 for which he was to have '£60 per annum for his paine's with augmentation as maintenance when occasions require'. This was increased to 100pa on 19th February 1633/4 'as long as he used his Ministry here', whereupon he 'promised not to leave us to accept any other preferment'. The diary says he married on 27 Aug 1634 but I have not been able to locate where or to whom. Rose Troup says ' Thompson must have been a man after Benn's own heart - from his own county and his own college - so the town was at last supplied with three earnest puritans intent on the same ends and the same methods of attaining them'. David Underdown in his book 'Fire from Heaven' states a daughter of the Rev William BENN (1600-1680) married John THOMPSON whose father had been assistant to the Rev John WHITE before the (civil) war which started in 1642. The inference is that John Thompson attended the free school which if correct meant the family remained in Dorchester for many years. Both John White and William Benn were forced to flee Dorchester in the summer of 1643 and its seems likely that Hugh Thompson would have left for London as well. I have not however been able to locate a will or his death. It may be that he died in 1645 when there was great pestilence recorded by Hutchins in St peters parish and 52 burials went unrecorded. Sources:- WW page 136, 139,155; FFH' pages 94, 203, 241; RT pages 245 [this should refer to his son John] 259/60, 316,395.
Stanley GOWER BA 1603-1660 Rector HT & SP

Rev. Stanley Gower BA (1603-1660) in sermons of the Archbishop Usher of London speaks of himself as being born in Dublin in 1603, and educated at the University there under the tuiton of Dr Hoyle for 8 years prior to his graduation as a BA in 1625. He was ordained by Archbishop Usher in 1627, and was his chaplain but soon undertook the cure of Sheffield in Yorkshire until his appointment as the Rector of Brampton Bryan in Hereford on 6th September 1634. He became a member of the Assembly of Divines in 1643 (Hutchins says 1648? & refers to him being a constant attendant there). He was nominated to Holy Trinity Dorchester 26th November 1648 and was inducted into the Parsonage 24th January 1648/9 having been presented by the major portion of the Feoffees. Also Municipal records of Dorchester record various payments made to him: Hutchins speaks of him as 'a man of learning and of great moderation in his religious principals'. In 1650 the return to the Parliamentary Commission for the Parish of Holy Trinity in Dorchester states that it had a parsonage of £130 per annum out of which was paid to the school and alms house £30 per annum and in other taxes £10 per annum. Mr Stanley Gower was the minister. He died between 10th Feb and 18th July 1660: His son Humphrey GOWER DD (1638-1711) was educated at the 'Free School' in Dorchester by Samuel Crumblehome (1618-1672) .

Sources:- CCED; HD page 184 ; JH; MRD page 605 ; Lords journal Vol x, p.638;

George HAMMOND (or HAMMON) MA 1620 - 1705 Rector HT & SP

George HAMMOND MA (1620-1705) He was born in 1620, and studied at Trinity College Dublin where his abilities recommended him to the notice of Archbishop Usher, but his name does not occur in the printed list of Dublin graduates. He was incorporated at Exeter College Oxford 12 Oct 1639 being awarded his MA 12 Oct 1641. Rector of Mamhead 1645, and vicar of Totnes Devon. He succeeded Gower at Dorchester on 10th Feb 1660. The Act of Uniformity however soon required subscription which he refused and he was ejected for non conformity in 1662, but continued to reside in the town where he was licensed as a Presbyterian teacher on 4th April 1672. The Corporation tried to hire him as master of the Master of the Free School in Dorchester in Oct 1664 but he replied that ' The Duke of Richmond the High Steward of the Borough hath some prejudice against him; if that prejudice cannot be taken off, he will not accept it on any terms: neither can he accept it without the Lord Bishops approbation' which was unlikely to be forthcoming considering his ejectment under the act of uniformity. He was still well regarded by his parishoners however and featured in a number of wills of the time. he was left a gold ring worth ten shillings by Alice Loder when she died in 1664. In 1677 he removed to a large congregation of Dissenters in Taunton in conjunction with George Newton who had also been ejected from one of the churches in that town and was licensed as a dissenting Minister. According to Hutchins 'the cruelties exercised on the deluded followers of the Duke of Monmouth drove him to London where he joined with Mr Richard Steele and succeeded him after his death as pastor of a congregation. He was master of the Popish controversy and particularly active during his residence at Taunton in fortifying the minds of his audience against the errors of that captivating religion, and the attempts of artful seducers. He printed two sermons - A discourse of a Family Worship, drawn up at the request of the London Ministers 1694 - and a Preface to Saunders Discourse of Angels. George Hammond died in London in 1705.

Sources:- JH p393, MRD, OXA & CCED; front page of St Peters Parish Register states " Mr George HAMMON came to this town the 10th Ffebruary 1660-Minister". Calamy's Account vol,ii.p258 and Continuation vol.i.p410

John KNIGHTBRIDGE BD 1620-1679 Rector HT & SP

John KNIGHTBRIDGE BD (1620-1679) - John the 4th son of John Knightbridge Gentleman of Chelmsford in Essex was educated at Wadham college Oxford where he matriculated on the 8th December 1637 at the age of 17. A scholar in 1639 he was awarded his BA degree there on 4th Dec 1641, before being incorporated at Cambridge in 1645 and awarded his MA and fellowship at Peterhouse later the same year. He was awarded his Bachelor of Divinity in 1655 and was employed as a lecturer at St Nicholas in Newcastle until being ordained as a deacon and priest on 28th March 1663 in the Henry VII Chapel at Westminster Abbey. He was appointed Rector of Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 30th June 1663 a position he held until 1670 when he was appointed as Rector of Spofforth, in Yorkshire. A benefactor to the University by the foundation of the Knightbridge Professorship of Moral Theology he was also a benefactor to Wadham College, and gave a library for the use of the clergy of Chelmsford. he died in London, in December 1679. Sources CCED: JH: OXA; FFH pages 238, 242/3.(D.N.B.; T. A. Walker; Vis. of Essex, 1634.)

John ARNOLD 1663/4 Curate HT & SP
1663 - at least 1664
Source CCED - Appointed Curate 7 July 1663: Source MRD page 619 :- John Arnold Curate of Holy Trinity Dorchester signed the declaration in Act of Uniformity 7 July 1663. Perhaps became Reader of Melcombe Regis and Radipole 1667 (Somerset and Dorset Notes and Queries Vol vi pp 142,235,237) He was still there 17 June 1664 when paid £.10s by the Corporation.
Samuel REYNER (or RAYNER or RAINER) MA 1623-1704 Rector HT & SP

Samuel REYNER MA (1623-1704) The son of William Reyner (?-1611) of Egham Surrey and brother to Daniel Reyner he was educated at Magdalen Hall Oxford where he matriculated 29 March 1639 at the age of 16. He was awarded his BA 10 Nov 1642, before being incorporated into Queens Cambridge where he is listed as an intruding fellow 1645-1651. Awarded his MA 1646. Vicar of Sonning Berkshire 1658 until ejected 26 Sep 1662. Appointed Rector of Holy Trinity & St Peters Dorchester on 6 October 1670 (Note OXA incorrect year given as 1660): The parish Registers for St Peters Church in Dorchester state " Mr Samuel RAINER the Minister Came to this town 8th day of October in 1670". In the burials there is also an entry for 29th Jan 1670/1 :- "The first that was buried by me Samuel REYNER". We know he married a Margaret and that he and his wife were witnesses to the Letter of Administration granted for the estate of Joseph Mitchell of Dorchester on 9th Jan 1672/3. His daughter Mary REYNER was buried at St Peters on 6th September 1676 and another daughter Elizabeth REYNER married Mr.Henry BACKWAY and was buried at St Peters on 22nd July 1679. His wife Margaret was also buried at St Peters on 31st Aug 1693. Samuel remained at St Peters until his death being buried there on 11th October 1704. His will is at the National Archives and was proved 19 Dec 1704. He asked to be buried in a plain ordinary coffin without hinges or lining or other embelishments with no mourning cloth unless my wife think good to make use of some poor ordinary thing to that purpose. He gave £6 to the poor of each parish and 40 shillings to be distributed at my funeral in either money or bread. To his servant Anne TIBS 20s and to each of his wife's five children 20 shillings. Also refers to godsons Samuel and Roger Baskett and son-in-law Thomas Baskett and grandaughter Mrs Eliz PITT by his daughter who married Christopher PITT.etc.

Sources:-CAM; CCED; MRA; OXA; Parish Registers St Peters Church Dorchester; PRO 11/479

Samuel CONANT MA 1677-1706 Rector HT & SP
1704/5 - 1706

Samuel CONANT MA (1677-1706) Born 1677 in Beedon in Sussex he was educated at Magdalen Hall where he matriculated 29 Mar 1694 at the age of 16. deny Magdalen College 1696-1703, BA 1697, MA 1700, Fellow 1703 until death on 18 May 1706 from Phthisis (T.B.) at the age of 29. Church records show that he was ordained a deacon at Christ Church Cathedral Oxford on 22nd Sep 1700 and made a priest there on 31st May 1702. He was elected as Rector of Holy Trinity church Dorchester 17 March 1704/5 until his death. A Monumental Inscription is in Holy Trinity Church Cambridge.

Sources:- CCED, JH, MRD, OXA: Parish Register St Peters Dorchester image 12

Samuel BERDMORE 1676-1742 Rector HT & SP
Samuel BERDMORE (1676-1742) He is not mentioned in Hutchin's list of Rectors. The Municipal records of Dorchester however suggest that he was elected by the Corporation as Samuel Conant's replacement on 28 Sep 1706. This is not however reflected in Church Records where his initial appointment is 15 June 1708 as Rector of St Mary's Nottingham. These records however do not have his ordination as a priest or Deacon or where he served his curacy so it is possible that he also served temporarily as Rector of Holy Trinity between Sep 1706 until the appointment of William Leigh in 1707. Samuel was the son of Edward Berdmore of Worcester and was educated at Merton College Oxford where he matriculated 19 Oct 1693 at the age of 17. BA 1697; incorporated into Cambridge 1706; MA from Kings College 1706, Vicar of St Mary Nottingham 1708-22; prebendary of Southwell 1713-42, Rector of Lambley 1714-19; and of Holme Pierrepont 1719; Chaplain to Evelyn Duke of Kingston 1719 Rector of Cotgrave 1722, Canon of York 1735.Died 24 March 1742/3 Brother of Thomas (1718)

Sources:- JH, MRD, OXA: Parish Register St Peters Dorchester

William LEIGH BD DD 1678-1752 Rector HT & SP

William LEIGH BD DD [1677-1752] The son of John LEIGH of Wootton Glanville, Dorset, a Gentleman and his wife Mrs Ann Every who married at Glanville on 7th Oct 1669. He matriculated at Queen's Coll Oxford on 27 Feb 1693-4, aged 16; He was awarded his BA there in 1697, and his MA in 1700 (incorporated at Cambridge 1705) He joined the church and was ordained deacon 26 May 1700 at Christ Church Cathedral Oxford obtaining his Bachelor of Divinity and DD in 1718. He was appointed Rector of Dorchester Holy Trinity (and St Peters) in 1707, and of Lytchett Matravers, Dorset, in 1720. He was left £8 in trust in the will of Dorothy TURNER Widow of Dorchester in 1718 to buy bibles for the poor children of Dorchester. He married Mary nee CONSTANTINE under a marriage settlement dated 28th Feb 1727 at Lytchet Matravers Dorset on 4th March 1727. In the year 1731 a great fire took place at Blandford Forum virtually destroying the whole town which also held the registry for the Archdeaconry of Dorset. As a result Bishops Transcripts prior to 1731 were all destroyed and the church of St Peter & St Paul had to be rebuilt. William Leigh commissioned a new ring of five bells for his church at Holy Trinity in Dorchester in January 1738/9. He Signed most of the parish registers of both churches and Mary his wife died in 1738 leaving a Will which has been transcribed for this site. During February and March 1746/7 he was involved with a serious dispute with his own churchwardens and complained to the Bishop of Bristol. Letters are preserved in the Vestry Book of 1728 and provide an interesting insight into church life in Dorchester at this time. Link to Vestry Minutes. There are also references to his refusing to pay the poor rate in St Petsr Accountsin 1726/7. William died at Dorchester on 4th January 1752 as it's recorded in the parish register of Holy Trinity church, but he was buried at Glanville Wootton on the 10th (or 17th). His will is at the National Archives

Sources CCED, HD: JH, NBI, OXA See Foster's Index Eccl. : NA PROB 11/797, PR's & Vestry Book for Holy Trinity and St Peters Dorchester and Glanville Wootton

Johannes CRABB 1693-1761 Curate HT & SP
Source CCED - Foster: son of. William Crabb of Child-Okeford, Dorset, cleric. Exeter Coll., matric 27 Mar 1710, aged 17. BA 1713; Ordained deacon Christ Church Cathedral Oxford 23 May 1714: Ordained priest 1 sept 1716: Appointed Curate Holy Trinity Dorchester 1 September 1716: MA 1717; Rector of Hammoon or Ham Mohun, Dorset, 1719, and of Child-Okeford Inferior, Dorset, 1747-53: Died 11 Nov 1761
Richard JACKSON 1726 Curate HT & SP
Source MRC: 13 May 1726 4 10s 0d ordered to be paid to Mr Richard Jackson the present curate for his good services in reading daily prayers.
John HUBBOCK MA 1712-1781 Rector HT & SP

John HUBBOCK MA [1712-1781] was the son of a gentleman Joseph HUBBOCK from Shadwell in Middlesex. He was educated at St Johns College Oxford where he matriculated on the 8 July 1730 at the age of 18 and awarded his BA in 1734, and MA on the 24 Jan 1737/8. Described as a fellow of St Johns he was ordained as a priest on 17 Sep 1736, but it is not recorded where he served his curacy. He was appointed Vicar of Frome Vauchurch & Batcombe in Dorset on 8 June 1738 and became prebendary of Sydlesham Chichester Cathedral in 1745. Hutchins lists him as Schoolmaster of the Free School admitted 1749 & the Oxford alumni says "sometime the master of the grammer school in Dorchester". In fact he served the school from 1749 until his death in 1781. The Municipal Records show that he was paid 15 years head rent for the schoolhouse (£3) on 7 Jan 1756 and he is recorded as Lessee in 1781 paying 6 shillings rent for School Close. One of his pupils at the school was James Fendal HAWKINS (1762-1837) who under his influence joined the church and became Rector of Buckland Weston in Dorset. His final appointment was as Rector of Holy Trinity & St Peters in Dorchester on 12 May 1752 where he remained until his death at Bath on 20 Feb 1781: His body was returned to Dorchester and buried in St Peters on 24th.

All that is so far known about his private life come from The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset” by John HUTCHINS Published 1860-74" who states that his wife was Jane was the daughter of Rev George JORDON, Chancellor of Chichester , and grand daughter of Dr Thomas BOWER , bishop of Chichester. She lies buried under the communion table at the foot of a neat plaster altar piece erected in 1760 by her husband. The burial registers for St Peters in Dorchester show she was interred on 19th January 1767.

Sources: CAM: CCED (the death date mentioned there of 10 July was when they were notified not his actual date of death) JH, OXA; Municipal Records; St Peters registers; HACD

Richard CANTERBURY 1779 Sexton HT
Richard CANTERBURY (d.1794) a general agricultural labourer in 1758 he became a weaver (by 1764) and was elected Sexton of Holy Trinity Parish in Dorchester on 17th January 1779 (See Vestry minutes of that date) and often witnessed marriages in the parish. Richard CANTERBURY married Sarah LOCK from Broadwinsor parish in Dorset at Holy Trinity church in Dorchester on 18th August 1751 and they raised a family of 14 children in the parish. See their marriage entry for details. He was buried at HT on 2nd Feb 1794 and replaced as Sexton on 26th March that year by John CRABTREE. Sarah his wife was buried at HT on 15th Oct 1801.

Sources:- Holy Trinity: Parish Registers and Vestry Book Minutes 17th Jan 1779 and 26 Mar 1794; letters Admin estate of Thomas Banger 1764.
Nathaniel TEMPLETON MA 1728-1813 Curate of St Georges Church Fordington (1767-1781)

Rector HT & SP

Rev. Nathaniel TEMPLEMAN MA (1727-1813) According to his black and white marble memorial tablet on the south wall of the church he was born in 1726 (being aged 87 when he died in 1813). His baptism however took place at St Peters Church Dorchester on 10th Sep 1727. He was the son of William & Elizabeth TEMPLEMAN and was educated initially at Dorchester, then at Eton where he was admitted at Trinity College when he was 18? on 14th June 1746. A scholar in 1747 he was awarded his BA there 1749/50 and his MA in 1753. He joined the church being ordained a deacon (Bangor) on 23rd Sep 1750 and a priest 23rd Feb 1752 at Peterborough. Chaplain to Viscount Leinster. Rector of Charborough 2/8/1753 and of of Almer, Dorset from 28/8/1753 - represented to the parish 24 Jan 1791 and resigned both in 1797. Vicar of Loders 6/5/1754-81 and curate at Fordington St Georges Church circa 1767 until he resigned his curacy in 1781 to become Rector of Holy Trinity cum Frome Whitfield with St Peter, Dorchester, 20/7/1781 to his death in 1813. Rector of Winterborne-Anderson, 1791-1813. Rector of Long Bredy with Little Bredy, 16/9/1797-1813. He married by licence whilst temporarily resident in St. Barnabas church in Stock Gaylard on 26th May 1761 to Elizabeth CHURCHILL the sister of William CHURCHILL (1738-1799) of Dorchester. When she died she was buried at Piddlehinton on 24th Jan 1800. There is a brief ref to him in the Salisbury & Winchester Journal for 23rd Nov 1812 ' To be sold at auction by Mr Baker at the Antelope Inn Dorchester on Monday 30th day Nov 1812 -- 2 copyhold estate within the Manor of Fordington -- Lot 1 For the Lives of the Rev. Nathaniel Templeman, aged 84 years, and Miss Ann Templeman, aged 55 years, - All that Tenement, with an exceeding good house, barn, and homestead, called Raskers; now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Eames, as tenant thereof'.
His death is recorded in church records as being on 12/6/1813 (although the 6th is quoted on his memorial tablet), he was buried on 16th June 1813 by the Rev Richardson then curate of Holy Trinity Dorchester who became is successor.

Not to be confused with:-

Rev. Nathaniel TEMPLEMAN MA (1690? -1753) The son of Abraham Templeman gentleman of Dorchester. Matriculated at Trinity College Oxford 14th Jan 1706/7 aged 16; BA 1710; MA 1713; Rector of Church Knowle 1712-1716. Instituted Rector of Almer 1st March 1715; of Charlborough 1716; Canon of Gloucester 1730; Died 1753.

Sources: Almer Parish register Preface which has a list of Rectors with background to their careers taken by Rev Canon Mayo from Hutchins & published in 1907: OXA; CAM; CCED; Not to be confused with ID 51684; CAM; NBI; Long Bredy & St Peters & Almer Parish registers

Samuel BARRY Bef1762- Aft1785 Curate HT & SP
1785 -
Source CCED - Ordained deacon 14 June 1778 & priest 21 May 1780 both at St George Bloomsbury London: Appointed Curate of Holy Trinity Dorchester 5 Dec 1785 but no trace of a University record
Robert SUTTON BA (1764-) 1764- Curate HT & SP
Rev. Robert SUTTON (1764-1846) The son of Robert SUTTON of Horningsheath in Suffolk by his wife Ann he was baptised there on 16th Dec 1764. He was educated initially at Bury St Edmunds School before entering Trinity College at Cambridge at the age of 17 on 10th Aug 1782. Having been awarded a BA Degree in 1787 he joined the church being ordained a deacon at Norwich Catherdral on 23rd Sep 1787. He served his curacy at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester from 1787 to 1790 when he was then appointed under-Master at Bury St Edmunds School. He appears to have moved to London as his marriage licence to Lydia Byam (1768-1854) at St Martin in the Fields, in Westminster in London on 25th June 1801 gives St Martin in the Fields as his parish whilst Lydia was resident at St Marylebone. He was buried at East Bilney in Norfolk on 29th Sep 1846.
John CRABTREE [ - 1795] Sexton HT
Mar 1794 - Feb 1795
John Crabtree married Sarah CURME at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 10th Jan 1782. He was buried there on 8th Feb 1795 and replaced as Sexton on 26th March that year by Edmund OLDIS.
Source CCED - Holy Trinity Parish Vestry Minutes 26th March 1794
Edmund OLDIS &
Mary OLDIS his widow
Mary d.1802
Sexton HT
Edm 1795-1797
Mary 1797-1802
Edmund OLDIS (1735-1797) was the eldest child of Edmund OLDIS and Deborah Wey who had married in St Peters church in Dorchester on 9th Sep 1734. Edmund married Mary OLIVER on 10th May 1761 at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester and was appointed Sexton of the parish on 9th Sep 1795 when the existing Sexton John Crabtree died. He was buried there on 12 Feb 1797 and his widow Mary continued to be Sexton of the parish until her death in 1802. She was burried with her husband at HT on 31st Oct 1802 when she was replaced as Sexton by Ambrose HUNT.
Source CCED - Holy Trinity Parish Registers and Vestry Minutes 9th Sept 1795 & 3rd Nov 1802
Ambrose HUNT 1763-1829 Sexton HT
1802 - 1829
Ambrose HUNT (1763-1829) For more information about his family see his marriage to Jane KEATS at St Peters Church Dorchester on 16th Dec 1788
Henry John RICHMAN LLB 1756-1824 Curate HT & SP
Rector HT & SP
Rev. Henry John RICHMAN (1756-1824) The son of the Rector of Christchurch Hants Gentleman and graduate of Queens College where he matriculated on 16 Feb 1775 aged 19; Bible Clerk Corpus Christie College 1 Dec 1775; BCL 1802; He was Master of the Free School in Dorchester 1790-1813, and became a Freemason at the Durnovarian Lodge in Dorchester in 1776. He was appointed Curate Holy Trinity Dorchester 7 July 1807: Rector of Holy Trinity Church with Frome Whitfield & St Peters Church in Dorchester from 1813 until death 28 Nov 1824. During the period 1818 to 1824 he was mentor to William BARNES (1801-1886) teaching him the classics and making his library available to the budding poet. An account of the death of the Revd H J and Mrs Richman during the great storm of 23 November 1824, by William Zillwood, Master of Free School, Holy Trinity is held at the Dorset History Center under their ref PE/DO(HT)/CW 4/1  1825. It was also reported widely in the press as during a violent storm both he and his wife were killed when the chimney stack of their house fell through the roof onto the bed they were sleeping in. Link to more info by John Hutchins. An entry to this effect was made into the parish registers which confirms that they were buried in the family vault at Christchurch Hampshire. See also memorials for HT church white and grey marble tablet on the west wall. His will is held at the National Archives being proved on 22nd Dec 1824. Sources: CCED, OXA, Hutchins - 394, A2A
Robert Gerard DAVIS 1824 Churchwarden HT 1824 Source: HACD Page 389
John TULLIDGE 1824 Churchwarden HT 1824 Source: HACD Page 389
George WOOD MA 1773-1847 Rector of HT 1825-1847

Rev George WOOD (1773-1847) The son of James WOOD a clock and watch maker of Dorchester by Mary his wife, he was baptised in St Peters Church on 27th Aug 1773. Although I can trace no reference to his early schooling this was probably at the Free Grammer school in Dorchester which prepared pupils for University. This would be in line with his description on joining Oriel College at Oxford as a 'pleb' when he matriculated in 11th March 1793 at the age of 19. He was awarded his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1794 and was ordained a deacon at St George Hanover Square in London on 18th December that year. It is not known where he served his curacy but his ordination as a priest was in Bristol Cathedral on 15th July 1798 and he was appointed as vicar of Winterborne St Martin on 5th Feb 1801. There is an entry in the Freemasons Membership Register for Durnovarian Lodge in Dorchester showing that he joined the lodge on 5th April 1797. His father John WOOD died and was buried at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 20th January 1800 (See Wills index). George continued his university studies obtaining his MA in 1804. He resigned his position at Winterborne on 9th May 1806 and was appointed as Rector of Cann (also known as Shaston St Rumbold) in Wiltshire on 29 Oct 1806 a post he held until he was appointed as Rector of Holy Trinity Dorchester 25 January 1825. In Dec 1824 he also appears in the Holy Trinity baptism register as Chaplain to the Dorset County Gaol whilst acting as an officiating minister. He was Rector at Holy Trinity for 22 years until his death in 1847. Newspapers report his death as being on 21st August which is confirmed by his memorial tablet in the church. He was buried at the age of 75 at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 26th. Unfortunately church records are incomplete but a note states that he was also Chaplain to the Dorset County Gaol.

There ia a long account of legal case in 1826 between Wood and John Morton Colson which rehearses the case that Holy Tinity and St Peters have had the same rector since 1303 and that George Wood is Rector of Both. On Page 184 it states that he was also Chaplain to the Right Honorable the Earl of Shaftsbury

Sources:- CCED; OXA; Hampshire Advertiser & Salisbury Guardian (Southampton, England), Saturday, September 11, 1847; pg. 5; Issue 1256: History of Dorchester pages 164 -184

George WARREN alias CHURCHILL c1793-1846 Sexton HT
1829 - 1846

George WARREN alias CHURCHILL (1793-1846)

George Churchill WARREN married after Banns at All Saints Church in Dorchester to Elizabeth LEGG (c1788-1791-1857) on the 16th July 1814. He is often recorded as George WARREN alias CHURCHILL or used either as his surname. Despite being a labourer George was well known and respected in the local community holding the position of Sexton at Holy Trinity Church from 1830 until his death some 16 years later. His hard work provided for his family of 8 children and his standing in the community helped his daughters to marry well and his sons to learn an established trade two becoming journeyman smiths and the third a journeyman tailor. Even when his widow Elizabeth is buried 11 years after his death she is still described as the widow of Sexton Churchill.

George and Elizabeth had the following children:-
   (1) Mary Ann Warren baptised at All Saints on 14th May 1815, she married at HT as Mary Ann Churchill to the widower William Fooks on the 7th Aug 1836 and they had a daughter Elizabeth bap there 4th June 1838 who died aged 3 being buried on 14th Apr 1841.
   (2) George Warren baptised at All Saints on 13th Feb 1817. May have died an infant in view of 3rd child also named George but could not find any other trace of him.

They then moved to live in Fordington which seems to have precipitated a change in the use of their surname to CHURCHILL. They continued to add to their family with the following children being baptised in St George's church.

   (3) George Churchill bap 28 Mar 1819 and with his parents in 1841 working as a journeyman smith. He married at HT on 10 Feb 1843 to Caroline Marsh - see marriage for his 11 children. In 1851 he is living with his family in Trinity St Dorchester and described as a tinman
   (4) Elizabeth Churchill bap 2nd Jan 1820. In the 1841 census she is aged 15 living with her parents at South Back Street and went on to become a dressmaker and marry at Holy Trinity on 10th Oct 1841 to Henry Beasant Meader a journeyman shoemaker and raise a large family in Dorchester and Fordington.
   (5) John Churchill bap 9th Jun 1822; a journeyman blacksmith living with his parents in 1841, he married Elizabeth Cox from Evershot their banns being read on the 19th and 26th Jan and 2nd Feb 1845 which record him as being from Holy Trinity parish in Dorchester and his marriage cert is at the GRO under Beaminster district Ref 8/15. They retuned to lived with his widowed mother Elizabeth his wife making straw bonnetts to supplement their income.
   (6) Maria Churchill bap 10th Oct 1824; lived with her parents being still unmarried aged 23 in 1851.
   (7) Henry Churchill bap 21 Jan 1827. appears aged 11 in 1841 (called Harry); became a jouneyman tailor by 1851 living with his widowed mother.
   (8) Eliza was baptised at Holy Trinity church Dorchester as Eliza WARREN alias CHURCHILL on 28th Nov 1830 but is shown in the 1841 Census with the rest of the family as Eliza Churhill aged 8. She married as Eliza Churchill at HT on 12 Feb 1854 to Joseph Sir Richard Wyat

George for many years lived at South Back Street Dorchester and is shown as Sexton for the parish of Holy Trinity on his daughters and sons marriage certificates dated 10th Oct 1841, and 19th Feb 1843 and again at his burial at Holy Trinity at the age of 53 on 27th Sep 1846. Elizabeth worked as a Laundress and is shown in the 1851 Census living at Trinity Street. She was buried at the Civic Cemetery on 15th april 1857 when her age was given as 69.

Sources: Parish Registers for Holy Trinity and Fordington; 1841 Census

Rev Thomas Smyth HILL 1823-1906 Curate HT

Rev Thomas Smyth HILL (1823-1906) The first son of Richard HILL [1800-1868] of Mitford in Somerset, a cleric, by his wife Mary Ann Barton [d.1856] he is reputed to have been born there on 21st Apr 1823 and baptised at Woolverton in Somerset on 27 June 1824. He attended Magdalen College Oxford where he matriculated on 27 July 1841 at the age of 18 obtaining an Hon 4th cl Math in 1845 and his B.C.L. in 1849; followed much later by his MA in 1865; He was ordained a deacon in 1847 and made Curate of Holy Trinity Church Dorchester; Ordained a Priest in 1849 by the Bishop of Rochester. Chaplain of the Infirmiry at Salisbury 1858; Formerly Curate of of Coggeshall Essex, resided 1874 6 St Petersburgh place Bayswater; made Rector of Thorington Saxmundham Dioceses of Norwich 1876; Died in 1906 in Suffol; Author of the entry to Miscellania Genealogica et Heraldica

Sources: Crockfords 1868; 1874; 1885: IGI; OXA;

Rev William BULLER MA 1800-1862 Rector HT

Rev William BULLER MA (1799-1862) The son of Frederick William BULLER of Pelynt & Lanreth in Cornwall. He was baptised on 10th Dec 1799 at Saint Martins on Looe bay in Cornwall and matriculated for Worcester College Oxford on 4th May 1818 at the age of 18; awarded his BA 1822; and his MA in 1824. He was then ordained a deacon on 13 Jun 1824 in Wells Cathedral and made a stipendary curate of the parish of Ilam with an annual stipend of £50. His ordination as a priest came on 21st May 1826 at Lichfield Cathedral and he then appears to have transferred to become the curate at East Stoke with a much larger stipend of £120pa on 30 Nov 1827. He married twice the second time on 13th Aug 1845 to Eleanor the daughter of the Rev William CONEY in Tincleton Dorset. Unfortunately church records are not complete but the existing Rector of Holy Trinity the Rev George WOOD died in August 1847. The burial records suggest the position was covered for a time by the curate Richard Cutler and a number of Officiating ministers before William Buller arrived and appears as Vicar there from May 1848. They had adaughter Ellen Georgiana baptised at HT on 5th Aug 1849. His final entries in the Holy Trinity burial register are in July 1855 when he refers to himself as 'Vicar of Hemmington cum Hardinton' and his university records confirms his appointment as Rector of that parish. His father Frederick William Buller Esq a Lieutenant-General in her Majesty's Army from Bury Street in the parish of Westminster in London, died on 8th Nov 1855 and he died as rector of Hemmington in Somerset on 31 May 1862 leaving an estate of under £2,000 to his widow Eleanor for which probate was granted on 3rd July. A daughter Caroline was baptised at Holy trinity on 10th Aug 1853.

Sources:- OXA; Holy Trinity burial register for 1885; Burkes; National Probate Calendar

Henry LAKE 1786-1871 Churchwarden
HT 1818-1871
Henry LAKE (1786 - 1871) The son of Henry LAKE [1762-1832] of Pease Lane by his wife Sarah EVOMY [1757-1825] he was baptised at Holy Trinity church Dorchester on 1st May 1786. A Master carpenter by trade he married Sarah ROBERTS at HT 22nd Aug 1816; In his role as Churchwarden he was a witness to many marriages at HT 1818 to 1847. Recorded as the father on marriage cert 22nd May 1853 of his daughter Frances Ann LAKE; and also as Parish Clerk on sons marriage Charles Ernest LAKE HT 26th June 1853. He is shown as a parish clerk on the marriage of a daughter Sarah Lake to Albert James Bartlett on Xmas day 1869 in HT.
Rev James FISHER 1824-1870 Rector HT
Rev James FISHER MA (1825-1870) He was baptised on 1st April 1824 at Old Swindon Worcestershire the son of James FISHER of Stourbridge a Gentleman by his wife Anne. James was educated at Worcester College Oxford where he matriculated on 17th Feb 1842 at the age of 17 and was awarded his BA degree in 1846 and MA in 1850*. He was ordained a deacon in 1847 and made a priest in 1848 by the Bishop of G. & B. He was appointed Rector of Holy Trinity Dorchester with an annual income of £500 and a house upon the death of the Rev William Buller taking post in Dec 1855, a position he held until his death at the age of 46 at Melcombe Regis on 26th April 1870. He married Ann Matilda BUTT a native of Cheltenham in 1848 and was buried at the Civic cemetery in Dorchester. They had the following children (1) Annie Marion Fisher born 1849 Cheltenham Gloucestershire; (2) Amy Lydia Gertrude Fisher 1851 Kings Stanley Gloucestershire; (3) Alice Lloyd Fisher 1854 Kings Stanley (4) Clarence Matilda Fisher 1855 Kings Stanley; (6) James Ernest Oakley baptised Holy Trinity Dorchester 7th Aug 1863 matriculated Exeter College Oxford aged 18 on 19 Apr 1882.

Sources:- OXA; Crockfords 1868 (* this gives his graduation as BA 1847 and MA 1851? but I have relied upon the Oxford Alumni); National Probate Calendar; 1861 Census; GRO Marriage 3rd qtr 1848 Cheltenham dis Ref 11/248;
Rev John Burn ANSTIS 1805-1873 Curate HT
Rev John Burn ANSTIS BA (1805-1873) The son of a Gentleman and native of St Germans in Cornwall he maticulated at Magdalen Hall on 6th Feb 1828 at the age of 23 obtaining his BA Degree in 1837. He was curate of Holy Trinity Dorchester in 1852 and Walditch in Dorset by 1861 by which time he was already widowed. He moved to Taunton in Somerset (9 Middle St) and died on 12 Nov 1873 at Weymouth leaving an estate of under 600 to his married sisters Mary Elizabeth Liddon (the wife of henry Liddon) and Elizabeth Dusautoy (Wife of the Rev frederic Dusautoy Clerk) his only next of kin

Sources:- OXA; 1861 Census Walditch; Could not locate in Crockfords; NPC:
Rev John Lowder KAY 1818-1877 Curate HT

Rev John Lowder KAY (1818-1877) The 3rd son William KAY of Ardwick near Manchester; a graduate of Magdalen Hall Oxford where he matriculated 13 Dec 1838 aged 20; BA 1844; MA 1846; Curate of Holy Trinity Dorchester 1858-1859; St Peters Everton Liverpool; and St Bartholomews Sydenham. He died as Rector of Greatworth in the County of Northampton on 14th Feb 1877 leaving a will with effects initially assessed as under £600 which was resworn in 1877 as £450. Probate granted to William henry Bateman KAY of 7 princes-buildings Clifton near Bristol gent his nephew and Louisa KAY of Tonbridge in Kent his spinster sister executors

Sources:- Crockfords 1868; 1874; OXA; NPC

Rev Thomas Alexander FALKNER 1820-1887 Curate HT

Rev Thomas Alexander FALKNER (1820-1887) The first son of Robert Falkner of Bathwick near Bath a Gentleman and graduate of St John's College Oxford. Matriculated 8th Feb 1838 aged 18; BA 1842; MA 1844; Ordained a deacon 1855; a priest 1856 by the Bishop of Sarum; Curate at Holy Trinity Dorchester 1859-1871 Vicar of Winterbourne Monkton with Berwick Bassett 1871-1872. Curate of Melcombe Regis 1871-1872; Curate of Buckland Ripers Dorset 1880 until his death 9th May 1887

Sources:- Crockfords 1868; 1874; 1885; OXA

Rev Henry EVERETT MA 1834-1896 Rector HT

Rev Henry EVERETT MA (1834-1896) "First son of Henry & Julia Everett baptised St Martins, Salisbury in Wiltshire on 6th July 1834; arm at Exeter college Oxford where he matriculated 18 Jan 1856 at the age of 21. He was awarded his BA there in 1860 and his MA in 1863. Parish Clerk at St John's Devenport 1863-70 then appointed Rector of Holy Trinity parish in Dorchester Dorset 1870 until his death in 1896. Kellys directory for 1895 says he was rural dean of Dorchester and surrogate". He married at St George Hanover Square in London to Augusta Frances Harriet STEWART 4th qtr 1875 and had a son Herbert Barnard baptised at Holy Trinity on 13th Oct 1876. He died at Peverell Tower Swanage in Dorset on 18th April 1896 probate being granted at Blandford to his widow with effects of £3,059.18s4d on 15th July.

Sources: GRO, IGI, Kellys Diectory 1895, OXA ; Officiating Minister Fordington 1880 Burials; Parish Registers Holy Trinity Church Dorchester: Example of his appointment published in The Royal Cornwall Gazette, Falmouth Packet, and General Advertiser (Truro, England), Saturday, June 18, 1870; pg. 4; Issue 3492; NPC

Rev. Richard Coad PRYOR 1865-1923 Curate HT
Richard Coad PRYOR Son of William PRYOR of Goonearl, Scorrier, Cornwall where he was born 27th Apr 1865. Attended school at Falmouth before being admitted sizar at Trinity College Cambridge 2nd Oct 1885. B.A. (Sen.Opt) 1888; ad eund. B.A.Dur. 1897; M.A. 1901 F.R.A.S. 1901; Ordained a Deacon at Salisbury 1888; and a Priest 1889 at Sarum. Curate at Holy Trinity Dorchester from 1888 to 1892. Minister of St Thomas Westbourne Park 1892-1894; Curate of Islington 1894-1895. Rector of Alderton with Grafton-Regis Northants. 1895 - 1901; Rector of Bengeo, Dio St Alb. Hertfordshire 1901-1914; Vicar of St James Hampton Hill Middlesex 1914-1923Died suddenly 4th jan 1923 Times 5th Jan.
Rev. Charles Rowland Haydock HILL 1850-1911 Rector HT
Rev. Charles Royland Haycock HILL (1850-1911) MA - also served as Vicar of Christ Church from 1889 to 1894
The eldest son of Charles Hill he was educated at New College Oxford taking a second class moderations BA in 1871 and graduating with a 2nd class in Modern History in 1873 and an MA in 1876. He was ordained Deacon in 1875 and priest the following year in the diocese of Winchester. He was curate successively of St Peter's (1875-1880); St Michael's (1880-1881) and St Stephen's(1881-1885) in Bournemouth. In 1883 he was appointed by Lord Ilchester to the rectory at Evershot with Frome St Quenton. Charles Hill was keenly interested in educational matters and married in 1884 to Ellen the second daughter of the Rt Hon. Edward B Wriottesley before becoming Vicar of Christ Church in West Fordington in October 1889 and serving until 1894. He and his wife Ellen only had one son Walter Edward HILL born in 1892 who was killed in 1914 in the first world war. Charles then moved to Lyme Regis where he remained until 1898 when he became Rector of Holy Trinity in Dorchester. The Bishop collated him to a canonry in Salisbury Cathedral in 1901 and he had the rural deanery of Dorchester from 1908. He died and was buried in Dorchester Holy Trinity in July 1911.
Rev. Michael Ward KINLOCH M.A. 1865-1942 Rector HT
1911- 1916
Rev Michael Ward KINLOCK MA (1865-1942) The youngest son of Charles KINLOCK a merchant of Northwick Lodge Harrow. Born 18th Dec 1865 at Norwood; early education at Harrow; Admitted at Pembroke College Cambridge 9th Oct 1884 (aged 19); BA 1887; MA 1892. Ordained a deacon at Durham 1890 & a priest 1891; Curate of Auckland St Andrew Durham 1890-1893; Weston All Saints Somerset 1894-1896; Rector of West Stafford with Frome Billet 1896-1902; Vicar of Rastrick Yorkshire 1902-1904; Rector of Eccleston Cheshire 1904-1911; Chaplain to the Duke of Westminster 1904-1911; Rector of Holy Trinity Church Dorchester 1911-1916; Served in the Great War 1914-1919 (RACD OBE mentioned in despatches) Rector of St Edmund Sarum 1919-1923; Vicar of West Alvington Devon 1923-1930; Canon and Prebendary of Salisbury Cathedral from 1921-1942; Rector of Moreton Diocese of Sarum from 1930 until death. Died suddenly 22nd Jan 1942 at Portesham House near Weymouth probate of his estate of £1,175.10s.6d being granted to his widow Ella Adria Kinloch .

Sources:- Crockfords 1932; Kellys directories Dorchester 1915; Cambridge Alumni; NPC
Rev. Thomas Openshaw COUPE M.A. 1887-1980 Curate HT
Rev Thomas Openshaw COUPE MA (1887-1980) He was born on 22nd January 1887 at Ansdell in Lancashire the son of a cotton manufacturer James COUPE by his wife Emily. A late Patterson Exhib. of Selw Coll Cambridge he was awarded his BA degree in 1908 (MA in 1912). He married Edith Annie DIGGLE in hertfordshire in 1909 and he joined the church being ordained a deacon in 1910 and a Priest at Salisbury in 1911; He served initially as curate of Trowbridge from 1910-1913 where they had a daughter Gwendoline May Coupe in 1910 whilst living at Westborne Gardens in Trowbridge. He was then appointed curate of Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester where he served from 1913 to 1916. He was Rector of Steeple with Tyneham and Grange 1916-1923; Ch. Eaton Stafford in Staffordshire from 1923 until after 1940. He died at the age of 93 at Brackley in 1st quarter of 1980

Sources:- Census 1911 Trowbridge: Crockfords 1932; GRO: Kellys directories: Dorchester 1915; Tyneham 1920. Staffordshire 1924-1940


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Note:- St Peters despite being the larger church was a Chapel annexed to the church of Holy Trinity since time in memorial.
Each Rector stated above was therefore in charge of, and received the profits of both churches. In 1821 however the King presented the Rev John Morton COLSON to St Peters only and the Rev George WOOD in 1824 to the church of Frome and Holy Trinity. This led to a serious court case in 1824 between the two over revenues from lands owned by St Peters. This Court case is reported at length in the History of Dorset (HD above) which gives us much of the information on who was Rector.

NAME LIVED STATUS and period of office COMMENTS
Johannes DAWNTON 1545 Curate SP - 1545
Source CCED - Appointed Stipendary Curate 1545
Thomas HALL [Halle] 1630 Churchwarden - 1630 MRD Page 623 Regarding Seaton & Beer Parsonage
Edward BRAY 1641 Churchwarden 1641 MRD Page 540 Ordered to check fire risk of poor houses fuel
Rafh (or Ralph) WHITELOCK 1641 Churchwarden 1641 MRD Page 540 Ordered to check fire risk of poor houses fuel

CA - 'Churchwarden Accounts for St Peters'
PG - 'A Popular and Illustrated Guide to St Peters Church Dorchester by Rev. A Metcalf - H Ling 23 High East Street 1907'
1724-1726 Robert CLAPCOTT William TEMPLEMAN CA - Churchwardens
1758-1760 Harry POUNCY Thomas PARKER PG - Churchwardens
Richard COZENS Caleb BROOKS PG - Churchwardens
1761-1762 Samuel RICKWOOD Senior Henry EVOMY PG - Churchwardens
1762-1763 Henry EVOMY William BRIDLE PG - Churchwardens
1763-1764 William BRIDLE Samuel SNOOK PG - Churchwardens
1764-1765 Samuel SNOOK John EVOMY PG - Churchwardens
1765-1766 John EVOMY John COZENS PG - Churchwardens
1766-1767 John COZENS William BRYER PG - Churchwardens
1767-1768 William ELLIOTT John MARTIN PG - Churchwardens
1768-1769 William BRYER Samuel RICKWOOD PG - Churchwardens
1769-1771 Robert LAMBERT James COOMBS PG - Churchwardens
1771-1772 Robert LAMBERT Robert WILLIS PG - Churchwardens
1772-1774 James PARSONS William VINCENT PG - Churchwardens
1774-1776 Robert SNOOK George POUNCY PG - Churchwardens
1776-1778 Robert SNOOK George ANDREWS PG - Churchwardens
1778-1789 William ELLIOTT Robert SNOOK PG - Churchwardens
1779-1780 George WHITE William ELLIOTT PG - Churchwardens
1780-1781 George WHITE Nathaniel STICKLAND PG - Churchwardens
1781-1782 Nathaniel STICKLAND William BRYER PG - Churchwardens
1782-1783 John PHELPS William BRYER PG - Churchwardens
1783-1784 William BRYER Junior William ENSOR PG - Churchwardens
1784-1785 William ENSOR Moses BEDLOE PG - Churchwardens
1785-1786 William ENSOR John BASCOMBE PG - Churchwardens
1786-1787 John BASCOMBE James BESANT PG - Churchwardens
1787-1788 James BESANT Clement READ PG - Churchwardens
1788-1789 Clement READ George FRAMPTON PG - Churchwardens
1789-1790 George FRAMPTON James HAWKINS PG - Churchwardens
1790-1791 James HAWKINS Thomas JOHNSON PG - Churchwardens
1791-1792 Thomas JOHNSON Thomas CURME PG - Churchwardens
1792-1793 Thomas JOHNSON Matthew BAKER PG - Churchwardens
1793-1794 Matthew BAKER Richard BARNWELL PG - Churchwardens
1794-1796 Richard BARNWELL Robert WHITE PG - Churchwardens
1796-1797 Robert WHITE Francis OAKLEY PG - Churchwardens-
1797-1798 Francis OAKLEY John PITMAN PG - Churchwardens
1798-1799 John PITMAN William NORMAN PG - Churchwardens
1799-1800 William NORMAN B HARVEY PG - Churchwardens
1800-1801 B. HARVEY William WHITE PG - Churchwardens
1801-1802 William WHITE G FRAMPTON PG - Churchwardens
1802-1803 G. FRAMPTON Junior John COOPER PG - Churchwardens
1803-1804 John COOPER George SQUIBB PG - Churchwardens
1804-1805 George SQUIBB Richard SPENCER PG - Churchwardens
1805-1806 Richard SPENCER James PARSONS PG - Churchwardens
1806-1807 James PARSONS Thomas GARLAND PG - Churchwardens-
1807-1808 Thomas GARLAND Thomas BRICE PG - Churchwardens
1808-1809 Thomas BRICE William LOCK PG - Churchwardens
1809-1810 William LOCK William TREVES PG - Churchwardens
1810-1811 William TREVES Nicholas INGRAM PG - Churchwardens
1811-1812 Nicholas INGRAM Thomas RANDALL PG - Churchwardens
1812-1813 Thomas RANDALL Stephen GALE PG - Churchwardens
1813-1815 Stephen GALE James Harvey HAWKINS PG - Churchwardens
1815-1817 Jmaes Harvey HAWKINS J HAYNE PG - Churchwardens
1830-1831 T. BASCOMBE   PG - Churchwardens
1831-1832 T. POUNCY   PG - Churchwardens-
1833-1834 T. SAUNDERS B. JACOB PG - Churchwardens
1835-1836 F. CLARK H. JACOB PG - Churchwardens
1836-1838 J.UPCOTT J. CLARK PG - Churchwardens
1838-1839 J. FITCH W. TREVES PG - Churchwardens
1839-1841 W. TREVES J. WOOD PG - Churchwardens
1841-1842 J. WOOD C. TASSELL PG - Churchwardens
1842-1843 J. WOOD John BARNES PG - Churchwardens
1843-1844 T. LOGAN W. BARNES PG - Churchwardens
1844-1847 J. BARNES J. BONIFAS PG - Churchwardens
1847-1849 F.W. SMITH J. YEARSLEY PG - Churchwardens-
1849-1850 F.W. SMITH C. POUNCY PG - Churchwardens
1850-1851 John GREGORY John PARCEL PG - Churchwardens
1851-1852 John PARCEL J.F. HODGES PG - Churchwardens
1852-1853 J.F. HODGES J. YEARSLEY PG - Churchwardens
1853-1859 T.COOMBS G.H.DAVIES PG - Churchwardens
1859-1861 William DURDEN G.J.G.GREGORY PG - Churchwardens
1861-1862 William WARLAND William DURDEN PG - Churchwardens
1862-1863 James FOSTER Job SHORTO PG - Churchwardens
1863-1865 John HICKS H. DURDEN PG - Churchwardens
1865-1869 G.J. ANDREWS John HICKS PG - Churchwardens-
1869-1870 G.T. ANDREWS J.F. HODGES PG - Churchwardens
1870-1880 G.J. ANDREWS W. DURDEN PG - Churchwardens
1880-1881 G.J. ANDREWS G. POUNCY PG - Churchwardens
1881-1882 G.J. GREGORY G. POUNCY PG - Churchwardens
1882-1883 W. DURDEN G. POUNCY PG - Churchwardens
1883-1887 B. A. HOGG G. POUNCY PG - Churchwardens
1887-1888 Robert HOLLAND G. POUNCY PG - Churchwardens
1888-1891 Robert HOLLAND J.Marvin LOCK PG - Churchwardens
1891-1896 Robert HOLLAND G.J.G. GREGORY PG - Churchwardens
1896-1903 Robert HOLLAND A.J. ESCOTT PG - Churchwardens
1903-1907 A.J. ESCOTT R.N. DAWES PG - Churchwardens

NAME LIVED STATUS and period of office COMMENTS [Prior to 1822 see Rectors of Holy Trinity who were also Rector of St Peters]
John Molton COLSON LLB 1791-1863 Rector of SP 1822-1863

Rev. John Morton COLSON LLB (1791-1863) studied at Hyde Abbey, Winchester (Mr Richards) before university where he is listed in the admission registers for Wadham College on 17th May 1809 (aged 18) and shows that he was Maddox Exhibitioner 1810 and Hody (greek) Exhibitioner 1811-1813. He transferred to Jesus College Cambridge on 18 Mar 1814 and joined the church being ordained a deacon that year. He studied Civil Law at Jesus College (1815-16) being awarded his LLB in 1817 (i.e. a Bachelor of Law). His ordinatuion as a priest was at Salisbury Cathedral on 22nd Dec 1816 and he was appointed Rector of St Peters Church Dorchester on 3rd Oct 1822 a position he held until his death in 1863. He was also from 1830 the domestic Chaplain to Lord Wynford.

There is a long account of a legal case in 1826 between Wood and John Morton Colson which rehearses the case that Holy Tinity and St Peters have had the same rector since 1303 and that George Wood is Rector of both. It also states " In August 1821 Mr Colson was presented to the Rectory of St Peters by his late Majesty in right of the crown, and in the month of October following he was inducted to the same. In 1830 Mr Colson vacated the Rectory at St Peter and was again presented thereto by his Majesty and he was again inducted in the month of October in that year. In November 1824 the Rev Richman died and on the 24th January following the Rev George WOOD was presented to the united Rectory of Frome & the Holy Trinity and that he may hold the same in the manner he now holds it is my earnest wish - and in such manner I also wish that Mr Colson may hold the living at St Peters.

John lived in the Rectory House of St Peters parish which was actually situated on the right hand side of Fordington High street just after it divides and becomes Fordington Hill and is still clearly marked as such on the 1886 Ordnance Survey map of Dorchester. He never married as evidenced by his entry in the 1861 census His death at Dorchester on 14 Sep 1863 is recorded in the parish registers and by Hutchins:- In St Peter's Church, Dorchester, is the following,
" In memory of the Rev. J. M. C., LL.B. for 41 years Rector of Dorchester, St Peter, who died on the 14th of Sept. 1863, and was buried in a vault in the churchyard
Sources :- CAM: CCED: HD from page 164: IGI: OPC (Studland): OXA; Hutchins II. 385: Gentlemans magazine 1863,II.515
[Note:- Link to more information about his family]
John Samuel Le-GROS 1812c- Aft 1842 Curate of SP 1833 Source CCED - In VENN
Adm. Fell.-Com. at DOWNING, May 29, 1828. ' Matric. Michs. 1828; B.A. 1830. Ord. deacon (Bristol) Mar. 3, 1833; priest (Rochester) Apr. 6, 1834; C. of Clarendon, Jamaica, 1839; Island Curate at Trelawny, 1842-. (W. Cowper.) Appointed Stipendary Curate 3 March 1833
Frederick Joseph Cox TRENOW MA 1787 - 1855 Curate of SP 1813-1824

Frederick Joseph Cox TRENOW MA [1787-1855] He was baptised at Woodborough Devon on 28th December 1787 the son of Joseph & Sarah TRENOW. The church of England clergy records show him to have studied at St Edmund Hall Oxford but there is also a university record at Sidney College Cambridge showing admittance there on 8th Apr 1818 as a 'ten year man'.

He was ordained into the church as a priest on 15th Feb 1812 but some of the records for his church career are currently missing including his appointment at St Peters. It seems fairly clear however that he served his curacy at St Peters from or shortly after his ordination as there is reference to him in the Salisbury & Winchester Journal issued on 6th Jan 1813 which confirms his presence in the town vizt:- "THE Classical, Mathematical, French, and Commercial ACADEMY, by Mr. J. and Rev. F. TRENOW, will re-open on Monday the 25th inst. at DORCHESTER" . His prime role at this time appears to have been the preparation of Students for university as a further entry for 7th June 1819 shows him still involved in running the academy Vizt:- "The Dorchester Classical, Mathematical, French, and Commercial Academy, conducted by the Rev.F.J.C.Trenow, will be closed for Midsummer Vacation on Wednesday the 16th instant, and re-opened on Monday the 26th of July following. Dorchester, 4th June, 1819". He also however appears in the burials registers at St Peters from as early as October 1813 and he certainly gave support on a fairly regular basis to the Rector of St Peters (and Holy Trinity) , the Rev Henry John Richman, as he signs himself as an officiating minister during the period 1813-1822 .

He married by licence in All Saints church Dorchester 14 June 1815 to Mary Pearce. They had 2 children baptised in St Peters on the same day (21st Sep 1818) Frederick William TRENOW (probably born circa 1817) and a daughter named Mary Ann who died aged 2 & was buried at All Saints on 18th Aug 1820. His mother Sarah TRENOW was buried in Dorchester at the age of 76 on 20th July 1819, surprisingly at All Saints church even though her residence was given as St Peters Parish. His father Joseph TRENOW was also buried at All Saints on 31st Oct 1822 then aged 87.

Frederick was appointed Rector of Langton Herring on 7th January 1824 and, although he still acted as an officiating minister at St Peters in 1825 & 1827, he appears to have been resident in Langton Herring from that date. His wife Mary aged 36 was buried at All Saints Dorchester on 11th Oct 1826, although recorded as 'of Langton'.

He was remarried at St Augustine's in Bristol by the Archdeacon of Berkshire on Thursday 28 Feb 1828 to Hannah BAKER the relict of the late Slade BAKER Esq of Berkley square in Bristol. They had a daughter Eliza Hannah TRENOW baptised in St Augustine's on 12th Dec 1828 before returning to Langton Herring. Another 3 children were baptised there Caroline Cox 21 July 1831; Adelaide Banister born Jan 1832 bap with Edward; and Edward Cox 18 June 1834 who died at the age of 17 being buried there on 20 Feb 1851. His eldest son Frederick William TRENOW went to Oxford matriculating at St Johns college 10th Dec 1836 aged 19; obtaining his BA in 1840 and was RC Chaplain and confessor at Carisbroke isle of Wight 1878.

Frederick was buried at Langton Herring on 19th Oct 1855 aged 68 years. His will is at the National Archives proved on 1st Jan 1856. His wife Hannah was also buried there the same year aged 67 on 9th May 1856

Sources: 1851 Census: CAM: CCED: IGI; National Archives probate Prob 11/2226 ; OPC All Saints & St peters Dorchester & Langton Herring PR's; OXA: Index To The Act Books of The Archbishops of Canterbury, 1663-1859 (L-Z): The Morning Post (London, England), Saturday, March 01, 1828; Issue 17850. 19th Century British Library Newspapers: Part II.: National Burial Index Langton Herring

William FACEY 1766-1831 Churchwarden SP ?-1831

William FEACEY [FEACY] (1766-1831) At his burial at the age of 65 at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester he was described as 'Clerk of St Peters' and his abode was given as The Nursery Ground, West Back Street Dorchester. There is no evidence that I can locate that suggests he was a priest (inc C of E Clergy database; and alumni for Oxford & Cambridge) and I suspect that he may have been Churchwarden at St Peters.

He appears to have been baptised at All Saints Church Dorchester on 03 May 1767 as William the son of Benjamin (1731-1817) & Mary FEACY and at the age of 20 he married in All Saints on 10 Dec 1787 to a Joan BRAGG (1770-1824). Mary was 7 months pregnant when they married as they had their first child, a daughter Mary FEACY only two months later.

    Mary went on to bear 13 children :- (1) Mary bap All Saints 10 Feb 1788, she married William Viney at HT 09 Dec 1818; (2) Elizabeth bap Fordington 29 Nov 1790; (3) Benjamin bap privately on 15 Jan 1792, buried at Dorchester Civic Cemetery age 65 a discharged letter carrier from Dorchester Union Workhouse but of Holy Trinity parish; (4) Sarah bap privately on 21 Jun 1795, she married Thomas GAULTON at Holy Trinity 11 May 1823; (5) Richard bap privately on 09 Nov 1797, he married Jane BERRY 09 July 1826 ; (6) Charlotte bap privately on 24 Jun 1801; (7) William bap privately on 17 Dec 1803, he married Susannah Gillingham HANN on 02 May 1828; (8) Thomas bap privately on 17 May 1805, he married Drusilla LANGFORD at All Saints 29 Oct 1835(9) Francis bap privately on 18 Mar 1807, (10) John bap privately on 09 July 1808 all their children were then received into Holy Trinity Church on 29th June 1808 (11) Henrietta Louisa bap HT 01 Jun 1810; (12) Ann bap HT 15 Jan 1812, she married Thomas TERREL 27 Apr 1835; (13) Samuel buried age 2 HT 26 May 1818 abode West Walks
His father Benjamin FEACY was buried at Holy Trinity church on 13 April 1817 when he was described as being 86 years old and of West Walks Dorchester. Joan his wife was also buried in Holy Trinity church on 21st Jan 1824 aged 54 again of West Walks.

Rev. Edmund Ward PEARS MA 1814-1878 Rector of SP 1864-1878

Rev. Edmund Ward PEARS, M.A. (1814-1878) He was born at Pirbright in Surrey on 24th Dec 1813 and baptised there on the 23rd June 1814 the fifth son of Rev. James PEARS junior (1777/8-1853) by Mary his wife. His grandfather James PEARS was mayor of Oxford 1793/4. He matriculated at Exeter College Oxford on 4th Feb 1830 at the age of 16 demy of Magdalen College, Oxford 1831-1841. BA 1835; MA 1836; He married Caroline Margretta WILKINSON the daughter of Jacob Wilkinson and was born at Newton St Loe in Somerset 28th Nov 1806. They married at Bath 31st Dec 1841 and she died aged 67 at Dorchester on 8th May 1874 but was buried at Radipole on the 11th. They had the following children (1) Edmund Stewart (or Stewart Edmund) born at Whitchurch Canonicorum on 9th, baptised there on 11th, died the following day and buried there on 14th Nov 1842, (2) Harriette born on the 1st and baptised at Marshwood in Dorset 2nd April 1844, (3) Charles William born at Marshwood on the 7th and baptised there on the 8th March 1846 but died at Whitchurch 4th May 1846, (4) Edward John born at Radipole 19th June 1847 died 1st sep and buried there 3rd Sep 1859.

Having joined the church he served his curacy at Marshwood (1844/6), then Charlecombe (1851) where like many clergy he took in pupils as boarders to educate them for university and moved to Stoke Goldington in Buckinghamshire (1861) before being appointed Rector of St Peters Church Dorchester from 1864 until his death on 1st July 1878. Although he died at Dorchester he was buried with his wife who pre deceased him at Radipole on 3rd July 1878. See St Peters Burials for image of his memorial tablet and wills index for probate of his will dated 16th June 1875 which was proved by his daughter Harriette Pears of Fordington his sole executrix.

Sources :- Census 1851-1871; Crockfords 1868; GRO; Kellys 1854 for Gayhurst; OXA; Post Office Directory 1875; Acted as Officiating Minister for marriage at St Georges Fordington 28 Oct 1867. Parish registers for Marshwood etc; Visitation for England and Wales Vol6; For more family background Mayors of Oxford. : NPC:

Rev Thomas Wenham KNIPE 1823-1903 Rector SP 1878-1886 Rev Thomas Wenham KNIPE [1823 - 1903] Of Huntingdonshire [probably the son of Rev Randolph Richard (Queens college Oxford 1791) Rector of Water Newton Hunts. He matriculated at Corpus Christie College Cambridge 1841; BA 1845; MA 1875; Ordained a deacon (peterborough) 1845; priest ( Salisbury) 1846; Curate of Woodsford and Tincleton Dorset 1846-1849; Rector there 1849-1876; Perpetual Curate of Christ church Clevedon Somerset 1876--8; Rector of St Peters Church Dorchester 1878-1886. Resided subsequently at 'The Grange' at Westerham Kent where he died 12 Feb 1903 aged 80, leaving an estate of £23,058.13s 2d

Source Fordington Burial Register 1880 acted as Officiating Minister; CAM; NPC;
Rev Charles Francis POWYS 1843-1923 Curate
Rev. Charles Francis POWYS(d.1923) Admitted pens at Corpus Christi College Cambridge 16th Oct 1862 the second son of the Rev Littleton Charles POWYS Rector of Stalbridge in Dorset where he was b. 1st Feb 1843. BA (Sen.Opt) 1866 MA 1869. He joined the church being ordained a deacon at Salisbury in 1867 when he was appointed as curate of Bradford Abbas with Clifton Maybank in Dorset. He was ordained a priest at Salisbury the following year. He remained there until 1872 when he was appointed as vicar of Shirley in Derby (1872-1879) He is then recorded as curate of St Peters Dorchester (1879-1885) and Vicar of Montacute residing at the Vicarage at Stoke sub Hamden in Somerset (1885-1918). Married 4th Oct 1871 to Mary Cowper 3rd daughter of Rev W Cowper Johnson Rector of Yaxham in Norfolk. Lived latterly at 3 Greenhill Terrace Weymouth where he died 5th Aug 1923

Sources:- Cambridge Alumni (more info) ; Crockford Directory 1885; 1908; Recorded as officiating Minister at St Georges Church Fordington 26th Aug 1882
Rev. William HIND 1852-1922 Rector SP 1886- 1888

Rev. William HIND MA (1852 -1922 ) Born on 21st August he was baptised at St Marys Church in Rotherhide where his father Rev. Charles HIND MA was curate (1850-56). His father later became Vicar of Christ Church Silloth (1872-1877) & of Rockferry Cheshire; William matriculated at Balliol College Oxford 18th Oct 1871 aged 19; scholar 1871-1875 Chan. Principal for Latin verse 1874; BA 1876; MA 1879. Ordained a deacon 1879 and priest 1880 in London. Curate of St John Evangelist Kilburn Middlesex 1879-1882; & Christ Church Melcombe Regis 1882-1884; Vicar of St Matthews Luton Bedfordshire 1884-1885; Associate Secretary Church Pastoral Aid Society for South Western District 1885-1886; Rector of St Peters Dorchester 1886-1888; Vicar of St Barnabus Islington 1892-1903; Incumbant of St John (Downshire-hill) Hampstead Diocese of London 1903. He died at 55 Parliament Hill Hamstead Middlesex on 28th Dec 1922 leaving an estate of £10,717.9s.5d with probate to Amelia Maud Sinclair HIND spinster

Sources: Rotherhide baptism Reg (mother Sarah) ; CRO 1898 & 1908; OXA; WP; NPC

Rev. Thomas Kingdon ALLEN M.A 1856-1930 Rector SP 1888-1899 Rev. Thomas Kingdon ALLEN M.A. (1856- 1930) He was the third of four children but the only son of Thomas Kingdon (1828-1914) of London, a Cleric, by his first wife Louisa nee Challenger. Thier son was born at Islington in London and baptised at Pentonville Chapel in the parish of st James Clerkenwelln on 30th Sep 1856. He graduated at Queens College where he matriculated 23 Oct 1875 aged 19. He was awarded a BA there in 1879 and an MA in 1882. He was ordained as a deacon in 1879 and a priest the following year; He served as Curate of St Lukes Cheltenham 1879-1881; and Vicar 1881-1888; Rector of St Peters Dorchester 1888-1899 and Chaplain of H.M. Prison 1895-1899. He lived whilst at St Peters in South Walks Road Fordington with his 2 sons Gerald B Allen (b.1885 at cheltenham) and Francis B Allen (b.Cheltenham). He married three times initially to Frances Susannah Burton Pearman in 1883; and then Lucy KINGDON a native of Devon whom he married in Dorchester in 1892. His final marriage was to Marion Jane Gifford Cooper in 1908. He was Vicar of St Andrew-the-Less Cambridge in 1900-aft1908. He died at 9 the Close Salisbury on 15th Jan 1930 leaving an estate of £5,763.9s.1d

Sources: Census 1881;1891; UK Clergy List 1897; 1901; Crockfords 1908; GRO Burial index father 2nd qtr 1914 Bromley Kent age 86 Ref 2a/620; Son 1st qtr 1930 Salisbury Wilt age 73 Ref 5a/188; Islington Parish registers; Kellys Directory 1895; OXA: NPC 1914 and 1930
Rev Alfred METCALFE BD 1846-1927 Rector SP 1899-1913 Rev. Alfred METCALFE (1846 -1927 ) Born in Nottinghamshire he was Curate of St Pauls Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1877-1880; Barcombe in Sussex 1880-1884; Christ Church Clifton 1884-1885; Vicar of Gorsley with Cliffords Mesne Gloucestershire 1885-1891; Hellingly 1891-1898; Crockenhill 1898-199: Rector of St Peters Dorchester and Chaplain to HM Prison 1899-1913. Married to Edith Maria Ellen known as Ella (b.1857) he died at 4 Glendenning avenue Weymouth on 14th Feb 1927.

Sources: Crockfords 1908: WP; 1911 Census; NPC; GRO deaths 1st qtr 1927 Weymouth aged 80 5a/481
Rev Herbert Chidley COOTE 1861-1919 Rector SP 1913-1919 Rev Herbert Chidley COOTE (1861-1919) Born 8th July 1861 at Tunbridge Wells the 6th son of Algernon Clerk (afterwards Bart) with early schooling at Haileybury; admitted to Corpus Christi College Cambridge 1st Oct 1880; BA 1884; MA 1888; Ridley Hall Cambridge 1884; Ordained a deacon 1885; & a Priest at Gloucester in 1886 when curate of Clifton 1885-1889; Vicar of St Paul Poole Dorset 1889-1892; Vicar of St John Evangelist Wimborne 1894-1905; Diocesan Inspector of Schools Salisbury 1901-1911; Rector of Trowbridge with St Stephen's 1905-1911; Rector of St Peters Dorchester 1912-1919;Rural Dean of Dorchester 1915-1919, Prebendary of Salisbury 1918-1919. Died 14th May 1919 aged 57 at Dorchester. Sources: Crockfords 1908; OXA; WP - Canon and Rural Dean
Rev George Cecil NIVEN DD 1871-1957 Rector SP 1919-1929

Rev. George Cecil NIVEN (1871 -1957 ) DD -Late Exhibitioner of Hatfield Hall in Durham, Licentiate in Theology (3rd class) in 1893; Entered Church Missionary College Islington 1894; ordained a Deacon in 1894 in London for the College, ordained a priest in 1896; Kyushu for S Tokio. Served as a CMS Missionary at Sapporo 1894-1897; Otaru 1897-1905; Gifu 1905-1909; all in Japan; Returned to England undertaking formal studies; Rector of Clapton-in-Gordano 1911-1919 during which time he was awarded a BA degree in 1914 and a BD in 1915; Rector of St Peters Dorchester 1919-1929 during which time he was made a doctor of Divinity in 1927; Appointed Rural Dean of Dorchester and Chaplain HM Prison 1922-1929; Vicar of Holy Trinity Torquay Diocese of Exeter from 1929. He died at the age of 86 on 18th March 1957 at Hunsdon road Torquay leaving an estate of £561.15s to his widow Jeanne Niven. [Note:- See also monumental inscriptions for St Peters Church Brass plaque item 4]

Sources:- Crockfords 1932; NPC; WP

Rev. Alfred Wilkinson MARKLEY MA   Rector SP 1930-1956 WP - Canon
Rev. Philip John HEATON MA   Rector SP 1956-1960 WP -
Rev Kenneth Walter MEIKLEJOHN MA BD  

Rector SP 1960-

WP - Canon & Rural Dean


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Rev Dacre CLEMETSON (1795-1866) M.A.Chaplian (1825-1860)

The son of Wilfred Clemetson of Whitehaven Cumberland a Gentleman, he matriculated at St Alban Hall Oxford on the 11 March 1813 aged 18 years. He was duly awarded his BA degree in 1817 and MA in 1819. He was ordained a deacon on 20 Dec 1817 by the Rev Beadon Bishop of Bath & Wells at the chapel in the Palace at Wells and ordained a Priest by Fisher the Bishop of Salisbury one year later. His first appointment was as curate at All Saints church Loughborough Leicestershire in 1820 and he became a stipendary curate (at £100 PA) on 20 Mar 1822 but he came to Dorchester when he was appointed as Chaplain of the Gaol and House of Correction (at £200 p.a.) on the 10 Oct 1825: He is shown as an officiating Minister on lots of baptisms, marriages and burials both in Dorchester and Fordington and seems to have been one of those called upon when existing officials had to be absent.

He married Ellen circa 1830 and baptised his own daughter Ada on 25 Aug 1831 who was later received into St Georges church Fordington by Rev Henry Moule on 2nd March 1832. Unfortunately his wife died, possibly following complications from the birth, and she was buried at Winterbourne Abbas on 12th September 1831. His role within the church seems to have changed somewhat in 1833 as his church record shows that he was appointed Rector of Chilcombe on the 5 Feb 1833 and Chaplain of Dorset County Lunatic asylum at Coliton near Dorchester on the 21 June 1833. Census returns suggest these were additional responsibilities as he is shown in both the 1851 and 1861 Census returns as being resident at North Square Dorchester (In 1851 with his daughter Ada). Unfortunately Ada also died young, being only 22 years old when she passed away, and was buried with her mother on 7th April 1854. Dacre's death is also recorded in the parish registers for Winterbourne Abbas where his age is confirmed as 71 and his home parish to have been St Peters in Dorchester.

As Chaplain of the Dorchester Gaol he administered to the religious needs of Elizabeth Martha Brown during and after her trial for the murder of her husband. He took a petition for clemency to London and when this failed attended to her in her cell and on the scaffold before she was executed at the gaol on 9th August 1856. He died on 25th April 1866 but was buried with his wife and daughter on 1st May leaving an estate of just under £3,000. He was author of 'The Duties and Encouragements of Christian Charity' pub 1821.

Sources:- Census returns Dorchester 1851 & 1861; CL: National Probate Calendar: NBI: OXA: Parish Records for Dorchester & Fordington: Also the following website:

Rev. Charles WILLIAMS (1848-Aft 1907) M.A. Chaplain H.M.Prison Dorchester

The 3rd son of Gilbert TROWE of Corsham Wilts gent he matriculated at Worchester College Oxford on 12th Oct 1867 aged 19 awarded B.A. 1873; M.A. 1882; Ordained a Deacon 1875 and a Priest 1876 Worcester. Curate of St Thomas Stourbridge 1875-1876; Mickey 1876; Northallerton 1877-1879; Chaplain H.M.S. Prison Morpeth 1879-1881; Northumberland Co. Asylum 1881-1882; Curate of Bolam Northumberland 1882-1886; Chaplian H.M. Prison Dorchester 1884-1894; Chaplain of H.M.Prison Stangeways, Man 1894-1907; Rector of Ashford N.Devon from 1907.

He married Edith OATES (b.1850) 3rd qtr 1877 at Stourbridge Worcestershire (GRO 6c/257); a native of Stourbridge. They had several children in Stourbridge, North Allerton and Morpeth Northumberland prior to their arrival in Dorchester in 1884. They had a son Christopher AB Williams circa July 1890 and the 1891 Census show sthem living at "Grove Lodge" Linden Road in the parish of All Saints Dorchester.

CHAPLAIN to the DORCHESTER INFIRMERY:- (Chaplain 1849-1897)

Rev Augustus TURNER (1821-1902) B.A. pens. at SIDNEY, May 26, 1840. 4th son of Samuel Charles TURNER, Army commander, deceased (and Susanna). baptised 6th Feb 1821 at Childe Okeford in Dorset. School, private. Matric. Michs. 1840; B.A. 1844. Ord. deacon (Gloucester) May 18, 1845; priest, June 7, 1846; Curate of Amberley, Gloucs., 1845-8. Chaplain of Dorchester infirmary, 1849-50. Curate of Durweston, Dorset, 1850-6. Curate of Morton-in-Marsh, 1856-7. Perpetual Curate of Nailsworth, 1857-61. Curate of St Margaret's, Ipswich, 1866. Vicar of Colerne, Wiltshire., 1867-76. Married, 1856, Elizabeth HEAD 16 years his junior, only daughter of Dr Edward Dalton, and had issue. Latterly of Dunkirk House, Nailsworth. Died there, Oct. 27, 1902; buried at Amberley birth place of his wife. Father of Richard W. (1891); brother of Samuel W. (1834). (Clergy List; Crockford; C. R. Hudleston.) Source OXA:-

Rev HOUSE Chaplain of the Dorset County Hospital (on 11 Nov 1877 see Holy Trinity baptisms Officiating Minister) May be Thomas Hammond House see Oxford Alumni & Crockfords?)

Rev Edmund Collins DRURY Chaplain of the Dorset County Hospital (See St Georges Church baptisms entry 55 8th Aug 1883 officiating minister - Crockfords for 1898 says appointed DHC in 1883 to 1887)

Rev Randolph Charles. MARRIOTT (1836-1919) Chaplain of the Dorchester Hospital [Dorset County Lunatic Asylum] Bap at Claverton Somerset 8th July 1835 the son of the Rev Harvey MARRIOTT the Rector of Claverton by his wife Caroline . Educated at St John's College Cambridge BA 1859 MA 1879 Ordained a deacon 1859 and a priest in 1860 at Exeter. Married at St Michael's church in Bristol to Elizabeth Emily thedaughter of Henry Marriott 1st Sep 1870, a native of Trowbridge in Wiltshire and 2 years his senior. Banns read at Radipole 31st July, 7th and 14th Aug 1870. Curate of Loddiswell Devon 1859-1862; Wellington Somerset 1862-65; Radipole 1865-1870; St Michaels AA Bristol 1870-1872; Rector of West Compton (or Compton Abbas) Dorset 1873-1887 (See Kelly's Directory Dorset 1880) . Appointed Chaplain of the Dorset County Hospital and Dorchester Union 1888 . He died 8th Oct 1919 at 7 Alexandra Terrace Dorchester. probate of his will granted at London 4th Nov to Cordelia Isabella Marriott spinster effects £1431.9s.8d- see Crockfords 1898 and 1908.

Link to a listing of 11 Ministers that served the Independent Chapel in Durngate Street


Source HD published 1837- The Wesleyan Methodists have a chapel in North Street built about the year 1824. The Minister is the Rev OKE.

Source 1861 Census - Rev. Brownslow WESTBROOK (c1823-) age 38, born Droxford Hampshire, Coachbuilder and Primitive Methodist & Local Preacher

Source 1861 Census - James Drewitt ALFORD (c1831-)visitor staying at Grove Buildings Fordington age 30 born Arreton Isle of Wight.

Source 1881 Census - Rev. William MARTIN age 25 unmarried born Bridgewater somerset; is lodging at 23 High West St Dorchester described as Primative Methodist Minister of Dorchester Chapel

The PRESBYTERIAN Chapel (Protestant Dissenters) Link to The Old Dissenters Meeting House Pease Lane Dorchester Dorset :- List of Ministers:-

1. Rev. William BENN MA   (Minister from 1662 to 1680)

    Rev William BENN (1600-1680) See Biography of Rev William BENN (1600-1680) Rector of All Saints Dorchester 5 August 1629 - 10 Feb 1663: Ejected 1662 but not deprived of his living until 1663: Founder of the Congregational Church in Dorchester and Minister of Presbyterian Chapel Pease Lane from 1662 until his death 22 March 1680.
2. Rev. Joshua CHURCHILL (Assistant to Rev Wm Benn from 1662 to 1680, and Minister 1680-1689)
    Rev. Joshua CHURCHILL (1621-1712) Rector of St Georges Church in Fordington 1656-1662 when Ejected. Acted as assistant ot Rev William Benn becoming his successor in 1680 until 1689. Link to more information about him
Rev Baruch NOWELL      (1689-1739)
Rev. James KETTLE      (1739-1746)
Rev. Benjamin SPENCER      (1748-1755)
Rev Samuel PHILLIPS      (1755-1761)
Rev. Timothy LAMB      (1762-1772)
Rev. Abel EDWARDS      (1772-1813)
Rev. Benjamin TREVEAVEN      (1813-1817)
Rev. Lewis LEWIS      (1813- )

Source HD published 1837- The Unitarian Chapel in in Pease Lane. It was built about the year 1720, by a congregation of Presbyterians. It has a good organ. The Minister is the Rev Mr. LEWIS. Source: Pigots Directory for the year 1830 - Rev Lewis listed.

Source 1841 Census - Rev. George CLEMENT, abode 16 Grove buildings Fordington, aged 25/29; Not born in Dorset; Wesleyan Minister:

Source 1851 Census - Rev. John STEVENS abode Railway Place St Peters Parish, aged 60, born Runden Holn Norfolk with wife & 2 daughters and a servant.

Source 1861 Census - Rev. John Bond CHARLES (c1834-) unmarried age 27 born Bristol: Appears to have married Alice Smith [GRO Sep Qtr 1865 - Cirencester Ref 6a/609] Also located 1871 Census living in Tavistock: as Wesleyan Methodist Minister age 37 married to Alice with son John Everett Charles age 3 and Lydia Alice age 1 both born Herefordshire Ross: and in 1891 Census Living in Hunslet leeds Head married age 57 Wesleyan Minister born Bristol with Alice Charles wife age 49 born Cirencester; John E Charles son age 23 Theological Studentborn Herts Roos; Lydia A Charles daughter age 21 Teaching of painting born Herts Ross; Reginald A Charles son age 18 apprentice engineer born Tavistock Devon; Gerald P Charles son age 11 born Holmfirth Yorkshire.

Source 1871 Census - Gideon Denner WRIGHT was born in Dorchester in 1844 the son of a master grocer Gideon WRIGHT by his wife Elizabeth. They lived circa 1861-65 at 17 & 18 Grove Buildings in West Fordington where his father ran his grocery business. Gideon Denner married in 1869 in Cheselbourne Dorset to Susannah Jane RIGGS the daughter of a farmer Levi RIGGS a native of Dewlish. The 1871 Census describes him as a Grocer and Provision Merchant & Wesleyan Local Preacher follow link to more information about the family.

Source FStG Burial Reg: Burial No.1250: dated 16th June 1890 Certified by Robert DILLON Wesleyan Minister so no service at FStG

Source 1895 Kellys Directory - Chant Rev.William. James (Wesleyan) 2 Alexander Terrace,

Genealogical Notes:-
1. frank-almoigne - A tenure by which a religious corporation holds lands given to them and their successors forever, usually on condition of praying for the soul of the donor and his heirs; - called also tenure by free alms
2. hide - a measure of land that varied between 60 and 120 acres
3. Testa de Nevill - The Book of fees compiled by the Kings Remembrancer commonly called the Testa de Nevill (1198-1242). Comments however refer to the reign of King John (1198-1218)
4. mark - a monetary amount equal to thirteen shillings and four pence of old money.
5. Feast of St Margaret of Scotland November 16th

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