Holy Trinity Church Dorchester

Marriages 1560-1712

Holy Trinity Church Dorchester

This transcription was kindly donated to the OPC project prior to 2005 by Peter Collins (with a few early entries by Christine Crawford) which was taken from a copy of Phillimore's Marriage Registers, published in 1909. 

Images of the Parish register (PR) are now (Oct 2011) available on ancestry.com to members, but many of the names particularly for baptism and burials have been indexed differently by Ancestry. Some of these records are extreemly difficult to read so always check originals but bear in mind that you will need some experience of transcription from Secretary hand and 16th/17th century conventions. I have found the transcription done by Phillimore for the marriages to be remarkably accurate and because of the difficulty in getting an accurate transcription for baptisms etc I have cross referenced many (not all) of these marriages to baptisms and burials to build family groups and make proper sense of events rather than rely on straight transcription of entries.

Some records for 1634 and 1635 were transposed in error in the original transcription and these have now been corrected leaving the original year visible but with a line through it in case individuals have previously recorded entries from the original transcription in their family tree.

Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester - 695 Marriages].

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Last updated Mar 2017

John FACEY & Alice [blank] were married 31-Jan 1560 [Note:- possible son Thomas bap at HT 7th June 1560?]

Peter ALLEN & Edith [blank] were married 26-Feb 1560

John WARBURTON & [blank] were married **-Mar 1560

John PERRIN & [blank] were married 30-Jul 1561

John HETHMAN & Margaret [blank] were married **-Jul 1561

William CORBIN & Ellinor [blank] were married **-Nov 1561[Note:- William was a son of John Corbin Senior (c1495 - 1566) Bailiff of Dorchester. Children baptised HT (1) William bap HT 23 Oct 1562 (2) James bap HT 23rd Jan 1564/5 & buried HT Oct 1567 - William CORBIN senior was buried at HT on 25th Dec 1567 - hence no more children]

John BERRET & Amy HUDDERS were married 29-Nov 1561

William POTTER & Cicily CRIBBE were married 30-Jan 1561 [Note:- children baptised HT (1) Agnes 18th May 1561 (2) Margaret bap HT 20 Feb 1562]

George CRADIOCKE & Joane HOLMAN were married 01-Jun 1561

Thomas HOLLETT & Susan [blank] were married 08-Nov 1561 [Note:- Susan HOWLETT was buried at HT on 29th Aug 1603]

Robert TWICHE & Joane PENGEATT were married 08-Nov 1561

John GELES & Alice BLONDON were married 28-Jun 1562

James COLE & Johan CRADOCKE were married 15-Nov 1562 [Note Joane the wife of James COLE was buried HT 15th August 1572]

John EYRES & Thomason FOWSETTS? were married 22-Jun 1564 (PR)

Thomas SHEPPARDE & Agnes LITTLE were married 28-Jun 1564 (PR) [Note bap records missing for 1565 -1570, known children (1) Avis? bap HT 11th Jun 1572 (2) John bap HT 13th Nov 1574; may have used an alias COTHNAVEC? ]

Robert CASTLE & Katherine KINGETON were married 09-Jul 1564 (PR)

Wilton HOLBRED & Alice WHITE were married 07-Aug 1564 (PR)

William WEVER & Elizabeth BELMAN were married 11-Sep 1564 (PR)

Randell JEVAN & Jone [blank] were married -Sep 1564

Thomas KNIGHTON & Colom. Frenchwoman were married 14-Oct 1564 (PR) [Note:- Colome his wife died and was buried at Holy Trinity church Dorchester on 25th January 1568/9]

Thomas SUTTEN & Elizabeth BAKER were married 25-Feb 1564 (PR)

Peter COLETT & Katherine MATELL were married 18-Jun 1565 (PR)

Danel FLACHER alias & ***** Alson LAWNING were married 12-Jul 1565 (PR)

John BEDELL & Agnes BEST widow were married 19-Aug 1565 (PR)

John PILLARD & Marian BURGES were married 24-Sep 1565 (PR) [ Note :- Marian was buried at HT between May & September 1582]

Willm [William] REOLLIES[?] Frenchman & Jane BALETT widow were married 24-Sep 1565 (PR) [Note:- William may have died HT 10th Nov 1566?]

John RICHARDS & Elinor BAILY were married 15-Nov 1565

John SELLER sercher of ****** & Alice BIGGES widow were married 11-Jan 1567

John BAKER & Florence MAYORS were married 14-Jan 1567

John SHEPPARDE & Phillip OVERY widow were married 10-May 1568 [Note:- Phillip SHEPPARD was buried at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 04 Aug 1659 ]

Humfrey PARRIS & Elizabeth DUNCOMB were married 05-Jun 1570 [Note:- children:- (1) Anne bap HT 7th Oct 1571 (2) Ralphe bap HT 13th nov 1574 (3) Thomas? bap 14th Jan 1575/6]

John POWNSEY [POUNCEY] & Margaret HAGGARD were married 16-Jun 1570 (PR)

    [Note:- The Pouncey family were butchers and were always at odds with the reformers. See page 163 of David Underdown's book 'Fire from Heaven' where it states " The Pounceys had been in Dorchester at least since 1570, when a certain John POUNCEY married Margaret HAGGARD. They raised a large family of children including two sons, Thomas & Roger who survived throughout our period . The first named - Thomas the elder - lived a fairly quiet life: one absence from church and a couple of drinking offences are the only charges recorded against him between 1629 and 1637, and he was sufficiently responsible to serve on juries occastionally.

    Their children were:- (1) Roger bap HT 15th Oct 1571 (2) John bap 5th May 1575 (3) Mathew bap HT 28th Sep 1577 - Note:- I have not so far located the baptism of Thomas]

Richard HODGINS & Mary SWETIN were married 02-Oct 1570 (PR)

    [Note:- known children from the marriage:- (1) John bap HT 7th May 1572 & bur 8th May 1572 (2) Alice bap HT 6th June 1573 - must have died an infant prior to 1580 (3) William bap HT 13th June 1574 (4) Joane bap HT 25th Sep 1576 (5) Julian bap 5th Nov 1577 (6) Robert probably bap in 1579 when records are missing, buried HT 5th Apr 1582 (7) Alice bap HT 22nd Jan 1580/1 and buried 12th Feb 1580 (8) Robert bap HT 5th Apr 1582 (9) Sarah bap HT 16th July 1586 - There is the burial of a Richard HODGINS at HT on 29th Aug 1605 - there is however another baptism in 1593, and a marriage of a Richard HODGINS in 1614 which produces later children so it seems likely that he had a son Richard named after him ]

Richard STEVENS & Ellinor HOLLMAN were married 09-Oct 1570 (PR)

    [Note:- children:- (1) Alice bap HT 12th Oct 1572 (2) George bap HT 13th July 1575 (3) Elizabeth bap HT 22nd Feb 1577 (4) Agnes bap HT 01 Feb 1582/3 (5) Robert bap HT 21st Sep 1585 (6) Edward bap HT 22nd Jan 1856/7 and buried at HT 7th Apr 1607; Also Note:- His wife Ellinor STEVENS was buried at HT on 8th May 1587 Also note 1st birth late possible that there was an earlier child see 15th Dec 1571?]

Richard WEVER & Johane DOWNTON were married 19-May 1571 (PR)

Phillip DINE & Joane MARTINS were married -Aug 1571 (PR) [Note children (1) Alice bap HT 20th Aug 1571 (2) Joane bap HT 27th Sep 1573 (3) John bap HT 2 Feb 1575/6]

Nicholas BLECKE [BLAKE?] & Agnes CHAPMAN were married -Oct 1571 (PR) [Note:- His wife Agnes was buried HT 8th January 1577/8]

John SHERINE tucker & Agnes [blank] were married 01-Dec 1571 (PR)

John GILES alias WARREN the younger & Elizabeth JUPPE [or JUPPIE] widow were married 17-Jul 1572 (PR)

    [Note:- children from the marriage:- (1) Christian bap HT 22nd Feb 1572/3 (2) Elizabeth bap HT 30th Aug 1574 & buried HT 8th Sep 1574 (3) Alice bap HT 28th Jan 1575/6 (4) Richard?? bap 10th Apr 1578 -- John was buried at HT on 10th Day of October 1574]

Willm [William] GOLDINGE hellier & Denis [Demaris?] PUCKSTON widow were married 17-Jan 1572 (PR)

Marke REYNOLDE & Elizabeth DENIS [DENNIS] were married 22-Sep 1573 (PR) [Note:- Elizabeth his wife was buried at HT on 1st May 1574 - he remarried 20 Oct 1575]

Nicholas CHAPPEL & Anstice MAIOWES were married 26-Nov 1573 (PR) [Note:- Anstice, spelt Anasteise at her buried at HT on 11 Mar 1607/8. Her Christian name is an anglicized form of the Latin Anastasia]

John [J] UP & Elizabeth DAVIS were married 25-Jan 1573 (PR)

    [Note:- John JOPE was a merchant at Plymouth and married Elizabeth DAVIS in her parish of Holy Trinity in Dorchester; he became an investor in the Dorchester Company with Rev John WHITE and when he died his will dated 23rd Sep 1630 was proved by Eizabeth on 26 Jan. 1630/1. He left 40 to the Hospital in Plymouth called the orphanage for the use of the orphans and another £40 for the poor there. Also £5 to the poor of Stonehouse and £10 towards good uses intrended by Mr Nichols our preacher; £20 to Mr Mathias Nichols; Mr Alexander Crosse preacher at Plimpton Mary £5; To his mother Thomasin Barons £10 a year for life; To brother [in-law] George BARONS £20 and to each of his children £5; To my sister Thomasin the wife of Robert CUBBES, to my Sister in law Arimiel? wife of Richard TAPPER & to Amos PIM each of them 40 shillings to by a ring; To my sister in law Rebecca daughter to mr Thomas SHERWELL £10; ---etc ---etc long will also refers to his daughters Eunice, Elizabeth and Joanna to whom he left £200 each for their advancement and at marriage; £200 to son John + house he dwells in - in default to his sisters in turn; ---Rest to wife Elizabeth.

John [LEYTONE?] & Amy DENIS were married 30-Jan 1573 (PR)

Walter PERINE & Alice HEIRES were married 17-Jun 1574 (PR) [Note:- May be his second marriage as Edith the wife of Walter PERIN was buried at HT on 20th Mar 1570/1. Alice PERINE was buried at HT 9th May 1581 and Walter at HT on 18th July 1587]

John BRINE & Alice PALMER were married 29-Jun 1574 (PR)

    [Note:- known children:- (1) Elizabeth Bap HT 24th Apr 1587 (2) John bap HT 15th May 1591 and buried 16th Nov 1609 (3) Phillip bap HT 10 Mar 1594/5 & buried 22nd May 1595 (4) Burial of an earlier child Eme at HT 22nd Aug 1597 (5) Burial of an earlier child William at HT 31st Mar 1599]

Richard MUSSELL & Edith GOLDINGE were married 06-Jul 1574 (PR) [Note:- child margaret bap HT 15th May 1575 & buried HT 14th June 1575]

George OLIVER & Florence POLLARD widow were married 26-Jul 1574 (PR)

Michell [Michael] MERIFIELD & Edith CONANTS were married 30-Sep 1574 (PR) [Note:- child John bap HT 6th Aug 1575]

George FOY & Agnes HAMOND were married 01-Oct 1574 (PR)

    [Note:- children:- (1) John bap HT 16th Oct 1575; some records damaged, missing or illegible this period; (2) Joane? bap HT 19th Aug 1581 (3) George bap HT 3rd March 1584/5 (4) Margret bap HT 25th Feb 1586/7 - George FFOY then died in 1601 leaving a Will . His widow Agnes was buried at HT on 22nd Nov 1610]

William PREW & Elizabeth STOITES were married 27-Nov 1574 (PR) [Note:- child Richard bap HT 17th June 1576]

William STACY & Jane RAINOLDS [RAINOLDES] were married 11-Apr 1575 (PR)

Morgan LARCOMBE alias STONE & Ellinor BROWNE were married 02-Jun 1575 (PR)

    [Note:- children:- (1) Alice bap HT 30th Oct 1575 and buried at Ellis the daughter of Morgan STONE at HT on 11th Aug 1590. (2) Joane bap HT 6th Sep 1577 (3) Marian bap HT 23rd Nov 1581 (4) Agnes bap HT 9th Jan 1585/6 (5) Anne the daughter of Morgan STONE was buried with her sister Ellis (Alice) at HT on 11th Aug 1590 but we have not so far located a baptism for her (6) Alice bap HT 17 Sep 1592 (7) Thomas bap HT 3rd Aug 1597 and buried there on 14th Aug 1597 - See also the burial of a William LARCOMBE alias STONEY at HT on 25th Dec 1575/6 who may be related and the burial of Elinor the wife of Morgan at HT on 23rd March 1609/10 - Morgan was buried HT 8th March 1633/4]

Michell STEVEN & Thomasin COUTHE were married 12-Jun 1575 (PR)

Marke [Mark] REINOLDES [REYNOLDS] & Ellinor STICKLAND were married 20-Oct 1575 (PR)

    [Note:- This is his 2nd marriage - for first see 22nd Sep 1573 to Elizabeth DENNIS she died 1st May 1574; child from this marriage Avis Reynolds bap HT 31st July 1577 - His 2nd wife Elinor also died 12 days later being buried at HT 12th Aug 1577]

John HOSKINS & Joane BENVENEW were married 22-Oct 1575 (PR) [Note:- children (1) James bap HT 17 Aug 1578 (2) Walter bap HT 12th Oct 1580 (3) George bap HT 17th Nov 1581 (4) Agnes bap 22nd Jan 1586/7]

Richard PETER & widow GRIFFIN were married 07-May 1576 Licence (PR)

Nicholas PAINE & Elizabeth BUCKES were married 26-Jul 1576 (PR)

John LAMPORT & Christian TAPPS were married 26-Nov 1576 (PR)

Richard SAMSON & Emme [blank] were married 01-Nov 1576 (PR)

Oliver PURCHAS [PURCHASE] & Thomesin HARRIS were married 21-Jun 1577 (PR)

    [Note:- Baptism records for the period Jan 1578/9 through to Sep 1580 have not survived and it is thought by Rose Troupe and the Rev RG Bartelot that Thomas Purchase the investor in the Dorchester Company was probably his son born & baptised during this period. Their next child Robert Purchase was baptised at Holy Trinity on 29th Oct 1581.]

John PEARE & Alice OVERS were married 21-Jun 1577 (PR)

John GRIGGE & Joane GOSLINGE were married 09-Nov 1577 (PR) [Note:- child Robert bap HT 2nd Apr 1581 - Joane died and was buried at HT on 2nd May 1585]

William BIRD & Thomasin PALMER were married 06-Jan 1577 (PR)

John PALMER & Joane BISHOPPE were married 22-Nov 1579 [Note:- Joane PALMER was buried at HT on 29th March 1605]

John MERSHE & Joane TALBOTT were married 28-Jan 1579

William READ & Elizabeth BISHOPPE were married 31-Jan 1579/80

    [Note:- William READ (d.1608) was a Yeoman farmer who marries here to Elizabeth BISHOP (d.1593). Elizabeth died and was buried at HT on 3rd Sep 1593 followed by William on 28th July 1608. He left a Will dated 13 May 1608
    which was proved on 30 September 1608. It refers to him owning 3 burgages on the east side of Colliton Row which appear to have been at the corner where Pease Lane intersects the Street with the burgage of John Banger being on the north side of his 3 properties. He left the first 2 to his eldest surviving son Nathaniel and the other to William. These proprties are referred to in charter 678 when Richard Vivian another yeoman of Dorchester sells his burgage for £9 which lies on the noth side of Pease lane between William Reads property on the west and Thomas Edwards on the east. This deed was actually witnessed, among others, by William READ himself. They raised a family in Holy Trinity parish but from his Will it is clear that they had more children than surviving parish records reveal:-

    (1) William Read (1580-1580/6)bap HT Church on 16th Oct 1580 & must have died pre 20th Nov 1586 when another son was named William
    (2) Thomasine Read (1581-1660) bap HT 10th Feb 1581/2 , she married John SPICER at HT on 13 Oct 1600 and was a beneficiary under her fathers Will in 1608 as were her 2 children.
    (3) George Read (1584-1584) bap HT 25th July 1584 & buried there 10th Mar 1584/5
    (4) William Read (1586-1586) bap HT 20 Nov 1586 & buried 4th Jan 1586/7
    (5) Nathaniel Read (1588-1638) bap HT 30th Jan 1588 referred to in his fathers Will of 1608 as his eldest [surviving] son. Nathaniel married Elizabeth TRIVETT at HT Church in Dorchester on 6th Nov 1609

    [Note:- some baptisms do not seem to have been recorded at this time. We have a comprehensive record up to 1586 which seems to recover to the same level in 1592. The Rector of Holy Trinity Rev. Edward Doughty MA.(c1550-1616) resigned his position on 15 Nov 1585; he was also Master of the Free School in Dorchester and seems to have kept maticulous records from the date of his appointment in 1580. The change in Rector may therefore account for the loss. Information about his replacement Rev Richardus JOHNSON MA is scant and his university records suggests he took over in 1585 but I doubt this as he was only ordained a priest on 25th March 1586 which is our last complete record. The year 1587 saw only 3 baptisms; the year 1588 only two one of which is William Read (9) below. 1589 saw 5 baptisms but 1590 has the latin inscription nihil inventus [meaning none found/discovered] suggesting that the baptism registers were compiledsome time later. It needs to be remembered that 1588 was the year of the Spanish Armada when attentions were focused elsewhere. The Will and burial register suggests they had 3 more children plus William who was baptised in 1592. Elizabeth nee Bishop died in Sep 1593.

    (6) Joane Read; a 'Joane the daughter of William READ' was buried at HT on 15th July 1598
    (7) Anne Read named as a beneficiary under Williams Will in 1608. Ann married John RASKER at HT Church in Dorchester on 13-Nov 1609
    (8) Elizabeth Read named as a beneficiary under Williams Will i9n 1608.
    (9) William bap HT 26th Mar 1592 -
    named as a beneficiary under Williams Will in 1608 where he is referred to as his second [surviving] son.

Robert DEVENISHE & Agnes KINGMAN were married 10-Feb 1579/80 [Note:- children (1) George? bap HT 28th Dec 1580, (2) Robert bap HT 12 Mar 1586]

William PALMER & Mawd POPINJOYE were married 02-Feb 1579/80 [Note Mawd PALMER was buried at HT 27th Feb 1581/2]

Roger HINE & Joane PALMER were married 15-Aug 1580

John GOODINCHE & Anne MUNDAY were married 15-Oct 1580

Richard HILL & Avis BENENEW were married 23-Jan 1580

William PERIN & Alice BATTS were married 10-Apr 1581 [Note:- children:- (1) Robert bap HT 16th Dec 1581 (2) William bap HT 15th Jun 1584 William PERIN senior then died anmd was buried at HT on 10 Mar 1584/5 - His widow Alice is likely to be the Alice PERIN who married William WILSON at HT on 04-Sep 1594 ]

William PAVETT & Edith MASON were married 23-Jan 1581

Thomas RAINOLDES & Elizabeth [blank] were married 27-Aug 1582 (PR) [Note Thomas RANOLDES was buried at HT on 25th February 1584/5]

Nicholas HENDY & Joane CORBIN were married 16-Sep 1582 (PR)

  • Space left in register.

  • Thomas STRONGMAN & Agnes S [torn off] were married 22-Jan 1584 [Note Thomas STRONGMAN was buried 20th Feb 1595/6]

    John HADDON & Bri [torn off] were married 22-Apr 1585 [Note:- child Walter bap HT 29th March 1595?]

    John GETTIS & [torn off] were married 9 [torn] 1585

    Philip MARTIN & Sibill PANCHARD were married 08-Nov 1585 [Note:- child bap HT 16th March 1584/5?]

    William MEMBREE & Alice SAMWAYS were married 18-Dec 1585

      [Note:- William MEMBREE was buried at HT on 27th jan 1616/7. Children from his marriage to Alice:- (1) Margret bap HT 25th Dec 1586, She married John Blachford (c1574-1632) at HT on 6th October 1610 (2) Ruben bap HT 20th July 1593 (3) John bap HT 28th Nov 1597 (4) George bap HT 5th Jan 1599/1600]

    William MOCKERIDGE & Margret FURSES were married 12-Apr 1586

    Philip BRINE & Emme PISSELLS were married 18-Oct 1586

    Lewes PARTRIDGE & Margret HARDENS were married 23-Oct 1586

    Thomas EDWARDS & Amye HYE were married 15-Nov 1586

    John LACIE [LACY] & Anstice BONNGIER were married 03-Jan 1586 [Note:- child John bap HT 28th Feb 1586]

    Robert OSMUND & Elinor SHEPPERD were married 28-Jul 1587

      [Note:- children:- (1) John bap HT 01 Apr 1589 (2) Elizabeth bap HT 7th July 1593 & buried there 12th Nov 1594 - Robert OSMUND was buried at HT on 20th Feb 1618/19 - Eleoner his widow died and was buried at HT Church Dorchester on 10th April 1621]

    Thomas PALMER & Edith FAREWELL were married 12-Sep 1587

    John MILBORNE & Joane LASSELLS were married 23-Nov 1587

  • Space left in register.

  • Robert BISHOPPE & Anne STONE were married 22-Jun 1589 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Elizabeth bap HT 17th Aug 1592 (2) John bap HT 8th Dec 1594 (3) Agnes bap HT 28th July 1597 (4) Roger 10th Dec 1598 (5) Robert bap HT 2nd Dec 1601 (6) William bap 2nd July 1604 (7) Henry bap HT 1st Aug 1606 (8) Hugh 17th May 1608 & buried HT 21st May 1608 (9) Simon bap HT 30th Aug 1609 & buried the same day - Robert BISHOP Senior was then buried at HT on 9th June 1623 followed by his widow Anne on 29th June 1636]

    Walter MOGGE & Christian GILES were married 15-Jul 1589 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Morgan bap HT 28th Sep 1593 (2) Lidia [Lydia] bap HT 22 Jan 1597/8 & buried HT 12th july 1618 - Christian his wife was buried at HT 31 July 1598]

    Henry GREGORY & Ursula HARTE were married 13-Oct 1589 [Note- child Sibell bap HT 30th Dec 1592 - Ursula his wife was buried at HT on 27th March 1599]

    Thomas THOURMAN & Elizabeth CHAPMAN were married 29-Dec 1589

    Robert SKINNER & Joane BOYLANDE were married 15-Feb 1589

      [Note:- Children:- (1) Isaac SKINNER baptised at Holy Trinity on 3rd Feb 1593, he later married as Isaak SKINNER to Eleonor ALLEN at HT on 09-Jun 1623 see their marriage for children (2) Jacob bap HT 28th June 1598 (3) Sarah bap HT 11th Jan 1600 and buried there 8th Jan 1605/6. Robert SKINNER was buried at HT on 15th Apr 1623 and his widow Joane 23rd Jan 1626/7]

    Thomas LACY & Elizabeth CHUBB were married 01-Oct 1590 (PR)

    William HYE & Edith RAFE were married 21-Dec 1590 (PR)

    John LACY & Ellinor HULETT were married 30-Jan 1590 (PR) [Note child Hughe bap HT on 01 Nov 1592 ]

    William SHATTOCKE & Emme TAILER were married 02-Aug 1591 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Mary bap HT 12th May 1592 (2) Joseph bap HT 10th August 1594]

    Hughe MANINGE & Agnes [blank] were married 20-Sep 1591 (PR)

    Dionise [Dennis] FFACY & Elizabeth CURTIS were married 25-Jan 1591 (PR) [Note:- child Alice bap HT 13th Aug 1592]

    Thomas COUNTER & Edith LACY were married 27-Jan 1591 (PR)

      [Note:- known children:- (1) Hugh bap HT 24th Dec 1598 (2) Thomas bap HT 27 Sep 1601 (3) Robert bap HT 23rd Sep 1604 (4) Julian bap HT 9th Sep 1609 . Edith his wife was buried at HT on 13th March 1612/13]

    John HOBSON & Alice STEVENS were married 03-Apr 1592 (PR) [Note:- child George bap HT 01 May 1592 - Alice his wife was buried at HT on 26th Aug 1612]

    William CLOWTER & Constance BOWND were married 17-Jul 1592 (PR)

    John FFACY & Joane MINTERNE were married 22-Jul 1592 (PR)

    Thomas THATCHER & Agnes DEVENISHE were married 13-Sep 1593 (PR) [Note:- Agnes the wife of Thomas THATCHER was buried at HT on 22nd Feb 1608/9]

    Jeffery JOWDRY & Joane MARSHE were married 11-Oct 1593 (PR)

    John WHITE & Marian POWNCEY were married 18-Apr 1594 (PR)

    William WILLSON & Alice PERRIN were married 04-Sep 1594 (PR) [Note:- Alice is likely to be the widow of William PERIN whom she married at HT on 10th Apr 1581. She had two children by him before he was buried at HT on 10 Mar 1584/5]

    George PANCHARD & Margret COMFREY were married 14-Oct 1594 (PR)

    Nicholas LACY & Avis SHAVINGE were married 28-Oct 1594 (PR) [Note:- Nicholas LACYE senior was buried at HT on 2nd Feb 1605/6 and Avis his widow on 7th June 1613]

    Richard TURNER & Elizabeth HUNT were married 27-Jan 1594 (PR)

      [Note:- Elizabeth was undoubtedly a part of the Hunt Family of Dorchester and Fordington, possibly a neice of Ambrose HUNT (d.1588). Known children from this marriage :- (1) Anne bap HT on 7th Apr 1598 (2) Robert bap HT 1st Oct 1600 (3) Mary bap HT 20 May 1603 (4) John bap HT 13 Jan 1610/11 - Elizabeth the wife of Richard TURNER was buried at HT on 4th Sep 1638]

    Roberte DOWRIDGE & Ffortune [Fortune] HENLY were married 03-Mar 1594 (PR)

    John BURROWES & Joane EDWARDES were married 28-Apr 1595 (PR)

    Thomas HARTE & Alice WARREN were married 09-Jun 1595 (PR)

    Henry EDWARDES & Julian GOULDE were married 23-Jun 1595 (PR)

    John MILLER & Alice MARTINE were married 12-Jan 1595 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Francis bap HT in 1596 (2) Christian bap HT 30 Dec 1598 (3) Margaret bap HT 25 Jan 1600/1 - John MILLER then died and was buried at HT on 15th Oct 1602. Alice now Alice MILLER re-married Thomas COWBOURNE at HT on 19th Nov 1604. Her daughter Christian MILLER at (2) above was buried as the daughter in law of Thomas COWBORNE at HT on 7th July 1607]

    Thomas GOOGED? and Ellinir [Elinor] MATHER of Charminster were married the xxiiijth of January 1595 [Note This marriage was not in the original transcription]

  • Space left in register.

  • Andrew FOOKE & Margret THORNE were married 06-Nov 1597 (PR)

    William PINNEY & Joane DOWRITCHE were married 16-Jan 1597 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) John bap HT 9th Aug 1599 (2) William bap HT 2nd June 1602 - & buried 28th Jan 1612/13 (3) Agnes bap HT 20 May 1603 (4) Frances 21st May 1606 (5) Euroth bap HT 8th Apr 1609 (6) Thomas bap HT 19th July 1610 & buried there 21st July 1610 (7) William bap HT 28th Jan 1612/13 (8) Anthony bap HT 13th Feb 1613/14 (9) Marye bap HT 8th June 1616 (10) unknown female bap HT 10 Sep 1620]

    Richard SNOOKE & Catherine PHILLIPS were married 15-Feb 1597 (PR)

    Robert SIMONS & Avis LACY were married 29-Apr 1598 (PR) [Note:- children (1) Euroth bap HT 18th Sep 1603; (2) Joane bap HT 10th March 1604/5 - Avis his wife was buried at HT on 22nd June 1615]

    Ralph SMITH & Joane MILBOURNE were married 30-Apr 1598 (PR)

    George COOKE & Edith STONE were married 03-Jul 1598 (PR)

      [Note:- Only one child was born from the marriage; Anne COOKE bap HT 14th Jan 1598/9 before George COOK died being buried at HT on 7th May 1599. Edith remarried after his death to John MICHELL at HT on 30-Mar 1600. See below]

    John HOSKINS & Elizabeth DOWRITCHE were married 28-Aug 1598 (PR)

    Lewes [HOOP] HOOPER & Anne CROKER were married 16-Oct 1598 [Note:- The name HOOPER was often abbreviated to HOOP in registers and this has been correctly acknowledged in transcriptions done by Phillimore for Dorchester]

    Henry STEVENS & Euroth MIGHILL were married 28-Oct 1598 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Edmund bap HT 1st Mar 1600/1 & buried there on 22nd Apr 1607 (2) Julian bap HT 13 May 1603 (3) Grace bap HT 10th Sep 1607 & buried HT 7th Jan 1609/10 (4) Margery bap HT 24th Oct 1609 - Henry STEVENS was then buried at HT on 3rd Dec 1609 and Euroth re-married to Robert DEVENISHE at HT on 11-May 1612. They must also have had another daughter named (5) Euroth named after her mother as she was buried at HT on 22nd day of December 1616]

    John TERINE & Magdelene [Magdalene] WINTREY [WINTER?] were married 20-Nov 1598 (PR)

    Henry PERINE & Dorothee MINTERNE were married 27-Nov 1598 (PR)

    John HOSKINS junior & Alice HARTE were married 28-Nov 1598 (PR)

    Thomas DOWRITCHE & Mary CHOWNTE were married 03-Feb 1598 (PR)

      [Note:- Thomas like most of the Dowritch family was a hellier by trade and is briefly mentioned in the Casebook of Sir Francis Ashley when he was bound over for good behaviour with others on 20th July 1614. Its possible that he became a needlemaker as a Thomas Dowridge was admitted as a member of the Company of Freemen on 7th Nov 1621, the same date as Anthony Dowritche (See below) was admitted. Their children were:- (1) Nicholas Bap HT 28th Aug 1603 (2) Mary bap HT 3rd Aug 1606 and buried there 17th Jan 1623/4- Mary his wife died and was buried at HT by the Rev John WHITE on 26th Jan 1606/7. Thomas then appears to have remarried on 2nd May 1607 to an Elizabeth]

    William HALL & Joane ROBINSON were married 21-Apr 1599 (PR)

    John TIBBES [TIBBS] & Joane COMFREY were married 23-Apr 1599 (PR) [Note:- child James bap HT 7th March 1599/1600]

    John TURNER & Marian WHITE were married 21-Jun 1599 (PR)

    John MARKES & Joane MONEDAY were married 23-Jun 1599 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Jane bap HT 16th Jan 1599/1600 (2) Thomasine bap HT 14th Aug 1603 - John MARKES then died and was buried at HT on 17th Aug 1604]

    Christopher LIMNIE [LIMBE or LIMBREY] & Margret CLARKE were married 19-Jul 1599 (PR) [Note:- Giles the son of Christopher LIMBE was baptized at HT the 1st day of Sep 1599 - Christopher LIMBE was buried at HT on 10th Jan 1646/7]

    Hughe HAGGARDE & Elizabeth GRINTER were married 16-Aug 1599 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Mathew bap HT 11th Dec 1600 (2) Hugh bap HT 27th Feb 1602/3]

    Morgan TERINE & Edith HELLIER were married 27-Sep 1599 (PR)

      [Note Agnes the wife of Morgan TERINE was buried at HT on the 29th March 1599 making him a widower with at least 2 young children (1) William & (2) Joane at this his second marriage. Edith then gave birth to a daughter (3) Magdalene who was bap at HT 28th Aug 1602 - His daughter (2) Joane, by his 1st wife, died and was buried at HT 22nd Feb 1608/9. (4) Alice bap HT 29th March 1612 buried 2nd April 1612]

    John LONGE & Elizabeth TWICHEN were married 22-Oct 1599 (PR) [Note:- child Edith bap HT 28th May 1602]

    Edward SIBLEY & Margret UNDERWOOD were married 29-Oct 1599 (PR) {Note:- child Leonard bap HT 23rd May 1600 - Margaret his wife was buried at HT on 28th March 1632]

    Gilbert AVERY & Emma STRONGMAN were married 15-Nov 1599 (PR)

    Amias POTTE & Jane HOWLETT were married 26-Nov 1599 (PR)

    George OTEN & Marian LACY were married 29-Nov 1599 (PR)

      {Note:- George OTEN also spelt OATEN brief mention in Fire from Heaven by David Underdown page 116 referred to as a humble person who paid his rates on time - children:- (1) George bap HT 16th May 1600 (2) Thomas bap HT 24th may 1603 (3) Jane both bap HT 24th May 1603 (4) Rose bap 9th June 1605 - Marian his wife was buried at HT on 11th Oct 1635. George may have been buried as George OTNEY at HT on 7th Oct 1639]

    Robert LACY & Julian ROAE were married 19-Jan 1599

      [Note:- Children:- (1) Edith bap HT 22nd Jan 1603/4 and buried HT 29th Aug 1604 (2) Thomas bap HT 10 Aug 1605 (3) Grace bap HT 24th Dec 1615]

    John MICHELL & Edith COOKE were married 30-Mar 1600 (PR) [Note:- Edith STONE was a widow having married George COOKE at HT on 03-Jul 1598 and had one child Alice prior to the early demise of her husband - See above]

    Robert GAWPEN & Catherine BISHOPPE were married 03-Apr 1600 (PR)

    William FOORDE & Anne BRINE were married 14-Apr 1600 (PR)

    Leonard MILLER & Agnes PALMER were married 17-Aug 1600 (PR)

    John SPICER & Thomazine READ were married 13-Oct 1600 (PR) [Note:- Thomasine READ (1581-1660) was the 2nd child from the marriage of William READ to Elizabeth BISHOPPE at HT on 31-Jan 1579 : Thomasine was buried at HT Church on 19th March 1660/1. Children

      (1) Thomas Spicer bap HT 6th Apr 1602 beneficiary under his maternal grandfathers William READ's will in 1608
      (2) Walter Spicer bap HT 12th June 1603. A beneficiary under his maternal grandfathers William READ's will in 1608 he married Sarah RUSSELL at HT on 19th Feb 1630]

    William WERE & Elizabeth LIBBEN were married 27-Oct 1600 (PR)

      [Note:- Williams surname is spelt in a variety of different ways including [WERE ; WEAR ; WYER or WIER] children:- (1) Robert bap HT 13th Sep 1601 (2) William bap HT 28th Oct 1604 (3) John bap 13th Sep 1607 (4) Thomas bap 22nd July 1610 (5) Joane bap HT 4th Nov 1613 (6) Elizabeth bap HT 13 Apr 1617 (7) Deboarah bap HT 24th Feb 1618/19 (8) Joseph bap HT 23 Mar 1622/3]

    Thomas EYERS & Cicely GREGORY were married 16-Nov 1600 [Note:- Cicely Eyres was buried at HT on 1st Dec 1623. Entry in William Whiteway his diary 1618-1635 page 115 entry for 11 March 1630/31 "This day died Thomas EYRES"]

    Thomas GUIFFORDE & Emm STICKLAND were married 25-Nov 1600

      [Note:- Children:- (1) Robert Stickland bap HT 21st Sep 1602 (2) William bap HT 15th Jun 1609 (3) John bap HT 2nd Apr 1616

    John RIGGES alias HACKER & Jone SMITH were married 26-Nov 1600

    Richard HEISHOOD [?] & Edith HAMIAN were married 29-Nov 1600

    William THORNE & Christian YOKENEY were married 19-Jan 1600 (PR) [Note:- Child Gertrude bap Holy Trinity Church Dorchester 16th Aug 1601]

    William MARTIN & Joane TOBY were married 31-Jan 1600 (PR)

      [Note:- William Martin is likely to be the son of William Martin baptised at HT on 21st Oct 1564. His father appears to have died that year. He would have been 36 when he married Joane. They had a child they named Avis baptised at HT on 9th June 1602]

    Anthony DOWRICHE & Elizabeth MARSHE were married 04-May 1601 (PR)

      [Note:- Anthony DOWRICHE [also spelt DOWRAGE or DOURIDGE in municipal records] a hellier by trade was listed as a member of the Company Freemen of Dorchester on 7th Nov 1621. childrem:- (1) John bap HT 20th Jan 1601/2, he was apprenticed to his father and admitted to the company of Freemen as a hellier on 6th Jan 1630/1. (2) Elizabeth bap HT on 2nd Aug 1604 & buried HT 22nd June 1607 (3) Ambrose bap HT 7th Dec 1606 & buried 11th July 1607 (4) Elizabeth bap HT 10th June 1608 (5) William bap HT 23rd June 1611 and buried there 18th? July 1616 - "Elizabeth the wife of Anthony DOWRITCHE was buryed the second day of May 1614"

      Anthony then appears to have married an Alice who produced two more children:- (6) Anthony bap HT 27th Aug 1615 (7) William bap HT 17th May 1617 - Alice the wife of Anthony DOWRITCHE was then buried at HT on 13th jan 1619/20

      Anthony married for a third time to Jane EVANS on 29th June 1620 - See below]

    James PATY & Joane COTE were married 08-Jun 1601 (PR)

    John GRANGE & Margret PATY were married 27-Jul 1601 (PR)

    Nicholas CRIMBLE & Joane LIDER were married 19-Oct 1601 (PR)

      [Note:- known children:- (1) Sarah bap HT 8th Dec 1613? but no trace of any earlier births in HT (2) Nicholas bap HT 15 Apr 1621 - probably lived elsewhere after marriage between 1601 and 1613 as a daughter (3) Joane likely to be the eldest daughter buried at HT 7th Oct 1624]

    Richard SHAVEN & Margret HUDDS were married 16-Nov 1601 (PR) [Note:- Richard may have been buried at HT on 4th Aug 1615]

    John WHITE & Susan CREEPER were married 11-Feb 1601/2 (PR)

    John POLLARD & Anne SQUIRE were married 31-May 1602 (PR)

    Walter DYER [DIER] & Alice HODGINS [HODGKINS] were married 01-Jun 1602 (PR)

      [Note:- A son Luke Dier was baptised at HT on 11th June 1604. Walter DYER then died and was buried at HT on the 20th of March 1613/14. His widow Alice re-married to John WOOD at HT on 26th Nov 1614 . This is confirmed in the Municipal Records of Dorchester page 698 when John Wood husbandman has a lease dated 3rd April 1618 recorded against Holy Trinity Parish in Dorchester and this also names Alice his wife and , Luke Dier son of Alice as being on the lease. Alice then died being buried at HT on 24 Jan 1619/20. Walter & Alice's son Luke was buried at HT on 31st July 1626]

    William WINSORE & Jane PURCHASE were married 03-Jun 1602 (PR) [Note:- Jane PURCHASE was the daughter of Nicholas PURCHASE and is mentioned in the Will of her father who died at Dorchester in 1620. Their children are not baptised at Holy Trinity and were probably christened at All Saints or St Peters where records were lost. The 1620 Will mentions her having a son Nicholas Winsor who was then under the age of 21]

    Christopher BUCKLER & Agnes SPERIN were married 12-Jul 1602 (PR)

    William JOLLIFFE & Joane FOYE were married 09-Sep 1602 (PR) [Note:- Link to more information about the life of William JOLIFFE (1571-1658)]

      [Note:- children:- (1) Margret bap HT 20th June 1603 (2) William bap HT 1st Sep 1605 and buried there on 16th Dec 1605 .]

    Nicholas STRETE & Mercy WOODLEY were married 14-Nov 1602 (PR)

    Robert MANNELL & Alice LARCOMBE were married 14-Feb 1602 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Ralphe bap HT 10th Mar 1603/4 (2) George bap HT 01 Oct 1605 (3) James bap HT 3rd Jan 1608/9 (4) Robert bap HT 27th Mar 1611] (5) Miriam? Bap 13th Oct 1614? (6) Deborah bap HT Nov 1616]

    Thomas PALMER & Ellinor JONES were married 02-May 1603 (PR)

    Robert AVINE & Elizabeth CORBIN were married 20-Jun 1603 (PR) [Note:- Elizabeth was probably the daughter of Richard CORBIN (d.1587/8) baker by trade and and burgess of Dorchester. They had a daughter Joane bap HT 7th August 1603 who was buried there on 12th]

    Henry BARTLET & Lore JOYES were married 22-Jul 1603 (PR)

    Ralph CURTESSE [CURTIS] & Joane WATKINS were married 03-Sep 1603 (PR) [Note:- children (1) Mary bap HT 29th July 1604 ]

    Walter POWELL & Grace OLIVER were married 15-Sep 1603 (PR)

  • [Register Signed Richus Everard clericus curat]

  • Humfrey PERY [PERRY] & Christian LONGE were married 26-Nov 1603 (PR)

      [Note:- Children:- (1) Rebecca bap HT 27th July 1604 (2) Alice bap HT 9th Feb 1606/7 (3) Thomas bap HT 24th Apr 1610 (4) William bap HT 6th Jan 1612/13 (5) Mary bap HT20 Nov 1615 (6) Joane bap HT Nov 1616 (7) Elizabeth bap HT 6th Jan 1619/20 (8) John bap HT 2nd Nov 1623 - Christian his wife was buried at HT on 21st September 1639]

    John TOBY & Ellinor LUCIE were married 16-Jan 1603 (PR)

    Jonas STICKLAND & Anne EASTON were married 30-Apr 1604 (PR) [Note:- Jonas was the 2nd known child of Bartholomew Stickland and had been baptised at HT on 12th April 1573. Anne his wife was buried at HT on 12th Aug 1612]

    Thomas KENICOT & Alice MORGAN were married 04-Jun 1604 (PR)

    Thomas YOKENEY & Alice YEATE were married 07-Jun 1604 (PR) [Note:- child William bap HT 8th March 1604/5]

    William COUSENS & Edith HIGHE were married 25-Oct 1604 (PR)

    Thomas COWBOURNE & Alice MILLER were married 19-Nov 1604 (PR)

      [Note:- Alice nee MARTINE was the widow of John MILLER whom she married at HT on 12th Jan 1595 - John Miller was buried at HT 15th Oct 1602 so she brought with her 3 children from her 1st marriage. Alice then gave birth to a son whom they named Matthew and had baptised at HT on 8th Sep 1606 but he died and was buried at HT on 15th June 1607]

    William WILLES & Elizabeth HAWKINS were married 28-Jan 1604 (PR)

    Anthony CORNISHE & Joane BLACKFORDE were married 15-Apr 1605 (PR) [Note:- Joane may have been from the Family of William BLACHFORD who is thought to have arrived in Dorchester around 1593]

    John HILL & Agnes JEFFREYES were married 30-Jul 1605 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Margret bap HT 12th Oct 1608 (2) John bap HT 3rd Sep 1611 & buried 16th July 1612 (3) Roger bap HT 24th Oct 1614 & buried 10th June 1615 (4) Mary bap HT 15th Sep 1616 (5) George bap HT 25th Oct 1618 (6) Joseph bap HT 27 Jan 1621/22]

    Robert DAVY [DAVYE] & Mary HOBBE or HOBLE were married 07-Oct 1605 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Margaret bap HT 13th July 1606 (2) George bap HT 25th Jan 1608/9 (3) Giles bap HT 30th Mar 1614 & buried there 5th Apr 1614 (4) Katherine bap HT 14th June 1618]

    Anthony WOOD & Margaret DIGGOTTE were married 28-Nov 1605 (PR)

    William COOKE & Elizabeth DOWRITCHE were married 13-Feb 1605 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Elizabeth bap HT 1st Nov 1606 & buried HT 12th June 1611 (2) Joane bap HT 17th Feb 1607/8 (3) William bap HT 7th Oct 1609 (4) Ambrose bap HT 7th Mar 1610/11 & buried HT 3rd Feb 1611/12 (5) Sarah bap HT 7th May 1612 (6) Anne bap HT 26th July 1613 (7) Elizabeth bap HT 28th Aug 1615 & buried 1st Sep 1615 ]

    Ambrose WILKINS & Alice GODDARD were married 23-Jun 1606 (PR) [Note:- child John bap HT 28th Feb 1607/8]

    William PALMER & Faith MOODY were married 07-Jul 1606 signed John White Rector (PR) [Note:- William PALMER was buried HT 26th Oct 1615 and his widow Faith at HT on 12th Aug 1630]

  • [Signed John White Rector.]

  • John HOOD & Warbara BAKER were married 20-Nov 1606

    John READ & Elizabeth CHANNON were married 20-Jan 1606

    [Note:- Marriages for 1607 and 1608 are badley water damaged in the original register making most illegible - see ancestry images on line ]

    John COMFREY & Anne [Agnes] PALMER were married 08-Apr 1607

      [Note:- Phillimore transcribed her name as 'Anne' but the marriage is more or less illegible in the original parish register. The will of Ralph Palmer, who was buried at Holy Trinity Church on 24th Jan 1609/10, is dated 17 Feb 1607/8 and was proved at London on the 26 May 1610. Ralph gives a bequest to his daughter Agnes Palmer the wife of John Comfrey. known children from the marriage:- (1) Joane bap HT 01 May 1608 (2) Gertrude bap HT 13th Aug 1609 (3) Robert bap HT 8th Aug 1610 (4) John bap HT 1st March 1611/12 (5) Martha bap HT 14th Jan 1613/14 with sister Mary (6) Mary bap HT 14th Jan 1613/14 with Martha - buried HT 10th June 1616 (7) Charles bap HT 2nd June 1615 and buried there 18th Apr 1617]

    Joseph UNDERWOOD & Rachel EDWARDS were married 25-Apr 1607 [Note:- See link for more information on his life ]

    Thomas DOWRITCHE & Elizabeth SEN[***] were married 02-May 1607 [Note:- Thomas's 1st marriage was to Mary CHOWNTE at HT on 3rd Feb 1598 by whom he had 2 children, but she died and was buried at HT on 26 Jan 1606/7. Elizabeth produced a son (3) Joseph who was bap at HT on 5th March 1607/8 but he died and was buried the following day - Elizabeth his 2nd wife was buried HT 15th Feb 1620/1]

    William MICHELL & Barbara GUEST[?] were married 11-Jul 1607

    Robert OSBURNE [OSBORNE] & Avis PERIN were married 24-Sep 1607

      [Note:- children:- (1) Alice bap HT 28th Sep 1608 (2) Frances bap HT 16th Jan 1611/2 & buried there 4th Nov 1619 (3) Ruth bap HT 20th Feb 1613/4 (4) Anne bap HT 7th Apr 1616 (5) Rebecca bap HT 28 Feb 1618/19 (6) Samuel bap HT 17 June 1621 (7) Jonathan bap HT 2nd March 1623/4. L/A granted for administration of his estate was granted at PCC in 1658 (8) Nathaniel bap HT 23rd Sep 1626 - Robert OSBURNE was buried at HT on 8th September 1645]

    Mathew BONGIER & Margery HARDYE were married 26-Oct 1607

    John BOWRINGE & Mary BANKS were married 18-Jan 1607

    Thomas RAWLES & Joane GRINTER were married 25-Jan 1607

    John MOORE & Margerye READE were married 25-May 1608

    Henrye [Henry] PINNEY & Christian BUSTARD were married 13-Jun 1608

    Charles SIMONS & Margaret HOPKINS were married 20-Jun 1608

      [Note:- known children:- (1) Joane bap HT 27th Nov 1608 (2) Robert bap HT 5th Mar 1619/20 - Charles SIMONS was buried at HT on 3rd March 1622/3]

    John AMERY & Joane BAGGE were married 26-Jul 1608

    Henry WILSE & Phillis BAYLYE were married 17-Oct 1608 [Note:- child John bap HT 12th apr 1611 - Phillis his wife was buried at HT on 27th Aug 1612]

    Giles HAMMOND & Alice WHITE were married 14-Nov 1608

      [Note:- His surname was often abbreviated to 'HAMON' and sometimes had a line above the name like a tilde to indicate abbreviation: Their children were:- (1) William bap HT 1st Oct 1609 (2) Thomas bap HT 25th Aug 1611 (3) James bap HT 25th July 1613 buried HT 22nd Apr 1631 (4) John bap HT 20th Nov 1615 (5) Joane bap HT 27th June 1619 & buried HT 22 Jan 1620/1 (6) Robert bap HT 28th jan 1620/21 (7) Stephen bap HT 14 Dec 1623 (8) Elias bap HT 13 Apr 1628]

    Thomas LIMBREY & Anne PARKINS were married 22-Dec 1608

    Moses SKINNER & Phillis DAVYS were married 14-Jan 1608 [Note:- children:- (1) John bap HT 22nd March 1608/9 (2) Edmund bap HT 13th Apr 1611]

    Ralphe SMITH & Bathsheba PARKER were married 06-Feb 1608 [Note:- Ralphe Smith died in 1617 see his will proved 26th May 1617. Bathsheba remarried to Thomas Beake on 1st June 1618]

    Edward FORTE & Bridgett CRIECHE were married 14-Aug 1609 (PR) [Note:- child Elinor bap HT 25th March 1610]

    Marke ROW & Judith MIDDLE were married 25-Sep 1609 (PR) [Note:- Petronil the previous wife of Marke ROA [ROW] was buried at HT on 17th Dec 1608. A child Mark was bap HT 17th March 1609/10]

  • [Signed John White Jo. Parkins.]

  • Nathaniel READ & Elizabeth TRIVETT were married 06-Nov 1609 (PR)

      [Note:- Note:- Nathaniel READ (1588-1638) is the 5th child from the marriage of William READ to Elizabeth BISHOPPE at HT on 31-Jan 1579. He was bound over by Sir Francis Ashley JP to appear before the next sessions with 2 others on 29th Dec 1618 for being drunk on the Sabbath day. He was then described as a husbandsman. He appears again in the quarter sessions records held between 5th and 8th October 1630 when he may have been applying for a licence to sell ale. .Elizabeth nee Trivett was buried at HT on 19th Sep 1637. Nathaniel was buried at HT Church 7th Nov 1638. Children from this marriage:-
        (1) Elizabeth Read (1610-1610) bap HT 9th Mar 1610/11 - & buried HT 12th March 1610/11
        (2) Elizabeth Read (1612-???) bap HT 15th July 1612
        (3) Mary Read (1613-???) bap HT 23 Dec 1613
        (4) Catherin Read (1615-???) bap HT 22nd Febv 1615/16
        (5) Nathaniel Read (1618-1667 bap HT 3rd May 1618 and buried there 28th Aug 1667
        (6) SusanRead (1620-1625) bap HT 2nd Apr 1620 and buried there 18th Apr 1625
        (7) Ann Read (1622-1624) bap HT 29th Sep 1622 & buried HT 12th June 1624

    John RASKER & Anne READ were married 13-Nov 1609 (PR) [Note:- Note:- Ann READ is a child from the marriage of William READ to Elizabeth BISHOPPE at HT on 31-Jan 1579 . Children:- John bap HT 6th Jan 1619/20]

    Robert WADMAN & Katharine MARTIN were married 20-Jan 1609 (PR) [Note:- children (1) Robert bap HT 26th Jan 1609/10 (2) Mary? bap HT 10th Aug 1616 and buried HT 28th May 1617]

    Ralphe PERIN & Margret PURCHASE were married 10-May 1610 (PR)

      [Note:- Margaret PURCHASE was the daughter of Nicholas PURCHASE who was buried at Holy Trinity in 1620. Her marriage to Ralph and her daughter Jane are mentioned in Nicholas's Will. Ralph's surname was also spelt Perrin, Perryn or Peryn and the family, and Ralph, are briefly mentioned by David Underdown in his book 'Fire from Heaven'. There was undoubtedly several of that name as an earlier Ralph Peryn was a witness to municipal records from as early as 1538 and was bailiff of Dorchester from 1548 to 1550, and then a Constable 1550 -1551. He owned a burgage on the south side of High West street in 1549.

      This Ralphe Perin is mentioned briefly in the Will of Richard Barker (1542-1621) and was constable of Dorchester in 1629 [See MRD page 653 & WW Diary p.107]. There is an interesting document that survives in the Municipal Records [See MRD page 657] which is quoted below as it provides details of his business trading, dependants and the Corporations attempts to keep the price of basic foodstuffs within the reach of the poor:- "29th Nov 1630 - Raph [Ralph] PERRIN hath of Wheate in his barne 300 bushells, and of barley there in store 640 bushells, hath in his house and family 17 persons certaine, is allowed for his household eighty bushells of wheate, and of Barley to spend in his house 100 bushells; he hath sold unto Mr Ball . Bond for the pore [poor] of the Towne 100 bushells of wheate, and is ordered to bring into the market weekly, or to sell so much to the poor of the Towne and make it appeare to be so, two bushells of wheate; and of barley is allowed for sowing of 80 acres 320 bushells of barley, and for his household as before 100 bushells; and the remayneth 220 bushells of barley and is ordered to bring weekly into the market, or to swell unto the pore [poor] of the Towne, a sack of barley every fortnight, and the rest he is allowed to make into mault."

      Their children were:- (1) William bap HT 28th Feb 1610/11 & buried HT 28th Mar 1611 (2) Joane [Jaine] bap HT 12th March 1611/12 -- Margaret his wife then died and was buried at HT on 15th March 1611/12. Joane and Jaine appear to be interchangable names in the 16th century. The baptism is clear as Joane but Jane the daughter Margaret by Ralph was left forty shillings in her grandfathers Will in 1620. Margaret of course had already died by then.

      Ralph PERIN clearly had a large family by 1630 - He appears to have re-married after Margaret's death as the following additional baptisms also appear in the HT parish registers (3) Sarah bap 3rd Jan 1618/9 (4) Elizabeth bap 23 Dec 1621 (5) Deborah bap 4th Feb 1626/7. He also had a son (6) Ralph PERRIN 'the younger' whose baptism I have not located who appears to have married an Anne and produced a daughter Eleanor bap HT 30th July 1637. But Anne died and was buried 15th Oct 1645 followed by their daughter Eleanor on 30th October that year.

      died and was buried at HT on 11th March 1643/4]

    Henry LEE [LEIGH] of Dorchester married Susan WATTES [WATTS] of the same on 11th May 1610 at St Margaret Moses Church in Little Friday Street in the City of LONDON

      NOTE:- After marriage they settled in their home town of Dorchester and produced a family of 8 children:- (1) Henry bap HT 22nd Feb 1610/1 buried there 10th July 1612 (2) Henry bap HT 11th Oct 1612 (3) John bap HT 27th Nov 1614 (4) Joane bap HT 15th Dec 1616 and buried there 6th Apr 1618 (5) Joseph bap HT 11th Oct 1618 (6) Richard bap HT 5th Jan 1622/3 (7) Mary bap HT 6th Feb 1624/5 and buried there 20th July 1626 (8) Edward bap 18th March 1626/7 -- Susan nee WATTS was then buried at HT on 11th Dec 1627]

    Peter SCUTTE & Julian UNDERWOOD were married 11-Jun 1610 (PR) [Note:- child Hannah bap HT 22nd Nov 1613]

    Oliver BADCOOKE & Margret DOLLINGE were married 22-Jun 1610 (PR)

    Richard WOOD & Jane BABERCOMBE were married 02-Jul 1610 (PR)

    Henry CORBIN & Margret BOWDEN were married 09-Jul 1610 (PR)

      [Note:- Henry CORBINE (1564-1654): Henry and Margaret had only one child, Susan Corbin who was baptised at Holy Trinity church on 31st Dec 1611. Unfortunately she died and was buried there on 17th Jan 1611/12. Margaret his wife also died and was buried at HT on 27th June 1614. Henry then remarried to Elizabeth PURCHASE at HT on 05-Sep 1614 - See later marriage for more children]

    Richard DINE & Mary SEARCHFIELD were married 17-Sep 1610 (PR)

    John BLACHFORDE & Margret [Margaret] MEMBREE were married 06-Oct 1610 (PR) [Note:- See link for account of his life and a list of 9 children born from the marriage]

    Francis CRADOCKE & Dorothee MUSTEN were married 22-Oct 1610 (PR) [Note:- child Mary bap HT 15th Dec 1611]

    Joseph PARKINS & Julian EDWARDES were married 07-Nov 1610 (PR) [Note:- Brief mention in Fire from Heaven page 67 - Julian EDWARDES was the widow of Henry EDWARDES who was buried at HT on 17th Aug 1610]

    John NARTON & Phillippe LONGE were married 03-Apr 1611 (PR) [Note:- child Elinor bap HT 22nd Nov 1612 ]

    Giles WILSE & Mary STEVENS were married 19-May 1611 (PR)

    Thomas WATTES & Julian KEMBER were married 24-Jun 1611 (PR)

    John LINZEY [LINSEY] & Joane PETVIN were married 29-Jun 1611 (PR)

      [Note:- To make life really difficult 'John LINSEY' also appears to had an alias of 'John PETTY'. The only evidence I have for this is the baptism of his son Thomas on 3rd May 1629 where he is shown as 'Thomas the sonne of John Petty als Linsey'. The baptism of their 4th child as John again however is explained but the death the previous John under the surname Petty and the sequence of children seems to fit one family so I have assumed he simply went by both names. Their children were:-:- (1) Katherine Linzey bap HT 11th June 1612 and buried as Catherine Linsey at HT on 14th Feb 1614/15 (2) Elizabeth Linsey bap HT 15th Sep 1614 (3) John Linsey was bap HT 1st June 1617 ,but appears to have died and been buried as John the son of John Petty at HT on 12th July 1617 (4) John Linsey bap HT 2nd Sep 1621 buried as John Linsey HT 6th Sep 1621 (5) Mary Linsey bap HT 15th May 1623 (6) Richard Petty bap HT 5th March 1625/6 (7) Thomas Petty bap HT 3rd May 1629]

    Robert DEVENISHE & Eurothe STEVENS were married 11-May 1612 (PR)

      [Note:- Euroth STEVENS nee MIGHILL was the widow of Henry STEVEN whom she married at HT on 28-Oct 1598 see her 1st marriage for children from that union. Child by Robert was a son Robert bap HT 21st Jan 1612/3.
  • [Signed John White]

  • William CLOWTER & Jane LEIGHE were married 07-Sep 1612 (PR)

    Henry WHITTLE & Elizabeth SAMWAIES [SAMWAYS] were married 07-Sep 1612 (PR)

      [Note:- Elizabeth his wife was buried at HT on 15th Aug 1614. There is a brief mention of 'Henry WHITTLE a merchant of Dorchester' in Sir Francis Ashleys casebook under the date of 26th September 1614 when Henry together Joseph and John WHITTLE, also merchants of Dorchester, were bound over to the next assizes for good behaviour. Henry for the sum of £40 and the others £20 each. ]

    John POLLARDE [POLLARD] & Elizabeth DAVIES were married 28-Nov 1612 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) William bap HT 9th April 1613 & buried there 15 Oct 1624 (2) Elizabeth bap HT 12th March 1614/5 and buried 28 June 1616 - Elizabeth his wife buried HT 15 May 1624]

    Arthur KNOTTE & Anne COSHE were married 30-May 1613 (PR)

      [NOTE: At 2 oclock on 6th August 1613 The Great Fire of Dorchester - See David Underdown's Book 'Fire from Heaven"]

    William CURTESSE & Alice COODE were married 28-Oct 1613 (PR)

      [Note:- Surname also spelt CURTOISE or CURTIS : children:- (1) Joseph bap HT 12th Dec 1615 (2) Richard bap HT 26 Mar 1620 (3) Faxima? bap HT 3 Feb 1621/22]

    Roger DEVENISHE & Sarah BEKE were married 04-Nov 1613 (PR)

      [Note:- children (1) Hughe bap HT 14th Mar 1613/14 (2) Eleanor bap HT 24th Nov 1615 (3) Nathaniel bap HT 19th Apr 1618 (4) Roger bap HT 19 Apr 1618 (twin?) buried HT 29th Dec 1619 (5) Ann bap HT 11th June 1620 (6) Grace bap HT 5th Jan 1622/3 (7) Elizabeth bap HT 2nd March 1623/4 (8) Martha bap HT 8th Apr 1627]

    Thomas TEDMAN & Agnes CARTER were married 24-Jan 1613 (PR)

    Troilus WALLEYS [WALLOIS] & Gertrude MEMBREE were married 07-Feb 1613 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Ann We do not have a baptism for her but she was buried at HT on 13th May 1615 and is therefore their first child. Birth being a rather risky business it was traditional for the mother to return to her home parish and mothers support for the first birth. This may well still have been in Dorchester but records for All Saints and St Peters have not survived pre 1653. (2) William bap HT 1st May 1616. Presumably he died pre birth of 2nd William at the end of 1624 but no trace of burial? (3) John bap HT 18 Oct 1620 (4) Richard bap HT 20 Oct 1622 (5) William bap HT 13 March 1624/5 and buried there 2nd June 1629 (6) Mary bap 9th Feb 1629/30 (7) John bap HT 15 Mar 1632/3 (8) Jane bap HT 21 Dec 1634]

    William EAIRES [EYRES] & Elinor LONGE were married 09-Feb 1613 (PR)

    Richard HODGINS & Dorothee FFORTE were married 07-May 1614 (PR)

    Charles AUSTEN & Agnes TERIN were married 16-May 1614 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Charles bap HT 4th Jan 1614/15 and buried HT 25th Feb 1632/3 (2) Constance bap HT June 1617 (3) William bap HT 26th Sep 1619 & buried 21st June 1628 (4) Elizabeth bap HT 21st Apr 1622 & buried there 20th Jule 1622 (5) Hannah bap 11 July 1624 (6) John bap HT 25th Nov 1627 (7) Richard bap HT 2nd May 1630 (8) Magdelene bap HT 14 Dec 1631 (9) Charles bap HT 2nd Mar 1633/4]

    William CHANON & Rebecca MANNINGE were married 23-Jul 1614 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Rebecca bap HT 8th June 1616 (2) William bap HT 11th July 1619 (3) John bap HT 13 Jan 1621/22 - Willian CHANON Senior died and was buried at HT on 16th Oct 1620]

    Henry CORBIN & Elizabeth PURCHASE were married 05-Sep 1614 (PR)

      [Note:- Henry CORBINE (1564-1654): a baker by trade was a member of the company of Freemen of Dorchester and a widower having previously married Margaret BOWDEN at HT on 9th July 1610. Margaret died being buried at HT on 27th June 1614. Elizabeth PURCHASE was the daughter of Nicholas PURCHASE and is mentioned in her fathers Will who died at Dorchester in 1620. Children from this marriage were (1) Elizabeth bap HT 2nd March 1616/17 and buried there 24th Apr 1618 (2) Mathias bap HT 28th Feb 1618/19 (3) Elizabeth bap HT 16 Dec 1620 & may have been buried HT 30th March 1644 (4) Deborah bap HT 30 July 1625 & buried there 21st April 1631 - Henry CORBIN was buried at HT on 24 Aug 1654 and from the Inventory of his goods which still survives he was clearly a wealthy man. Elizabeth his widow was buried at HT on 3rd Dec 1661]

    John RUSSELL & Dorothe RANDALL were married 26-Sep 1614 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Frances bap HT 28th Jan 1615/16 (2) Sarah bap HT 28th May 1618 (3) John bap HT 24 Jan 1618/19]

    John ADAMS & Anne SKINNER were married 20-Oct 1614 (PR)

      [Note:- children (1) Robert bap HT 9th July 1615 (2) Sarah bap HT 10th Nov 1617 & buried HT 23 July 1621 (3) Deborah bap HT 25 Jan 1619/20 & buried 2nd Aug 1621 - Anne his wife then died and was buried at HT on 27th December 1621 - John then remarried to Edith STACY at HT on 15-Jan 1624]

    Richard MAUNDERS [MANDERS] & Mary HULEOT were married 23-Oct 1614 (PR) [Note:- child Katherin bap HT 28th Sep 1617]

    John MORYE [MORY or MOREY] & Gertrude MEMBREE were married 31-Oct 1614 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Joseph bap HT 7th Sep 1617 (2) William bap HT 7th Oct 1621 (3) Samuel bap HT 11 Apr 1624 & buried there 18 Oct 1624 (4) Rebecca bap HT 2nd Apr 1626 (5) Henry bap HT 26th Oct 1628]

    John WOOD & Alice DYER were married 26-Nov 1614 (PR) [Note:- Alice nee HODGINS was the widow of Walter DYER whom she married at HT on 1st June 1602, but her husband Walter was buried at HT on 10th Mar 1613/14. They also had a son Luke DYER bap HT 11 Aug 1604 who was buried HT 31 July 1626. This was her second marriage and she died and was buried as Alice the wife of John Wood at HT on 24 Jan 1619/20]

    Charles WATERS & Protheisa DOWNING were married 26-Nov 1614 (PR)

    John TAYLOR & Elizabeth MANNING were married 09-Nov 1614 (PR)

    George BARTLETT & Alice COWBORNE were married 12-Jan 1614 (PR)

  • [Signed John White Rector]

  • Laurence MICHEL & Marye BRINE were married 15-Apr 1615 (PR)

    John WATERCOMBE & Anne BOAKE were married 08-Jul 1615 (PR) [Note:- a female child Philipp bap HT 5th May 1616]

    John ALAMBRIGG & Euroth WILSON were married 28-Sep 1615 (PR)

      [Note:- John Allambrig [Allambridge] (d.1645) was a wealthy clothier who according to the Municipal Records of Dorchester took on a string of apprentices to help with his business. He was elected constable of Dorchester on 6th Oct 1628 (See WW Diary page 99) and was named as one of the first 24 members of the Common Council under the new Charter granted to the town by Charles I on 22nd September 1629. His wife Euroth [Uroth] died 7th July 1634 (page 146 WW) On the death of Bernard Toup he was elected as a capital Burgess of Dorchester on 26th Dec 1635 and Mayor of Dorchester in 1642 - see Fire From Heaven by David Underdown. Died 1645 Probate 13th June]

      1st child Joane baptised at Holy Trinity Church on 30 Nov 1616 - The rest probably baptised at St Peters where records do not survive. Two of his daughters married well (a) One married Richard SCOVILE Town Clerk and the other Martha Allambridge married Samuel the 6th child of Richard BUSHROD (1576-1628) at Ht on 1st June 1640] .

    Thomas HULEOT & Barbara TAYLOR were married 28-Sep 1615 (PR)

    Thomas LEGG & Susan BOAKE were married 13-Nov 1615 (PR)

    Richard KEATE & Agnes DARE were married 27-Nov 1615 (PR)

    Robert SIMONS & Cecilye PEPIN were married 02-Dec 1615 (PR) [Note:- child Robert bap HT 6th Oct 1616]

    Leonard HOSKINS & Elizabeth PINNEY were married 02-Dec 1615 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Thomas bap HT Sep 1616 (2) unknown male (Joseph?) bap HT 8th Feb 1617/18 (3) Benjamin bap HT 27 Sep 1624]

    Clement BAYLY & Margaret BRITT were married 05-Feb 1615 (PR)

      [Note:- Clement BAYLY [BAILEY] (bur HT 25th Nov 1646) the son of John BAILEY like his father was a shoemaker by trade but they ran a beerhouse and, according to David Underdown, constantly in trouble. Clement and his father appeared a number of times before Sir Francis Ashley the JP. Children from this marriage:- (1) John bap HT 22nd Dec 1617 (2) Susan bap HT circa January 1619/20 : (3) John ? Note:- deleted entry June 1620 (3/4) John bap HT 20 Jan 1621/22 (4) Christian bap HT 11 Dec 1625 (5) Edith bap HT 3rd Aug 1628 Sources: Fire From Heaven by David Underdown - see pages 73, 176 & 179 ; The Casebook of Sir Francis Ashley JP and Recorder of Dorchester 1614-1635 - see pages 9,59,66,& 67 - ]

    John ELICOTT & Margarett POOKE were married 01-Jul 1616 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Joane bap HT 22nd Sep 1616 (2) Mary bap HT 2nd Nov 1617]

    Lewis WATTS & Elizabeth MELLEDGE were married 28-Oct 1616 (PR)

    George JENINGS & Agnes HEMINGTON were married 18-Nov 1616 (PR) [Note:- A George JENINGE was buried at HT on 28th Aug 1639]

    Richard BRENSON & Elizabeth BRINE were married 28-Jan 1616 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Dorothy bap HT 2nd Nov 1617 & buried 27 Mar 1620 (2) Thomas bap HT 12 Aug 1621]

    William NOSCITER & Mary STONE were married 28-Jan 1616 (PR)

    William PITMAN & Ann COMFREY were married 18-Jun 1617 (PR)

    John CLEMENT & Alice BISHOPP were married 28-Jul 1617 (PR)

    James LUCKES [or LUCAS] & Avis [or Avice] ROSE were married 15-Sep 1617 (PR)

      [Note:- Avice Rose is mentioned in Sir Francis Ashleys casebook prior to her marriage. They had 1 child Mary bap Fordington 13 June 1619 before James buried 30 May 1620, Avis buried 31 May 1627 and daughter Mary buried 15 Dec 1627]

    Henry MARTIN & Dorothe BUCKLER were married 29-Sep 1617 (PR)

      [Note:- Dorothy BUCKLER was the daughter of William BUCKLER of Wolcom Maltrauers (in the parish of Melbury Bubb) a Gentleman by his wife Mary the daughter of Edward KEYTE of Cheselbourne See Dorset Vistation for 1623 page 24: Children from this marriage (1) Mary bap HT 12th Oct 1618 (2) Thomas bap HT 5th Dec 1619 (3) Joseph bap HT 18 Feb 1620/21 & buried HT 3rd June 1621 (4) Machias bap HT 18 Feb 1620/21 (twin?) - Henry MARTIN was buried at HT on 16th Nov 1625 and Dorothie remarried to John Brine 4th June 1629]

    Israel MORGAN & Katherin BARFOOT were married 14-Jan 1617/8 (PR) [Note:- Link to comments about Katherin's family ]

    George LINNINGTON & Elizabeth TAYLOR were married 28-Jan 1617/8 (PR)

    Thomas BEAKE & Bathshebah SMITH were married 01-Jun 1618 (PR) [Note Bathsheba Smith nee Parker was the widow of Ralphe Smith who died in 1617 - see his will proved 26th May 1617 and their marriage at HT on 6th Feb 1608]

    Joseph PURCHASE & Elizabeth HASELBER [HASELBURY] were married 09-Nov 1618 (PR)

      [Note:- Joseph PURCHASE (d.1638) was the eldest son of Nicholas PURCHASE and brother to Jane who married William WINSOR in 1602, brother to Elizabeth who married Henry CORBINE (1564-1654) in 1614. His father Nicholas died in 1620 and Joseph carried on his business and according to David Underdown in his book Fire from Heaven (page 99) had a contract from the Corporation to supply bread to the gaol in 1632 and (See page 140) "did well enough to leave his children a trust fund worth £280 when he died in 1638. He had servants as there is an entry in William Whiteways diary for 25th Aug 1630:- "This day Joseph Purchase his man DAVIS fell upon a Corne Puike and died suddenly". Elizabeth's children were:- (1) Nicholas bap HT 13th Feb 1618/19 (2) Elizabeth bap HT 11 Dec 1620 (3) Joane bap HT 12 Jan 1622/3 & buried HT 26 Jan 1622/3 (4) Joseph bap HT 6th Aug 1624] (5) Jaine [in Will as Joane] bap HT 8th Sep 1626 (6) Andrew bap HT 30 Nov 1628 (7) Thomas bap HT 12 Sep 1630 and buried HT 19 July 1633 (8) Margaret bap HT 1st Jan 1631/2 (9) Aquila bap HT 13th Oct 1633 (10) William bap HT 9th Aug 1635 & buried there 2nd Oct 1635 (11) John bap HT 25 March 1638 - Joseph died in Dorchester and was buried at HT on 9th Oct 1638 leaving a Will]

    Thomas CHURCHILL & Grace MEMBRE were married 05-Apr 1619 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Mary bap HT 6th Jan 1619/20 & buried there 23 July 1621 (2) Elizabeth bap HT 1st Oct 1626, fate unknown (3) Hannah bap HT 5th Apr 1629 - - buried HT 5th Dec 1633. Grace CHURCHILL his wife was buried at HT on 4th Oct 1632 and Thomas CHURCHILL on 30th Oct 1632]

    John ADIN & Christian HARRIS were married 14-Apr 1619 (PR) [Note:- Christian HARRIS was the widow of Joseph EYRES See his will Proved 23 Nov 1614]

    William BRAY & Margaret WHITTLE were married 15-Apr 1619 (PR)

    Robert SAMWAYES & Alice PERIN were married 26-May 1619 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Margaret bap HT 8th May 1620 (2) John bap HT 15 June 1623 & buried HT 30 July 1635 by which time Alice was a widow - Robert SAMWAYES was buried at HT on 24th April 1633 & Alice buried HT 11th Oct 1637]

    Richard FFRYE [FRY] & Mary COXE [COX] were married 28-Jul 1619 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Rebecca bap HT 20th Oct 1619 & buried there 6th Nov 1619 (2) Mary bap HT 14 Jan 1620/21 (3) Arthur bap HT 14 Dec 1623 (4) Anne bap HT 22nd Mar 1628/9]

    John MARSFFEILD & Eleonor AIRES were married 09-Nov 1619 (PR) [Note:- Eleanor his 1st wife buried HT 9th Dec 1631 John remarried to Eleonor FRYE at HT on 22-Dec 1632]

    Thomas WINSORE & Joane PURCHASE were married 24-Jan 1619 (PR) [Note:- Thomas & Joane are mentioned in her fathers Will - See Nicholas PURCHASE (d.1620)]

    John CHEAPMAN & Anne GOODMAN were married 07-Feb 1619 (PR)

    William JAMES & Prudence GROZE were married 07-Feb 1619 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) John bap HT 22 Apr 1622 & buried 22 Sep 1622 (2) Joseph bap HT 21 Sep 1623 (3) James bap HT 14 May 1626 - Prudence buried HT 12th march 1633/4]

    John BLUETT & Thomasine PERIN were married 10-Feb 1619 (PR)

    Roger GREGORY & Cicely HAYNE were married 12-Feb 1619 (PR)

      [Note:- Cecily GREGORY widdow was buried at HT in Sep 1633 - Link to more information about the Hayne Family in Dorcherster - Children from this marriage (1) Philip Gregory bap Ht 6 Feb 1630/1 buried there 8th Mar 1630/1 (2 & 3 ) Ann and Mary Gregory twin sisters bap 16 Dec 1831 both buried there 24th Dec 1631 (4) Stephen Gregory bap HT 17 Feb 1632/3 and buried 13 July 1635]

    William WHITEWAY & Eleonor PERKINS were married 14-Jun 1620 (PR)

      William WHITEWAY (1599-1635) The Diarist : Extracts from William Whiteway of Dorchester His diary 1618-1635 :- 6th April 1620 - "Was concluded the Marriage betwixt me William Whiteway and Elenor Parkins my best beloved, which I pray to blesse and prosper: 4 May 1620 - The said William Whiteway and Elenor Parkins were betrothed in my father Parkins his hall about 9 pf the clock at night by Mr.John White in presence of our parents, unkle John Gould and Mr Darby and their wives, my cousin Joan Gould widow, and my sister Margaret Parkins etc: 14 June 1620 - I William Whiteway was married to Elenor Parkins by Mr. John White in the church of Holy Trinity in Dorchester, in the presence of the greatest part of the towne, which marriage I pray God to blesse, that I may turne of his glory, and our good and the comfort of all our friends Amen. The wedding ring had this posy Conjugii firmi et casti sum pignius amoris [I am the pledge of a steadfast marriage and of chaste love".
      Appendix 4 of his Diary also lists his children as (1) Mary (1621-1625) 11th June 1621 "my wife was delivered of a mayde childe about ½ an houre after eleven a clocke at night. She was baptised the 17th thereof and called Mary by my unkle Mr John GOULD Senior, my owne mother, and my mother in Law Mrs Rachel PARKINS. God bless her". (Baptised at St Peters where records do not survive pre 1653). 5th June 1625 " This day at 11 a clocke at night, god took unto his merc, my eldest daughter Mary, being fower yeares old within 6 or 7 daies.(2) William (1622- 1656) "6th Dec 1622 This day a quarter of an howre after nine in the morning was borne my eldest son and baptised two daies after (St Peters) by the name of William, astantibus my father, my father-in-law and Mrs Joan Gould the widow. I pray god bless him" (3) Margaret (1624-1628) The 11th (July 1624) hereof about ½ an houre after 6 a clocke in the evening being Sunday, my 2[nd] daughter was borne and baptised by Mr Clarke (St Peters) the 18th dicto being Sunday. The godfather was Mr Joseph PATY my Uncle. Godmothers Mrs Margaret Walker my sister, and my Cousin Mrs Margery Gould by whom she was called Margaret. 22nd Feb 1628 "God took to his mercy my daughter Margaret being about 3 years and a halfe old. (4) John (1625-1626) "2nd Dec 1625 This day at 5 in the evening my second son John was borne, and baptised 11th dicto. His surities were my brother walker. Cousin Peter Middleton, and sister Elizabeth Bull. I pray god to make him his servant. 28th Feb 1626 "This day ½ an houre after 6 in the morning god tooke unto himselfe, my second son John about 3 moneths old, when he had not been sicke above 3 houres (5) John (1628-1631) 20th Feb 1628 "This day my son John the second, was borne ¼ after 1 in the afternoon, and baptised the 24th. Mr James Gould, and my brother Parkins, and my Mother Whiteway being his surities. Deaths: My son John the 2nd and 3[rd] son 16th dicto i.e. 16th Oct 1631 (6) Mary (1630-1631) 6th Dec 1630 " this day at 9 a clocke in the evening My 3rd daughter was borne and baptised Marya seunda. Her surities were Mr George Bull, Mrs Rachel Parkins and Mrs Sarah Hill. She died the 5th January next. [Note:- Mary was baptised at Holy Trinity church on 12th December 1630] (7) Elenor (1633-1634) Entry dated 11th Sep 1633 "this day my daughter Elenor was borne ½ an houre after 2 a clocke in afternoon. The surities were Mr Dionis Bond, my aunt Paty and my sister Mary Whiteway. The Lord Bless her" She was baptised at Holy Trinity on 25th Sep 1633: Entry dated 28th Oct 1634 "God took to his mercy my little daughter Elenor Whiteway, aged about 13 monthes (8) Mary (b 1635)

    Anthony DOWRISHE [DOWRITCHE] & Jane EVANS were married 29-Jun 1620 (PR)

      [Note:-See previous comments against Anthony's 1st marriage to Elizabeth MARSH on 4th May 1601 : (8) Jane bap HT 22 June 1623 - 8th child of Anthony Dowritch but 1st by Jane his 3rd wife (9) Mary bap HT 9th Apr 1626 - Anthony DOWRITCH senior was buried at HT on 13th Jan 1630/1]

    John NORINGTON & Mary CLARCKE [CLARK] were married 31-Jul 1620 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Martha bap HT 15 Jan 1621/22 and buried HTon 16 Jan 1621/2 (2) Ann bap HT 19 Jan 1622/3 (3) Mary bap HT 26 Aug 1626 (4) Sarah bap HT 10 Feb 1627/8]

    Richard EDWARDS & Mary JOYCE were married 07-Feb 1620 (PR)

    John STIBBS & Rachell SHEPSTER were married 30-Jul 1621 (PR)

    Marke [Mark] GREENE & Dionyse HUNT were married 06-Oct 1621 (PR)

      [Note:- Mark Green (d.1666) was a weaver by trade being admitted as a Freeman of Dorchester on 21st Sep 1631. His wife was undoubtedly a part of the extended HUNT Family in Dorchester & Fordington. Dionyse is from the Latin Dionisia / Denisia or Deonise, also spelt Denyse - she was buried at HT 13th August 1638. I could not locate any children from this marriage but only registers for HT survive from this period. He seems to have remarried however as the following are recorded at HT for him:- (1) Mark GREENE bap 7th Nov 1641 & buried there 5th Aug 1656 (2) Benjamin GREENE bap 13th Feb 1643/4 (3) Thomas buried at HT 13th April 1647. Mark GREEN was buried at HT Church in Dorchester on 8th Nov 1666]

    Edward HAYNE & Agnes PARKER were married 29-Apr 1622 (PR) [Note:- Link to more information about the Hayne Family in Dorcherster]

      [Note:- Edward HAYNE (d.1670) was a weaver by trade and admitted to the newly formed 'Company of Freemen' in Dorchester on 31 Jan 1621/2. Agnes HAYNE nee PARKER was buried at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 26 Aug 1666 followed by her husband Edward on 15 Aug 1670. Children from this marriage:-

      (1) Joane Hayne bap HT 24th June 1622

      (2) Edward Hayne (1624-1624) bap HT 18 Apr 1624 and buried there 26 Apr 1624

      (3) Deborah Hayne bap HT 12 Jun 1625

      (4) Stephen Hayne bap HT 16 Feb 1628/9

      (5) Mary Hayne (1631-1634) bap HT 21 Aug 1631 buried there on 18 Apr 1634

      (6) Elizabeth Hayne bap HT 21 Apr 1633, she married John TILSEY of Shepton Mallett in Somerset at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester on 03-Sep 1657

      (7) Joane Hayne bap HT 18 Feb 1634/5

      (8) Ruth Hayne bap HT April 9 1637, she married William LOVETT at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 2nd Dec 1662]

      (9) Mary Hayne (1639-1662) bap HT March 31 1639 and buried there 23rd April 1662

      (10) Edward Hayne sonne bap HT 6 Aug 1641

      (11) Sarah Hayne ( d.1643) was buried at HT in 2nd half of 1643

    Nathaniel BOWER & Katherin GRIFFIN were married 17-Jun 1622 (PR) [Note:- child Samuel bap HT 23 Mar 1622/3]

    John CHURCHILL & Joane EDWARDS were married 19-Jun 1622 (PR)

      [Note:- John CHURCHILL (d.1639) a Yeoman was buried at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 10th June 1639. Link to details about his Will dated 17 May 1639 which was proved 12 Feb 1639/40. There is a long list of bequests but nothing is left to his wife or surviving son. He does make bequests to children of his Nephew Edward Churchill who is also the main beneficiary. He owned a tenement in All Saints Parish called The Angle. Children from the marriage:-

      (1) John Churchill (1623-1634) bap HT 8th June 1623 and buried there 30 May 1634
      (2) Elizabeth Churchill (1625-1627) bap HT 24th Apr 1625 and buried there 21 Feb 1627/8
      (3) Rev Joshua Churchill (1627-1693/4)bap HT 20th May 1627. He survived, joined the church and became vicar of St Georges Church Fordington in 1656. Link to more information]

    John SOUTHEY & Bridgett FFORTE were married 23-Jun 1622 (PR)

    John DIAMOND & Mary GENGE were married 05-Sep 1622 (PR)

    Thomas BELLOTT & Jane WILLS were married 16-Oct 1622 (PR) [Note:- child Thomas bap HT 30 Nov 1623]

    Samuel CARPENTER & Sarah MELLEDGE were married 19-Nov 1622 (PR)

    Robert WALKER & Margaret PERKINS were married 20-Jan 1622 (PR)

      [Note:-Extracts from William Whiteway of Dorchester His diary 1618-1635 :- 20 January 1622/23 This day Mr Robert WALKER was by Mr WHITE maried to my sister in law Mrs Margaret PARKINS]

    Isaak SKINNER & Eleonor ALLEN were married 09-Jun 1623 (PR) [Note:- The son of Robert Skinner baptised at Holy Trinity on 3rd Feb 1593. children:- (1) Miriam bap HT 10 July 1625 (2) Moses bap 5th Oct 1627 and buried the following day]

    Henry PARSONS & Grace CHAPPELL were married 25-Jun 1623 (PR)

    John GOLDRING & Jane COUSINS were married 13-Oct 1623 (PR)

    John ROBERTS & Anne HOLIDAYE were married 16-Oct 1623 (PR) [Note:- children (1) Ann bap HT 15th Aug 1624 (2) Joane bap HT 2nd Apr 1626 (3) George bap HT 1st June 1628 and buried 5th Apr 1629]

    Thomas WHIPPEY & Alice TERIN were married 27-Oct 1623 (PR)

    William ROCKEWELL [ROCKWELL] & Susan CAPON [GALPIN] were married 14-Apr 1624 (PR)

      [Note:- See page 136 of 'Fire from Heaven' by David Underdown with annotation on page 283 - Susan Capon or Galpin was the daughter of Bernard GALPIN and this family emigrated to America on the ship 'Mary and John' which left Plymouth Sound on 20th March 1630. The reconstruction of the passenger list of the Mary & John shows William ROCKWELL age 39; Susan CAPEN, wife age 28; Joan ROCKWELL daughter age 5; John ROCKWELL age 2. David Underdown also refers to a third child Joseph ROCKWELL who was too ill to travel and was subsequently buried at Holy Trinity church Dorchester on 30th June 1630. None of these children were baptised at Holy Trinity so were in all probability baptised at it's chapelry St Peters where the baptism records prior to 1653 have not survived. Although David Underdown refers to Joseph's burial at Holy Trinity on 30th June he was according to the register buried there on 14th of that month.]

    Simon PETVIN & Margery CHURCHILL were married 12-Jun 1624 (PR) [Note:- Simon may have been a widower as an Elizabeth the wife of a Simon PIDWIN was buried at HT on 16th March 1612/13]

    Thomas SLADE & Dorothe MATTHEWS were married 07-Oct 1624 (PR) [Note:- child Priscilla bap HT 6th Aug 1626 & buried HT 23rd Aug 1626]

    William YEOMAN & Joyce BRINE were married 07-Oct 1624 (PR)

      [Note:- Joyce BRINE had an illegitimate son William buried at HT on 10 Jan 1620/1. Children from this marriage :- (1) Susan bap HT 11th Sep 1625 (2) William bap HT 20 Jan 1627/8 (3) Elizabeth bap HT 10th Jan 1629/30 (4) Thomas buried HT 18 Dec 1632 (5) Margaret bap HT 30th March 1634 & buried there 2nd May 1636 (6) Hugh bap HT 2nd Apr 1637 & buried there 6th April 1637 (7) Joane bap HT 28th Oct 1638]

    John TUCKER & Christian WOOLFREYS were married 01-Nov 1624 (PR)

    John TEWXSBURY & Joane HAGGARD were married 25-Nov 1624 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Mary bap 14 Aug 1625 (2) Mary bap HT 8th Oct 1626 - Think Joan ]

    John ADAMS & Edith STACY were married 15-Jan 1624 (PR) [Note:- 2nd marriage of John ADAMS 1st was to Anne SKINNER at HT on 20-Oct 1614 - Edith was buried at HT on 31st Dec 1636]

    William BARTER & Margaret MILLER were married 02-Feb 1624 (PR) [Note:- child Marke bap HT 20 Nov 1625 & buried HT 29 Dec 1625]

    George WHITING & Dorothe DIBBEN were married 25-Jun 1625 (PR)

    George BULL & Elizabeth PERKINS were married 29-Jun 1625 (PR)

      [Note:- Extracts from William Whiteway of Dorchester His diary 1618-1635 Page 68 :- The 3rd hereof [February 1624/25] Mr George BULL was betrothed unto my sister in law Elizabeth PARKINS: page 73:-This day my sister Elizabeth PARKINS was married privately unto Mr George BULL of Wells who carried her thither upon the 11th day of the same month.]

    Hughe HOBLE & Joane WILSON were married 10-Oct 1625 (PR)

    William FFACY & Margaret BUCKLAND were married 15-Nov 1625 (PR) [Note:- Margaret Facy was buried at HT on 17th February 1639/40]

    William WILSON & Priscilla BRAYE were married 19-Apr 1626 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Alice bap HT 28 Jan 1626/7 (2) Enfrida bap HT 15 March 1628/9 (3) William bap HT 24th Apr 1631 (4) Sarah bap HT 28th May 1638 (5) Elizabeth bap HT 22nd Mar 1639/40]

    Henry HOARE & Grace HASELBER [HASELBURY] were married 24-Apr 1626 (PR) [Note:- child Samuel bap HT 15 July 1627]

    William ODREY & Bridgett JAYE were married 06-Jun 1626 (PR)

      [Note:- children (1) Bridgett bap HT 25th March 1627 (2) Mary 15 Feb 1628/9 (3) Sarah bap HT 2nd Jan 1630/1 & buried there 3rd Aug 1631] (4) Vertue bap HT 17th Aug 1634 (5) John bap HT 5th Feb 1636/7]

    William KERSLEY & Anne TURNER were married 02-Oct 1626 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) William bap HT 10 Jan 1627/8 (2) Rose bap HT 25 Sep 1631 & buried there 13 Oct 1631 (3) John bap HT 16th Mar 1633/4 & buried HT 18th July 1638 (4) Elizabeth bap HT 11th Dec 1636]

    Nicholas WINSORE & Magaret CORBIN were married 09-Oct 1626 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Eleanor bap HT 23 Sep 1627 (2) Rebecca bap HT 13 June 1629 & buried there 31 Mar 1631 (3) Rebecca bap HT 9th Oct 1631 (4) Nicholas bap HT 6th July 1634 (5) William bap HT 6th Oct 1636 & buried there 17th Oct 1636 (6) Joseph bap HT 11th Feb 1637/8 - buried HT 19th Aug 1639 (7) Margaret bap HT 4th Oct 1640]

    Percival COLE & Margaret MITCHELL were married 16-Oct 1626 (PR) [Note:- child Wilmott? a daughter bap HT 23 Sep 1627]

    Robert WYER & Joane GAYE were married 15-Jan 1626 (PR) [Note:- Likely ot be the eldest son of William WYER bap 13th Sep 1601 - 1st child Robert bap HT 18th may 1628]

    Robert ERLE & Jane CHAPPELL were married 16-Jan 1626 (PR)

    John MAIOR & Margaret GOODFELLOW were married 02-Apr 1627 (PR) [Note:- child John bap HT 16th July 1627]

    William WALTON & Elizabeth CAKE [COKE, COOKE?] were married 10-Apr 1627 (PR) [Note:- Although her surname (in this neatly copied register) is not clear and has been recorded as CAKE it should be COKE an old spelling for COOKE. The Rev William Walton (c1600-1668) was curate of Beer and Seaton and he married here to the Rev John White's neice Elizabeth COOKE the daughter of his sister Martha White who came to Dorchester with her children after the death of her 1st husband the Rev William Cooke MA (c1561/4-1615). William Walton became curate in charge of Seaton this year & they had 4 children at Seaton before they emigrated to Hingham New England circa 1635 and later moved to Marblehead.where he died in 1668]

    Robert LOADER & Mary DUNING were married 10-Apr 1627 (PR)

    Edmund MARSHALL & Millicent HALLET were married 25-Apr 1627 (PR)

    Samuel WHITFEILD & Ann BUSHROD were married 24-Apr 1628 (PR) [Note:- Ann is the 3rd child of Richard BUSHROD (1576-1628) follow link for more information about their marriage]

    William DRUE & Grace BARTLETT were married 28-Apr 1628 (PR)

    Richard HIDE & Anna BULLEN were married 07-Jul 1628 (PR)

    Richard FFREAKE & Margaret SAVADGE were married 06-Oct 1628 (PR)

    John DOWNTON & Anne WATTS were married 14-Apr 1629 (PR)

    John BRINE & Dorothe MARTIN were married 04-Jun 1629 (PR) [Note:- Dorothie nee Buckler was the widow of Henry MARTIN whom she married 29 Sep 1617, he was buried in 1625. Children from this marriage (1) John bap HT 17th Jan 1629/30 & buried there 26th Nov 1630 (2) John bap HT 18 Dec 1631 (3) Dorothy unable to locate baptism but buried at HT circa June 1643]

    Robert SHENTZ & Jordaine COLLINS were married 09-Jul 1629 (PR)

    John READE & Emme CHAPER [or CHANER] were married 03-Aug 1629 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) John bap HT 4th Dec 1630 (2) Matthew bap HT 15th Nov 1635 he later married Elizabeth CAKE at HT on 30-Dec 1662. Emme his wife was buried at HT 2nd half of 1643]

    Robert GUIFFORD & Hannah CAPEN [or GALPIN] were married 04-Aug 1629 (PR)

      [Note:- children (1) Thomas bap HT 7th Aug 1630 7 buried HT 7th July 1631 (2) Samuel bap HT 8th Oct 1632 (3) Joanna bap HT 6th July 1634 buried as Joane HT 7th Oct 1639 (4) Ruth bap HT 26th June 1636 (5) Aquilla bap HT 21st Apr 1639 (6) Thomas bap HT 10th Sep 1641 (7) Stillborn child unbaptised buried 15th Feb 1645/6]

    John WOOD & Frances PINNEY were married 18-Aug 1629 (PR)

    Toby CLIFFE & Margaret STANDISH were married 06-Oct 1629 (PR) [Note:- Link to comments about this family ]

    William MIDDLETON & Anne GAWDEN were married 08-Oct 1629 (PR)

    William WEY & Elizabeth MASTERS were married 02-Nov 1629 (PR)

    Giles DAY & Rebecca KENICOT were married 26-Nov 1629 (PR)

    John VEALE & Margaret POWNSEY were married 27-Nov 1629 (PR) [Note:- child John bap HT 18th July 1630]

    Friderike[Frederick] LOSSE & Joane UNDERWOOD were married 30-Nov 1629 (PR)

      [Note:- Frederick LOSSE (also recorded as LOFFE in Municipal Records) was a man of moderate wealth and a Physician in Dorchester who had graduated at Heidelberg. Probably a refugee from Palatinate. A 'faithfull friend' and the physician of the Rev John WHITE who left him a piece of his plate in his will in 1648. He also treated the diarist William WHITEWAY on 16th Feb 1635, shortly before his death on 21st June. Between 1646 and 1650 he was paid a stipend by the Corporation of £8 per annum to treat poor patients. He was made a Capital Burgess of Dorchester in 1658 a position he resigned in 1661. His wife Joane was bap HT 19th Apr 1608 the daughter of Joseph Underwood and Rachel Edwards. Children:- (1) Katherine bap HT 3rd Oct 1630 - Sources:- David Underdown 'Fire from Heaven': William Whiteway his diary 1618-1635: MRD: Parish Registers Holy Trinity]

    Nicholas UPSALE [UPSALL] & Dorothe CAPEN [GALPIN] were married 17-Jan 1629 (PR)

      [Note:- See page 136 of 'Fire from Heaven' by David Underdown with annotation on page 283 - Dorothe Capen or Galpin was the daughter of Bernard GALPIN and Nicholas & Dorothy emigrated to America on the ship 'Mary and John' which left Plymouth Sound on 20th March 1630. The reconstruction of the passenger list of the Mary & John shows Nicholas UPSALL aged 30 and Dorothy Capen, wife aged 25]

    John NORRICE & Joane TOOPE were married 15-Feb 1629 (PR) [Note:- child Thomasine bap HT 28 Aug 1630]

    Evan LOWIS [LOWES] & Thomasine JEFFREY were married 22-Apr 1630 (PR) [Note:- child Mary bap HT 28th Nov 1630]

    William HASELBER [HASELBURY] & Jane BANDGER were married 03-Aug 1630 (PR)

      [Note:- See entry in William WHITEWAY of Dorchester His diary 1618-1635 published by Dorset Record Society Volume 12 page 112 relating to entries for the year 1630 where it states " and on the 3rd August William HASELBURY married Ann BONGER -- As the first child was named Jane the marriage entry rather than the Diary seems more likely to be correct -- Children:- (1) Jane bap HT 22nd May 1631.(2) Simon bap HT 12 Jan 1632/3 & buried there 26th July 1639 (3) William bap HT 16 Feb 1633/4 (4) Eleanor bap HT 18th Sep 1636 (5) Simon bap HT 7th Oct 1638 (6) Samuel bap HT 14th Jun 1640 & thought to have been buried HT 14th Jun 1653 (7) Elizabeth bap HT 20th July 1642, thought to have been buried HT 26 Oct 1643 (8) Elizabeth bap HT 4th Apr 1647]

    Joseph EDWARDS & Alice BARTLETT were married 11-Aug 1630 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) John bap HT 7th Aug 1631 (2) Sarah bap HT 8th jan 1636/7 & buried HT 17th April 1637 (3) Joseph bap HT 6th Jan 1638/9 & buried there 18th Jan 1638/9]

    Henry BAYLY & Elizabeth DANIEL were married 20-Aug 1630 (PR)

    George BRINE & Margaret STONE were married 06-Sep 1630 (PR)

      [N.B. - The word STONE is corrected to PERRAM by a later hand. - George BRINE was married before as an 'Alice wife of George BRINE was buried at HT on 12th Aug 1630. I have not however located their marriage which was pre 1622. Known children from his first marriage (1) Jane bap HT 11th Feb 1622/3 and buried HT 27th Apr 1631 (2) Edward bap HT 9th Oct 1625 (3) Joane bap HT 10 Mar 1627/8 and (4) Susan bap HT just 2 days after the death of his wife on 14th Aug 1631. Alice is therefore likely to have died from complications during childbirth leaving him with the new baby and 3 other children aged 8,5, and 2. Its not suprising therefore to find that he quickly re-married here to Margaret - The baby Susan however was buried at HT on 17th Sep 1631.

      Chidren from his 2nd marriage:- (5) Sarah bap HT 22nd July 1632 (6) ]

    Thomas SWIFTE & Elizabeth CAPEN [or GALPIN] were married 18-Oct 1630 (PR)

      [Note:- See page 136 of 'Fire from Heaven' written by David Underdown. Elizabeth was one of the daughters of Bernard GALPIN . Thomas and Elizabeth had a daughter Joane SWIFE baptised at Holy Trinity church Dorchester on 20th Nov 1631 before emigration on the ship 'Recovery' which left Weymouth on 31 March, 1633 with her master, Gabriel Cornish, carrying with them household goods, clothing and provisions for themselves, their wives, children and servants and arriving at Massachusetts Bay. ]

    John WIER & Joane POWNSEY were married 15-Jan 1630 (PR) [Note:- child Matthew bap HT 6th Nov 1631 & buried HT 11th Apr 1644]

    George MANION & Anne CHISLETT were married 01-Feb 1630 (PR) [Note:- child Thomas bap HT 22nd Feb 1631/2]

    Walter SPICER & Sarah RUSSELL were married 19-Feb 1630 (PR) [Note:- Walter Spicer is the 2nd child from the marriage of John SPICER to Thomasine READ at HT on 13th Oct 1600. Children:- (1) John bap HT 12 December 1641 (2) Walter 12th June 1644]

    Thomas STILLARD & Rebecca PERRY were married 06-Jun 1631 (PR)

      [Note:- Rebecca STILLARD has a brief mention in "Fire from Heaven" by David Underdown pages 66/67 & 78. Children:- (1) Thomas bap HT 5th Oct 1634 (2) Rebecca bap HT 18th Feb 1636/7 buried 20 Feb 1636/7 (3) Robert bap HT 21st Oct 1638 & buried HT 25 Aug 1642 (4) Joane bap HT 16th Jan 1641/2 - Thomas STILLARD Senior was buried at HT on 14th June 1643]

    Guilbert [Gilbert] ARTHUR & Elizabeth DOWRISH [DOWRITCH] were married 16-Sep 1631 (PR) [Note:- child Anthony bap HT 7th Oct 1632]

    William COMAGE & Alice DEVERGE were married 31-Oct 1631 (PR) [Note:- child William bap HT 13 Dec 1640 but no trace of earlier baptisms at HT - Alice buried HT 2nd? March 1642/3]

    Richard HELLIER & Elizabeth COOMBS were married 01-Dec 1631 (PR)

    John KNIGHT & Joane ROGERS were married 26-Jan 1631 (PR)

    Anthony GARLAND & Joane HOARE were married 06-Feb 1631 (PR)

    William GREY & Elizabeth BEAKE were married 01-Apr 1632 (PR)

    Richard RANDAL & Elizabeth MICHEL were married 01-Apr 1632 (PR)

    George MEADER & Elizabeth GUILBERT were married 18-May 1632 (PR) [Note:- Elizabeth buried at HT on 12th Aug 1647 and George at St Peters on 29 Aug 1655]

    William BAMFEILD & Dorcas EDWARDS were married 05-Sep 1632 (PR) [Note:- child Sarah bap HT 25 Aug 1633]

    William MUNDEN & Thomasine FOXWELL were married 10-Sep 1632 (PR)

      [Note William Whiteway his diary 1618-1635 page 180 - Tailor of Dorchester Freeman 12th Jan 1625/6: page 115 states under the date 21st March 1630/1 William MUNDEN's first wife died - also page 124 brief ref to this marriage . Alice the 1st wife of William MUNDEN was buried at Holy Trinity church 22nd April 1631. Thomasine MUNDEN was buried at Holy Trinity Church on 11 May 1653]

    Henry PINNEY & Julian GAWLER were married 23-Oct 1632 (PR)

    Hugh PHILIPS & Mary FOXWELL were married 05-Nov 1632 (PR)

      [Note:- See entry in William WHITEWAY of Dorchester His diary 1618-1635 published by Dorset Record Society Volume 12 page 125 Brief entry:- " 5 November 1632 Hugh PHILLIPS married Mary FOXWELL]

    John MARSFEILD & Eleonor FRYE were married 22-Dec 1632 (PR) [Note:- John Marsfield was a widower having previously married Eleonor AIRES at HT on 09-Nov 1619 but she died and was buried HT 15th Nov 1631. children from this marriage (1) Phoebe bap HT 13 Oct 1633 ]

    Richard TISARD & Edith ROA were married 26-Jan 1632 (PR)

    William RAULES & Katherine FLOOD were married 30-Apr 1633 (PR)

    Gregorye ALAMORTE & Marye CHAFEY were married 07-May 1633 (PR)

    John ENGLISH & Millicent WEARE were married 11-May 1633 (PR)

    Joseph TAILOR & Joane RASHLEY were married 17-Jun 1633 (PR)

    Nicholas ROSE & Ann VINCENT were married 24-Jun 1633 (PR)

    Peter TRACYE & Frances SWIRE were married 01-Aug 1633 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Matthew bap HT 25 Maye 1634 (2) Thomasine bap HT 21 Jan 1637/8 (3) Grace bap HT 25 Aug 1639 - Frances was buried at HT on 20th january 1667/8]

    John BULLINGER & Ann PINNEY were married 27-Aug 1633 (PR)

    Thomas SOWTHEY & Ann KEECH were married 28-Sep 1633 (PR)

    William RANDAL & Joane PERIN were married 19-Nov 1633 (PR)

    William BROWNE & Ruth MELLEDGE were married 07-Jun 1635 (PR 1634).

      [Note See page 145 under 7 June 1634 William Whiteway his diary 1618-1635 :-" William BROWNE Bookbinder was married to Ruth MELLEDGE. Children:- (1) Ann bap HT 2nd Aug 1635 (2) Robert bap Ht 15th Oct 1637 (3) William bap HT 8th Feb 1639/40 (4) Elizabeth bap HT 7th Mar 1640/1 (5) John bap HT 19th May 1644]

    Richard KEATE & Sarah HARRIS were married 21-Jun 1635 (PR 1634)

    Richard HOMINGTON & Eleonor HOSKINS were married 13-Aug 1635 (PR 1634)

    William CHURCHILL & Rose PERIN were married 09-Oct 1635 (PR 1634) [Note:- a son John Churchill was baptised at HT 16th Aug 1635. . ]

    William BEST & Constance LAVENDER were married 11-Oct 1635 (PR 1634)

    Thomas MORGAN & Ann GIRDLER widow were married 13-Oct 1635 (PR 1634) [Note:- See page 155 of William Whiteway his diary 1618-1635:- Anne GIRDLER widow married to Thomas MORGAN 13 November 1634]

    John BIRCHE & Philip PAULE were married 12-Feb 1635 (PR 1634)

    Mr. William JOLIFF & Katherin LEUON [or LENON] were married 02-Apr 1634 (PR 1635)

    Joseph STACY & Sarah UNDERWOOD were married 16-Apr 1634 (PR 1635) [Note:- children (1) Joseph bap HT 24th Feb 1638/9 (2) Joseph bap HT 3rd Sep 1644 buried 25th March 1646]

    Morgan READ & Alice PERY were married 25-Apr 1634 (PR 1635) [Note:- child Frances bap HT 13 March 1635/6]

    John GILLET & Martha POLDEN were married 30-Apr 1634 (PR 1635)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Martha bap HT 29th Jan 1636/7 & buried 27th Oct 1643 (2) George bap HT 10th May 1640 (3) Jane bap HT 20th Nov 1642 & buried there 26th Oct 1643 - John GILLET was buried at HT on 27th June 1643]

    Robert LETSON & Ann WATTS were married 22-May 1634 (PR 1635)

    George CLARKE & Mary COBB were married 01-Jun 1634 (PR 1635)

    Thomas BROWNE & Ann CUTLER were married 29-Jun 1634 (PR 1635)

    Richard CHOUNT & Mary MARTIN were married 29-Jun 1634 (PR 1635)

    William BARTLET & Christian WILLS were married 06-Jul 1634 (PR 1635)

    Charles JACOB & Mary HILL were married 25-Jul 1634 (PR 1635) [Note:- children:- (1) Elizabeth bap HT 1st May 1636 & buried HT 04 May 1636 (2) Isaac bap HT 29th Oct 1637 (3) Mary bap HT 29th Dec 1639 (4) Margaret bap HT 8th May 1641 (5) John bap HT 30th Aug 1642 (6) Elizabeth bap HT 19th May 1644]

    Gregory CASHER & Margery PETVIN were married 25-Jul 1634 (PR 1635)

    Richard RUDIER & Anne NORTHCOTT were married 20-Aug 1634 (PR 1635)

    Matthew DERBY & Martha JOLIFFE were married 21-Sep 1634 (PR 1635) [Note:- Matthew Derby was buried at HT Church in Dorchester 25 Feb 1656 and left a Will]

    Thomas NAYLE & Grace LANE were married 21-Sep 1634 (PR 1635)

    Roger WINSORE & Avis GAILARD were married 01-Oct 1634 (PR 1635)

    Oliver STANDISH & Charity COUSINS were married 23-Oct 1634 (PR 1635) [Note:- Link to comments about this family ]

    Richard WHITE & Ruth OSBORNE were married 21-Jun 1636 (PR) [Note child Ruth bap HT 11th June 1637 bothe the father Richard and his daughter Ruth were buried togetherat HT on 9th september 1645]

    George WHITE & Mary TURNER were married 15-Aug 1636 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) George bap HT 14th May 1637 & buried there 7th Jan 1639/40 (2) Mary bap HT 19th Dec 1641 & buried HT 27 Jan 1641/2]

    William COLLINS & Ann MANION were married 29-Sep 1636 (PR)

    George FITCHET & Alice BOLTE were married 01-Dec 1636 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Joan bap HT 22 Nov 1640 (2) Margaret bap HT 22nd April 1644]

    Edward STROUD & Margaret FOXWELL were married 19-Sep 1637 (PR)

    John ADAMS & Joane CLARKE widow were married 20-Sep 1637 (PR)

    Edward COXE & Avis YNGE [YOUNG?] were married 26-Oct 1637 (PR) [Note:- Children:- (1) Sarah bap HT 16th sep 1638 (2) Avis bap HT 6th june 1641 (3) James bap HT 21st April 1647]

    Richard POPE & Joane STANDLEY were married 28-Apr 1638 (PR)

    James PALFREY & Eleonor BEST were married 24-Apr 1638 (PR) [Note:- children (1) Eleanor bap HT 22nd Aug 1642 (2) James bap HT 14th Oct 1649/50]

    John MABER & Dorcas BAMFEILD were married 24-Apr 1638 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Nicholas bap HT 24th Feb 1638/9 (2) William bap HT 22 Nov 1640 (3) John bap HT 30th jan 1641/2 (4) Margaret bap HT 22nd April 1644]

    John CRIMBLE & Frances GAWLER were married 12-Jun 1638 (PR)

      [Note:- John was a widower as he had (1) a son John bap at HT on 1st Oct 1636 followed by (2) a daughter Joane named after his wife on 8th February 1637/8. Unfortunately his 1st wife seems to have died in childbirth as both his wife and daughter were buried together the following day (i.e. the 9th Feb 1637/8) 4 months later he remarried to Frances Gawler who produced (3) a daughter Elizabeth they had bap at HT on 10th April 1642 and (4) a son William in Dec 1646].

    James BELRINGER & Temperance TERIN were married 04-Oct 1638 (PR) [Note:- children (1) John bap HT 21st June 1640 & buried 21st March 1645/6 (2) Luce bap HT June 1643 - James BELRINGER was buried at HT on 6th March 1645/6 followed by Temperance on 19th of the same month as their son John also died 21st same month almost certainly one of the common diseases such as smallpox or cholera]

    Alexander LILLY & Joane FOOKE were married 04-Oct 1638 (PR)

    Benjamin GOOLD [GOULD] & Frances CARDROW were married 09-Oct 1638 (PR)

    Matthew BANDGER [BANGER] & Margaret HOSKINS were married 18-Oct 1638 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Deborah bap HT 29th Sep 1639 (2) Richard bap HT 16 Apr 1643 (3) Jane buried HT 21st Apr 1646 - Mathew BANDGER was buried at HT on 10th May 1646 - His wife Margaret was buried at HT on 5th April 1647]

    William LOVELAS & Avis EYRES were married 08-Jan 1638 (PR)

    John FOOKE & Elizabeth PARSONS were married 14-Jan 1638 (PR) [Note:- William a son of John FOOKE was buried at Ht on 17th Dec 1646 & a daughter on 23rd Oct 1648]

    John LINNINGTON & Elizabeth PURCHASE were married 15-Jan 1638 (PR)

    James MARKS & Melior CROWTER were married 16-Apr 1639 (PR)

    Erasmus BAKER & Anne JOLIFF were married 06-May 1639 (PR)

      [Note:- Children (1) Samuel bap HT 12th July 1640 (2) William bap HT 10 Sep 1641 & buried there 2nd October 1643 (3) Margaret bap HT May 1643 (4) Joan bap HT 23rd July 1650 (5) Sarah bap HT 8th June 1656 (6) There is also a burial for a John son of Erasmus BAKER on 19th Sep 1653. --- Ann his wife was buried at HT on 2nd April 1668 and Erasmus on 2nd Aug 1670]

    Robert MANION & Luce HIXON were married 10-Jun 1639 (PR)

    John TROW & Joane CHEINEY were married 18-Jun 1639 (PR)

    William BROWNING & Honor MEADER were married 09-Jul 1639 (PR)

    Charles CRITCHIL & Joane CORBIN were married 06-Aug 1639 (PR)

    Henry HOSKINS & Margery MICHEL were married 08-Aug 1639 (PR)

    Brewen DACKOMB & Mary BERNHARD were married 13-Nov 1639 (PR)

    Edmund ALLEN & Dorcas CARTER were married 26-Nov 1639 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) John bap HT 22nd May 1642 (2) Elizabeth 11th Aug 1644]

    John JOLIFF & Mary HOCKNEL were married 24-Dec 1639 (PR)

    Henry POWNCEY & Edith BASCOMB were married 13-Jan 1639 (PR)

    Matthew PAULE & Dorothe BRAINE were married 30-Jan 1639 (PR)

    John LOCKE & Magdalen SYMS were married 12-Feb 1639 (PR)

    Isaiah [Josiah] GARDINER [GARDNER] & Amy WILLIAMS were married 26-Mar 1640 (PR) [Note:- Josiah Gardiner was the eldest son of Thomas Gardner of Cropredy Oxon by his wife Elizabeth White who was the sister of the Rev John White (1575-1648) who settled in Dorchester after the death of her 2nd husband

    John WHITE & Rose CHURCHILL widow were married 01-Jun 1640 (PR)

    Robert TISARD & Mary JOANS were married 24-Jun 1640 (PR)

    George DAMIAT & Mary BUTLER were married 29-Jun 1640 (PR)

    Francis PYKE & Ruth CLARK were married 02-Jul 1640 (PR) [Note:- Frances and Elizabeth daughters of Francis PEEKE were bap HT Dec 10 1643]

    John HOOPER & Judith HAGGARD were married 16-Jul 1640 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Ann bap HT 7th Mar 1640/1 (2) William bap HT 4 September 1642 - Judith buried HT 9th Feb 1645/6]

    John COXE & Elizabeth ROGERS were married 03-Aug 1640 (PR)

    Nicholas MILLER & Anne WAINMAN were married 10-Aug 1640 (PR)

    John REINOLDS & Fortune DEVENISH were married 15-Aug 1640 (PR)

    Thomas SCRIVEN & Joane STACY were married 24-Aug 1640 (PR)

    Samuel BUSHROD & Martha ALAMBRIGGE [ALLAMBRIDGE] were married 01-Sep 1640 (PR)

      [Note:- Samuel is the 6th child of Richard BUSHROD (1576-1628) Children:- (1) Mary bap HT 20 Nov 1642 (2) Martha bap HT 9th Nov 1645 and buried 17th Oct 1646 - Samuel was buried at the age of 30 at HT on 31st July 1646]

    George HILL & Mary READE were married 29-Sep 1640 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Nathaniel bap HT 21 Mar 1640/1 (2) John bap HT 2nd apr 1643]

    William CHILD & Susan MASTERS were married 06-Oct 1640 (PR)

    George BARTLETT & Joan DAVIS were married 08-Oct 1640 (PR) [Note:- there is a death of a Jane the wife of George BARTLETT at HT on 11th Nov 1641 and I note George Bartlett appears to have remarried to Joan GOULD 3rd Jan 1642]

    Christopher RASCAR [?] & Eleonor LAVENDER were married 22-Oct 1640 (PR)

    Stephen RUGGE & Susan TIZARD were married 07-Oct 1640 (PR)

    Thomas WALLIS & Edith HARBORNE were married 06-May 1641 (PR) [Note:- Child Mary bap HT August 20th 1643 ]

    Robert WHITE & Mary ABRAHAM were married 01-Jun 1641 (PR)

    Richard MARSH & Deborah CHEYFY [CHAFFY] were married 28-Jun 1641 (PR)

    Richard PHILPS & Mary OLIVER alias UPCOT were married 29-Jun 1641 (PR)

    John ILLARY & Elizabeth CLARKE were married 08-Jul 1641 (PR) [Note:- child John bap HT 19th Mar 1642/3 - John ILLARY Senior was buried at HT on ]

    Zacharie [Zarchary - Zacharias] NELSON & Anne HYATT were married 11-Aug 1641 (PR)

      [Note:- Zachary NELSON was probably married before in Frampton as the parish registers that survive for the parish include references to the baptism of Hester the daughter of Zachary and Hester NELSON there on 20th day of June 1634. Unfortunately both his wife and daughter died, his wife on 10th Nov 1637 and his daughter on 8th Nov 1638. Zachary then married in Dorchester as Holy Trinity was Anne HYATT's home parish but they returned to live at Frampton. Zachary was a beneficiary under the will of Edward Dashwood of Dorchester in 1667 and referred to as a Clerke [i.e. of holy orders]. There is reference in the Clergy of the Church of England database to a Zachary NELSON being rector of East Stoke when subscription was required under the Act of uniformity on 20th Aug 1662. His place seems to have been taken there by Rev Richard Wine BA in 1667 for a year. Richard Wine was rector of All Saints Church in Dorchester from 1662 to 1687. Revd RGB Bartlelott refers to Zachary Nelson as being a Cromwellian Preacher of Frampton.
      After marriage they settled at Frampton to riase their family. Children]

      (1) Sarah Nelson bap Frampton 24 July 1642
      (2) John Nelson recorded as the son of Zacharias and Anne NELSON bap Frampton 18 Jan 1645. I have not been able to locate his marriage but he appears to have married a Joan about 1672 and settled in Dorchesterto live where they had 7 children baptised.
      (3) Richard Nelson bap Frampton April 1648
      (4) Zacharias Nelson bap Frampton 4 Apr 1648
      (5) Mary Nelson recorded as daughter of Zacharias NELSON Clerk bap Frampton 20 May 1649
      (6) Nathaniel Nelson 18 May 1651

    Francis SOPER & Anne BOYLAND were married 01-Nov 1641 (PR)

    Thomas ALLEN & Melicent DIGGET were married 15-Nov 1641 (PR)

    George ABBOT & Mary STANDISH were married 19-Nov 1641 (PR) [Note:- Link to comments about Mary's Family Children:- (1) Elizabeth bap HT 6th Feb 1641/2 (2) Martha bap HT 19th Nov 1648- Mary huis wife was buried at HT on 27th March 1668]

    John PATY & Alice WILLS were married 18-Jan 1641 (PR)

    Robert COZENS & Eleonor DEVENISH were married 22-Jan 1641 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Sarah bap HT 11tyh dec 1642]

    William DOUCH & Mary WILCE were married 12-May 1642 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) William bap HT 12 Mar 1642/3 (2) Susan bap HT 13th Apr 1651]

    James POOKE & Prescilla HARVEY were married 02-Jun 1642 (PR) [Note:- After marriage they lived at Fordington - See transcription of his will dated 1670]

    Ralph POMERY & Mary BANGER were married 07-Jun 1642 (PR)

      [Note:- clearly had children elsewhere but those recorded at Ht are :- (1) John bap HT 8th Jan 1642/3 (2) a daughter Elizabeth was also buried at HT on 15th June 1646 (3) a daughter Mary was buried HT 30th March 1654 (4) Sarah bap HT 31st Aug 1656 (5) a son James was buried at HT on 02 Feb 1661/2 (6) Daniel bap HT 30th Jan 1663/4 (7) John bap HT 8th Dec 1665 and buried there on 11th Dec 1665]

    William KEISLY [or KERSLY] & Joane SMITH widow were married 01-Jul 1642 (PR)

    William DORY & Anne SNOW were married 04-Jul 1642 (PR)

    William MARTIN & Mary BEUS [or BENE] were married 12-Jul 1642 (PR)

    Andrew VALENCE & Deans ELLIS were married 08-Aug 1642 (PR)

    James STAFFORD & Margaret FOOTE were married 09-Aug 1642 (PR) [Note:- child Sarah bap HT 17th May 1646]

    George BARTLETT & Joane GOULD were married 03-Jan 1642 (PR) [Probably his 2nd marriage see that from George BARTLETT to Joan DAVIS HT 8th Oct 1640 who appears to have been buried Ht 11th Nov 1641]

    Giles WILLIAMS & Elizabeth ALAMBRIGGE were married 01-May 1643 (PR) [Note:- Children (1) Samuel the son of Giles WILLIAMS was buried at HT on 29th Aug 1645 (2) Mary bap HT 1st Dec 1650 (3) James bap  11th Jan 1651/2and buried at HT on 8th Mar 1652/3 (4) Josiah borne January 7th & baptised February 1st 1656/7 at HT (5) Joseph bap HT on 31st March 1661

    John HAYDON & Joane COLLIER were married 11-May 1643 (PR)

    William PARSONS & Margery CHURCHEL were married 27-Jun 1643 (PR)

    Robert LAMBERT & Margaret CLARKE were married 09-Nov 1643 (PR) [Note:- child Robert bap HT 13th Aug 1644]

    Christopher POWEL & Odrey WARD were married 08-Sep 1644 (PR) [Note:- Children:- (1) John the son of Christopher POWELL was buried at HT on 26th Aug 1647 (2) James bap HT 1st june 1651]

    John GILBURD & Julian PINNEY widow were married 10-Jul 1645 (PR)

    Steeven BEDFORD & Magdaline POLDEN widow were married 30-Jul 1645 (PR)

    John CHAFFIE & Elizabeth WIRE were married 07-Oct 1645 (PR) [Note:- child Rebecca bap HT 9th Feb 1650/1]

    Robert STICKLAND & Joane PURCHASE were married 21-Dec 1645 (PR)

    John TUCKSBURY & Elizabeth BURRIDGE were married 12-Jan 1645 (PR)

    William MANDEVILL & Ammey PINNEY were married 03-Feb 1645 (PR)

    Zacharie PROWSE & Ruth POND widow were married 02-Mar 1645 (PR)

    Richard HACKHAM & Ellinor BRAGGE were married 04-Mar 1645 (PR)

    John FOSTER & Katerne DAVISSE [i.e. DAVIS] were married 28-Mar 1646 (PR)

    Robert STURMEY & Margaret COOKNEY were married 30-Mar 1646 (PR)

    William WILCE & Elizabeth MARTINE were married 30-Mar 1646 (PR)

    Tremor PAUL & Mary BEST were married 08-Apr 1646 (PR)

    Jonas PALFRAY & Joane HAYDON widow were married 11-Jul 1646 (PR)

    John GUIFFORD & Joane MADED were married 21-Jul 1646 (PR)

    Roger FOOKE & Sarah BENNET were married 01-Oct 1646 (PR)

    John GOOD & Dorothy BANGER were married 08-Oct 1646 (PR)

    Henry PINNEY & Dorothy SLADE widow were married 29-Oct 1646 (PR)

    Mr. Thomas WHATLEY & Sarah ALAMBRIGG were married 12-Nov 1646 (PR)

    Walter LUCKIS & Joane WIRE widow were married 01-Jan 1646 (PR)

    Elias FRY & Anne DEVENISH were married 28-Sep 1647 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Martha bap HT 8th Sep 1650 (2) Elias bap HT 27 Feb 1652/3]

    John SNOOKE & Eunice MARSFEILD were married 09-Nov 1647 (PR)

  • [ 1648 nihil inventum.]

  • Nicholas MARTINE & Elizabeth WILCE were married 14-May 1649 (PR)

  • [ 1650 nihil inventum.]

  • [NOTE:- 1651, Aug 22. At night there was great thunder and lightening, such as has not been known by any living in this age; and there fell with it a great storm of hail, some of the stones of which were seven inches about, with abundance of rain, and it continued all night and a great part of the next morning, till eight of the clock. That same day were Mr LOVE and Mr GIBBONS beheaded. Source:- extract from 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset' (3rd Edition published 1868) by John Hutchins - Page 392 section devoted to the Parish Registers for Holy Trinity Church Dorchester]

    William SPRATLING & Elizabeth GAILARD were married 25-Dec 1651 (PR)



    William CLARKE & Mary CHURCHELL [CHURCHILL] both of this towne being published three severell sabbath dayes were married 28-Mar 1654 (PR)

    John HARBEN of Charmister & Mary MOGEAR of [Holy] Trinity Parish in Dorchester being published three severall sabbath dayes were marryed May 15 1654 (PR) [Note:- This marriage was also repeated at Charminster where the local parish Clerk recorded "John HARBIN & Mary MOTTER of Dorchester married 15th May 1654]

    Ralph PALMER & Anne BRINE were married 26-Dec 1654 (PR)

    Henry CURTEIS [CURTIS] of this parish & Mary NEWAN of Beamister being published 3 severall sabbaths were marryed 01-Feb 1654 (PR)

    John BARTLETT of Pulham & Humlitie [Humility] PERRAM of this parish being published three severall sabbath were married 12 -Feb 1654 (PR)

    Nicholas COOMBES & Mary REYNOLDS were married 16-Apr 1655 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) John bap HT 14th Sep 1656 (2) Susannah bap HT 19th Jan 1661/2 (3) Sarah bap HT 27th Mar 1665 (4) Thomas bap HT 30th Nov 1668 (5) Matthew bap HT 28th July 1672 (6) William bap HT 1st Nov 1675]

    Robert NELSON & Rebekah [Rebecca] WILCE were married 16-Apr 1655 (PR)

    Samuell PERRAM & Elizabeth COXE were married 15-May 1655 (PR)

    John CLIEUES [CLIEVES] & Ellinor LUGGE were married 13-Jun 1655 (PR) [Note:- child Thomas bap HT 6th April 1655]

    Thomas BLANDFORD & Hester DAW were married 03-Jul 1655 (PR)

      [Note:- Thomas BLANDFORD (d.1710) was elected Govenor of the Company of Freemen in Dorchester in 1669 and Bailiff in 1687. He stood in as Mayor for a short period when the existing Mayor Richard Cooper died in Office in 1689. He appears to have been removed as a Capital Burgess in 1694 possibly as he retired? His wife Hester was buried at HT Church in Dorchester on 10th May 1700 followed by Thomas on 28th Marcvh 1710. Known children from the marriage - cannot locate some of the baptisms (1) Joane born 24th Jun 1656 and Bap HT 6th July 1656 may have been buried at HT as Jane Blandford on 11th June 1673 (2) Thomas born 10th Jan 1657/8 bap HT 14th Feb 1657/8 and buried at HT on 19th June 1660 (3) Walter buried at HT 23rd Feb 1659/60 (4) Thomas Bap HT 14th April 1661 and buried HT 10th Feb 1663/4 (5) Walter bap HT 18th Oct 1663 and buried at HT on 15th dec 1663 (6) John buried HT 12th Nov 1672 (7) Robert buried HT 28th Mar 1677 (8) Mary buried at HT 10th Dec 1706]

    John REINOLDS & Damaris CHURCHELL [CHURCHILL] were married 07-Aug 1655 (PR) [Note:- his wife Damaris was buried at HT on 26 Jul 1667]

    Anthony ARTHOUR & Anne BROTHERS were married 13-Aug 1655 (PR)

    Thomas GOULD of this parish & Elizabeth MILLER of Holnesh were married 14-Aug 1655 (PR)

    Mr Christopher BETSCOMBE of Symondsburie. & Mrs Mary STARRE of this parish were married 18-Sep 1655 (PR) [Note:- This marriage is recorded in The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset (3rd Edition published 1868 - page 392) by John Hutchins ]

    Peter CLARKE & Elizabeth HAGGARD were married 26-Dec 1655 (PR)

    George FITCHET & Susana TAYLOUR were married 26-Dec 1655 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Luce bap HT 9th Dec 1660 - Susanna his wife was buried at HT 7th Sep 1670]

    Henry CURTEIS of this parish & Francis DENT of Beaminster were married 01-Feb 1656 (PR)

    William HASSELBURY & Anne FRENCHAM were married 15-May 1656 (PR)

    Mr Samuel BRAGG & Garthra SCAMMELL were married 29-May 1656 (PR)

    Edward NEWMAN & Alice MOORES were married 23-Jun 1656 (PR)

    Matthew HUTCHINS & Alice WIRE were married 01-Jul 1656 (PR)

    Samuel GUIFFORD & Margery WAY were married 07-Jul 1656 (PR)

    John WAY of Bridport & Susanna DEVENISH of this parish were married 22-Sep 1656 (PR)

    Mr. George DABENEY [DAUBENEY] & Mrs Katheren FRAMPTON were married 14-Oct 1656 (PR) [Note:- This marriage is recorded in The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset (3rd Edition published 1868 - page 392) by John Hutchins ]

    John JAMES of Winfruit [Winfrith Newburgh?] & Anne SPRING of this parish were married 05-Jan 1656 (PR)

    Henry ROW of this parish & Elizabeth GILES of Mosterton were married 24-Feb 1656 (PR)

    Joseph GUY & Jane HELLARD both of this parish were married 26-Feb 1656 (PR)

    John BARTLET & Kattren [Katheren] TITE widow both of this parish were married 07-Apr 1657 (PR)

    Henry MINTERNE of Fordington & Sarah TOLDERVILE [TURBURVIL] of this parish were married 18-May 1657 (PR)

    John CHAFFIE & Joan BAYLY widow were married 17-Jun 1657 (PR)

    Lawrence RIGHTON & Dorothy SMITH were married 11-Aug 1657 (PR)

    John TILSEY of Shapen Mallut & Elizabeth HAYNE of this parish were married 03-Sep 1657 (PR) [Note:- Link to more information about the Hayne Family in Dorcherster. Elizabeth HAYNE was the 6th child from the marriage of Edward HAYNE to Agnes PARKER were married at HT on 29-Apr 1622]

    Mr. George TURBERVILE of Wemborne [Wimbourne has 3 parishes] & Mrs Elizabeth LEWEN of this parish were married 15-Sep 1657 (PR) [Note:- This marriage is recorded in The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset (3rd Edition published 1868 - page 392) by John Hutchins ]

    John HEWELL of Lanckton & Emme ADAMS of Steepleton were married 13-Oct 1657 (PR)

    Walter SPICER & Martha MARTINE were married 09-Nov 1657 (PR) [Note:- Martha buried HT 7th Apr 1673]

    John WELSHMAN & Joan SHORT both of Weeke [ie Wyke Regis] were married 09-Nov 1657 (PR)

    Nicholas SERVANT of Preston & Joan WATERCOOMB of Abbotsbury were married 01-Dec 1657 (PR)

    Lyonel GILL & Mary DEVONISH both of Poorstoake [i.e. Powerstock also known as Poorstock] were married 10-Dec 1657 (PR)

    William CORBINE & Rebeccah BLANCHER both of Charminster. were married 10-Dec 1657 (PR)

    John VINCENT of Buckland Newton & Frances CHIPP of Alton were married 21-Dec 1657 (PR)

    Richard JOYCE & Anne WELSTEED both of East Knighton were married 01-Jan 1657 (PR)

    Allin [Allan] LISTER & Dorothy GOLSBERRY were married 05-Jan 1657 (PR)

    Nathaniel COOKE & Joan GALPEN were married 11-Jan 1657 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) John born in Oct 1658 he was bap at HT November 16th 1658 (2) Elizabeth bap HT 15 Aug 1660 (3) Rose Bap HT 24 Jan 1663/4 (4) John Bap HT 26 Sep 1669 ]

    Owen LOWMAN & Joan STANDLY both of Pudle Henton [better known as Piddlehinton] were married 04-Feb 1657 (PR)

    William DOUCH & Martha MOOGG were married 11-Mar 1657 (PR)

    Edmond THORNEL & Margaret BROWNE both of Askerswell were married 29-Jul 1658 (PR)

    Thomas GROSSE of Burlstone & Susan GILLINGAM of this parish were married 10-Aug 1658 (PR)

    Robert SOWTHE & Hannah DENGE were married 12-Oct 1658 (PR)

    Bartholomew KELLOWAY & Ellinor MILLER widow were married 19-Dec 1658 (PR) [Note:- child Bartholomew bap HT February 27th 1658/9 ]

    William KEAT of West Knighton & Jane WILLIAMS of Pockshill? were married 04-Jun 1659 (PR)

    Mr. Samuel SYMMES [SIMMS] & Mrs Kathren HULL were married 17-Jul 1660 (PR) [Note:- This marriage is recorded in The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset (3rd Edition published 1868 - page 392) by John Hutchins ]

    Samuel GAME & Alice CHURCHELL [CHURCHILL] were married 17-Jul-1660 (PR)

    James MANUEL [MANIEL] & Phebe MANFEILD were married 16-Oct 1660 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) John bap HT 14th Oct 1663 (2) James bap HT 4th Feb 1665/6 (3) Rebekah bap HT 30th May 1670 (4) Phoebe bap HT 28th Oct 1664 (5) Joseph 21st Sep 1677]

    Peter TURNER & Joan CURTEIS were married 18-Sep 1661 (PR)

    John HARBEN & Frances GOOD were married 18-Sep 1661 (PR)

    Thomas MOORES & Elizabeth COUSENS widow were married 08-Sep 1662 (PR)

    William MUNDEN & Christian GOULD were married 14-Oct 1662 (PR)

    William MICHEL & Joan WARREN were married 28-Oct 1662 (PR)

    Jerime [Jeremiah] ALDER & Avisse COXE were married 25-Nov 1662 (PR)

      [Note:- Children:- (1) Henry bap HT 12th Feb 1662/3 (1) Robert bap HT 8th Oct 1665 (3) Deborah bap HT 11th March 1667 and buried HT 4th June 1668 (4) Jeremiah bap HT 8th Aug 1669 ]

    Matthew READ & Elizabeth CAKE were married 30-Dec 1662 (PR)

      [Note:- Elizabeth CAKE's brother John CAKE (1624-1709) was buried at Owermoigne in Dorset on 20th Jan 1709/10. He left a Will dated 4 days earlier which was proved on 23rd Jan 1709/10. He left his brother in law Matthew READ of Dorchester a Hellier by trade 1 shilling but made various bequests to his children by his sister Elizabeth as detailed below. John and Elizabeth appear to have been children of Henry & Mary CAKE [surname also spelt KAKE] who lived in the hamlet of Holworth within the parish of Owermoigne, John being baptised at St Michael's church on 13th Feb 1624/5. A younger sister Anne was baptised there on 29th Sep 1626, followed by Katherine on 20th Apr 1628 and Elizabeth on 8th Nov 1630. They moved to the nearby hamlet of Galton where their sister Anne died at the age of 10 being buried at St Michael's on 23rd Oct 1636 followed by their mother Mary on 21st Sep 1640. John Cake in his will (apart from bequests) left his estate to his wife Ursulah who was also joint executrix to his will. Unfortunately she was also ill and soon died being buried at Owermoigne on 14th March that year. John's estate was therefore proved by his nephew (and joint executor) Samuel READ on 23rd Jan 1709/10

      Matthew READ Senior (1635-1712) was the 2nd child from the marriage of John READE to Emme CHAPER [or CHANER] at HT on 03-Aug 1629. He signed the Oath of Loyalty to Charles II on 31st Aug 1681. He was buried at HT on 1st Jan 1712/13. Elizabeth nee CAKE (1630-1704) was buried at HT on 31st Dec 1704/5. Children from this marriage:-

      (1) Mary Read bap HT 7th Feb 1663/4; beneficiary under John CAKE's Will of 1709/10 receiving 20 shillings

      (2) Ruth Read (1666-1729) bap HT 17th Apr 1666 ; She had a bastard son William Read baptised at HT on 5th Jan 1693/4 and was a beneficiary under John CAKE's Will of 1709/10 receiving 20 shillings. She was buried a spinster at HT Church in Dorchester on 29 Oct 1729.

      (3) Matthew Read Junior (1668-1742) bap HT 2nd Aug 1668 ; left 1 shilling under John CAKE's Will. He married Elizabeth (Unknown) circa 1694 and had 7 children by her baptised at HT Church in Dorchester. He was buried there 25th Jan 1742:-
        (1) Matthew Read (1695-1746) bap 16 Nov 1695; married Sarah (unknown) circa 1734 Mathew was buried at HT on 23 Apr 1746: Children:- Mathew Read bap HT 9th Nov 1735 and buried on 20th Apr 1747. (2) Catherine bap HT 5th Mar 1741/2
        (2) Clement Read (1698- 1774) bap 9 Oct 1698 he married Sarah GRACE at St Michael Paternoster Royal in the City of London on 10th Feb 1724
        (3) Mary Read (1699-1700) bap 8 Dec 1699 and buried 29 Jan 1700/1
        (4) Catherine Read (1700-1702) bap 2 Dec 1700 and buried 9 Apr 1702
        (5) Thomas Read (1702-1704) bap 27 Nov 1702 and Bur 2 Apr 1704
        (6) John Read (1703-1704) bap 19 Jan 1703/4 and bur 30 July 1704 and
        (7) Elizabeth Read (1705-1707) bap 16 Dec 1705 and bur 14 Apr 1707

      (4) John Read bap HT 2 Apr 1671; left 1 shilling under John CAKE's will in which he is referred to as John READ of the City of London son of my brother (in-law)

      (5) Samuel Read bap 22 Nov 1674. Like his father a hellier by trade he was executor and a beneficiary under John CAKE's will of 1709/10. He married Ruth BARTLETT in her home parish of Portesham in Dorset on 31st Dec 1696. ]

    John SIEMONS & Margt. LITTLE widow were married 11-Feb 1662 (PR)

    William HOWARD & Christian ATKINS were married 28-Feb 1662 (PR)

    James GOULD & Sarah MANTLE were married 08-Jun 1663 (PR)

    Mr. Richard RUSSELL & Mrs. Elizabeth JOLLIFFE were married 01-Sep 1663 (PR) [Note:- Elizabeth JOLIFFE was the 5th child from the marriage of Humphrey Joliffe to Christian FRY at Cattistock on 11 Jan 1626]

    Thomas BANTON & Ellinor WELLMOTT were married 24-Sep 1663 (PR)

    John CASWELL & Elizabeth WEST were married 13-Nov 1663 (PR)

    Aquila GUIFFORD & Anne HULET widow were married 12-Apr 1664 (PR)

    Edward WINGATE & Christian STONE were married 04-May 1664 (PR)

    Richard KING & Elizabeth YEOMAN were married 09-May 1664 (PR)

    Adam TUCKER & Rose BAMPFEILD were married 12-Jul 1664 (PR) [Note:- child Rose bap HT 1st Jan 1665/6]

    Thomas RENNINGTON & Elizabeth GOULD were married 10-Oct 1664 (PR)

    George VOKWORTH & Margaret JACOB were married 06-Nov 1664 (PR)

    Henry HENLEY Esquire & Mrs. Mary BULCKLEY [BULKELEY]were married 31-Jan 1664 (PR) [Note:- This marriage is recorded in The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset (3rd Edition published 1868 - page 392) by John Hutchins ]

    Joseph WILLIAMS & Mary CHURCHILL were married 10-Aug 1665 (PR)

    Henry FACEY & Margaret POUNCEY were married 10-Oct 1665 (PR)

    Robert POUNCEY & Athur [blank] were married 17-Oct 1665 (PR)

    Daniel BILES & Elizabet ALLAMBRIDGE were married 04-Sep 1666 (PR) [Note:- child Daniel bap HT 28 Jan 1668/9]

    Steven MICHELL & Elenour WILES were married 26-Sep 1667 (PR)

    Christopher GEORGE & Martha LEE were married 05-Nov 1667 (PR)

    Thomas MEDER [MEADER] & Jane FFOOK [FOOK] were married 26-Nov 1667 (PR)
    Note:- Thomas MEADER Senior (d.1691) was the son of Thomas MEADER the Elder a Millwright by trade who was buried at HT Church in Dorchester on 19th April 1675. His father left a nuncupative will registered 15th May 1675. His mother Jane had pre-deceased his father being buried at HT on 4th Sep 1670. I have not been able to locate his baptism which was probably during the Civil War (1642-1651) when there was much disruption and destruction of records. He was clearly the eldest surviving son in 1675 and could even have been by a previous marriage as he was already well provided for by the time of his fathers death as he and his children are effectively written out of the will. Thomas died intestate and was buried at HT on 25th Nov 1691. His widow Jane was granted Administration of his estate on 9th Dec 1691. Jane was also buried at HT on 15th June 1715 and left a Will dated 8th June that year which was proved on 17th Oct 1715. Thomas MEADER Senior and Jane had the following Children;-

      (1). John MEADER (1668-xxxx) bap HT 30th Aug 1668 and buried there on xxx

      (2). Thomas MEADER (c1670) Junior born circa 1670, not located a baptism or his marriage. In his mothers will in 1715 he was left "one large kettle, one of the largest pewter dishes, one brass crock & one small kettle during his life and after his decease she gave the large kettle to his son John the pewter dishes & brass crock and small kettle to Chambers MEADER one other sons" I have not located his marriage but Thomas Meader Junior had 4 children that we know of (1) Thomas Meader bap HT 6th Jan 1695/6 buried HT 19th Jun 1697 (2) Thomas Meader bap HT 23td Dec 1698 (3) John Meader bap HT 14 Nov 1701 (4) Chambers Meader bap HT 24th July 1706 and buried HT 24th Feb 1720.

      (3). Jane (Jean) MEADER (1672-1754) bap HT 29th Sep 1672. She is referred to in her mothers will as 'her daughter Jean GUEST' when her mother only left her 1 shilling which is an indicator that she had already received her inheritance as her dowry on marriage. I have not located her marriage. Jane Guest was buried a widow at HT Church on 25th Feb 1754. She left a will dated 8th March 1748 which was proved on 2nd March 1754.

      (4). Charles MEADER (c1674-1721) Born circa 1674, not located a baptism. He married twice his first wife Elizabeth (Unknown maiden name - not located marriage) was buried at HT Church in Dorchester on 13 Sep 1697. His 2nd marriage was to Elizabeth SKINNER at Woodsford on 8th June 1701. He was a Millwright by trade and on 7th Jan 1702/3 be formally took on his younger brother Samuel as an apprentice in the trade.They had a daughter Elizabeth baptised at HT Church on 10th December 1714. Charles was left 1 shilling under under his mother's will when she died in 1715. He was buried at HT Church in Dorchester on 29th March 1721. Elizabeth his widow then remarried at HT Church to John FRY of Worth Matravers on 03-Feb 1728/9. In the Municipal Records of Dorchester page 696 'The Heirs of Charles Meader' are still listed as Freeholders in the Borough of Dorchester in 1749/50. ]

      (5) Catherine MEADER (b1676) Bap at HT church Dorchester on 1st Nov 1676. Nothing else is known about her.

      (6). John MEADER (1682-1686) Baptised at HT Church 17th July 1682 and buried there 17th Jan 1686/7

      (7). Samuel MEADER (1685-1754) Baptised at HT Church 14th June 1685. A Millwright by trade he married Ann TELSE at Bloxworth in Dorset on 11 Jan 1712/13 and was executor and main beneficiary under his mothers will which also made bequests to his wife Ann and daughter Jane. He was also appointed executor of his sisters Jane's will in 1748 but died before she did so administration of her estate was carried out by his son Samuel. He lived into his 70's and died intestate in 1754 being buried at HT on 18th Jan 1754. ]

    Mr. John ARNOL [ARNOLD] & Mrs. Elizabeth HAVAHLAND [HAVILAND] were married 18-Feb 1667 (PR)

    Richard BANGER & Sarah CHEEK were married 26-May 1668 (PR) [Note:- child Matthew bap HT 31st May 1669]

    James STAFFORD & Katerine MARTEN [MARTIN] were married 30-Jun 1668 (PR) [Note:- child James bap HT 23rd May 1669]

    John RAYNOLDS & Joane WAYER were married 01-Jul 1668 (PR)

    Benjamen PLOWMAN of Sturmister Mershel & Mary JACOB were married 02-Jul 1668 (PR)

    Richard STICKLAND & Margaret POUNCY were married 26-Jan 1668 (PR) [Note:- child Agnes bap HT 12th Sep 1669]

    Dorchester Trade Token dated 1669

    Around the outside it says "DORCHESTER ARMES OF" on the front
    and "A DORCHESTER FARTHING" on the back

    Henry POUNSY [POUNCY] & Elizabeth GREEN were married 06-May 1669 (PR)

    William HOBBS & Margaret GIFFERD [GIFFORD] were married 21-Dec 1669 (PR) [Note:- children (1) Sarah bap HT 13th Nov 1670 (2) Elizabeth bap HT 3rd Nov 1672 (3) Thomas bap HT 23rd Apr 1676]

    George GOULD & Margaret CLEFF were married 23-Nov 1669 (PR) [Note:- child George bap HT 18th Oct 1670]

    Joseph ANDERVER of Charmester [Charminster] & Alice COUNTER were married 04-Apr 1670 (PR) [Note:- Jane his first wife was buried at HT 28th Jan 1669/70]

    John DEARING & Elizabeth JACOB were married 04-Apr 1670 (PR)

    John DAW & Ealce BOIT were married 06-Feb 1671/2 (PR) [Note:- Children:- (1) George bap HT 08 Dec 1672;(2) John bap HT 9th May 1675 : Ealce his wife was buried at HT on 6th July 1676]

    Robert WALLAS & Anne GOULD were married 09-Apr 1672 (PR)

    John JAMES & Merriam FOOKE were married 27-May 1672 (PR) [Note:- child John bap HT 5th Nov 1676]

    John CLEMENT of Wincalton in the County of Somerset & Margaret CREDOCKE of Shirborne were married 10-Jun 1672 (PR)

    George HUNTELY & Hannah GEORGE were married 25-Jul 1672 (PR)

    John TAYLOR of St. Peter's Parish & Jane GILLET of this parish were married 03-Sep 1672 (PR)

    Gilbert WHITE of Frampton & Joane COOKE of this parish were married 24-Oct 1672 (PR)

    John GEORGE & Jane HASELBERY were married 26-Dec 1672 (PR)

    John GREENE & Margaret COMBESHALL were married 27-May 1673 (PR)

    Nicholas HAYSOME & Mary ROLES were married 25-Jun 1673 (PR) [Note:- child John bap HT 4th apr 1675]

    Edward BRETHERS & Grace BESS were married 03-Jul 1673 (PR)

    John BEARNES of Swaneg [Swanage] in Purbick [Purbeck] & Lidia BANTEN were married 11-Aug 1673 (PR)

    Nathaniell GRINDHAM of ye parish of All Saints & Rachel COUNTER of this parish were married 14-Jan 1673 (PR)

    Mr. John GOLLOP of St Peter's & Mes Mary STANSBIE [STANSBY] were married 28-May 1674 (PR) [Note:- This marriage is recorded in The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset (3rd Edition published 1868 - page 392) by John Hutchins ]

      [Note:- Mr John GOLLOP (1644-1731) His pedigree is given in the Visitation of Dorset for the year 1677; Page 31: Although this states that he died 25 May 1731 aged 87 he in fact was buried at St Peters Church Dorchester on 1st September 1731. His Will was not approved until 25th May 1732 and can be found at the National Archives under ref PROB 11/65. A copy dated 1712? may be at the Dorset History center under ref DHC D/ASH:A/F3.

      John was the 4th son of Thomas GALLOP of Strode (1617-1692) and Elizabeth the daughter and heir of Thomas THORNE of Caundle Marsh. This is John's first marriage to Mary STANSBY on 28 May 1674 at Holy Trinity. She was the 4th child of Philip STANSBIE (1611/1617 - 1686) and she produced 4 children before her death on the 25th and burial at St Peters Dorchester on 28th May 1682 aged 29. A brass memorial plaque survives to her in St Peters Church. Their 4 children were (1) John Gollop bap 4th Mar 1676/7 (2) Elizabeth Gollop bap 17 Jun 1678 and buried 1st July 1678 (3) Thomas Gollop bap 5th Aug 1679 and (4) Rebecca Gollop bap 4th Nov 1680. The 3 surviving children are all listed at the Visitation.

      He married 2ndly to Frances the widow of Henry BACKWAY on 1st June 1697 at Charminster - she died 25th March 1712.

    Peter POUNCY of All Saints & Jone MICHELL were married 20-Nov 1674 (PR)

    Mark BAGWELL & Mary DREWER were married 18-Jan 1675 (PR) [Note:- children (1) Mark bap HT 1st July 1677 (2) Lidia bap HT 1st Nov 1678]

    John MARSH & Elizabeth MARKS were married 09-Jul 1676 (PR)

    Mr. Robert WERE of Possom & Mrs. Mary LACY were married 29-Aug 1676 (PR)

    Robert COOMES of Fordington & Joane WOOKE were married 20-Sep 1676 (PR) [Note:- settled in his parish of Fordington where registers for 1676 & 1677 are missing - a child Elizabeth was bap St Georges Church Fordington 11th July 1680]

    William CARRENTON & Rachel STICKLAND were married 14-Jan 1676 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Priscilla bap HT 5th Aug 1677 (2) William bap HT 21st Mar 1679/80 and buried there 18 Oct 1680 (3) Mary bap HT 18th March 1682/3 (4) William bap HT 4th Oct 1685 (5) Alce bap HT 22nd Apr 1688 (6) Sarah bap HT 14th Dec 1692 (7) Elizabeth bap HT 25 Mar 1695 ]

    Edward LISTER & Mary LAMOTH were married 06-Feb 1676 (PR) [Note:- child John bap HT 26 Dec 1678 ]

    John WINSER of Fordington & Ann GATS widow were married 18-Sep 1677 (PR)

    John MYELL & Mary EVERED widow were married 07-Jan 1677 (PR)

    William LEAVET & Elizabeth POUNCY were married 22-Oct 1678 (PR)

    Henry DAW & Precilla POOK were married 18-May 1679 (PR)

    Walter LUCAS & Ann PERCE were married 27-May 1679 (PR)

    Samuel BESS & Mary MELLEDG were married 24-Dec 1679 (PR)

    William FOOK of All Saints & Ffrancis MARTINE were married 15-Apr 1680 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) William bap HT 9th Oct 1680 (2) Sarah bap 26th Nov 1682 (3) William bap HT 10th Aug 1684 (4) Frances bap HT 6th Jun 1686 (5) Robert bap HT 4th Sep 1689 (6) Samuel bap HT 04 Feb 1697/8]

    Joseph UNDERWOOD & Mary GARDENER were married 03-Aug 1680 (PR)

    Robert POOL & Joan BAKER were married 16-Sep 1680 (PR) [Note:- children (1) Thomas bap HT 25 Sep 1681 (2) Robert bap HT 2nd July 1684 (3) Elizabeth bap HT 29th Aug 1686 & buried HT 7th Apr 1687 (4) John bap HT 6th may 1688]

    Mr. Thomas BASKET of Sarum & Mrs.Margaret RAYNER of St. Peter's were married 07-Apr 1681 (PR)

    John JAMES & Elizabeth HARBEN were married 20-Oct 1681 (PR)

    William SHEPHERD & Thomasine MARTAINE were married 10-Nov 1681 (PR)

    Mr. John TASKER of Winterborn St. Martin & Mrs. Mary NELSON of St. Peter's were married 12-Jan 1681 (PR)

    Robert LOCK of All Saints & Hannah WILLIAMS were married 07-Feb 1681 (PR)

      [Note:- Robert LOCK (d.1721) & Hannah WILLIAMS (d.1720) After marriage they lived in All Saints Parish where Hannah was buried on 25th May 1720; followed by her husband Robert on 25th Oct 1721. See Wills index for the will of her husband dated 19th July 1721 proved 20th Nov 1721. They had the following children baptised at All Saints Church:-
      (1) Elizabeth (1683-1684) bap at All St's 22 Jan 1683/4 and buried there 22 Dec 1684.
      (2) Edyth (b.1685) bap at All St's 02 Nov 1685
      (3) Hanah (b.1687) bap All St's 4 Sep 1687
      (4) Elizabeth (b.1689) bap All St's 7 Mar 1689/90
      (5) Robert (1692-1697) bap All St's 26 Sep 1692 and buried there 11th July 1697
      (6) Thomas (b. 1694) bap All St's 19 Oct 1694
      (7) Robert (1698-1700) bap All ST's 13 Nov 1698 and buried there 13th May 1700.

    Samuel SNOOK & Joan GOULD were married 18-Apr 1682 (PR)

      [Note children:- (1) Thomas born 9th March 1682/3 & bap HT 10 Apr 1683 (2) Elizabeth born November 3rd & bap HT 06 Dec 1685 (3) John Born November 28th & bap 12 Dec 1688 (4) Samuel born December 28th & bap HT 14 Jan 1691/2 (5) Robert born January 28th & bap HT 30 Jan 1692/3 - also buried HT 22 Jan 1694/5 (6) Laurence bap HT born FFeb 28th 1693/4 & bap HT 25 Mar 1694 (7) Mary born 5th Mar & bap HT 7th Mar 1696/7 (8) Robert born 5th Dec & bap 26th Dec 1699 ]

    Mr. James BAKER & Mrs. Elizabeth HAYTEAR were married 20-Jul 1682 (PR)

    Mr. John PELLAT of Arundel in Sussex & Mrs. Mary WARREN of St. Peter's were married 27-Jul 1682 (PR)

    Thomas MARSH & Agnis POUENCY [POUNCY] were married 04-Feb 1682 (PR)

    Enoch FORTISCUE & Honour SHEPHARD were married 28-May 1683 (PR) [Note:- Honour is the daughter of Lawrence and Elizabeth SHEPHERD see Wills index for her fathers will dated 14th Dec 1689 proved 30 Apr 1690 for more information]

    Joseph STIBBS & Sarah BENVIL were married 05-Jun 1684 (PR)

    Thomas ABRAHAM alias HURD of Piddletown & Mary WATTS were married 15-Feb 1684 (PR)

    John WIGGONS of Fordington & Mary CURTISE of this parish were married 21-Apr 1685 (PR)

    Henry ACTINS & Mary STICKLAND both of this parish were married 18-Nov 1685 (PR)

    John MARSH & Wilmoth BISSEN both of this parish were married 09-Aug 1687 (PR)

    Ames BURD of Maiden Newton & Elizabeth BEALL of Munton in Summersett were married 15-Feb 1687 (PR)

    Henry DAMPHIER of Moorden & Ursula GREGORY of this parish were married 08-May 1688 (PR)

    Benjamin GAWLER of All Saints (Dorchester) & Sarah BUSHROD were married 17-Jan 1688 (PR)

      [Note: Children:- (1) Benjamin Gawler bap HT 20th Feb 1689/90 (2) Benjamin Gawler Bap HT 12th Oct 1692 (3) Sarah Gawler bap HT 4 Sep 1695]

    Mr. John COOMB of Chilfroom & Mrs. Mary CRABB of Netherbury were married 22-Jul 1689 (PR)

    Martin ELLET of Puddle-town & Mary TAYLOR of this parish were married 13-Oct 1689 (PR)

    William SKINNER of ye parish of Chard & Jane HAVAHLAND of this parish were married 23-Dec 1689 (PR)

    John HARBIN & Adrian GOULD were married 01-Jan 1689 (PR)

    Edmund WATS & Elizabeth EVERED were married 01-Feb 1689 (PR)

    Tobias GARLAND & Grace SQUIB were married 15-May 1690 (PR)

    Roger CHAMBERLAIN & Hester BAYLY were married 30-Sep 1690 (PR)

    Leonard HUTCHINGS & Mary WILLIAMS were married 02-Dec 1690 (PR)

    Joseph ROGERS & Hannah CHALDECOTT were married 29-Dec 1691 (PR)

    John HAYNE & Mary LILLINGTON were married 17-Feb 1691 (PR) [Note:- Link to more information about the Hayne Family in Dorchester. John Hayne was buried at St Peters church in Dorchester on 7th Sep 1749]

    William PALMER & Temperance BEST were married 31-Mar 1692 (PR) [Note:- Child:- Willliam bap HT 06 Aug 1693; his wife Temperence Palmer was buried at HT on 29th May 1697]

    Robert GACHEL & Margaret DIEKES were married 08-Sep 1692 (PR)

    Christopher PITT Dr. of Physick & Mrs. Elizabeth BACKWAY were married 25-Apr 1693 (PR) [Note:- This marriage is recorded in The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset (3rd Edition published 1868 - page 392) by John Hutchins ]

    John BUSHROD & Elizabeth SEAGER were married 06-Jul 1693 (PR) [Note:- children:- (1) Samuel bap HT 22nd Apr 1694 (2) John bap HT 3rd May 1696 (3) Nathaniel bap HT 8th jan 1698/9]

    Joseph PERHAM alias DARK & Jane VIVIHAM alias HOGGARD were married 14-Apr 1694 (PR)

    Mr. John SYMONDS & Mrs. Ann THORNBURY were married 19-Feb 1694 (PR)

    William BIRCH & Sarah POULDEN were married 26-Apr 1695 (PR)

    John GOULD & Mary FOY? were married 16-Oct 1695 (PR Note first letter is not clear and does not look like the double 'ff' for FOY but is a well known family in Dorchester)

    Matthew ANDEVER & Elizabeth DEEKER were married 01-Jan 1695 (PR)

    Nathaniel GRINDHAM & Hannah BUSHROD were married 19-Nov 1696 (PR)

    Nicolas [Nicholas] DEEKER & Ruth WHITE were married 26-Dec 1696 (PR)

    John SMITH & Mary UNDERWOOD vid: [vidua or widow] were married 16-Feb 1696 (PR)

    Robert BROWN & Anna GOLSEY were married 25-May 1697 (PR)

    Andrew RIDDLE & Joan FFULBROOK vid: [vidua or widow] were married 19-Sep 1697 (PR) [Note:- child Elizabeth bap HT 28 Mar 1698]

    Thomas GAPE & Edith FFOX were married 25-Apr 1698 (PR)

    Joseph PARSONS & Mary OXENBURY were married 03-Nov 1698 (PR)

    John HARBEN & Anna DUNING were married 04-Jan 1698 (PR)

    John SCUTT & Jane SPRAT were married 03-Oct 1699 (PR)

    John CHILES & Mary KEATS were married 26-Dec 1699 (PR)

    William LAMBERT & Alice ANDEVER were married 24-Jan 1699 (PR)

    John GAPEN & Mary PITMAN of Tollar were married 16-Feb 1699 (PR)

    Richard LAVENDAR & Elizabeth WELLSPRING were married 04-Jun 1700 (PR)

    Henry GARLAND & Sarah COCKRAM were married 12-Aug 1700 (PR)

    Nicholas ROGERS & Joan CHURCHILL were married 29-Sep 1700 (PR)

    Benjamin CHALDECOT & Hanna HUNTLEY were married 11-Nov 1700 (PR)

    John HONEYBORN & Edith MORES were married 26-Nov 1700 (PR)

    Nathaniel MORES & Hester CRAVERT were married 26-Nov 1700 (PR)

    Andrew GALE & Susanna COOMB were married 07-Jan 1700 (PR)

    John GOULD & Martha LAURANCE [sic] were married 29-Mar 1702 (PR & BT's Surname spelt LAWRENCE )

    Joseph BALE & Mary BARTLETT were married 08-Sep 1702 (PR)

    Mr. James CHANING [CHANNING] & Mrs. Hannah TEMPLEMAN were married 01-Dec 1702 (PR)

    William HUISTES & Elizabeth FFEVEN were married 11-Jan 1702 (PR)

    John HOBBS & Mary POUNCY were married 11-Jul 1703 (PR)

    Richard STONE & Elizabeth DIAMOND were married 20-Mar 1703 (PR)

    Nicolas [Nicholas] WINZOR [WINZER] & Susannah BANKS were married 20-Apr 1704 (PR)

    William CHILES [CHILDS] & Sarah BOWDEN were married 04-Jan 1704 (PR) [Note:- children (1) John bap HT 29 Oct 1705 (2) William bap HT 24 Dec 1706 (3) Sarah bap HT 18 Aug 1711. Sarah CHILDS was buried at HT church on 8th Jan 1756 and William CHILDS on 25th June 1756]

    Samuel MARTIN [MARTEN] & Lettice AYERS were married 30-Oct 1705 (PR)

    Robert STEVENS & Catharine FFOY [FOY] were married 17-May 1706 (PR)

    Richard MULLINGTON of Bristol & Elinour DEARING were married 11-Jul 1706 (PR)

    William SHEPHERD & Ann BELMAN were married 06-Aug 1706 (PR)

    William LAMBERT & Mary BRINE were married 31-Jul 1707 (PR)

    John CRUE of Abbotsbury & Ann BEARNES were married 06-Oct 1708 (PR)

    Charles BEFFORD & Lydia RASHLEY were married 26-Apr 1709 (PR)

      [Note:- children:- (1) Sarah bap HT 30 Jan 1709/10 (2) Elizabeth bap HT 04 Jan 1712/13 and buried there on 26th Feb 1712/13 (3) Elizabeth bap and buried the same day HT 21st Jun 1714 (4) Susanna bap HT 29 May 1715 and buried there 20th Aug 1716 (5) Susanna bap HT 24 Apr 1717 (6) Lidia bap HT 26th Aug 1720 and buried 01 Dec 1721 (7) Charles bap HT 30 Jan 1724/5 ]

    James POOK & Elizabeth NEW were married 01-Aug 1709 (PR)

    John COMBES of Little Bridy & Martha WALDRON of Swier were married 06-Sep 1709 (PR)

    Joseph COSSENS & Mary CHIPMAN were married 12-Feb 1709 (PR)

    Richard BOLLIN & Catharine CROSS of Sidling were married 10-Feb 1710 (PR)

    Simon FRAMPTON & Joan NEWMAN were married 29-Apr 1711 (PR)

    Thomas FOY & Deborah MASH were married 24-Jun 1711 (PR)

    John STEPHENS of Symondsbury & Dorothy WEBBER were married 26-Jun 1711 (PR)

    John WINZAR & Joan BRAND were married 03-Jul 1711 (PR)

    Anthony KENN & Sarah WILLIS were married 12-Nov 1711 (PR has WILLS as her surname) [Note:- Link to more information about this family]

    Samuel HEWETT & Elizabeth SAVAGE were married 27-Dec 1711 (PR)

    John VINSON & Mary CARRINGTON were married 09-Jun 1712 (PR)

    Robert CRIMBLE & Jane ALEXANDER were married 23-Sep 1712 (PR)

    John BARTLETT & Elizabeth CRIMBLE were married 19-Oct 1712 (PR)

    John SAMWAYS & Mary VIVIAN of Abbotsbury were married 08-Dec 1712 (PR)

    Joseph FFOY [FOY] & Mary LOVE were married 11-Dec 1712 (PR)

    William SMITH & Susannah BYLES of Brianstone [possibly Bryanston] were married 12-Dec 1712 (PR)

    John WELLS of Sherborne & Elizabeth CARTER were married 14-Mar 1712 (PR)

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