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Welcome to Fosterquest! We are finally back on the internet and working hard on re-introducing ourselves to the genealogy, history and family research buffs around the world. Bare with us as we build the sight and gather the latest information related to genealogy, history and family research we can find.
Fosterquest is a sight dedicated to provide genealogy, history and facts surrounding the surnames: Forrester, Forester, Forister, Forster, Foster, Forest & Corstorphine all of which are directly linked to the Forrester Family which is an historic Scottish Clan with notable roles in Scottish legend and Scottish Royal History as well as significant English history. We are pleased to share with you all we can gather about these surnames and we welcome your input to improve the quality of information shared through this sight.
In the near future, you will be able to find information about:
The History of all related surnames and how/why the names were changed
The locations of genealogy data for these surnames world wide
Information on Clan Forrester Society North America & Clan Forrester UK
Interresting history, stories, folklore/legends and facts about these surnames
Other great sites to research your roots and history related to these surnames
The Foster DNA Project which is changing the face of our genealogy today
Message boards exclusive to Fosterquest and it's guests (this means you)
Please stay informed by checking in each week to see Fosterquest grow and improve. Soon we will be on the Quest for the Facts and Legends...
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