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This site is the result of coordinated efforts by the

Foulkrod Research Group

The FoulkrodResearch Group also acknowledges the contributions of non-FRG Members
Dennis G. BeMent, Martha Howard, Debbie Morr, Phil and Betty Fleener,
and Ellen Vandegrift for their contributions.

"The Ethics and Etiquette of Sharing"
by George G. Morgan

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Updated Feb 4, 2002

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Websites of FoulkrodResearch Group Members:

BeMent Family History (Dennis G. BeMent, 4047 Salmon Dr., Orlando, FL 32835)
Cunningham & Hudson Family Lines
(Shelia L. Purdum)
Doug Foulkrod Family Home Page (Mary Siska Foulkrod, 1801 Louise Dr., San Angelo, TX  76901)
Jacqueline's Genealogy Database (Jacqueline A. Brown, 3963 Arcadia Zurich Norris Rd., Lyons, NY  14489)

Joe's Place For Bell's To Find Bell's (Joseph LeRoy Bell, Jr., 810 N Main St., Athens, PA  18840)
Keal Family Home Page (Belinda L. Keal, 5309 Faulconbridge Rd., Charlotte, NC  28227)
Ohnmeiss Family Genealogy (J. C. Carver)
Stone Genealogical Database (Roger B. Stone, 2613 Penny Royal Lane, Reston, VA   20191)
he Family (Lesley Anderson, 3518 Ashley Station Dr., Marietta, GA  30008)

Websites of Non-FoulkrodResearch Group Members:

The Longacre Clean Home Page (David Garth Longacre)


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These awards were presented to the FoulkrodResearch Group
on May 3rd 1999 by Kevin L. Sholder. Please visit his
Lycoming County, PA Genealogical & Historical Award of Excellence page.

Thank you, Kevin.


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