Update 2005
In the Burial Ground of the Demolished
Baptist Church, Baptist Lane, Ossett.

"The cemetery itself has not been used for 30 years and no-one even visits it. We intend to put the graves back in a way they would be safer to the public and are asking for their patience with us while we do that.

The last thing we want to do was upset people but we had to make the cemetery safe. There is no easy way to do this and I hope people can just keep their patience while we finish the job."

 I presume the job is now finished as it is approximately three years since the shameful desecration of the burial ground, unfortunately the result speaks volumes for the regard that this Baptist church holds for those who have gone before.
Unfortunately the feeble attempt at replacing a few stones does in no way rectify the wanton vandalism that this burial ground has been subjected to and there is no justification in saying the stones were a danger to the public as even some of the flat stones were disgracefully removed from the graves they marked

Guy Etchells.

The burial ground photographed 14 June 2005.


Looking down the site from the gate

Looking up the site from the gate

Lone stone face down in the undergrowth

Dumped rubbish lying on top of the few stones remaining in place

Stack of kerbs by the hedge

More kerbs by the hedge

Capping stones abandoned in the hedge

Memorials placed adjacent to the lower fence

Looking up the site from the lower fence











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Baptist Church Vandalism 

Update 2005

Price of graves etc.


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