Burials in Cornwall
Transcribed by
Pam Drake

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Burial Register

 Abraham - Avry

Badcock - Beckerleg 

Beel - Billing 

 Binney - Boswarrick

 Botrell - Bray

 Brenton - Buzzo

 Cake - Chapman

Chappel - Coken 

Cole - Cox 

 Crabb - Davy

 Daw - Downing

 Dowrack - Eddy

 Ede - Fytze

 Gabriel - Giles

 Gill - Grinvill

 Groas - Handcock

 Hands - Hely

 Hender - Hill

 Hindra - Hoper

 Hore - Jane

 Jasper - Julian

 Kaine - Knotwell

 Ladner - Lynick

 Macey - Mills

 Minehit - Moyle

 Moyse - Northy

 Not - Olivy

 Olliver - Pasco

 Pascoe - Penaluna

 Penalurick - Polkinhorne

 Pollard - Quick

 Quiller - Riche

 Rickard - Roberts

 Robings - Row

 Rowe - Sandry

 Saunders - Smitheram

 Snell - Synock

 Tab - Thomas

 Thriscott - Treleven

 Treloar - Trevena

 Trevenen - Tyacke

 Udy - Wadge

 Wakeham - White

 Whitfield - Winnon

 Witheredge - Youren
& 3 unidentifield bodies


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 St Keverne Burials



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