The Leicestershire Survey
Extract from Feudal England, XIth & XIIth Centuries by J. H. Round. Published 1909. pp 196-214

ASSERTING the importance of the Lindsey Survey, Mr. Chester Waters observed that "this is the sole record of its kind which deals with the interval between the completion of Domesday in 1086, and the compilation of the Pipe-Roll of 1129-1130, and that no similar return of the landowners of any other county is known to exist" (p. 2). And, indeed, it would seem that the survey to which I now address myself has hitherto remained unknown. It is found in the form of a late transcript on an unidentified roll in the Public Record Office.1

Comprising the whole of Gosecote Wapentake, and in part those of Framland and Gartree, it retains for these divisions the Domesday name of Wapentake-they are now "Hundreds "-while subdividing them into small "Hundreds," of which the existence seems to have been hitherto unsuspected. Proceeding, like the I.C.C., "Hundred" by "Hundred," and Vill by Vill, it enables us, like that document, to reconstitute the aggregate assessments, and thus affords priceless evidence on "the six-carucate unit."2 But apart from this, it is invested with no small importance from that "great want of documentary evidence" for the reign of Henry I. which Mr. Hunter rightly lamented in his elaborate introduction to the first great roll of the Pipe (p. ii.). It affords us new and trustworthy evidence on the many vicissitudes of the great fiefs, and enables us, while tracing the fortunes of their owners, to see how the 6rst Henry provided for his novi homines, showering escheats and royal demesne on the trusty officials he had raised "from the dust," as well as on his favourite nephew, Stephen, Count of Mortain.
The date of this survey is thus determined. The frequent mention of "Rex D[avid]" places it subsequent to his accession to the throne in April, 1124. On the other hand, the name of Ralf Basset (the justiciar) shows it to be anterior to his death; and he was dead before
Mich., 1130 (Rot. Pip., 31 Hen. I.). Moreover, it speaks more than once of Hugh de Leicester as "Vicecomes," and Hugh's shrievalty seems from the Pipe-Roll to have terminated at Mich., 1129. We may therefore place this survey between the spring of 1124 and the autumn of 1129, with a likelihood of its having been compiled nearer the latter date.


"Conies Lerc[estri]ę vj. car.

H[underdum] de3 Lanegeton'.-In eadem villa Comes Lerc[estrię] xj. car. et j. virg. Ibidem Ric[ardus] Basset iii. car. et. j. virg. In thorp Eustaci[us] iij. car. et. iii. virg. In alia Langeton' Abbas de Burg' iiij. car. et iii. virg. Ibidem Henricus de pport j. car. In thurlington idem Henricus xij. car. In sscanketon' Comes Lerc[estrię] x. car. Ansch' ij. car.4

H[undredum] de Chiburd '.-In eadem villa xii. car. de feodo Ansch'. In alia chiburd' Walt[erus] de Bell' campo xj. car., Ricardus Basset j. car. In bocton Comes Leicestrię xij. car. In carleton' idem Comes x. car. Et Monachi Sancti Arnulphi v. virg. Et de ssoch' Regis iij. virg.5

H[undredum] de Knossinton.-In eadem villa ij. car. de Honore. de Blida. Et Henricus de ferr' iij. car. et. iii. virg. In Osolinstona Rex D[avid] vij. car. In Picwell et in Lucerthorp de feudo Rogeri ed Moubray xv. car. In Neubotel Robertus de ferr' j. car. et dim.

In Burg' Marm' iij. car. In Balbegrave vj. car. iij. bov, minus de Soch[a] Regis. In Mardefeud iij. car. de eadem Soch[a]. In alia Mardefeud iij. car.6


H[undredum] de Lodinton[e], in Sceftinton[e] Norm[anus] de Verdun viij. car. et dim. Ricardus Bass[et] iii. car. et dim. In Gokebia Normannus de Verdun vj. car. In Adelacston[e] v. car. et j. virg. de feodo Regis David. Et de Soch[a] Regis iij. virg. In Ludinton[e] Ricardus Basset xii. car. In Thorp et in Twyford Ricardus de Roll[os] ix. car. j. bov. minus. Ibidem Henricus de ferr[ariis] ix. car. j. bov. minus. Et de Soch[a] Regis v. car. Ex hiis Grimbaldus tenet dim. car. et Rex D[avid] j. car. In Norton{e] x. bov. Walter de Bello campo vj. car. Et Roger de Moubray iiij. car. et iij. virg. 7

H[undredum] de8 Tilton.-In eadem villa ij. car. 5. bov. minus de Soch[a] Regis. Ibidem Walt[erus] de Bello campo iij. car. Archiepiscopus 9 j. car. In Neuton[e] Walter de Bello campo iiij. car. Roger de Moubray viii. car. In Lousebia Rex David xij. car. In Watebergia Dominicum Regis iiij. car. In Hallested Normannus de Verdun iii. car. 5. virg. minus. 10

H[undredum] de bebia.-In eadem villa Abbas de Croyland xij. car. In Cahiham iiij. car. de Soch[a] Regis. Comes Lercestrie ii. car. In Hung'ton ix. car. In Siglebia ix. car. et. vj. bov. et dim. De11 Comite Lercestrię. Ibidem Comes Cestrie iij. car. Ibidem Ricardus Basset ij. car. Robertus de ferrer[iis] v. bov.12

H[undredum] de Barkbia.-In eadem villa v. car. de feodo de Belvar[o]. In Hamelton' et in thorp vi. car. de eadem feudo, et de feodo Comitis Lercestrię j. car. et dim. In Thormedeston Canonici iij. car. In Crocheston[e] ij. car. et j. bov. et dim. de Soch[a] Regis. In Neubold[e] Robertus de ferer[iis] j. car. et dim. In Barnesby Rex iij. car. et dim. bov. Ibidem Comes Lercestrię xiij. bov. In Gadesby [t]erra 13 Reg[is] viij. car. et dim. et dim. et dim. (sic) bov.
Ibidem Episcopus Lincolniensis viij. bov. Comes Lercestrę j. car. et dim. bov. Ricardus Basset dim. car. Rex D[avid] ij. car.

H[undvedum] de Essebia.-In eadem villa Rex David v. car. Ibidem Hugo de Lerc[estria] j. car. In Humberstay Roger de Ram[is] viij. car. Ibidem Walter de Mustere j. car. Rad[ulfus] de Martinwast iij. car. In Mardegrave Comes Lercestrię xij. car. In thurmedeston idem Comes car. (sic). Idem in Burstall ix. car. Idem in Anlepia vij. car. Idem in Anesting[e] vj. car.15

H[undredum] de Resebia.-In eadem villa Ricardus Basset v. car. Ibidem Comes Cestrie ij. car. et dim. Rex David iiij car. et dim. In Quenburg[o] xii. car. de feodo de Belvar[o]. In Soften[e] Comes Lercestrię xij. car. In Brokesbya Comes (sic) Cestrie v. car. Rex David j. car. quam Pip[er]d tenet. In Quenebia vj. car. De feodo de Belvar[o]. In thurketleston[e] de feodo Comitis viii. car. In Cropeston[e] iii. car. In Rodeleia terra Regis v. car.16

H[undrednm] de Magna Dalbia.-In eadem villa Episcopus Lincolniensis ix. car. et dim. Radulfus Basset j. car. et iij. bov. Ibidem Wil[elmus] Gam[erarius] j. car. In frisebia Comes Cestrie iii. car., et de Soch[a] Regis viij. car. In Rederbia Comes cestrie vi. car. In Asfordebia Comes Lercestrię xiij. car. In Wartnadeby de Soch[a] Regis vi. car.17

Hundredum de Dalbia super Wald'-In eadem villa ix. car. de feodo Edwardi de sar[esbiria], Comes Lercestrie iij. car. In Grimestona de Soch[a] Regis iij. car. j. bov. et dim. minus. Ricardus Basset iii. car. In Saxebia Comes Lercestrie v. car. et de Soch[a] Regis j. car. In Siwaldebia Comes Lercestrie vj. car. In Cosinton[e] Comes Cestrie vj. car. In Horton[e] Robertus de Jor' ij. car.18

H[undredum] de Turstanestona.-In eadem villa Thomas x. car. et iij. virg. Ibidem Roger de Moubray xiiij. bov. In Wileges ij. car. de eodem feudo. In Rachedal[e] vj. car. de eodem feudo. In Houbia vij. car. et j. virg. de feodo Thome. Ibidem de feodo Albemarl' iiij. car. et iij. virg.19



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