The Leicestershire Survey
Extract from Feudal
England, XIth & XIIth Centuries by J. H. Round. Published 1909. pp 196-214

H[undredum] de Tunga.-In eadem villa cum appendiciis xij. car. de feodo Roberti de ferr[ariis]. In Caggworth Comes Cestrie xv. car. In Wrdintona iij. car. secundum cartam Regis et s[uper] dictum20 hominum hundredi xij. car.21

H[undredum] de 22 Luaeb'.-In eadem villa j. H[ida] et xiij. car. cum appendiciis. In cherlega vj. car. et dim. In Dixeleia et in Geroldon et in Thorp ix. car. In Hantirna est dim. H[ida].23

H[undredum] de Beltona.-In eadem villa Normannus de Verdon vj. car. In Overton[e] Ricardus Basset iiij. car. In Wrdinton[e] j. car. In alia Overton[e] Robertus de ferr[ariis] ij. car., ibidem Comes Cestrie j. car. In Stanton Robertus de ferr[ariis] ij. car. Ibidem Normannus de Verdon iij. car. In Dailescroft Philippus de Bello Campo Maresc[allus] j. car. In Doninton Comes Cestrie cum appendiciis xxij. car. et dim. In Witewic Comes Lercestrie j. car. et dim. Ibidem Robertus de ferr[ariis] j. car. et dim.24

H[undredum] de Dichesword.-In eadem villa Robertus de ferr[ariis] vj. car. et j. virg. Comes cestrie vj. car. Ibidem Comes iij. car. et dim. Normannus de Verdon j. car. et ij. bov. In Hanthirn[e] ix. car. In Widesers iij. car. Willelmi de Greselte]. Idem in Lintona j. car. In blakefordeb[ia] Comes Lercestrić iij. car. In Culverteb[ia] ij. car. et Robertus de ferr[ariis] j. car. In Wodete Robertus de ferr[ariis] j. car. et dim. In Alton[e] Comes Lercestrić j. car. et dim. Idem in Raveneston[e] j. virg. et dim. Ibidem Comes Cestrie iii. virg. et dim. Et Comes War' ij. car. In Suipestona Hugo vic[ecomes] ij. car.25

H[undredum] do Seyla.-In eadem villa Robertus de ferr[ariis] vij. car. In alia Seyla idem vj. car. Idem in Bocthorp j. car. Idem in appelbia j. car. et j. bov. Idem in Strecton j. car. et dim. Idem in Durantestorp ij. car. quas Walkelinus tenet. Idem in Swepeston[e]

vj. car. In Neuton ij. car. In Actorp dim, car. In Chilteston Comes cestrie j. car. Idem in Alpelbia dim. car. In Assebia Comes Lercestrić iij. car. In Pakinton Hugo Vicecomes v. car. Idem in Osgodesthorp dim, car. In scegla Henricus de Alben[eio] ij. car. que pertinent ad defencionem de Swepeston[e].26

H[undredum] de Shepesheved.-In eadem villa Comes [ ] 27 et in wacthon[e] et in Lokinton et in Aminton ij. h[idas] et dim. et iiij. car. In Wacton[e] Normannus de Verdon ij. car. et ij. bov.28


H[undredum] de caleverton[e].-In eadem villa xij. car. de feodo Willelmi de Alben[eio]. In Someredebia Robertus de ferr[ariis] v. car. Ibidem Roger de Mowbray vj. car. Ibidem Robertus Marm[ion] iij. car. et in Burg[o] iij car. In Dalbia Robertus de ferr[ariis] v. car. et j. bov. de feodo tessun. Ibidem Roger de Moubray xv. bov. In Wittok Walt[erus] de bello campo j. car. et dim. In Gillethorp Roger de Moubray iij. car. Idem in Burg[o] j. car. In Neubold Robertus de ferr[ariis] j. car. et dim.29

H[undredum] de Estwell.-In eadem villa Robertus de ferr[ariis] ij. car. Ibidem Roger de Moubray vj. car. Robertus de insula iiij. car. In aitona idem Robertus iij. car. et ij. bov. Et de Belvero dim. car. et dim. bov. Ibidem Robertus de insula viij. car. et iij. bov. et dim. In Branteston[e] Episcopus Lincolniensis vij. car. et dim. Robertus de Insula iiij. car. et dim.30

H[undredum] de Melton[e].-In eadem villa Roger de Moubray xv. car. Idem in Burton[e] xi. car. et vij. bov. Et de Honore blide iij. car. Robertus de ferr[ariis] ix. bov. In Fredebia ix. car. et ij. bov. et dim.31

H[undredum] de Chirchebia.-In eadem villa Roger de Moubray xxiiij. car. Idem in chetlebia viiij. car. In Sixtenebia iiij. car. et dim. de eodem feudo. Ibidem Rex D[avid] iiij. car. et dim. In alebia ix. car. de feudo Rogeri. Ibidem Rex David iij. car.32

H[undredum] de Droctona.-In eadem villa Comes de Moretonio xij. car. In thorp Comes Lercestrić xii. car. In brantingbia vj. car. de eodem feodo. In Ringolfestorp ii. car. et ij. bov. de eodem feodo. Robertus de ferrer[iis] j. car. et vi. bov. In Wyfordebia iiij. car. et dim. de blide. Roger de Moubray j. car. et dim. In chetelby et Holewell[e] ix. car. de feodo Basset. Episcopus Lincolniensis j. car.33

H[undredum] de Scaldeford.-In eadem villa Rex David xj. car. et dim. Ricardus Basset dim. car. In Goutebia Roger de Moubray vj. car. In Knipton Comes de Moriton[io] viij. car. et vi. bov., et Willelmus de Alben[eio] iij. car. et ij. bov.34

H[undredum] de35 Waltham-In eadem villa Comes Lercestrić xvj. car. et dim. Alanus de creon ij. car. et dim. In Stonesbia idem Alanus viij. car. In Gaston Robertus de ferr[ariis] ix. car.36

H[undredum] de Barcheston.-In eadem villa Willelmus de Alben. [eio] xxiij. car. G. Camerarius j. car. In Saltebia et berthaldebia xx. car. de feodo Peuerelli. In Garthorp Willelmus Mesch[in] vij. car.37

H[undredum] de Sproxcheston[e].-In eadem villa Rex David viij. car. Alanus de Creon ij. car. Ibidem fihius Gilberti ij. car. In Bucheminest[re] et in Seustern[e] ix. car. et dim. de feodo Eprscopi Lincolniensis. Ibidem Robertus de ferer[iis] dim. car. Willelmus Mesch[in] v. car. In Sessebia Rex David iij. car. Robertus de ferrer[iis] iij. car38

H[undredum] de Claxton[e].-.In eadem villa xvi. car. et dim. et dim. bov. Ibidem Henricus Tuchet xj. car. j. bov, minus. In Houwes de feodo de Beluer vii. car. et dim.39

H[undredum] de Stapelford-In eadem villa x. car. de feodo Roberti de ferrer[iis]. In Wymundeham et in thorp xxvij. car. et dim. de eodem feodo. Ricardus Basset iij. car. et dim.40

H[undredum] de Herdebia.-In eadem villa et in plungar xvij. car. de feodo Willelmi de Alben[eio]. Ibidem Ricardus Basset j. car. In Stacthirn Willelmus de Alben[eio] viii. car. et dim. Ibidem Roger de Moubray viij. car. Robertus de Insula j. car. et dim.41

H[undredum] de Botlesford.-In eadem villa et Moston et Normanton[e] Willelmus de Alben[ego] xxxij. car. Ibidem Agnes de Gaunt ~j. car. In Moston[e] Robertus de Insula j. car. et dim.42

[H]undredum de crocstona.-In eadem villa Comes Maur[itonii] xxiiij. car. In Harestan idem Comes xij. car."43


The work of identifying the places named in this survey is difficult, not only from the corruption of the text, but also from the fact that many of them are only obscure names, needing, for their perfect ascertainment, local knowledge. A careful study of the map will show that these Leicestershire " Hundreds," unlike those to which we are accustomed in the hidated districts, were strangely intermingled among themselves. Another of their peculiarities is that just as we find the reconquered "shires" named each after its capital town, so these "Hundreds" were each named after one of their Vills instead of after same natural object-probably the meeting-place of the primitive moot 44 -as so often in the south of England.
It is important to observe that, except for this survey, we should not even have known of the existence of these "Hundreds" in Leicestershire. And when we compare the entry on our roll-" Framelaund Wap'. Hundredum de Calevertone. In eadem villa xii. car."-with that in the Derbyshire Domesday: " Morelestan Wepentac. Salle Hundred. In Salle et Draicot et Opewelle . . xii. car." (i. 273), it is scarcely possible to resist the conclusion that, in this passage relating to Sawley, divided only by a river from Leicestershire, we have a glimpse of the same system existing in Derbyshire also. That is to say, that Sawley was not a "Hundred" of twelve carucates,
45 as has been suggested,46 but was the caput of a "Hundred" similar to those of Leicestershire. I believe, indeed, that in our survey we see the system on which these counties were surveyed in 1086. The original returns will have been drawn up Wapentake by Wapentake, and "Hundred" by "Hundred." But when transcribed into Domesday Book the entries were arranged under Wapentakes alone, and the headings of the " Hundreds" omitted. In the case of Sawley alone the heading slipped in, immediately preceding the entry of the Manor, as it must have done on the original return. It is thus that I account for the mention of "leets" slipping into the Norfolk Domesday, in two cases, from the original return; 47 just as, in Cambridgeshire, the total assessments of Impington and Chatteris have slipped, from the original returns, into the Inq. Eliensis,48 though duly omitted in Domesday Book.
One more point should be noticed. The somewhat mysterious entry of land belonging "ad defensionem de Swepestone" is at once made clear when we compare it with that Defensio x. acrarum," to which I have appealed
49 in discussing Wara," and which, like the wered " of the Northamptonshire geld-roll,50 refers to assessment for Dangled.
We will now collate some of our "Hundreds" with the relative entries in Domesday.

20 MS. illegible.
21 Tong, Kegworth,
22 MS. "in.'
23 Loughborough, Charley, Dishley, Garendon, Thorpe, Hathern.
24 Belton, [?Coleorton],
Worthington, Staunton Harold, Castle Donington, Whitwick.
25 Diseworth, Hathern, Linton (
Derby), Blackfordby, Ravenstone, Snibston.
26 Seal (Nether and Over), Bogthorpe, Appleby, Stretton on le Field, Donisthorpe, Swepston, Oakthorpe, Ashby, Pakington, Osgathorpe.
27 Blank in MS.
28 Sheepshed, Whatton, Lockington.
29 Cold Overton, Somerby, Burrow, Dalby, Withcote, Newbold.
30 Eastwell, Eaton, Branston.
31 Melton Mowbray,
Burton Lazars, Freeby.
32 Kirby Bellars, Abkettleby. Sysonby.
33 Nether Broughton, Thorpe, Brentingby, Wyfordby, Abkettleby, Holwell.
34 Scalford, Goadby, Knipton.
35 MS. "in."
Waltham, Stonesby, Coston.
37 Barkstone, Saltby [?Bescoby], Carthorpe.
38 Sproxton, Sewstern, Buckminster, Saxby.
Clawson, Hose.
40 Stapleford, Wymondham, Edmondthorpe.
41 Harby, Plungar, Stathern.
42 Bottesford, Muston, Normanton.
43 Groxton, Harston.
44 See the valuable list, for
Dorset, in Mr. Eyton's Key to Domesday p. 143.
45 The
Lincolnshire "Hundred."
46 Waters' Survey of Lindsey, p. 5; Eng. Hist, Rev., v. 100; supra, p. 78.
47 Supra, p. 101.
48 Ed.
Hamilton, pp. 113, 116.
49 Supra, p. 117.
50 Supra p. 152.

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