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Wakefield 1823

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Field plots 1728

Churches in the Wakefield area

Dedications on the Benches in Thornes Park, Wakefield

Historic Sketch of
Wakefield Parish Church
The Rev. J.L. Sisson, A.M.


Cenotaphs in the Wakefield area.

Registry of Deeds Conveyances & Wills, Wakefield

Burial Grounds,
General Views
Photographs of all Tombstones

Memorials in St John the Evangelist Church, Staincross.

Memorials In the Burial Ground of the Demolished 1st Baptist Church, Baptist Lane, Ossett.

Memorials in St James Church,
Thornes, Wakefield

Burial Grounds,
Limited Views
may only contain one or two surnames.

Memorials In the Churchyard of St Mary's Church, Beeston, Leeds

St Peter's Church
Bramley, Leeds

St John's Methodist Church, South Parade, South Ossett.

A Couple of Memorials in the Churchyard of St Helens, Sandal, Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

A Couple of Memorials in Belleview Cemetery, Wakefield.

Memorials In the Churchyard of
St Mary Magdalene Church,
Leeds Road, Outwood.

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