Andrew Dreger's Clock at Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park CA

The Andrew Dreger Clocks

Andrew Dreger Sr., my Great Grandfather, loved to build mechanical things. As a boy he worked in a bicycle shop. We believe he may have worked as a blacksmith, and later as a watchmaker.

If you have ever been to Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, you might have seen some of his handiwork. There is a large multi-faced clock that now stands in front of the ticket booths outside the park. It used to stand in the old rose garden. I don't believe it is running anymore. I'm not sure if this is because it is just not hooked up to an electrical source, or because it has mechanical problems.
Save the Buena Park Town Clock

There was also an earlier clock that Andrew built from scratch and entered in a display at the South West Pacific Exposition of 1928 in Long Beach, CA.

The clock as it appeared in the rose garden at Knott's Berry Farm before being moved to the front gate of the park.

The clock as it appears today standing in front of Knott's Berry Farm's front gate and ticket booths.

This is a photo of the clock where it originally stood, in front of Andrew's home in Long Beach, California at 836 E. Anaheim street. This image was shot in February of 1947 when there was a flood in Long Beach. In the window you can see two little girls looking out... My mother Rochelle on the left, and my aunt Bobbette (granddaughters of Andrew Sr.). There is another face in the window, and I think it is my Grandmother Lucile, daughter of Andrew Sr.

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Save the Buena Park Town Clock