Jesse and Lila Vaughn Kincade
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                          Jesse and Lila Vaughn Kincade


    Jesse James Kincade was born on July 16, 1890 in Union City TN. He was the second child of eight born to Alonzo and Cora Lula Collins.

    At this time I am not sure when Papa came to Missouri. My Grandmother Kincade came to MO. after the death of my Grandfather's death. She later married Jep Brown. I have no information on him. I never knew my Grandmother Kincade. She died in May of 1940 when I was four months old.

    Papa and his three brothers, Connie, Leo, and Lonnie worked with his Father-in law John Vaughn and his Brother-in-law Jack Vaughn clearing land for the Johnson Land Company. The Little River Drainage District Project had recently drained the swamps of southeast Missouri.Before the drainage ditches southeast Missouri was a low swampy land that many thought uninhabitable.The Mississippi River spread across the southeast corner of the state. A raised plank road gave people and trains a means of traveling to and from the sparsely populated small towns.The indians of the area say that before the devastation of the New Madrid Earthquake of 1811-1812 that this was a rolling landscape. Clearing the land was hard and sometimes dangerous work. Papa also farmed as a young man. He worked at International Harvester as a parts salesman and at one time I know he worked for the city of Malden driving a fire truck. I remember being impressed with the fire truck job when I was a child.

    I remember the day he surprised me with my first bicycle. A taxi pulled into our front yard,(a very strange occurrence, we walked) The driver got out and got my bike from of the back seat. I did not know papa had ordered me a bike. I have fewer memories of my father than my brothers and sisters. The few I do have I hold on to dearly.

    Lila Narsisia Vaughn was born on September 25,1899 in Morley MO.There is not enough space here for me to express the way I feel about my mother. She was a rock of security for me as a child. We were alone a lot but I never saw her show fear. Any scary sound I ever heard she could tell me what it was and calm my fears. She was always there to help any of her family if they needed her. She took care of her parents until their deaths. And she was there to help her children in times of need. She was a kind, easygoing person. She loved country music and she loved Cardinal baseball. She loved to set on the porch on a Saturday night in the dark and listen to the Grand Ole Opry. I still miss mama. I guess I always will. But I'll be with her again someday and we will swing again, and listen to music.

    Jesse and Lila Vaughn married September 21,1913 in Scott County MO. Mama liked five days being fourteen years old. Papa was twenty-three years old. Mama never understood why her parents allowed her to marry so young. I wish I could say the marriage was a long and happy. But I guess it was only long. They had ten children, with six living to adulthood. My Mother was a very special person that lived through a lot of heartache. Please visit my Mama and me page.

    Papa had several strokes through his later years leaving him an invalid. He died at the age of seventy-six on December 07, 1966.

    Mama died on October 23, 1979. She was eighty years of age.

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