Images and Photographs
Images and Photographs
Many of the scanned documents contain lists of names I'm not interested in, but some of you may find quite enlightening.  Remember the search engine on the home page cannot search the text within these images, so you may have to just browse.  If you want to look closer at an image, right click and "save as", then open it up in an offline viewer and magnify.  I'm thinking about reorganizing these by location, then by subject matter.  Any comments, suggestions or questions are welcome- email me
For those listed as Unknown, please look and help identify a lost relative.
Lots, I mean lots, more to come!

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Crane Photos of Smithfield Cemetery, Texas
(See PAF files for more information on these folks.  
See photos of them, or do a search from the main page)

Grave of John Riley Crane
Grave of Mary Ann Darby Crane
Grave of John David Crane
Grave of Emma Lou Allen Crane
Grave of Lon Crane, Jr.
Grave of Mary Lou Ellie Crane
Graves of Sam & Marguerite Snider
South Entrance to the Cemetery
Old Methodist Church (now a daycare)

Liberty Hill Cemetery, near Dawson, TX
Fairview Cemetery, Hubbard, TX Spring Hill Cemetery, near Dawson, TX Death and Funeral Papers
Need to organize later
   New!  Scanned Records- will be reorganized soon
(my primary interest in parentheses)
(Note: The "R" & "S" middle initials in 1798 and the "B" & "C" initials in 1797 may actually be some sort of tax collector's notation, possibly indicating district or location.  See other names on these lists and see if you agree with me.  This may also be the case in one list that listed John Mack as John Adams Mack, Adams being actually a district or notation rather than his actual middle name as I previously thought.  Please provide your insight into this historical blurb.- MM)

More Murphy Records (poorly organized at this point)
Murphy Family Photos

Crane Family Photos