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Herman William "Coot" Murphy

Note: He was called Herman (Coot) his family name. One son was born 7 Jan 1930, William Coy (Billy) During World War II he & Betta divorced. He served in the Navy the latter part of the War- was discharged in Los Angeles, CA. He married there, Alma K___(Peggy). They remained in LA several yrs, then returned to Tx after he retired & lived in Temple, Tx. Theyt traveled to Florida & places of interest in TX. His widow lives in Sheboygan WI. Billy his son graduated from TCU, was football coach several yrs in Hempstead. He married Sharon____. They have three children, Al, Peggy & Suzanne. Their home is in Houston. Herman had a grandson, William Allen "Al" Murphy, lives in Houston, Texas.

Bobbye George Finch

Died at 17 of diabetes