Fisher/Smith Tree

Fisher/Smith Family Tree and the Multiple Branches

Karen Wills & Bernice Raymond
My sister and I began our search in East Tennessee, mainly Polk, Bradley, and McMinn Counties, we soon broadened our search to Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia but many family members are still in East Tennessee.
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Visit our reunion pages for the Fisher Reunion and the Smith Reunion pictures.

The two that are sitting is our great grandparents, Leander Milton and Lillie Ann (Mashburn)Fisher. Standing behind them is our grandmother, Rosa Lee (Cloer) Fisher. On the right is our great aunt, Ida Mae Fisher. Lillie Ann had been on crutches since she was 16 from polio.

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If you have family in Polk County or Bradley County then come visit our Unknown Page to see a few pictures of people we are unable to identify and also to see a list of pictures of people we believe lived in Polk or Bradley County, TN. Please, help us to identify them.
Or come visit our newspaper clippings of Boyd's School in 1903 and 1915.
Or visit our Photo & newspaper clipping of Charleston High School's graduates of 1955.

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