Miscellaneous Resources

Miscellaneous Resources


Hackney coaches of 1662 a list of the 400 hackney coach licenses of England in July and August of 1662 giving names and addresses

London Merchants of 1677 a collection of the merchants living in and about the city of London

Nominees of the first British tontine of 1693 A list of the 1012 nominees form Britain and continental Europe to receive benefit of survivorship from the first British tontine giving names and ages, in 1693, adresses and a description which usually includes the name of the father, his address, and rank, profession or occupation

French refugees in Great Britain in the early 1700s lists of recipients of payments from the Royal Bounty in the years 1705, 1707 and 1721-3.

Kent's Directory for the year 1740 containing an alphabetical list of the names and places of abode of the directors of companies, persons in public business, merchants, and other eminent traders in the cities of London and Westminster, and the borough of Southwark.

Liverymen of London - 1776 containing a list of all the liverymen of London collected from the last poll for chamberlain.