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Dry Ridge Cemetery Dry Ridge Road Ritchie County, West Virginia

These headstone photos were taken on June 3, 2005 and this is a complete reading of all the stones in the cemetery at that time. After reviewing an earlier transcription done by someone else, it appears some stones may have been missing or covered by growth at the time of my visit. I have provided a link to that transcription at the bottom of the page. This is a small, well kept cemetery enclosed by chain link fencing. This year, someone was kind enough to take the time to make a plot map and place it at the entrance! I'd sure like to find out who it was.
Click on the person's name to see their epitaph. Click on [Photo]to see a photo of their headstone. If a death certificate was found, it is included as a link too. Use your back button to come back to this page after viewing a photo. Use the link at the bottom of this page to make comments about this cemetery, a headstone photo or for sharing family history that relates to a person in this cemetery.

Boston, Howard Buchanan, Artimacy, Charles, Ellis, George, Mary, Robert
[Photo] Buchanan, William [Photo] Cox, Bernice M. Tennant [Photo] [Death Certificate] d/o Simon & Lucy Ellen Cain Tennant Cox, Ulysses D. & Martha E. [Photo] Dinnin, Ralph B. - Military
[Photo] Doe, Mary A. [Photo] Wife of Frederick Doe Mary's closer epitaph Frederick's death certificate Eddy, Mary Ann [Photo] Eddy/Edey, Sarah (?) Foutty, Bert W. & Sophia V. [Photo] Gannon, Louden (Infant 2005) Hewitt, Lessie [Photo] Hewitt, Lovie R. [Photo] Hewitt, Roy [Photo] Hill, Mary Margaret Holmes Sims [Death certificate] Howell, Mary Jane Tennant [Photo] [Death certificate] Howell, P. M. [Photo] P M Howell's closer epitaph Jeffers, John J. [Photo] John's closer epitaph Modesitt, Francis [Photo] Sims, Ella [Photo] Sims, James Henry & Mary Melissa Cronin [Photo] Daughter of Samuel Cronin James' Military [Photo] James' death certificate Mary's death certificate Sutton, Bernadine Cox [Photo] Tennant/Tenant, ?an (male child) Tennant, Daniel [Photo] Daniel's closer epitaph Tennant, Inez J. [Photo] Tennant, John [Photo] Tennant, Marcellus [Photo] Tennant, Martha [Photo] Tennant, Minor [Photo] Tennant, Ralph [Photo] Tennant, Ray [Photo] Tennant, Simon L. & Lucy E. [Photo] Tennant, Timothy [Photo] Tennant, William [Photo] Tennant, Z. Edna [Photo] Thrash, John E. [Photo] Trembly, Abram D. & Catherine E.
[Photo] Trembly, Adda [Photo] Trembly, Annie [Photo] Trembly, Charles [Photo] Trembly, Clara [Photo] Trembly, Cora [Photo] Trembly, Infant [Photo] Trembly, Willie [Photo] Trembly, Zelda [Photo] Cemetery care & upkeep sign [Photo] Entrance to Cemetery showing new plot map [Photo] Plot map for cemetery Part 1 [Photo] Part 2 [Photo] Legend for plot map [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3] Other graves in the cemetery [Photo]

DANIEL TENNANT DIED NOV. 5, 1861 ?AN TENANT CHILD MINER Son of ? & M. TENANT Died Feb. 6, 1859 Aged *1 yr. 4ds (*could be a 7) JOHN E. THRASH BORN Dec. 17, 1857 DIED Mch. 20, 1900 Aged 48 Ys. 8 Ms. 8 Ds. TENNANT FATHER SIMON L. MAR. 26, 1856 JAN. 9, 1921 MOTHER LUCY E. JAN. 7, 1855 NOV. 27, 1941 P. M. HOWELL BORN OCT 3, 1842 DIED MAY 4, 1895 FOUTTY BERT W. DEC. 26, 1877 OCT. 16, 1959 SOPHIA V. SEPT. 25, 1897 JULY 1, 1981 RALPH B. DINNIN TEC 5 US ARMY WORLD WAR II MAY 8 1924 DEC 28 2001 ELLA SIMS 1877 - 1877 CORA Infant 1893 CLARA WILLIE ANNIE ADDA CHARLES TREMBLY CATHERINE E. AUG. 9, 1838 SEP. 20, 1911 ABRAM D. SEPT. 9, 1838 OCT. 10, 1882 ZELDA TREMBLY 1873 - 1922 William Tennant 1862 - 1885 JOHN TENNANT 1880 BERNADINE COX SUTTON 1931 - 1999 ROY HEWITT - 1920 LESSIE HEWITT - 1913 JANE HOWELL 1845 - 1930 FRANCIS MODESITT 1887 - 1921 MARTHA TENNANT 1822 - 1914 MARY ANN EDDY 1830 - 1870 SARAH ? Daughter of D. & M. EDEY Died Nov. 4, 1855 16 Ys. 3 Ms. 8 Ds. MINOR TENNANT 1859 - 1860 MARCELLUS TENNANT 1854 - 1855 BUCHANAN Artimacy 1839 - 1904 Charles Sarah Robert Ellis George Mary William Buchanan 1858 - 1945 Z. EDNA TENNANT 1882 - 1966 RALPH TENNANT 1888 - 1918 RAY TENNANT 1893 - 1930 LOVIE R. Wife of ALONZO HEWITT DEC. 6, 1875 MAR. 26, 1910 INEZ J. TENNANT FEB. 11, 1896 JUNE 22, 1978 COX ULYSSES D. 1862 - 1934 MARTHA E. 1866 - 1890 MOTHER BERNICE M. COX 1899 - 1950 MARY A. WIFE of FREDERICK DOE BORN FEB. 15, 1866 DIED DEC. 8, 1897 HOWARD BOSTON 1899 - 1901 JOHN J. JEFFERS BORN MARCH 7, 1856 DIED SEPT. 8, 1890 SLEEP SOLDIER THOUGH MANY REGRET THEE WHO STAND ROUND THY COLD GRAVE TODAY NEVER WILL THY KINDRED FORGET THEE NOR THY NAME FROM THE EARTH PASS AWAY Mary M. Hill 1823 - 1917 Wife of David SIMS JAMES HENRY 1842 - 1919 MARY (CRONIN) 1848 - 1934 JAMES H. SIMS PVT. 60 VA. INF. C.S.A. MARCH 20, 1919

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