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Weekly News, 20th February 1902.
Court case against John James, and Henry Ahrens, of Auckland. Contact me for details.

Weekly News, 11th/18th July 1896.
Escaping from custody of the warder at New Plymouth.

Weekly News, 19th September 1896.
Arthur Allen, (allias Charles Higgs) charged with drunk and disorderly.

Weekly News, 11th/18th July 1896.
Escaping from custody of the warder at New Plymouth.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Samuel Alfred Ammon of Dunedin. Husbands Estate claimed by Two Women.

Weekly News, 8th August 1896.
Mary Anderson, mother of a child found dead in a closet at Petone, has been committed for trial on a charge of concealment of birth.

ANDERSON William, Auckland, Escape. 20th July 1923. Scr

14th February 1934. Scr
Crime, Robert Richard Anstice of Auckland.

Weekly News, 18th July 1896.
Robbery at Parnell, Auckland, George Arben charged. (email for more)

Weekly News, 26th September 1896.
Leslie Aschby of Invercargill.

AYLING. Mr. Burglary. 1914. Thames. scr.

Herald, 4th July 1914. Court
John Bartley of Christchurch for assault.

14th February 1934. Scr
Crime, John Black of Christchurch.

Weekly News, July 4th 1896.
Invercargill Police Court, charge against John S Baxter, Grocer, charged with selling a bottle of Schnapps with out a license. (long report)

BENOIT. Francois Joseph. Suicide. 1915. Papakura. scr.

BETTLEY George. Suicide. Waikato. 1914. scr.

BLACK, William Patrick. Court. Auckland. 4th April 1914.

New Zealand Daily Times, April 4th 1919.
A man named Harry Blandford, was before Mr F V Fraser, S.M yesterday, in answer to a charge of bigamy. The accused who was have alleged to have gone through a form of marriage with one Kate Winstanley, knowing her to be already married, was remanded till April 9th. Bail was allowed in the sum of 50 pound, with one surety of 50 pound. No other details.

BOOT. George and Florence. Divorce. 1914. Waikino. scr.

Weekly News, 21st November 1896.
Stephen Boscher, charged with bigamy at Wellington.

Weekly News, 18th July 1896.
Robbery at Parnell, Auckland, Richard Brenand charged. (email for more)

Weekly News, 3rd September 1914. Scr
Attemted suicide by Richard Bright of Normans Hill, Onehunga. Email for details.

Weekly News, 2nd July 1914. Scr.
Rail Fatality Liability questioned.
Catherine Lena Broads husband. Wanganui.

BROPHY Alfred of Auckland. Assault.
3rd August 1923. Scr

BROWNE. Alice May. Divorce. 1914. Auckland. scr.

Weekly News, 1st July 1914. Scr
William H Budd of Auckland had his watch and chain stolen by Henry Williams, alias Finsburg at Auckland. Email for details.

Burke Francis of Auckland. 3rd August 1923. Scr

Corporal Butcher, for murder.
See McKewen on this page.

Weekly News, 3rd September 1914. Scr
Harry Campbell, Grocer of Auckland, charged with receiving stolen Jam. Email for details.

Weekly News, 15th August 1896.
Dr Carhill of Porirua, Wellington. Indecently assaulting Mary Maher. (email for more)

CARTTER Edward of Christchurch. 23rd July 1923. Scr

Weekly News, 11th July 1896.
The Christchurch Police Court, Henry Cashmere, a lad of 15 years was committed for trial on a charge of setting fire to the Saint Aloysius Hall.

CHAAFE Evelyn. Divorce. Auckland. 4th April 1914.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Percy C Chapman. Unpunctual Carter. of Auckland.

Weekly News, 3rd September 1914. Scr
Samuel Dunmow Chiles charged with manslaughter of Walter Hereward Swainson, after a fracas of football game at Otorohanga. Email for details.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Manuel Christian of Matakana. Ambiguous Will.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Joseph Clarke of Onehunga, Auckland.

14th February 1934.
Crime, John Phillip Crampton of Wellington.

Weekly News, 26th September 1896.
William Coombes of Palmerston North, sheep stealing.

COUZENS. Mary. Maintenance. 1914. scr.

Weekly News, 29th October 1914. Scr
John Edward Cowan of Dunedin, leaving matches in the Gaol. Email for details.

Weekly News, 26th September 1896.
W M Craig of Thames. Ill treating a child.

CRISP. John. Forgery. 1914. Dunedin. scr.

CULLEN Harry of Auckland. 27th July 1923. Scr

Weekly News, 19th December 1896.
Walter D Dalgleish of Invercargill, embezzling.

DAVIES. Hilda Mary. Divorce. 1914. Hawkes Bay. scr.

DAVIDSON. Andrew and Airdale. . Divorce. 1914. Auckland. scr.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Sarah Dennis, of Auckland.

Weekly News, 2nd July 1914. Scr.
Ernest Charles Jewell Deroin of Wellington, Case in Wellington.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Herbert Richard of Auckland. Incident in Hotel.

Weekly News, 3rd September 1914.
William Dive for desertion, formerly of Rawene and Auckland. Email for details.

DIZAC Mary Ann of Auckland. 21st July 1923. Scr

DORAN. Louisa. Divorce. 1914. Greymouth. scr.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Albert Double of Auckland. Policemans Assistance.

Herald, 4th July 1914. Court.
Cecilia May Dowd, seeks separation.

DUNNE. Thomas. Assault. 1914. Auckland. scr.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Thomas Dwyer, of Auckland, Breach of peace.

EASDALE Joseph Linton of Birkenhead. 27th July 1923. Scr

Herald, 1914. Court.
Action bought by Lilly Ede of Auckland. Disputed Will.

EDEN. Percy. Marriage Problems. 1914. Auckland/Waikato. scr.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Percy Eden of Auckland. Distressing Domestic Case.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Peter Eden of Auckland. Collapses in Court.

EDMONDSON Percy, Onehunga. 3rd August 1923. Scr

Herald, 1914. Court.
George Edwards, making Hop Beer, of Waihi.

EELES. George Frederick. Manslaughter. 1914. Auckland. scr.

ELLIS. George. Suicide. 1914. Invercargill. scr.

Herald, 1914.
Andrew Erskin, Dargaville Mystery.

Weekly News, 21st November 1896.
Fred Henry Farr of Invercargill.

Herald, 1914. Court.
William Faulkener, Auckland. Strange behavior.

Weekly News, 27th August 1925.Scr
Charge of Fraud against William Sidney Ferguson of Hamilton, email for details.

Weekly News, 27th August 1925. Scr
Charles Fincham of Nelson, charged with Bigamy, email for details.

FOLEY (alias) O'SHEA.
Weekly News, 12th September 1896.
James/John, indecent assault at Miranda.

Weekly News, 1st July 1914. Scr
Thomas Fordyce of Mount Eden, claim for damaged timber against Theodore H Casey. Email for details.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Mary Ann Fowler of Auckland. Obscene Language.

New Zealand Daily Times, April 3rd 1919.
Joseph French, charged with obtaining money by false pretenses from a widow, appeared on remand at the Dunedin Police Court today, he reserved his defence and was committed for trial.

Regina at Prosecution of Michael MacNamara v William Gallaugher Stabbing with Intent.
Court Case on 21st December 1868

Deposition of Witness:
The examination of Michael MacNAMARA, Henry James WILSON, William Buchanan LOGIE, Michael McCAW, Joseph MOTTON, Andrew CLARKE taken on oath this 21st day of December 1868 at Auckland in the Province fore said before the undersigned, Resident Magistrate and one of Her Majesty�s Justices of the Peace for the Colony of New Zealand in the presence and hearing of William GALLAUGHERwho is charged this day before me for that he the said William Gallaugher on Wednesday the 16th December 1868 at Auckland unlawfully and maliciously did cut, stab and wound one Michael MacNamara with a certain weapon called a knife with intent in so doing that and thereby to do him some grievous bodily harm contrary to the statute in such case made and provided.
This Deponent Michael MacNamara on his oath saith as follows: I am proprietor of the Aurora Tavern. I know the prisoner. I saw him on Wednesday night about ten thirty o�clock 16th December in me dinning room. When he came in I was sitting in the dinning room with 3 or 4 of my boarders. He sat down and using very insulting language to some of the boarders who were sitting near him. He asked for drinks and I told him it being after hours I could not give them to him. I did not give them to him. He said something I don�t remember. I said he must go out if he could not behave himself. He continued to annoy the parties in the room and I had to put him out. About 15 minutes afterwards he came back and hammered at the side entrance door. I went out to see who it was and I saw the prisoner there who tried to get hold of me. I got hold of him and tried to put him away when prisoner punched me with some thing on the side that I could not understand. Some one sang out �he has got a knife.� I then felt the blood running between my trousers and my leg. I pulled up my shirt when the blood flowed out in a stream. I put my hand on the wound and then went over the street to the Chemist Shop and sent for a doctor. Dr Wilson came soon afterwards and dressed my wounds. I became insensible and do not know how I got home but when I got to my senses I found myself at home. A man called Logie (I think) called out that the prisoner had a knife. The blood flowed from the spot where he punched me.
Michael MacNamara.
This Deponent Henry James Wilson on his oath saith as follows: I am a surgeon practising in Auckland and duly registered. I recollect Wednesday 16th December last being called for to Fox Chemist Shop Victoria Street nearly opposite the Aurora Tavern. It was shortly after 11 o�clock p.m. when I got down I saw prosecutor sitting in a chair there with some other person holding his hand over a wound. I partially examined the wound but as the prosecutor fainted I thought it desirable to have him taken home. I had him placed on a stretcher and took him over the way. I had him undressed and made a careful examination and found three incised wounds, one was low down between the buttocks, another 4 inches higher and the third between the last rib. There were some other slight scratches. Each was about half an inch long. The cause of the wounds was from below upwards. They were not serious but there was extensive haemorrhage. His life was not in periled. He has been extended every care since and is still under my care and in a few days will be able to attend to his business. The knife produced would tally with the shape and size of the wounds and from the conformation of the knife it could be likely ton slip off the ribs. The wounds were on the left side.
Henry J. Wilson.
This Deponent William Buchanan Logie on his oath saith as follows: I am a butcher�s assistant residing in Auckland. I know the prisoner since last Wednesday. I first saw him in the Aurora Tavern. His conduct was very insulting towards the lodgers. He asked MacNamara for drinks, which he refused to serve him as it, was after hours. Prosecutor put him out of the house. About 10 to 15 minutes after that he came back and hammered at the side door. Prosecutor went out where prisoner tried to close with MacNamara. In the scuffle I noticed a knife in the prisoner�s right hand. I called out �prisoner has a knife.� I ran across to the prisoner who had fallen on his face. I put my hand on his shoulder and left wrist when I discovered he had the hammer now produced in his left hand. I saw the knife now produced in his right hand. I sang out and McCaw took the knife produced out of his hand.
William Buchanan Logie.
This Deponent Michael McCaw on his oath saith as follows: I am a miner and residing at the Aurora Tavern. I was lodging there on the night of the 16th December. I know prosecutor and prisoner. About 11 p.m. I heard a noise like kicking at the side door. I went to see what it was, when I got into the street I saw prisoner and prosecutor having hold of each other. The prisoner was thrown upon his face and some one called out �he has a knife with him.� I took the knife now produced out of his hand and gave it to Constable Clarke. I examined the knife at the police station and saw a stain of blood upon it. I saw blood on prosecutor�s trousers and from the Aurora Tavern to the Chemist Shop opposite side of Victoria Street. I can�t say where the blood came from. I saw the hammer produced which came into my possession afterwards when I gave it to Clarke.
Michael McCaw.
This Deponent Joseph Motton on his oath saith as follows: I am a miner residing in Auckland at present. I recollect the evening of the 16th December last about 11 p.m. I was passing the Aurora Tavern. I saw prisoner there kicking at the door of the Aurora Tavern in Chapel Street. When he left off kicking he said � come out here you ______ and I�ll soon settle you. I�ll put a knife through you!� He then commenced kicking again and prosecutor came out. Prisoner had hold of prosecutor with the left hand and I saw him make 2 or 3 blows with something that appeared to me to be a knife. I sang out �he has a knife.� Prisoner then fell down. I saw some one hold his hand and another man take the knife from him. The knife produced is the knife that was taken from him.
Joseph Motton.
This Deponent Andrew Clarke on his oath saith the following: I am a constable. I arrested prisoner on the 16th December between 11 and 12 p.m. I received the prisoner from McCaw when in Victoria Street who had the knife and hammer in his hand. He offered them to me. I refused to take them there. He gave them into my custody immediately afterwards in the guardroom.
Andrew Clarke.
The foregoing depositions of Michael MacNamara, Henry James Wilson, William Buchanan Logie, Michael McCaw, Joseph Motton and Andrew Clarke written on seven sheets of paper numbered consecutively from one to seven and by me now fixed together were taken upon oath before me on the 21st day of December 1868 in the presence of the said William Gallaugher who was afforded full opportunity to cross examine the said witnesses and their depositions, have been read over and signed by the said Michael MacNamara, Henry James Wilson, William Buchanan Logie, Michael McCaw, Joseph Motton and Andrew Clarke respectively.
Thomas Beckham. = Resident Magistrate.
The prisoner being duly cautioned made no statement.
The prisoner William Gallaugher is committed to take his trial at the next sitting for the trial of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court of New Zealand to be holden at Auckland.
Thomas Beckham. = Resident Magistrate.
Resident Magistrate�s Court, Auckland. 21st Day of December 1868.
The Prosecutor will leave the conduct of the case to a Solicitor appointed by the Crown.
New Zealand Herald Thursday 4th March 1869

Supreme Court Circuit Session Wed March 3rd.
Before His Honour Sir George Arney, Chief Justice.
William Gallagher was indicted upon a charge of unlawfully cutting and wounding one Michael Macnamara and causing him grievous bodily harm with intent to �kill and murder.�
Mr BROOKFIELD prosecuted for the Crown. Mr WYNN defended for the prisoner.
The prosecutor deposed that the prisoner came to his house (the Aurora Tavern, Victoria Street), after he had closed his house. Prisoner came with another man. The prisoner was very noisy. Witness refused to serve the prisoner with drink as it was after hours. The prisoner became very noisy. Witness said he would be obliged to put him out, and did put him out - a short time afterwards the prisoner came back to the house knocking very loudly. The witness went to the door, there was a scuffle and he immediately felt a blow at his side just above the hip. Shortly afterwards he felt blood streaming down his trousers. Witness became insensible, and Dr WILSON of Hobson Street was sent for. Witness remained insensible for some time. Dr Wilson was since deceased. He died on Saturday morning.
The witness was cross-examined by Mr Wynn but nothing material was elicited to affect his evidence. He said the prisoner entered the side door unfastened in order to admit his boarders.
William Loggie, butcher, (Wakefield Street), corroborated the evidence of the witness. He described the scuffle referred to outside the door. The prisoner fell on the ground. Witness cried out �he has a knife in his hand.� A shoemaker�s knife and hammer were produced, and identified by the witness - these were very formidable weapons.
William McCANN, lodger in the Aurora Tavern, on the night named in the indictment deposed to hearing the noise made by the prisoner, and went around to see who it was. Saw the scuffle between prosecutor and prisoner. Saw the prisoner on the ground with a knife in his hand. There was blood on the prosecutor�s clothes also on the ground.
A witness named Monten, a man residing in Puriri, who was passing the Aurora Tavern on the night in question, saw the prisoner at the door, kicking at it. He was calling out �come out you -----and I�ll soon settle you up.� That was before Macnamara opened the door. Saw the prisoner, when Macnamara came out< seize him by the shoulder, and make several blows at his left side. Prisoner had something in his hand, which appeared like a knife. Witness sung out �he has a knife in his hand.� The prisoner then fell; Loggie jumped on the prisoner and McCann took the knife and hammer out of his hand. Mr C J Fox, a chemist carrying on business in Victoria Street, said the prosecutor after being wounded, was brought to his shop. Witness directed Dr Wilson to be sent for. Dr Wilson was since dead.
Constable Andrew Clark deposed to having taken the prisoner into custody.
The deposition of Dr Wilson taken before the Magistrate was put in and read. The deposition described the injuries as three incised wounds on the left side, one just above the buttock, the other four inches higher, and the third between the two lower ribs. New Zealand Herald Tuesday 9th March 1869

The judge on Monday the 8th March brought down his sentences. He believed the punishment was meant, not only as a means of deterring the offender from repeating his offence and others to whom circumstances might afford the temptation or the occasion to commit a like offence. His Honour pronounced a solemn warning to all those who might be lead astray by the supposition that any leniency could be shown to crimes of violence, and proceeded to sentence the prisoner.
William Gallagher, for cutting and wounding Macnamara of the AURORA TAVERN, Victoria Street, was sentenced to three years penal servitude
William Gallagher made a very impressive and forcible appeal to his Honour, stating that he was never before been found guilty of a crime; that he had been connected with the Order of Odd Fellows, that he was not the re-offending criminal which nature of his offence would indicate; that his benefit from the Order of Odd Fellows Hall Society had become forfeited, and he hoped the Bench would pass such sentence as would leave him yet the chance of going again into Society, and retrieving the position which he had lost in consequence of the charge of which he had been found guilty.
His Honour said he had thought of this case nightly, in the hope of finding it possible to inflict upon the prisoner only the shortest term of penal servitude, but it was not his fault that the prosecutor was still living. It was not merely that he had committed the offence of which he had been found guilty upon the first provocation, but having been sent away he went back to the house, and committed upon the person of the prosecutor a most grievous assault, inflicting no less than three severe wounds. The sentence of the Court was that the prisoner be kept in penal servitude for three years.

Weekly News, 10th October 1896.
Henry Gardiner of Thames, wilfully damaging a dynamo in A G Price Foundry.

Robert James. Oxford. Suicide. 3rd April 1914.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Charles O,Connor Huddo Gordon of Auckland. Maintenance.

14th February 1934. Scr
Crime, Hector Roy Goulay of Te Kuiti.

Weekly News, 27th August 1925. Scr
Oswald Sydney Grahame of Wellington, email for details.

GRANT Alfred. 21st July 1923. Scr

GRANT. Leslie. Theft. 1914. Thames. scr.

GREEN. George Havelock. Attempted Murder. 1914. Dunedin. scr.

Herald, 1914. Court.
James W Gribble arrested on old Warrant, Wellington.

Weekly News, 7th September 1916. Scr.
Anthony Claud Gumm of Auckland. Scr.

Herald, 4th July 1914. Court.
Albert Gwyne, ordered to pay maintenance.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Daniel Hammon, Whangarei. Murder.

Weekly News, 21st November 1896.
William Hay of Balclutha, selling beer and whiskey illegally.

HAZARD. William. Divorce. 1914. Mangonui. scr.

Herald, 4th July 1914. Court.
John Patrick Heade of Christchurch, for joy riding.

Weekly News, 5th July 1923. Scr.
Report of death.
George Herbert of Petone.

Weekly News, 4th July 1896.
Court case against Kirby and Bassett for the charges of blackmailing John Herman at Timaru.

Weekly News, 10th October 1896.
Alfred Hewlett of Paeroa, charged with ill treating his sister Olive.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Sad sequel to Hewitt Murder. Wanganui.

Herald, 4th July 1914. Court.
Arthur Edward Hill, of Auckland.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Mary Ann Hill of Grey Lynn, Auckland. Case of Tohungaism.

HODGKINSON, Alfred. Hamilton. Motor Cyclist fined.
18th July 1923. Scr

HOLMES John Of Auckland. 21st July 1923. Scr

Crime. Samuel James of Hamilton. Contact me for details. scr 1923.

Crime. Samuel James. Contact me for details. scr 1923.

HUGH. Stewart. Suicide. 1914. Dunedin. scr.

Emanuel of Whangarei. Obit. Contact me for details. scr 1923.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Daniel Harry Hulton of Auckland. Vagrancy.

Weekly News, 11th July 1896.
Thames Police Court, William Humphries charged with taking oysters. (email for more)

Weekly News, 7th September 1916. Scr.
Offence against girl.
W T Hunt of Northern Wairoa.

HUNTER Rose of Auckland. 3rd August 1923. Scr

Weekly News, 11th July 1923. Scr.
Valueless Cheque.
Charles Matthew Hutchinson of Hamilton.

Weekly News, 18th July 1896.
Dunedin Police Court, F A Hutchison, Master of the Delmira was charged with not keeping on board Lime and Lemon Juice. (email for more)

Weekly News, 4th July 1896.
William James Hyndham, Invercargill Police Court, charged with selling a bottle of Schnapps with out a license. (long report)

Herald, 4th July 1914. Court.
Mrs A Ingram of Avondale, claims terrier kills turkeys.

Weekly News, 7th September 1916. Scr.
Mental Healer
Joseph Isherwood of Napier.

Weekly News, 28th November 1896.
Christopher Johnston, alleged assault at Panmure.

JOHNSTONE. George Henry. Suicide. 1923. Blenheim. scr.

Weekly News, 28th November 1896.
William Johnstne, indecent assault, at Thames.

Weekly News, 5th July 1923. Scr.
Thomas Henry Jones of Wellington.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Agnes Kealey of Auckland. Domestic Troubles.

KEENAN George. 26th July 1923. Scr

Weekly News, 11th July 1896.
Michael Kelly charged for brawl in Dunedin.

Weekly News, 19th September and 28th November 1896.
Joseph Kenny of Pahiatua, arrested with robbery and slicing off the ears of Timothy O'Gorman.

Weekly News, 7th September 1916. Scr.
Affiliation Case.
James Kirrane of Auckland.

Weekly News, 3rd October 1896.
Robert J Knox, sheep stealing.

KNOX William, of Auckland. 26th July 1923. Scr

Weekly News, 28th November 1896.
William Knox, charge of breaking and entering at Custom Street, Auckland.

KRONFELD. Gustav. Assault. 1914. Auckland. scr.

Weekly News, 29th August 1896.
W Kyrrison at the Christchurch Supreme Court, was found guilty of sheep stealing, and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, there being a previous conviction for a similar offence against him.

Warrington. Obit. Contact me for details. scr 1923.

John Thompson of Auckland. Obit. Contact me for details. scr 1923.

Herald, 1914. Court.
W J Leadford of Waimauku, intolerable temper towards wife, contact for more details.

Weekly News, 7th September 1916. Scr.
George Lee of Karanghake.

Weekly News, 26th September 1896.
C Leeds of Warkworth charged with using assaulting and abusive language.

Weekly News, 4th July 1896.
L Lowe of Tapinui was fined Fifty Pound with the alternative of six months imprisonment, for keeping a illicit still.

Weekly News, 11th/ 18th July 1896.
Escaping from custody of the warder at New Plymouth.

Weekly News, 29th August 1896.
Timothy Lyons, charged in Christchurch court with sellong a bottle of beer on a Sunday.

Weekly News, 3rd September 1914.
Ernest Dennison Mackenzie, a farmer, was found guilty of forging and uttering a request for the delivery of goods, and sentence was held over. The same accused was charged with placing an obstruction on the railway line, and was found not guilty. No other details.

Herald, 30th September 1914. WOMAN MURDERED.
The body of a woman named Frances Marshall was found in a passage off Upper Nelson Street, Auckland, yesterday morning in circumstanes to murder of a most brutal nature. The victom of the crime was about 44 years of age, lived with her husband Frederick Charles Marshall, a Fish Curer, in Grattan Street, Freemans Bay, and was last seen alive just before 10pm on Monday. No arrest has yet been made. Constable Mc Intyre, of the Newton Police, was on duty in Karangahape Road at 7.25 am yesterday, when he was accosted by Peter Erickson, a Tramway employee, residing in Upper Nelson St, who informed him that a woman was lying apparently dead on premises adjoining his house. The Constable ammediatly accompanied his informent back to the locality in question. In the passage about 3ft wide between Ericksons house and a building belonging to M D Taylor, tea and coffee merchant, he found the body as described lying against a fence. The dead woman lay prone on her back. On the left hand was a glove. There were 2 deep wounds and one slight wound on the neck, about 6 on the head and 16 on the left breast. In addition the skull was fractured in 2 places. There were no signs of a struggle in the vicinity, nor any evidence of the body being dragged to the spot where it was discovered, there was no knife or any other weapon in the locality, with which the womens wounds could have been inflicted. In a small handbag near the body was found a purse containing sevenpence, and a receipt bearing the name of Marshall, beneath the body was 5 shillings in silver and a watch suspended round the womans neck by a cord. These evidences are taken to indicate that robbery was not the cause of the crime. After the discovery of the body, Marshall proceeded to the city Mortuary, to which the body had been conveyed and identified it as the missing woman. The crime at the present is shrouded in mystery, but Mrs Marshalls movements have been traced until just before 10pm on Monday night. It appears that she and her husband set out from their home, but later parted. Mrs Marshall entered a Hotel in Hobson Street, shortly before 9pm she visited a friends house in Wellesley Street, remaining there until about 9 40pm, at which hour she left remarking that she would have to hurry home as she wanted to rise early the following morning. Leaving the house in Wellesley St, she walked into Hobson Street and called into at shop near Wellington Street corner going out about 10pm. The scene of the murder was not more than 300 yards from the shop visited by the woman. The Police are making inquiries for anyone who saw the deceased.- a woman of medium height, dressed in a black skirt, a blue knitted jacket and wearing a blue hat and possibly accompanied by someone - in the vicinity about the fore mentioned. No-one appears to have heard a disturbence of any kind in Nelson Street, a fact which has lead to the conclusion that the first blow struck must have stunned or killed the unfortunate woman. The inquest will be opened by the coroner Mr E C Cutten S.M, at 9 30am today. Evidence of identification will be heard and it is possible that medical evidence will also be given. Then the inquiry will be adjourned. (no other details)

Herald, 1914. Court.
John Mason, Awapuni, Palmerston North. Endangering a Train.

Weekly News, 11th July 1896.
Murder of women named Matson at Pomohaka, Dunedin. Body found in a sack. Charles Matson arrested. (Long report) also 25th July.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Thomas Maude of Christchurch. Fraud.

McCANN. Family. Murdered. 1955. Mangaweka. scr.

Weekly News, 3rd September 1914.
The Supreme Court at Invercargill was opened by Mr Justice Sim on Tuesday. Darcy Robert McDevitt, a young man pleaded guilty to breaking and entering and theft was sentenced to two years hard labour. No other details.

MERRIMAN Reginald John. Trial Feb 14th 1934.
As the outcome of the tragedy at a house in Avonside, Christchurch, in November last, (1933 November) Reginald John MERRIMAN, age 32, Motordriver appeared in the Supreme Court, on Monday charged with murdering his wife and 3 children, aged 8, 7, and 6. The Crown Prosecutor. Mr A T Donnelly, said the was no doubt accused had murdered his wife and children. Murder is the most serious of all crimes he said to the jury, but in this instance the burden will not weigh so heavily upon you. Accused has been examined by Dr A C McKillop, who is in charge of the Sunnyside Mental Hospital, and his assistant Dr M Brown. Both are of the opinion that accused was insane, in both the Medical and Legal senses. Mr Donnelly said accused's married life had been unhappy for the past 5 years mainly because a man named Crowhen had come between him and his wife. Detective McKenzie gave evidence concerning the finding of the bodies of the children on a mattress in front of a gas stove in the kitchenette, a tube led from the stove to the mattress, on which Merriman and the 3 children were lying. He found Mrs Merriman lying in a bed in the bedroom. There were 2 marks on her throat , just to the left of her windpipe, it would appear they were caused by nails. There was a bruise on her forhead. A search was made without success for something which might have caused the injuries. On November 8 witness and Constable Harding, interviewed accused at the Hospital. In a statement accused traced his family trouble, and said it started when he came off night shift to find Crowhen at his home. Merriman said he had repeated quarrels with his wife over Crowhen. On being informed that his wife and children had been found dead, Merriman supposed that he had done it. He could not see how anyone else could have. Dr Sheffield who was called to Merrimans house, said he gave accused artificial resperation and sent him to hospital. Dr McKillop that accused had a family history of mental weakness. In reply to his Honour, witness said that in his opinion Merriman at the time of the tragedy would not possess the power of forming his own judgment as to the nature of his act or whether it was criminally wrong. Mrs Elizabeth Wilson said that the accused was married to a daughter of her sister. She detailed conversations with Merriman on November 10th and 13th in which Merriman said he was looking for Board because he had been turned out of his home. Accused had been a good husband and father and but for a 3rd party they might have been happy. Henry Edward Crowhen, a Motor Mechanic employed by the Post and Telegraphic Department, gave evidence. Cross examined by Council for the defence, Mr Thomas, witness admitted he had been trusted by Merriman, and had betrayed that trust. Witness admitted he had been guilty of misconduct with Mrs Merriman. In he address to the Jury, Mr Thomas put forward as a possible theory that Mrs Merriman had killed the children and then committed suicide and that Merriman, finding then, later, had tried to take his own life. In support of this Council pointed to the evidence that Mrs Merriman had previously threatened suicide. The Jury, after a retirement of 45 minutes, returned a verdict of not guilty on the grounds of insanity.

Herald, 6th July 1914. Court
Charles McGeahan for intemperance.

Herald, 1914. Court.
James McGinn, Cook on the Barque Manurewa, for assault.

Herald, 4th July 1914. Court.
John McGuinness of Auckland, for assault.

Herald, 1914. Court.
William McKee, of Auckland.

Weekly News, 25th July and 3rd October 1896.
Archibald McKee shot at the Postmaster, Mr T E Clough at Te Aroha.

Herald, 1914. Court.
James Welshman McKenzie, of Auckland. Application for divorce.

The New Zealander Wednesday December 11th 1850.
An Inquest was held at noon yesterday at the Masonic Hotel, on the body of FRANCIS McKEWEN, a private of H.M.58th Regiment, who had died in the Military Hospital on Monday evening, from a stab received in the breast a few minutes before death, by the hands of Corporal BUTCHER of the sam Regiment. The following evidence was adduced before the jury, of which Mr. HADLOW was foreman: JOHN MULLIGAN, private 58th Regiment deposed that between six and seven o'clock of Monday evening the deceased, FRANCIS McKEWEN, was sitting at the table in the barrack room, and in the act of filling his pipe with tobacco, when Corporal BUTCHER came up and sat himself down beside McKEWAN, saying to him "You have betrayed me." and immediately struck him in the breast with a knife. (The witness identified BUTCHER who was present at the proceedings in charge of a military escort). As soon as he struck the deceased, witness grasped him around the body, and called on two other privates who were in the room to assist him to take the knife from the prisoner; the knife was taken from him; and privates FLANAGAN and CLEMENTS took him out of the room; as soon as McKEWEN was stabbed he leaped up off the seat and left the room; witness knew the knife with which BUTCHER stabbed deceased: it had two blades the longest of them was the one with which he stabbed him (witness identified the knife); knew the prisoner about eight months; he has borne a very good character in the Regiment; he was intoxicated when he struck the blow, so drunk that he cold hardly walk; witness had never before seen him drunk, nor heard him speak a bad work to any man in the room; had not hard of any dispute between the prisoner and deceased before the blow was struck; did not see where the prisoner took the knife from - it was sometimes kept on the shelf in the barrack room; - prisoner sat down beside deceased and said "You have betrayed me" and raising his right hand struck him with the knife on the left breast; deceased sat on the left of the prisoner when the blow was struck. The Coroner encored whether the prisoner had any questions to put to the witness; he said he had none to put, that he knew nothing of what had passed. JOHN FLANAGAN, private 58th Regt., deposed, that on Monday evening, the 9th instant, he was in his barrack room between six and seven o'clock, and he saw Corporal BUTCHER lying on his bed drunk; he got up from his bed and went to the table where private McKEWEN was sitting on a form, and struck him on the breast with his right hand, saying to deceased "You have betrayed me;" McKEWEN, as soon as he was struck, leaped from the table saying, "I am stabbed;" private MULLIGAN, then seized hold of BUTCHER, and called on witness to assist him to take the knife away from the prisoner; witness laid hold of him by the right wrist, and took the knife out of his hand; there was blood upon it; witness and private CLEMENTS took the prisoner to the guard room, where they handcuffed him by order of Color Sergeant SIMMS; witness had known BUTCHER for better than twelve months; had never seen deceased and him quarrel; did not remember having ever seen him drunk before; had always hitherto believed that prisoner was a sober and quiet man; did not see the knife in his hand when he struck the blow, but saw it when his hand was coming away from giving the blow; witness thought that prisoner was not sensible when he was lying on the bed; he was more like a mad man that a wise man at that time; on taking him up to the guard room he said he would kill FRANK McKEWEN if he was not dead; witness did not think prisoner was sensible when he expressed himself thus. HENRY GOODRAM, private 58th Regiment, gave similar testimony as the foregoing witnesses as to the stabbing of the deceased by the prisoner; he had known BUTCHER two years, but had no knowledge of any quarrel between the deceased and him; and only seen him once drunk before, had always considered him a sober, hones, quiet man; at the time he struck the blow he was not capable of knowing what he was doing; he was very drunk at the time; deceased was quite sober; from his knowledge of the prisoner he did not think he would have been guilty of the act had he not been in a state of intoxication. Dr. THOMPSON, surgeon of the 58th Regt. stated that he made a post mortem examination of the body of the deceased private McKEWEN; death was occasioned by a wound in the large blood vessel just as it issues out of the heart; there was a small external wound between the second and third rib in the left side of the body about an inch from the breast bone; the wound in the blood vessel was about three inches from the surface and communicated with the external wound; the wound was about half an inch in length and looked like a wound that would be made by the knife produced; about a year ago Corporal BUTCHER was in hospital with convulsions produced by drink; he was then insensible; had visited him last night about half an hour after he was taken into custody for stabbing McKEWEN, and found him in a state of temporary insanity, from the effects of drink and the excitement arising from having stabbed a man; witness had been called at about ten minutes before seven to attend the deceased at the hospital, and found him rolling about in the agonies of death; deceased looked at him steadily and said "I am dying, and Corporal BUTCHER has killed me." witness had hitherto considered the prisoner to have been a peaceable and quiet man; very little drink had a great effect on him, and produced fits of convulsions. Lieut. Colonel WYNYARD, commanding the 58th, said he had known the prisoner Corporal BUTCHER, about two years, under his immediate command, but that he had been four years and a half in the Regiment; he had always maintained a good character for sobriety and regularity, and there had only been one entry made against him during his whole service, that was for drunkenness, about a year and a half ago, on which occasion he has such violent fits that he (the Colonel) had to send him to the Hospital and get three or four men to hold him down to prevent him from injuring himself. The prisoner was under arrest yesterday afternoon at the time he stabbed the deceased. The jury, after half an hour's deliberation on the evidence brought before them, agreed to the following verdict:- "That FRANCIS McKEWEN, in the Barrack room of the Albert Barracks, came to his death from a mortal wound inflicted on his left breast with a knife, which wound penetrated to the blood vessel leading from the heart, and of which wound he died, and that Corporal FRANCIS BUTCHER, of Her Majesty's 58th Regiment, in a Barrack room of the Albert Barracks, between the hours of six and seven o'clock of the night of the 9th Dec, 1850, feloniously did kill and slay the said FRANCIS McKEWEN whilst labouring under an attack of temporary madness, caused by drunkenness; and that Corporal FRANCIS BUTCHER is guilty of manslaughter." - Francis Butcher was later sentenced to be transported for the term of his natural life.

Weekly News, 7th September 1916. Scr.
William Mills of Kaipara Flats.

Herald, 4th July 1914.
William Mitchell of Taoroa, Taihape. suicide.

Herald, 1914. Crime.
Harry Morgan, Dangerous Crossing, Auckland.

Weekly News, 8th August 1896.
Mr A G Mortensen licensee of the Albion Hotel, Napier, was fined "ten pound" on two charges of allowing gambling on his premises and selling liquer after hours. One endorsement was made on the license, making the second within six months.

Crime. Joseph of Christchurch. Contact me for details. scr 1923.

Weekly News, 1st July 1914. Scr
William Bowden Morton, failure to comply with a maintenance order. Email for details.

MOYLAND. James. Unlawful entering. 1914. Auckland.scr.

Weekly News, 11th July 1896.
Embezzlement, Hugh Mulligan of Christchurch. Email me for more details.

Herald, 1914. Court.
William Mullins and wife, of Wellington. Shooting Affair.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Henry Nankervis, boarding a moving tram, Auckland.

Weekly News, 11th July 1896.
Charles Nelson charged for brawl in Dunedin.

Herald, 1914. Court.
James Weymss O'Donahoo, Mother ill-treated.

Herald, 1914. Court
Cecilia O'Dowd for separation, Auckland.

Weekly News, 7th September 1916. Scr.
Disloyal Utterances.
Milton Percy of Te Aroha.

PAIN. William. Indecent Assault. 1914. Christchurch. scr.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Joshua Cecil Painter, of Dunedin. Constable in Court.

Weekly News, 19th December 1896.
Louis Parlett, of Green Island, Otago. Shooting.

Crime. Reginald of Te Aroha. Contact me for details. scr 1923.

Weekly News, 19th December 1896.
John Peterson of Kopu. Threatening language.

Weekly News, 29th August 1896.
Henry Phillips, licensee of the Gladstone Hotel, Otago, was fined "ten pound", and costs "five pound" for permitting drunkedness on his licensed premises. The license was endorsed, this being the second endorsement in little over a month. Two of the witnesses alleged that the licensee offered them money if they would give evidence in his favour, but this was denied for the defence, and it was alleged the witnesses had attempted to blackmail.

PLOWMAN Edmond. 3rd August 1923. Scr

Weekly News, 27th August 1925. Scr
David Baden Powell of Auckland, charged with burglaries, email for details.

Crime. John of Wellington. Contact me for details. scr 1923.

QUINLIVAN . Michael. Theft. 1914. Coromandel. scr.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Walter Quintal, sentenced. of Waihi.

Weekly News, 19th September 1896.
William Andrew Rattray of Coromandel and Sydney.

Weekly News, 27th August 1925. Scr.
Joyce Read of Auckland, charged with shoplifting, email for details.

READING. Edward. Suicide. 1923. Carterton. scr.

READY W L, Hamilton. Driver fined
18th July 1923. Scr

Weekly News, 3rd September 1914.
Suicide of Alexander Robertson, of Palmerston North. Email for details.

Weekly News, 11th July 1896.
Thames Police Court, William Rolton charged with taking oysters. (email for more)

ROUNDELL A M, of Auckland. 26th July 1923. Scr

14th February 1934. Scr
Crime, Julia May Ruddlesden of Wellington.

RUMBLE George. 26th July 1923. Scr

Herald, 1914. Court.
Arthur Norman Sands of Auckland. Wife granted separation.

Weekly News, 7th September 1916. Scr.
Husbands Liability.
Charles Schade of Auckland.

James Alexander Scorringe.
A sensational end to an escaped prisoners brief period of liberty occurred on the arrival of the Limited Express at Wellington on Monday morning when James Alexander Scorringe, who had escaped from Waikune Prison Camp, National Park, was found by a railway porter in the dog box of the guards van. Daring though the attempt had been, Scorringe was not satisfied and on being escorted to the police station he again made a determind bid for liberty. It is stated that Scorringe conceived the idea of stowing away on the express when it stopped at National Park in the early hours of Monday morning, the only day of the week that it does so. He opened the dog box with a broken file, an ordinary key not being necessary for opening the door, and then for over 6 hours he lay cramped in the small stuffy compartment while the train passed through the cold hill country of the main trunk line. Un fortunately for him he could only board the train on the side oppisite to the platform at National Park, which at the Thorndon station, corresponded to the platform side. Therefore on the arrival of the Express at its destination, he had to await a favourable opportunity to slip out a make for cover. After the van had been cleared of the passengers luggage, a porter following the usual procedure, looked to see if there were any dogs in the box. He received a shock when he beheld a man inside. He immediately sought the assistance of the station foreman, who in turn summoned one of the three Constables who were waiting on the station, and Scorringe, was then taken into custody. He was being escorted along Thornden Quay, en route to the Police Station, and on reaching the intersection of Davis Street, he dashed away from the Constable and ran in the direction of the Wharves. Although Scorringe is a man of 23 years and of athletic build, the Constable gave stern chase for about 200 yards and caught the escaping man just as he was in the act of scaling a wire fence and when his clothing was caught in the barbed wire.

Herald, 4th July 1914. Court.
Ethel Sharp of Auckland, for assault.

Herald, 4th July 1914. Court.
James Shaw, charge of not enough life saving equipment on board.

Weekly News, 19th December 1896.
Edward Sheath, of Dunedin, Perjury.

SHOSTOCK Zacar of Waikato. 23rd July 1923. Scr

SIMICH,Antonio, Court. Auckland.

SMITH. George Augutus Carrington. Theft. 1914. Thames. scr.

Weekly News, 17th/24th October 1896.
Saul Solomons of Auckland, false pretences.

Weekly News, 3rd October 1896.
James South of Auckland, found with drunk and disorderly.

Weekly News, 27th August 1925. Scr
John Stiven of Balclutha, charged with sly grog selling, email for details.

Herald, 1914.
Walter H Swainson of Otorohanga, Blow from Bottle resulting in death..

Weekly News, 27th August 1925 Scr.
Caroline Elizabeth Swan, of Waihi, charged with burglary.

Herald 1914. Court Scr.
Report of suicde for William Taylor of Wellington.

TOBIN. Mabel. Divorce. 1914. Wanganui. scr.

Weekly News, 27th August 1925. Scr
John Rice Tovey of Te Kuiti, charged with Sly- Grog selling.

Weekly News, 1896.
In sentencing Hermann Urisner of Feilding, convicted of incest, the Cheif Justice ordered him to be imprisoned with hard labour for the full term allowed by law, ten years.

Herald, 6th July 1914. Court.
Mary Wakeham, of Auckland, shoplifting.

Weekly News, 8th August 1896.
In the Supreme Court, Wellington, Arthur Walcox pleaded guilty to forging orders for advertisments in the Newtown Advocate, and was sentenced to 18 months hard labour.

New Zealand Daily Times, April 1st 1919.
At the Supreme Court, Westport, before Mr Justice Herdman, John Walshe was aquitted on a charge of shooting his father at Burnett Face during a domestic disturbance.

WARD Thomas, Palmerston North. 26th July 1923. Scr

Weekly News, 20th October 1914. Scr
Inquest into the death of Alice Ward's death at Auckland. Email for details.

New Zealand Daily Times, April 1st 1919.
At the Dunedin Police Court this morning, John Alfred Watson and Pearl Gertrude Watson were charged with committing a breach of the Marriage Act by making a false declaration, regarding the age of the female accused. They declared she was over 21 , when her age was only 15. The girls father informed the Magistrate that he was willing to allow the young people to "carry on" The male accused was ordered to pay the costs of the proceedings amounting to 50 shillings by instalments of 10 shillings a month.

Crime. Edward of Te Aroha. Contact me for details. scr 1923.

Weekly News, 8th August 1896.
Herman Weisner, found guilty of having criminal knowledge of his own daughter, aged 11 years was remanded for sentence.

Herald, 6th July 1914. Court.
Walter Herbert West of Auckland, for Theft.

WHEELER. Arthur Charles. Suicide. 1914. Wellington. scr.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Laurence Arthur, of Auckland, failing to maintain wife.

Weekly News, 29th October 1914. Scr
William Francis Wilkinson of Wellington, for theft. Email for details.

Weekly News, 29th August 1896.
J R Wilson of Timaru, has been sentenced to six months for deserting his wife and two children in 1892. He was arrested at Invercargill recently on a warrent issued in 1892. He is also charged with bigamy.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Mary Ann Windsor of Auckland. Prohibition Case.

Herald, 4th July 1914. Court.
Edwin Winterburn of Auckland, charge of idle and disorderly.

Weekly News, 11th July 1896.
James Woods charged for brawl in Dunedin.

Weekly News, 5th December 1896.
Elizabeth Woods, drug user.

WOONTON. Phillip John. Divorce. 1914. Auckland. scr.

WRIGHT. Edith Meloria Newel. Divorce. 1914. Auckland. scr.


Suicides and attempted suicides were considered a offence in the early days. Only the surname, area, and date of paper are written here. You will need to contact me for further details.

Weekly News, 8th August 1896.
The body of Annie Bland, wife of a settler at Waitati, was found in the Waitati Stream. She was 54 years of age. The case is supposed to be one of suicide. No other details.

Weekly News, 18th July 1896.
G Brookes, Herne Bay Auckland.

Weekly News, 12th September 1896.
G K Bond of Masterton and late of Victoria.

Weekly News, 12th December 1896.
Louis Cantle of Napier.

Herald, 1914. Suicide.
Mr J R Charlton of Christchurch.

Weekly News, 15th August 1896.
Martin Cossi of Millerten, Westland.

Weekly News, 19th September 1896.
Lizzie Crabb of Wellington.

Weekly News, 25th July 1896.
John Cromwell of Kingsland, Auckland.

Weekly News, 18th July 1896.
A J Curtis of Woodville.

Weekly News, 8th August 1896.
Frank Eichbaum of Timaru.

Weekly News, 18th July 1896.
James Forsyth, Ohiwa, Opotiki. Obit, 1st August.

Weekly News, 17th October 1896.
Bruce Gowdie, of Wellington.

Weekly News, 2nd July 1914. Scr.
Robert Hale of Christchurch.

Weekly News, 26th September 1896.
A man named George Harman, who arrived at Reefton by train on September 16th, committed suicide the next morning, by chopping his right hand off with a axe. No other details.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Sydney Hipworth of Christchurch. Suicide.

Weekly News, 15th August 1896.
Henry M Lawson of Auckland.

Weekly News, 1st August 1896.
George Lucre of Nelson.

Herald, 1914. Court.
Emily Manson of Christchurch, Suicide,

Weekly News, 7th September 1916. Scr.
Mrs McRobie of Mosgiel.

Weekly News, 31st October 1896.
Nicol Miller, of Riverton and Invercargill.

Weekly News, 21st November 1896.
Frederick Newsome of Westport.

Weekly News, 8th August 1896.
Andrew Nolan of Thames.

NOLAN Edward. Auckland. Court. 4th April 1914.

Weekly News, 19th September 1896.
Charles Hillard Parker, of Christchurch.

Weekly News, 8th August 1896.
Mary Elizabeth Poynton, of Oxford (Te Rau)

Weekly News, 22nd/29th August 1896.
Mrs Randall of Devenport, Auckland.

Herald 1914.
John Ritson of Christchurch. Attemp Suicide.

Weekly News, 7th November 1896.
Madge Robertson, of Wellington.

Weekly News, 29th August 1896.
John Shannon of Nelson.

Weekly News, 17th October 1896.
Charles H Shuttleworth, of Taupaki.

Herald, 1914. Suicide.
Florence Annie Spencer, of Auckland.

Weekly News, 18th July 1896.
Roland Todd, Grey St, Auckland.

Weekly News, 17th October 1896.
Jane Wakefield of Auckland.

Herald, 4th July 1914. Court.
William Wells of Auckland, attempted suicide.

Weekly News, 26th December 1896.
James Wheeler of Waipawa.

Weekly News, 27th August 1925. Scr
Report of suicide.
A school teacher, Mr Walter Thomas Young, 31 years of age , who resided with his mother in City Road, Roslyn, Dunedin, was found dead, hanging by a strap from the rafters of an outhouse on Monday. No other details.