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Vintage Photographs.

The following items are Old Photographs and some Diaries from my Private Collection. Please quote details that are with the item.



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Coldicutt C E A.
Dawson F W E.
Dean W F.
Francis I.
Groom W.
Hutchinson F J.
Knight A O.
Langstone S E.
Pilkington A G.
Probert A W.
Schofield F E.
Turner H.
Tunks C J.

Alexandra St, Slums of Auckland, WN, July 1914.
Auckland Exhibition Buildings. WN, August 1913.
Bagnall Brothers Company, Wellesley Street, Auckland. WN, July 1901.
Clifton Boarding House, Mt Eden, Auckland. NZ Graphic, 9th December 1908.
Clow's Daisy Windmill, WN, January 1914.
Custom Street West, work begins on reclaimed land. WN, July 1913.
Devonport, First Oil Reservoir to be built at Callipe Dock, Auckland. WN March 1925.
Farmers Fertiliser Co at Te Papapa. WN, April 1921.
Grey and Menzies Cordial Manufacters, Auckland. Index NZG, 30th May 1903.
Mangere Bridge. Building the first Mangere Bridge. June 11th 1914. Scr.
Parnell Baths when starting to build, WN, January 1914.
Saint Stephens School for Maori Boys, Auckland. Index NZG, 30th May 1903.
Symonds Street Cemetery, photo of graves before Motorway went through the Cemetery. Scr.
Takapuna, First Mayor. Mr E W Alison, WN, September 1913.
Transit Camp at Western Springs. Scr.
Victoria School for Maori Girls, Auckland. Index NZG, 30th May 1903.
Yelverton Terrace, Slums of Auckland, WN, July 1914.

AUCKLAND FRIENDLY ROAD CHOIR. 1929 to 1950. Index 16.
Blair Gwen.
Bridges Arthur and Walter.
Brown Ronnie.
Cook Alice.
Dahl Phyllis and Pearl.
Drew Hazel.
Eade Gordon.
Garland Maree and Mollie.
Green Hazel.
Harman Iris.
Henley Douglas.
Higginson Rae.
Johnston Royce.
Jones Cuckoo and Dylis.
Low Jack.
MacFarlane Jean.
Morrison Maisie and Elsie.
Myers Frank and Arthur.
Nixon Betty.
Reevley Walter.
Seatter Myrtle.
Shawler Ada.
Smith Vida and Rona.
Svendsen Gladys.
Stanaway Iona.
Walbran Willie and Robert.
Waller Gwen, Connie and Betty.
Woolford Josephine.

Alison J.
Archibald B.
Bowman I.
Buckley D.
Bunting E.
Campbell B.
Donaldson H.
D'Esterre D.
Douch D.
Edwards R.
Fearon Ailsa.
Gardner G.
Grieves A.
Hopewell Esme.
Hawkins P.
Hird K.
Jacombs N.
Jones Granville M.
Kirk B.
Keeley J.
Lane D B.
McConkey I.
McLean J.
Messer B.
McMahon Molly.
Miles M.
Pettit I.
Ross R.
Schmidt R.
Sharp B.
Scott L.
Shenkin B.
Sisam M.
Stewart K.
Simmons M.
Turner C.
Takle O.
Walker Joan.
White C.
White L.

Authreau W de.
Amodeo L.
Baxter W E.
Baxter J.
Benn H.
Blitz Louis.
Brinsden E.
Brown W T.
Beddoe W A.
Crawford J D.
Dryland A J.
Engel H.
Goldstein Rabi.
Gilbert A E F.
Gilbert A.
Hales F.
Harrison A.
Jaques A.
Lee R.
Logan L.
Lovett J.
Miller S W.
McInnes D.
Parker A J.
Peacocke H G.
Peggs W.
Robinson J.
Strong R.
Schneider E.
St John B.
Somerville H W.
Sutton A.
Taylor H.
Woods J.
Winthrop E.
Zimmer J.

Anderson W.
Alley R.
Banbury J.
Bell J B.
Bissett D.
Blyth R.
Burns J.
Cameron A.
Carmichael J.
Currie A.
Dunn T W.
Dixon W Gray.
Elliffe H W.
English T.
Finlayson J B.
Fleming J.
Ferguson D.
Fordyes W B.
Fraser T McKenzie.
Greer J C.
Geddes R.
Holland D.
Jamieson A S.
Lambert Will.
LaRoche C.
Macpherson D.
McKinney J.
McLauren James.
McNab P.
Miller J G.
Murdoch J.
Murray T L.
Macgregor J.
Macpherson J.
McDougall Dr N.
McGregor A K.
McMillan T.
Miller J G.
Miles W. T.
Nairn T and W.
Probert A W.
Paterson J.
Robertson John.
Robb J.
Shove H.
Urquhart W G,
Wilson A.
Wing C H.
Way E A.
Wynne J.
West R Scott.

AUCKLAND TEACHERS COLLEGE. 1906 to 1956. (Manuka) index 17
Brooks Jessie.
Binstead Henry.
Daines R.
Davies F.
Furze N.
Green Sam.
Hale D.
Kidd I.
Killen John.
Lang M.
McClune Fred.
McElwain Ruby.
Mark Lew.
Miller Violet.
Pirrit B.
Preston I.
Rowe Adrian.
Robinson Ernest.
Seddon Dorothy.
Stevens G.
Thorne Jessie. Manuka.
Webster Arthur and Harold.
Wilson Frank.
Wylie I.

Curtis Sea Plane in Auckland. WN, 11th May 1916.
Parachute-Dome Aeroplane, WN, July 1914.
Wanamaker Curtis Biplane, WN, April 1914.

Adams H E, of Patea.
Ambridge Charles, of Whataupoko.
Ballantyne R W. Ponsonby, Auckland Bowling.
Bartlett Alfred, of Ponsonby, Auckland.
Beck W, of Palmerston North.
Booth Alfred, of Carterton.
Brookes C G. Mount Eden, Auckland Bowling.
Burrows Joseph, of Pahiatua.
Cahill James, of Newmarket.
Cameron A, of Devonport.
Carlaw J, of Auckland.
Carty Arthur G, of Feilding.
Coghill D, of Waverley.
Cowper F G, of Dannevirke.
Deighton H A, of Dannevirke.
Dignan F J , of Masterton.
Dixon C H W, of Gisborne.
Downard Wm, of Carterton.
Dupre F J, of Masterton.
Elliot W. Auckland Bowling.
Fielder J B. Napier Bowling (16)/(21).
Ferris Captain, of Whataupoko.
Foy James, of Hawera.
Gibson J, of Patea.
Goodbehere E, of Feilding.
Greig J D, of Wanganui.
Hall F W, of New Plymouth.
Hamilton A, of Wellington.
Harding Alfred, of Gisborne.
Harrison J W, of Devonport, Auckland.
Harvey A, of Devonport, Auckland.
Hodgson W, of Napier.
Hueston W J. Wellington Bowling.
Levin J M, of Pahiatua.
Lightband Martin, of Nelson.
Macey William, of Blenheim.
Mahony E. Mount Eden, Auckland Bowling.
Moult Edwin, of Wanganui Bowling (16).
Mowlem F, of Palmerston North.
Myers A M. Auckland Bowling.
Nash James, of Palmerston North.
Parkinson W A, of Hawera.
Patchett George, of Blenheim.
Paterson J, of Patea.
Paul James, of New Plymouth.
Pettie Wm, of Gisborne.
Power J, of Patea.
Rodwell W, of Wanganui.
Russell J R, of Palmerston North.
Sharp J, of Nelson.
Spooner C W. Remuera, Auckland Bowling.
Stevenson A C. Remuera, Auckland Bowling.
Stohr E B, of Stratford.
Taylor B, of Waverley.
Thomson A W. Auckland Bowling.
Wasney Wm, of Nelson.
Williams J W, of Napier.
Witty J W, of Kaiti.
Witty J T, of Kaiti.
Woodhead W M, of Stratford.

Drury, St Johns Church, Military Scr.
Hairini, Saint Pauls Church. (6).
Levin Saint Marys Church, 1897.(21)
Mangere Saint Saviour's Church, early photo.(4)
Mangere Saint James Church, early photo. (4)
Mount Albert Methodist Church Sketch, 1866.(11)
Ngaruawahia Catholic Church, laying the Foundation Stone, WN, November 1913.
Ohaupo Anglican Church, 1880/1926, (7).
Onehunga. Saint Peters Church, 1869. (4).
Richmond, Nelson. Methodist Church. WN, July 1913.
Tahuna Church, abt 1914, (7).
Te Awamutu, Saint Johns Church, (6).
Te Awamutu, Old Mission house and first school, old photo, (6).
West Tamaki. Saint Johns College, Auckland. NZG, 14th September 1907.

Hunua Butter Factory, opened 1904. (5)
Inglewood Dairy Factory, WN, July 1901.
Kaupokonui Dairy Factory, WN, July 1901.
Mataire Dairy Factory. WN, March 1908.
Midhurst Dairy Co. WN, July 1901.
Maungaturoto. Dairy Factory 1903/4 (15)
Ngaere. Dairy Company Factory, 1893. (21)
Ohaeawai Dairy Factory 1902. 15)
Opotiki Butter Factory, WN October 1913.
Reotahi Freezing Works, Whangarei Heads.WN, January 1921.
Riverdale Cheese Company at Aha Hawera, WN, July 1914.
Stratford. Cloton Road Dairy Factory. (21)
Stratford. Douglas Creamery. 1900. (21)
Stratford. Huiakama Creamery 1911. (21)
Stratford. Huinga Creamery. Early photo. (21)
Stratford. Makuri Creamery, early photo. (21)
Stratford. Midhurst Butter Factory. 1900. (21)
Stratford. Ngaire Dairy Factory 1893. 21)
Stratford. Ngaere Dairy Factory 1892. (21)
Stratford. Cardiff Co-operative Dairy Factory 1891. (21)
Stratford. Salisbury Road Creamery. Early photo. (21)
Stratford. Skinner Road. (21)
Stratford. Stanley Rd Creamery. 1908. (21)
Stratford. Toko Butter Factory. 1902. (21)
Stratford. Tututawa Dairy Factory. 1908. (21)
Stratford. York Road Creamery. (21)
Taratahi Dairy Factory, Carterton, Wairarapa. WN, July 1901.
Tarureka Dairy Factory, Featherston, Wairarapa. WN, July 1901.
Tokumaru Meat Works. Fire at the Freezing Chambers. WN, September 1913.
Tuwhare Toa Dairy Factory at Waahi, Taupo. WN, April 1921.
Waihou Dried Milk Factory at near Te Aroha. WN, February 1921.
Waitangaruru Dairy Factory, 1913. (6)
Wanganui Refrigerating Company new works, WN, 23rd November 1916.
Wellington. Belvedere Dairy Company, WN, July 1901.
Wellington. Dalefield Dairy Co, WN, July 1901.
West Cost Refrigerating Company on Fire. WN, March 1921.

Allendale House, Early photo. Mt Roskill and surrounding area. (11)
Boyd, Mr G F Boyd's Home at Ruby Bay, Nelson. Scr.
Currie, Mr Curries Homestead at Koatanui, Kai Iwi. WN, December 1938.
Chapman/Taylor Homestead, 1886. Ngaere. (21)
Dunlay home, Roxborough. Scr.
Elderslie Homestead near Oamaru. WN, January 1939. Scr.
Ford. Mr F E Ford's house, at Pukekaroro, 1863. (15)
Fulton, Ravenscliffe Homestead at West Taieri. Ow, February 1909.
Hall house. Waitakere. Scr.
Hanna, Bill Hanna home in Yarrow Street, Invercargill. Scr.
King, Brooklands Estate, owner is Mr Newton King. WN, February 1934.
Massey Homestead at Mangere, Auckland. WN, May 1925.
Mission House on Mr S A Kennedy's property at Kaikohe. Scr.
Nicholas Casey Homestead at Coatesville (14).
Ratana, Residence of Tahu Wiremu Ratana, near Wanganui. WN, February 1921.
Reid Homestead. Ngahinapouri. (6)
Remuera Early Homes, you will need to give me a Surname.(9)
Runciman's Homestead at Marshmeadows, Waikato, Mil Scr.
Sainsbury Homestead, Kaipara 1912. (15)
Selwyn, Bishop Selwyns Historic Cottage at Clifton, near Whitford. It was built about 1853. WN, October 1913.
Smale Farm, North Shore. Scr.
Tahuna, Peek Homestead about 1919, (7).
Tawhio, Whatiwhatihoe, King Tawhios house, (6).
Te Awamutu, Old Mission house and first school, old photo, (6).
Trevethick Homestead, Wellington. Scr.
Tripp's of Orari Gorge. Scr
Vickers Homestead. Ngahinapouri. (6)
Were's Homestead, Mangaohae. (6)
Wilson Family Home, Birkenhead. (10)
Winchester Farm House at Brighams Creek. (14).
Wanganui Orphanage, WN, June 1914.
Walkley Homestead. Levin (21)
Wyatt homestead "Chidham" Kaipara Flats.(15)
Williams, Mrs R Williams home in Napier. NZG, 9th December 1908.
Witty, Mr G Witty property at Upper Riccarton, Christchurch. WN, September 1913.

Arcadia Hotel before fire in 1912. Levin (21)
Athole Arms Hotel, 1873. Invercargill. (22)
Albany Hotel, 1892. (10)
Clifton Hotel, 1880s, early photo. Invercargill.(22)
Dechlers Hotel. Invercargill. (22)
Esplanade Hotel, Partially Built 1902. Devonport. (10)
Golden Fleece Hotel. Invercargill. (22)
Hastings first Hotel, 1880s. (21)
Junction Hotel, Kawakawa, owned by Henry Stewart.(15) TOH
Kaikohe Hotel, 1902. (15)
London Hotel, 1903. Invercargill. (22)
Levin Hotel. (21)
Mitsons Family Hotel, 1893. Invercargill. (22)
Newmarket Hotel, 1861. (9)
North Star Hotel 1892 Invercargill. (22).
Ohaeawai Hotel, early. 15)
Provincial Hotel, 1867. Invercargill. (22)
Riverhead Hotel and Store, Early Photo. (14).
Royal Hotel, 1864. Invercargill. (22)
Skandinavian Hotel and Concert Hall, 1894. Invercargill. (22)
Temperence Hotel at Kawakawa, begun by Johnson Bro's. (15) TOH
Temperance Hall, Esk Street. Invercargill.(22)
Temperance Hotel. Levin (21)
Union Hotel 1893. Invercargill. (22)
Wade Hotel, Silverdale, Early Photo. (14).

Amber Bay, Stewart Island, WN September 1913.
Cape Brett Lighthouse, and first baby born at Lighthouse. WN, August 1914.
Cape Brett Lighthouse residence, WN, August 1914.
Chatham Isl, settlement of Waitangi, WN, January 1914.
Dog Island, Foveaux Strait Lighthouse, WN, June 1914.
Pioneer house at Te Roto, Chatham Islands. WN, December 1913.
Somes Island Light house, WN July 1913.
Stewart Island Post Office, WN, February 1914.
Stewart Island Glimpses, WN, 19th October 1916.
Suva, Grand Pacific Hotel, WN, June 1914.

Anzac Club at Featherston. WN, 26th October 1916.
3rd Auckland Regiment in Samoa, WN, October 1914.
5th Wellington Regimental Band in Samoa, WN, October 1914.
18th Royal Irish Regiment survivers in Albert Park. WN, July 1913.
Fisher, John Fisher of Cambridge Calvalry, Mil Scr.
Hikurangi Area Roll of Honour WW2.(15)
Gallipoli, Shell Green Cemetery on Gallipoli. WN, May 1921.
Gallipoli, Hill 60 Cemetery on Gallipoli. WN, May 1921.
Jackson, The Flag captured from the Maoris by Major Jackson. WN, December 1913.
King, Captain King of the Royal Artillery. His home as sketched by his wife in 1858.
Krupp Field Howitzer used by the German Army, WN, September 1914.
Lunga Cemetery, Solomon Islands. WN, January 1946.
Lusk, Lt D H Lusk, Military Scr.
Opepe, Soldiers Graves at Opepe, Mil Scr.
Pateena, loading Nelsons Troops, WN, August 1914.
Pioneer, The Gunboat "Pioneer: photo of one of its Turrets, also good description of the boat, Mil Scr.
Recruiting Station in Victoria Street, Auckland. WN, 16th March 1916.
Richard Parker, Officer of Cambridge Cavalry, Mil Scr.
Runciman,James Runciman, Officer of the Cambridge Calvalry, Mil Scr.
Table Mat made by the Soldiers nursed by Florence Nightingale. It was made out of pieces of uniforms. It has for many years been held by a relative of Florence Nightingale who resides in Marton, NZ, Mil Scr.
Von Tempskys Sword, Mil Scr.
Waihi Stockade at Taranaki. Built 1868, WN, April 1914.
Whakatane, Memorial Lamp unveiled at Whakatane in memory of fallen soldiers. WN, January 1921.
Wellington/Taranaki Regiment, Colours paraded for the last time, Mil Scr.
Wounded New Zealanders at a Hospital at Darwen, Lancashire, England. WN, 6th January 1916.

Auckland. Lion Brewery, 1927. cnr of Mountain Rd and Kyber Pass Rd. (9)
Auckland. Toll House. Mount Eden Road. Mount Eden.(17)
Birkenhead. Bean Rock Lighthouse, 1910. (10)
Birkenhead. Municipal Bandsmen, Birkenhead 1921, all named.(10)
Dunedin Sewage Works in Jervois Street. Ow February 1909.
Hay-making at Morisons, about 1920. Ngaere. (21)
Horowhenui, Boatshed and Jetty, early photo, Levin. (21)
Kawakawa, Northern Luminary Building, early photo, demolished 1913. (15) TOH
Levin Saleyards. Levin (21)
Maungamangero.Wool Wagons, loaded, 1912. (6)
Mangaotaki Bridge, 1918. (6)
Maungaturoto. The Foresters Hall, (15)
Milford Beach. The Corner House Tea Rooms. (10)
Murray's Bay, Showing Baches, 1921. (10)
Newmarket, First Council Office's, 1900. (9)
Newmarket, The Mayors of 1885-1944. All named, contact me. (9)
Ohaupo Blacksmith Shop, (6)
Otago. Toll Gate on the Eltham-Opunaki Road. Ow February 1909.
Wairau Creek overhead bridge, 1930. (10)
Wanganui, opening Dublin Street Bridge, WN, November 1914.

Clows Jack, Bullock Team at Glass Mill, Hunua, very early photo. (5)
Glen Massey, Waipa Collieries, WN, July 1914.
Hikurangi. Miners (no names)(15)
Huntly, Ralphs Collery, WN October 1913.
Huntly Miners Hall, WN October 1913.
Kawakawa Flax Mill 1902 (15) TOH.
Moumoukai Sawmill near Hunua. (5).
Naseby Gold Mining, WN, June 1914.
0repuki Shale works, Coal and Oil works. Cant, July 1910.
Prouses Sawmill, early photo. Levin (21)
Paper Mill at Riverhead. (14).
Roxburgh Coal Mine. Ow August 1909.
St Pauls Joe, Sawmill, 1922. Hunua.(5)
Stockton, Charmingtown Coal Mine, near Stockton. WN, March 1911.
Taupiri Coal Co, WN October 1913.
Te Aroha, Murphys Claim. WN, July 1909.
Thames, Karaka Gold Mining Co. WN, July 1913.
Waihi Gold Mining Company, Horahora Rapids. WN, July 1913.
Waihi Gold Mining Powerhouse, near Cambridge. WN, July 1913.
Waihi, Grand Junction Mine at Waihi. WN, July 1909.
Waitemata Flour Mills, Early Photo. Riverhead(14).
West Coast, Paparoa and Blackball Mines. Scr.
West Coast, South Blackwater Mine, WN April 1925.
Westland, Ross Gold Field. WN, July 1913.

NORTHLAND. (14-15)
Kaeo Town, WN, January 1914.
Kaipara Heads Signal Station and the Top Beacon. Scr.
Kohukohu part of township, WN, February 1914.
Ohaeawai Township, early photo.(15)
Parakai House, Helensville. Scr.
Puhoi Celebrates 50th Anniversary, some good photos of people and some names. WN, July 1913.
Rawene Wharf. WN, March 1911.
Riverhead Paper Mill. WN, July 1914.

PEOPLE IN THE NEWS. These are from Various papers and books.
Edson, Mr and Mrs John Edson, Diamond Wedding Anniversry. WN, May 1921.
Hiley E H, WN September 1913.
Hooker Benjamin. NZG, 9th December 1908.
Jones Mr W M, of Papakura, WN December 1913.
Johnson May, Katikati. (19)
Kiely. Nicholas, Police Force. 1st Jan 1914. (scr)
Kiely N, WN December 1913.
Kay Family of Kihikihi, WN 1st April 1948.
Livingstone, Kenneth Livingstone. WN, 24th August 1916.
McArthur Alex, WN October 1913.
Malcolm A S, of Clutha, WN July 1913.
McCombs J, of Lyttelton, WN December 1913.
Morere Bath house in the bush. 1910. (21)
Morris William Store, 1870. (21)
Nicholson, Oliver Nicholson of Auckland. WN, 11th May 1916.
Owen, Ada Owen of Auckland. WN, June 1921.
Parnall Thomas, WN October 1913.
Prince, George Prince, of Hamilton. WN, January 1921.
Searle, Mr and Mrs John Searle, of Hamilton. NZG 9th December 1908.
Seddon R J, WN October 1913.
Stewart James, of Auckland, 19th February 1914.
Stretten E C, WN December 1913.
Sturt W E, WN July 1923.
Trotter Eileen of Grey Lynn. WN, April 1930.

Auckland Post Office Explosion. NZG 14th September 1907.
Bealey Post Office, overland route from Canterbury to West Coast. Ow December 1909.
Coatesville's first Post Office. 1926/1950. (14).
Hastings Post Office, Laying the Foundation Stone. Ow February 1909.
Hunua Post Office, early photo. (5)
Kawakawa Post Office, early. (15) TOH
Kaipara. Post Office, 1916. (15)
Ohura Post Office opening, WN, May 1913.
Ohaeawai Post Office. (15)
Petone Post Office. NZG 30th May 1903.
Stewart Island Post Office, WN, February 1914.
Takapuna Post Office opening. WN, May 1914.
Telephone Connection on the Auckland East coast, WN July 1913.
Tin Can Mail being brought ashore at Tongan Island, WN July 1913.

Arthurs Pass Refreshment room, Midland Railway. WN, July 1914.
Auckland.Tramway Employees, Auckland. NZg 14th September 1907.
Auckland. Rail-yard, engine overturns. WN, June 1921.
Auckland. Wreck of a Motor Lorry on the New Market level Rail Crossing. WN, December 1913.
Auckland.Accident to Tramcar in Symonds Street, Auckland. WN, February 1921.
Auckland. Dangerous level crossing at Beach Road, Auckland. WN, July 1913.
Auckland. Miniture Railway at the Auckland Exhibition. WN, December 1913.
Caversham Tunnel, Dunedin/Mosgiel. Ow August 1909.
Christchurch Express. Landslide on the main trunk line. Christchurch Express held up at Puketeraki Cutting, between Seacliff Waikouaiti. WN, September 1913.
Cross Creek. Train leaving Cross Creek for the journey over the Rimutakas. WN, February 1921.
Donnelly's Crossing, abandoned Railway, Dargaville. Scrk.
Epsom, Tram Repair, Workshops at Epsom, WN, May 1914.
Frankton Junction, one of the busiest Stations. WN, October 1913.
Gisborne. Railway Workers cottage on the Gisborne, Motu section of the East Coast Railway. WN, December 1913.
Halpin Creek, Midland Railway, Sth Island, WN, January 1914.
Helensville. Accident to the Engine Shed at Helensville. WN, December 1913.
Hikurangi. Tragic Level Crossing accident at Hikurangi. WN, April 1930.
Kaimata Rail Tunnel near Ruru, Westland, WN July 1913.
Kawakawa Coal Train, very early photo. (15) TOH
Levin Railway Station, 1920. (21)
Levin. Wig-Wag signal at Level crossing, Levin. WN, October 1924.
Marlborough. Contructing Railway along Marlborough Coast. WN, March 1938.
Mataroa Station, near Taihape. WN, March 1908.
Maungaturoto, tunnel works on the Bickerstaffe Estate for the Main Trunk line. WN, June 1914.
Napier, showing the Childrens Paddling Pool on the Marine Parade. WN, February 1921.
Napier Tramway, Laying the rails. WN, August 1913.
Napier. Train vs Car smash at Napier. WN December 1925.
New Plymouth. Butter Trains arrival at the Dairy Associations Freezing Works, at New Plymouth. WN, July 1901.
New Zealand Railways, General Manager Mr E H Hiley, WN September 1913.
Northern Wairoa. Northland. Constructing new Railway. WN, October 1924.
Ohaupo Railway Post Office,(7).
Onehunga Wharves and Rail Yards, WN, August 1914.
Otaki rail crossing, car struck by train, WN, June 1914.
Otira. Inner Linings for the Otira Tunnel. WN, July 1913.
Petone. Railway Workshops at Petone, (several photos). NZG 30th May 1903.
Ruru. Bush Railway near Ruru, Westland. WN, July 1913.
South Island Trunk Line. White Ant found in Sleepers for South Island Trunk Line. WN, March 1938.
Te Awamutu Railway Station. (7)
Waiouru Station. WN, May 1914.
Wanganui. First Electric Tram up Victoria Avenue. NZG 9th December 1908.

Alexander, Rev T of Long Bush, Southland Presbytery.
Asher, Rev J A of Southland. spc.
Beatty W. Remuera, Auckland, NZG May 30th 1903.
Baird James, of Emeritus-Winton, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Bissett E, of Woodlands, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Burrows J T, of Dipton, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Budd, Rev E C. NZG May 30th 1903.
Boyes, Rev N D. of Howick, NZG May 30th 1903.
Boler Rev, Gooddine. of Russell, NZG May 30th 1903.
Barton, Rev F B of SouthlandPresbytery .
Bethune, Rev A of Southland Presbytery.
Brash, Rev T C of Southland Presbytery.
Calder A, of Riverton, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Catherwood R H, of Waianiwa, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Cumming James, of Waikiwi, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Clark, Rev J of Riverton, Southland Presbytery.
Collie, Rev J of Southland Presbytery.
Cook, Alice, Missionary from Southland. spc.
Crump, Rev C K, Missionary from Southland Presbytery.
Carver Rev G A. Auckland, NZG May 30th 1903.
Calder. Ven Arch. NZG May 30th 1903.
Cubitt Rev L L. Whangarei, NZG May 30th 1903.
Cole Ven Arch. New Plymouth, NZG May 30th 1903.
Cowie Rev E M. Te Aroha, NZ Gr May 30th 1903.
Cowie Rev J P. Paeroa, NZG May 30th 1903.
Donaldson A, of Bluff, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Eykyn Rev T. Auckland, NZG May 30th 1903.
Ewen, Rev R of Southland Presbytery.
Forest Hill Original Church, of Southland Presbytery.
Fullarton, Rev J of Riverton, Southland Presbytery.
Fowler Rev A. St Matthews, Auckland, NZG May 30th 1903.
Frazer W, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Gardiner C, of Gore, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Gray C A , of Oteramika, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Govett Ven Arch. New Plymouth, NZ Gr May 30th 1903.
Gould Canon. Otahuhu, NZG May 30th 1903.
Gillam Rev W E. Auckland, NZG May 30th 1903.
Gardiner, Rev E of Southland. spc.
Gore, Original Church, of Southland. spc.
Henry, Annie, Missionary from Southland. spc.
Henry, Rev J of Southland Presbytery.
Howes, Rev W H of Southland Presbytery.
Howie, Dr A T, Missionary from Southland Presbytery.
Hawkins, Rev H A. Maori Missionary, NZG May 30th 1903.
Haselden Rev Canon. Onehunga, NZG May 30th 1903.
Hewlett Rev O R. Papakura, NZG May 30th 1903.
Hawkes Rev J H. Kamo, Nthland, NZG May 30th 1903.
Heron, Rev D C. St Davids Presbyterian Church, Auckland.
Invercargills First Presbyterian Church Presbytery.
Johnston James, of Fortrose, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Kinder Rev Dr J, Auckland, NZG May 30th 1903.
Kirkbride Rev M. Mangere, NZG May 30th 1903.
Laishley A, of Bluff, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Lindsay G, of St Pauls, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Lymburn James, of Lumsden, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
MacDonald A of Otautau, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
McCaw W A, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
McCully R, of Riverton, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
McWilliam Rev J T. Parnell, Auckland, NZG May 30th 1903.
MacMurray. Rev Canon. St Marys, Auckland. NZG. May 30th 1903.
Merton Rev C J. Kaitaia, NZ Gr May 30th 1903.
McKerchar, Mr D of Long Bush, Southland Presbytery.
Miller, Mrs A L, Missionary from Southland Presbytery.
Miller, Mrs G, Missionary from Southland Presbytery.
Milne, Mrs W, Missionary from Southland Presbytery.
Muir, Rev I, Missionary from Southland Presbytery.
Nelson Canon. St Pauls, Auckland, NZG May 30th 1903.
Queale, Sister M, Missionary from Southland Presbytery.
Riverton Original Church, of Southland Presbytery.
Ross, Rev C S of Southland Presbytery.
Ryburn, Rev R M, of Southland Presbytery.
Ritchie W, of Edendale, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Robertson George, of Riverton, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Scott D, of Wallacetown, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Simpson J M, of Winton, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Selwyn Bishop. Historic Cottage at Clifton, near Whitford. It was built about 1853. WN, October 1913.
Smith Rev A F, New Plymouth, NZG May 30th 1903.
Smith, Rev J N A, Missionary from Southland Presbytery.
Stevens, Rev A of Southland Presbytery.
Stobo, Rev A H of Southland Presbytery.
Sylvan Bank Sunday School. First Church, of Southland Presbytery.
Tisdall Rev C A. Remuera, Auckland, NZG May 30th 1903.
Tocker, Rev C J of Southland Presbytery.
Wohlers, Rev J H F of Southland Presbytery.
Walsh. Ven Arch. Waimate North, NZG May 30th 1903.
Watson Rev C A B. Hamilton, NZG May 30th 1903.
Walker Rev F W. Ellerslie/Epsom, NZG May 30th 1903.
White William, of Wallacetown, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Wilson James, Queenstown, Southland Presbytery, 1903.
Wilson Rev W H, Mt Albert, Auckland, NZG May 30th 1903.

Batley School Building, very early. (15)
Hikurangi School (no names) 1914. (15)
Hikurangi School Roll 1883. (15)
Hinemoa First School. Pahiatua District. (21)
Huarau School Building. (15)
Hakaru School, 1916. Kaiwaka (15)
Kaipara Flats School, sketch, very old.(15)
Kaipara Flats 2nd School building. (15)
Kaitawa School. Pahiatua District. (21)
Kawakawa School 1873, sketch. (15) TOH
Mairoa School Building, early photo. (6)
Maungaturoto Original School. (15)
Mangawhai Beach School, 1922. (15)
Mangawhai School Building, 1938. (15)
Marumaku Schoolhouse. (15)
Mangere School, opened 1859, this is a sketch. (4)
Mount Eden Temporary School Building 1877 to 1879. (17)
Ngahinapouri. First School, opened 1877. (6)
Northcote School, 1918. Birkenhead. (10)
Ohaupo School Building. (6)
Saint Heliers School. Early Photo (9)
St Stephens School for Maori boys, NZG May 30th 1903.
Tara Road School Building, earliest known photo. Mangawhai. (15)
Tanoa Maori School Building. (15)
Tane School, early photo. Pahiatua District. (21)
Takapuna Original School Building, built 1900. (10)
Whakapirau School Building, early photo. (15)
Waitangaruru School. (6)
Woodcock's School Building, Kaipara, about 1915. (15)

Ahuriri, Napier, WN, March 1914.
Akaroa Wharf. Otago Witness, December 1909.
Alaunia, sunk by mine in the English channel. WN, 26th October 1916.
Albany Wharf. WN, February 1921.
Alumbagh. Ships Diary/Voyage. Shipping Folder.
Amazon name change to Akaroa, 1968. Shipping Folder.
American Tank Landing Ships at Wellington. WN, January 1946.
Andromeda. Long Voyage. Ship Diary/voyage. 21st May 1914.
Antiope, stranded on Bluff Spit. WN, 28th September 1916.
Aramoana on her trials, June 1962. Shipping Folder.
Aratapu, Brigatine "Aratapu" West Coast Timber Trader. WN, March 1908.
Arcadia in strife at Fiji, January 1960. x2 Shipping Folder.
Arethusa, Aug, 1933, WN.
Askold. Russian Cruiser. WN Aug 1914.
Athenic, SS Athenic, loading at Wellington. WN, November 1913.
Athenic, leaving Wellington, WN, May 1913.
Atua, Union Companys Steamer "Atua". WN, June 1921.
Aurora, back from Antarctic exploration, WN, March 1914.
Australia, HMS Australia leaving Portsmouth, England. WN, September 1913.
Ahuriri, Napier. The Graphic. April 27th 1907.
Balloon Ship, British, July, 1914, WN.
Bee, a scow, stranded on the beach at Puhoi river. WN, 1st June 1916.
Bilaela, Steamer "Bilaela" leaving Westport. WN, June 1921.
Blue Funnel, The "Blue Funnel" Liner Nestor. WN, July 1913.
Bombay. Ships Diary/Voyage/ reunion. Shipping Folder.
Bremen, August 1929, WN.
Canastota, Steamer "Canastota". WN, June 1921.
Canberra at Wellington, August 1961. x2 Shipping Folder.
City of Cork (steamer) Riverhead. (14).
City of Honolulu, American Liner. 1930. Scr.
City of New York, WN Nov 1929. Bryds Exp.
Chatham, Arrival in Auckland of the Cruiser Chatham. WN, February 1921.
Clan MacFarlane, Barque "Clan MacFarlane" sailing ship. WN, September 1913.
Clan Grant, Oct 1914, WN.
Corinthic Immigrants arrive Auckland. July 1924.
Cornwall, Troopship "Cornwall, leaving Lyttelton, carrying the Eight NZ Contingent. WN, February 1902.
Daniel, Barque, Auckland to Sydney, WN, June 1914.
Dartford at Auckland. WN, April 1921.
Delphic at Port Chalmers. Otago Witness, December 1909.
Devon, Ship "Devon" wrecked at Wellington Heads. WN, September 1913.
Devon at Opua, Mar, 1924, WN.
Devonshire. Ships Diary/Voyage/ reunion. Shipping Folder.
Dominion Monarch arriving at Lyttelton, September 1958. Shipping Folder.
Duchess of Argyle, 1842.
Duchess, The Ferry "Duchess" at Evans Bay, Wellington. WN, February 1921.
Emden, German Cruiser, Oct, 1914, WN.
Empress of Britian, Aug, 1933, WN.
Encounter at Otago. The ships company. Otago Witness, August 1909.
Enterprise (Steamer) Riverhead Run. (14).
Endeavour reachs Antarctic, January 1957. Shipping Folder.
Endurance, for Antarctic, WN, July 1914.
Ernestina. Ships Diary/Voyage. Shipping Folder.
E8. British Sub. WN Sept 1914.
Euryalus. British. WN Sept 1914.
Fairburn Schooner stranded at Opotiki, WN, October 1914.
Foxton, Aug, 1933, WN.
Franconia, torpedoed in the Mediterran. WN, 12th October 1916.
Friendship. Ships Diary/Voyage. Shipping Folder.
Furious, Aircraft Carrier, Nov, 1933, WN.
Gertrude. Ships Diary/Voyage. Shipping Folder.
Gisborne Port, WN, March 1914.
Helenslee. Ships Diary/Voyage. Shipping Folder.
Helenville Wharf. The Graphic, August 17th 1910.
Hermes, British Cruiser. WN, November 1914.
Holbank sinks near Banks Peninsula, October 1963. Shipping Folder.
Hororata Steam Ship, WN, July 1914.
Huia, Apr, 1924, WN.
Huanui, Schooner Huanui Stranded on Waikanae Beach, Gisborne. WN, May 1921.
S S Ihumata, Wanganui River. WN, July 1913.
Indrabarah on Rangitikei Beach, Wanganui coast. WN, July 1913.
Invincible, Battle Cruiser, off the Falkland Islands. WN, July 1916.
Irini, Aug, 1933, WN.
Iris, Cable Steamer, WN, November 1913.
Justine. Ships Diary/Voyage. Shipping Folder.
Kaikoura Steamer, Sept 1924 WN.
Kaitangata Collier, WN, February 1914.
Kaipatiki, Riverhead Run. (14).
Kaitoa aground in the fog, near Wellington. WN, 3rd February 1916.
Kapiti, SS Kapiti stranded in the Manawatu River. WN, September 1913.
Karori at Kaiti Wharf, WN, January 1914.
Karroo, WN Nov 1924.
Kauri S S, at Westport, WN, July 1914.
Kommodore Johnsen at New Plymouth, January 1939. Shipping Folder.
Koutunui, Nov 1914, WN.
Lauderdale, wrecked at Greymouth. Cant, July 1910.
Lily (Steamer) Riverhead. (14).
Leicester Castle, partly dismantled, at Auckland. WN, July 1909.
Loch Garve, Italian owned ship "Loch Garve" loaded with roof tiles for Auckland and Wellington. WN, September 1913.
Magdeburg, German Cruiser, Sept 1914, WN.
Maheno, Tubine Liner "Maheno" at Port Chalmers. WN, July 1909.
Malolo, Matson Line. WN Dec 1929.
Mana, Steamer, Nov, 1914, WN.
Manurewa. Barque. WN June 1921.
Marere sunk by a Submarine. WN, 27th January 1916.
Marjorie Craig, WN, January 1914.
Maui, Gisborne Harbours new Dredge. Cant, July 1910.
Mavis, launch, Feb, 1924, WN.
Messudigeh, Turkish battleship, Dec 1914, WN.
Moa, Scow, WN, January 1914.
Monowai's last trip, June 1960. Shipping Folder.
Morewa, July, 1933, WN.
Navua, SS Navua, at Wellington. WN, July 1913.
Nelson Seaport. WN, July 1913.
Nelson. Ships Diary/Voyage/ reunion. x2 Shipping Folder.
New Zealand, several photos, WN, May 1913.
Niagra at Auckland. WN, June 1921.
Niagra, good photo, WN, July 1914.
Northern Star in Wellington, September 1962. x2 Shipping Folder.
Opihi, Steamer "Opihi" . WN, March 1921.
Orcades aground at Port Phillip Bay, 1952. Shipping Folder.
Onewa. Riverhead.(14).
Opihi. WN Apr 1921.
Oriana on her trials, November 1960. x2 Shipping Folder.
Orontes. Orient Fleet. WN Dec 1929.
Orpheus Figurehead, WN, January 1914.
Panama, Building the Panama Canal. WN, August 1913.
Panther. German Gunboat, WN Aug 1914.
Papanui at Port Chalmers. Otago Witness, February 1909.
Pateena, loading Nelsons Troops, WN, August 1914.
Philomel at Gisborne, WN, February 1914.
Picton Wharf. Otago Witness, December 1909.
Pilot Station at Bluff. WN, July 1909.
Pioneer, The Gunboat "Pioneer: photo of one of its Turrets, also good description of the boat, Military Scr.
Port Arhuriri Trawlers, (Muriel and Result). WN, July 1913.
Poseiden, British Sub. WN August 1929.
Pyramus, HMS Pyramus at Napier. WN, June 1914.
Queen S S at Foxton, WN, April 1914.
Queen Elizabeth, November 1951. Shipping Folder.
Queen Mary in the North Sea. WN, 8th June 1916.
Rachel Cohen, The "Rachel Cohen" at Half Moon Bay, Stewart Island. WN, September 1913.
Rangatira, Sept, 1933, WN.
Rangitiki at Wellington, April 1961. Shipping Folder.
Rangitiki on her last voyage, June 1962. Shipping Folder.
Rata, Anchor Shipping Company. WN Aug 1929.
Romance Launch, Riverhead.(14).
Rio Loge. Otago Witness, February 1909.
Rotoiti arrives at Onehunga. NZG, 30th May 1903.
Ruahine, SS "Ruahine" WN, November 1914.
Samar, (American Timber Schooner) leaving Auckland. WN, July 1913.
Santa Maria, Portuguese Liner seized by rebels, February 1961. SF.
Serenia Tanker at Whangarei, June 1964. Shipping Folder.
Somes, Lighthouse, Somes Island. WN, July 1913.
Southern Cross leaving Auckland, April 1958. Shipping Folder.
Southern Cross V11, Melanesian Mission Motorship, Nov, 1933, WN.
Star of Canada, Ship "Star of Canada" on Kaiti Beach, Gisborne. WN, September 1913.
Stormbird, SS, 60 yrs service, WN, June 1914.
Suffolk, immigrants arrival, Jan, 1924, WN.
Surrey, Troopship "Surrey" at Sydney harbour, carrying the Eight NZ Contingent. WN, February 1902.
Tiare Taporo, 1933, WN.
Tirpitz, German Liner " Tirpitz" at Immingham. WN, April 1921.
Titania, Barquentine "Titania" SF.
Tofua, Aug 23rd 1928. Scr.
Triton on the reef at Rarotonga, WN, January 1914.
Turul, Austian, Dec, 1914, WN.
Tyrone, The Houlder Liner "Tyrone" at the Otago Heads. WN, October 1913.
Vision, Yacht, Oct, 1933, WN.
Wahine on her first visit to Wellington. WN, July 1913.
Waihau, The oil Launch "Waihau" carries Mail between Cape Runaway and Opotiki. WN, July 1913.
Waikawa, Aug, 1933, WN.
Wairuna at Auckland. SF.
Waitemata USS Co 1918.
Wanderer, Sydney Yacht, Nov, 1933, WN.
Wanganella's Christmas Cruise, January 1958. SF.
Welland, reported to have sunk several German torpedo boats. WN, September 1914.
Western Monarch. Ships Diary/Voyage. SF.
Walkure at New Plymouth, WN, June 1914.
Victoria, SS Victoria, at Wellington. WN, July 1913.
Warrimoo at Dunedin. Otago Witness, November 1909.
William Miles
Ships Diary/Voyage. SF.
Willochra, Sydney/Wellington Service, WN, May 1913.
Woglinde Steamer at Westport prior to the outbreak of war, WN, October 1914.
Yarmouth, HMS "Yarmouth" cleared for action. WN, November 1914.
Yorck. German Cruiser, Nov, 1914, WN.
Zingari Schooner. Ow, December 1909.

Blacks Point near Reefton, WN September 1913.
Bluff, Club Hotel, tragic fire. Scr.
Cement Works at Golden Bay. WN, March 1911.
Christchurch Hospital, 1872. WP March 1923.
Colac Bay Native Hall opening, Southland. OW, January 1909.
Dunedin. Fatal fire. Scrapbook.
Dunedin, Young Womans Association Building and Interior, OW, December 1909.
Dunedin Police Station, Retirement of Sergeant Conn. OW, February 1909.
Dunedin Townhall Tower adornment to be truncated. Scr.
Hokitika's buildings threatened by high tide, 1914. ScR.
Hokitika, Revel Street properties damaged by the sea, WN, April 1914.
Kaitangata Town. Scr.
Maori Hill School, Dunedin. OW, December 1909.
Onakaka Iron and Steel Co at Golden Bay, WN October 1929.
Timaru, Caroline Bay, Pavilion and Tea Kiosk with Railway, WN, January 1914.
Totaranui Store. Scr.
Wairaki Works Camp. Scr.
Wakapuaka Cable Station after fire. WN, June 1914.
Wanaka Hotel destroyed by fire. Scr.
Westlands Racing Club. The Totalisator house and the No 2 Stand. WN, March 1921.
Westports Buller Hotel Fire. ScR.

Auckland. Buchanan's Store 1890. Mount Eden. (17)
Glen Massey. WN, July 1914.
Hunua Store, early photo. (5)
Hikurangi Township (early photos). (15)
Kawakawa. McCready's Shops, 1800s. (15) TOH
Kawakawa. Black, H.H. Draper and Clothier Store. (15) TOH
Kawakawa. A.McCready Bakery (15) TOH
Kaiwaka. Randles Store, 1915. (15)
Kaikohe. Dickeson's Store, (15)
Kaiwaka. Jaques Mr F. Store, 1924. (15)
Kaikohe. Patterson's Butchery and Gum Store, very early photo. (15)
Kaiwaka Township, 1900/1918/1959. (15)
Kaitaia. WN, 27th January 1916.
Levin Oxford Street, early photo. (21)
Levin. Bristol Street, 1921.(21)
Levin Gardener B R. Store, about 1906. 21)
Levin James, T. Bootmaker Store, Early photo. (21)
Levin. Swanson and Bevan, General Merchants Store. (21)
Levin. Clarksons Store, 1900. (21)
Morrinsville. Gummer Store C & A, and Wagon, 1907/8. 7)
Maungaturoto. Building the Hotel, 1902. (15)
Maungaturoto. Stores and Boarding Houses (early) (15)
Mangonui, part of Town, WN, April 1914.
Morrinsville. Thames Street, early photo. (7)
Morrinsville Saleyards. Morrinsville. (7)
Morrinsville Railway Station in the 1920's. Morrinsville. (7)
Morrinsville. Marshall Home, first dwelling erected in the Borough.(7)
Maungaturoto Township. 1902. (15)
Maungaturoto. Old Street Views. 1920s. 15)
Matiere Town, WN, April 1914.
Ngaere. Lee Frank A. General Store, early photo. (21)
Newmarket. W Morgan, Harness Maker Store, 1890's Sketch. (9)
Newmarket. J H Whitefords Store, sketch, 1890's. (9)
Newmarket, T Samson, Barber Store, 1926.(9)
Newmarket. Smerdon Ernest G, Watchmaker and Jeweller, 1925.(9)
Newmarket. Pace Blacksmith, 1896. (9)
Newmarket. George Kent and Sons, Bread Specialist's 1925.(9)
Saint Heliers, Tyndalls Butcher Shop, 1926.(9)
Te kuiti, Rora Street, early photo. (5)
Toko, 1905. Stratford Area. (21)
Taranaki, Mokau village, WN, April 1914.
Waitara. The Graphic, August 17th 1910.
Wanganui Town in 1869, WN, June 1914.
Whangamomona Town, WN, April 1914.

Hairini, Saint Pauls Church,(6).
Huntly Town and its quaint little houses, WN October 1913.
Kihikihi Store, owner Mr T H Chapman, (6).
Kihikihi Creamery, 1883, (6).
Mercer floods. WN July 1923.
Ohaupo Blacksmith Shop, (7).
Ohaupo Anglican Church, 1880/1926,(7).
Ohaupo General Carrier and Delivery, Proprietor J Douglas. 1903.(7)
Pukeatua original School, 1910, (7).
Pukeatua, Mr C M Rope. (7).
Raglan in 1941, 1st Oct 1941.
Springdale Hall, old photo, (6).
Tahuna Store, early photo, (7).
Tahuna Church, abt 1914, (7).
Te Awamutu. WN, April 1921.
Te Awamutu, Saint Johns Church, (6).
Te Awamutu, first State School, (6).
Te Kuiti Pioneer Chemist Shop, 1898. Consulting Chemist was Charles H Holland,(6).

Bolton Street Cemetery Chapel. Scr.
Grant Road Spring, Wellington. Scr.
Manchester Private Hotel, Courtney Place. WN, May 1914.
Somes Island Light house, WN July 1913.
Webleys General Store, Petone. NZG, 30th May 1903.
Wellington's Waterside Workers on strike. A crowd at the entrance to Queens Wharf, WN October 1913.
Woollen Works, Petone. NZG, 30th May 1903.