David Darling Seneca Co, NY

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Descendents of David Darling of Seneca County, New York
Compiled by Sean Furniss
Revised 5 March 2004

This internet version is an edited version of the source document. Information about living members of this family has been reduced to protect their privacy. Copies of the original document have been placed in various repositories and given to those family members who have expressed an interest.


The information presented here was developed from family history documents provided by Patricia D. Kile, Jerry Swarthout, Martha Womack, Gary Darling and Diane Nelson. Other family members also contributed a variety of information related to their specific family groups. Added information was obtained at the Library of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the National Archives census and military records.

Genealogy and Family History

This information pertains primarily to the descendents of David Darling of Seneca Co., NY. Information about Ezra Darling of Lime Creek Township, Wassonville, Washington Co., Iowa is included following the information about David Darlings descendents.

Ezra Darling of Lime Creek Township (born 18 June 1830 NY)

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