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The Descendents of Philip Peter Stamm of Brown County, Ohio
Prepared by Sean Furniss
Revised 26 February 1999

This page serves as a table of contents to the various generations of decendents of Philip Peter Stamm of Brown County, Ohio.

Table of Contents

This Table of Contents to the generations lists only those individuals with known descendents. To find other individuals check the every name index.

Note: For reasons of privacy, some information related to living individuals has been not been included on this internet version of the family history.

The basis for this family history record is The Stamm Family of Ohio and Kentucky written by Edward J. Ronsheim, Sr., of Anderson, Indiana, about 1954-1955. A copy of Ronsheim's Stamm family history, from the files of Paul Anthony Vohs, Sr., was given to me by Edith Alexander (Mrs. Paul A. Vohs, Sr.). I have edited the information in Ronsheim's family history into a more standard genealogical format, added additional names and information, referenced sources of information and added an index to family members.

It should be noted that Germany did not exist as a country during the 1790's - 1840's when the Stamm family lived in Niedermohr and Dunzweiler. This particular area shifted politically between the Kingdom of France and the Kingdom of Prussia. In a political sense, this area would generally be considered more closely related to the German Confederation than to France.

First Generation

Philip Peter Stamm (born 16 Mar 1793, died 1 May 1863 Brown Co., OH)

Second Generation

Peter Stamm (born 15/26 Jan 1817 Germany, died 28/30 Mar 1897 Brown Co., OH)
Elizabeth Stamm Christmann (born 29 Oct 1818 Germany, died 12 Oct 1887 Brown Co., OH)
Jacob Stamm (born 5 Jan 1825 Germany, died 1 Jan 1890 Ripley, OH)
Phoebe Stamm Galloway Block (born about 1826 Germany, died Paducah, KY)
Caroline Stamm Hensel (born about 1827 Germany, died about 1895 Ripley, OH)
Philip Stamm (born 6 Dec 1829 Germany, died 18 Feb Georgetown, OH)
Carl (Charles) Stamm (born 27 Mar 1835 Germany, died 22 Feb 1899)

Third Generation

Peter Stamm (born 22 Dec 1842, died 20 Oct 1926 Lewis Co, KY)
Frederick Stamm (born 10 Jan 1845 Brown Co, OH, died 18 Jan 1924 Lewis Co, KY)
Caroline Stamm Webb (born 10 Sep 1858, died 20 Jan 1937 Pendleton Co, KY)
Martin Stamm (born about 1860 Brown Co, OH, died about 1898 Franklin, OH)
Margaret (Maggie) H. Stamm Diebold (born about 1865 Brown Co, OH)
Lewis A. Stamm (born 4 Aug 1871 Brown Co, OH, died 22 Aug 1925 KY)
Charles Peter Stamm (born 1855-57 Brown Co, OH)
Caroline Christman Ernst (born about May 1860 Brown Co, OH)
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Stamm Bodmer (born 26 Mar 1853 Sardina, OH, died 28 Nov 1886 Ripley, OH)
Susanna Emma Stamm Grim (born 8 Feb 1857 Sardina, OH, died 24 May 1920 Hamilton, OH)
Albert (Al) Henry Stamm (born 14 July 1858 Ripley, OH, died 30 June 1932 Anderson, IN)
William Sherman Stamm (born 27 Nov 1861 Ripley, OH, died Cadiz, OH)
Frank Jacob Stamm (born 8 Mar 1864 Ripley, OH, died 19 Nov 1948 St. Petersburg, FL)
Catherine Stamm Ronsheim (born 8 June 1866 Ripley, OH, died 29 Aug 1953 Anderson, IN)
Wendell Edward (Ed) Stamm (born 19 Nov 1868 Ripley, OH, died 5 Nov 1931 Basil, OH)
Annie Laurie Stamm Earsome Schreiber (born 12 Apr/14 August 1873 Ripley, OH, died 26 May 1944 Cadiz, OH)
Adam Hensel (born about 1854 Ripley, OH, died about 1936)
Lenfrey (Link) Stamm (born 26 March 1869, died 20 May 1945)
Mary Charlotta Stamm Parsons (died May 1944)
Mary Louisa Stamm Malblanc Kuntz (born Apr 1866, died 22 Feb 1951)
Catherine Margaret Stamm Fronkey (born 26 July 1867, died 23 June 1943)
Charles Henry Stamm
William Albert Stamm (born 27 Apr 1871)
Albert Martin Stamm (born 25 Jan 1880)

Fourth Generation

Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Stamm Gillispie (born 1 Oct 1870 Berlin, Bracken Co, KY)
Minnie Stamm Halbert (born about 1875 Bracken Co, KY)
Thomas Sherman Stamm (born 23 Jan 1877 Bracken Co, KY, died 25 Mar 1961 Chillicothe, OH)
Charles Franklin Stamm (born 7 Mar 1879 Berlin, Bracken Co, KY, died 9 Feb 1963 Lewis Co., KY)
George William Stamm (born 27 June 1879 Lewis Co, KY, died 27 July 1960 Nicholas Co, KY)
Philip Stamm (born 5 Mar 1882, died about 1946 Lewis Co, KY)
Albert L. Stamm (born 30 Aug 1883 Petersville, KY, died 5 Jan 1964 Lewis Co, KY)
Charlotte Stamm Beckelman (died about 1979 Santa Barbara, CA)
Henry H. Stamm (born 7 Mar 1888, died 9 Oct 1983 Mason Co, KY)
John F. Stamm (born about 1892 Lewis Co, KY)
Peter L. Stamm (born 12 Sep 1867 Bracken Co, KY)
Jacob (Jake) William Stamm (born 13 Oct 1869 Bracken Co, KY, died 26 Aug 1957 Scioto Co, OH)
Frederick (Fred) E. Stamm (born 9 Jan 1874 Bracken Co, KY, died 6 Apr 1955 Lewis Co, KY)
Franklin (Frank0 A. Stamm (born 6 Feb 1876 Bracken Co, KY, died 20 Oct 1953 Lewis Co, KY)
Rose V. Stamm Kidwell (born 1 Sep 1885 Trotter, KY)
Sadie Florence Webb Davis (born 4 Dec 1886)
Bertha Maud Webb Davis (born 5 Feb 1888)
Frank Albert Webb (born 4 Mar 1890, died 13 Feb 1919)
Florence Stamm Seegars (born 15 Nov 1889, died on 30 Apr 1908)
Mary Charlotte Stamm Kelch (born 21 Oct 1896)
Albert Joseph Grim (born 17 Mar 1877 Ripley, OH, died 13 Sep 1925 Hamilton, OH)
Bessie Lenore Grim Long ( born 16 Aug 1878 Ripley, OH, died 5 May 1946 Kansas City, KS)
Irving Edward Stamm (born 20 Sep 1888 Dayton, OH, died 21 Dec 1918 Bellefontaine, OH)
Bessie Stamm Shank (born about 1893, died Mar 1916)
Ethel Elizabeth Stamm Birney (born 12 Mar 1887 Ripley, OH)
Lewis Jacob Stamm (born 4 May 1892 Ripley, OH, died 8 Feb 1937 Dayton, OH)
Bessie Marie Stamm Thompson (born 30 May 1895 Ripley, OH)
Albert Richard Stamm (born 12 May 1900 Ripley, OH)
George William Stamm (born 12 May 1900 Ripley, OH)
Edward J. Ronsheim (born 8 Mar 1892 Bellefontaine, OH)
Milton (Louis) Ronsheim (born 8 Dec 1894 Bellefontaine, OH)
Beatrice Stamm Mehollin (born 24 June 1894 Ripley, OH)
Martha Elvira Stamm Arters (born 27 Feb 1903 Cadiz, OH)
Jacob Wendell Stamm (born 7 Jan 1910 Sunman, IN)
Helen Ruth Stamm Ford (born 2 Aug 1912 Cadiz, OH)
Flora Belle [-?-] Kelch (born 30 July 1893)
John Albert Fronkey (born 20 Aug 1900)

Fifth Generation

Roy Anthony Stamm (born 24 Dec 1900, died 25 Jan 1967)
Lester Stamm (born 23 June 1905 Lewis Co, KY, died 9 Dec 1988 Dayton, OH)
Edna Ileen Stamm Kilbreth (born 28 July 1917)
Russell Stamm (born 10 July 1918(?))
Estil L. Stamm (born 3 Sep 1919 Petersville, KY)
Dorothy Stamm Box
John Stamm
Glen Forest Stamm
Bruce Stamm (born 19 Feb 1895 Petersville, KY)
Claude Henry Stamm (born 23 Nov 1898 Lewis Co, KY)
Flora Ellen Stamm Esham (born 27 June 1910 Stricklett, KY)
Estelle Gladys Stamm Stamper (born 24 Aug 1915 Lewis Co, KY)
Margaret Ann Stamm Swimm (born 4 June 1897)
Cora B. Stamm Crawford
Thomas Franklin Stamm (born about 1901 Lewis Co, KY )
Mayme Stamm Scott (born 25 Nov 1902)
Alice Stamm Scott (born 28 Mar 1905)
Bertha Stamm Thomas (born 23 Jan 1907)
Laura Stamm Esham (born 28 Dec 1908)
Elsie Stamm Thomas (born 31 July 1913)
Goldie Stamm Crawford (born 14 June 1907)
Alfred Stamm (born 14 Apr 1909 Stricklett, KY)
Charles Stamm (born 17 Nov 1911 Stricklett, KY)
Gladys Stamm Ginn Stone (born 16 Aug 1914, died Oct 1942)
Grace Mary Stamm Crawford (born 16 Aug 1914)
Minnie Lovell Stamm Duff (born 20 June 1918 Lewis Co, KY)
Goldie Gertrude Kidwell Kirchner (born 8 Feb 1908)
Thelma Christine Kidwell Burns (born 29 Oct 1912)
Charles Earl Kidwell (born 19 Nov 1913)
Raymond Estill Kidwell (born 24 June 1916)
Annie Myrtle Kidwell Valentrovic (born 24 Sep 1917)
Harlan J. Kidwell (born 6 Feb 1919)
James E. Kidwell
Marcus E. Kidwell
Ruth Davis Landen (born 6 Oct 1914)
Hubert Lee Webb (born 21 May 1914)
Emma Palmer Grim Blatter (born on 20 Nov 1909)
Louis Albert Long (born 3 July 1900 Ripley, OH)
Martha Elizabeth Long Vohs (born 12 Oct 1902 Ripley, OH died 1 Feb 1953 Kansas City, KS)
Ralph Edward Stamm (born 2 Nov 1916)
Doyle W. Birney (born 7 Oct 1912 Cadiz Junction, OH)
Louis Merle Birney (born 1 Oct 1919 Bowerston, OH)
Robert Lewis Stamm (born at Cadiz, OH)
Evelyn Lucile Stamm Kimbrel
Rose Elizabeth Stamm Albaugh
Marian Virginia Thompson Carpenter (born 5 Feb 1916 Cadiz, OH)
Edythe Naomi Thompson Keffer (born 12 June 1919)
Martha Jane Thompson Richardson (born Dennison, OH)
Edward J. Ronsheim, Jr. (born 16 Oct 1917 Anderson, IN)
Rosemary Rohsheim Scales (born Anderson, IN)
Milton McConnell Ronsheim (born Cadiz, OH)
Samuel Burns Ronsheim (born Cadiz, OH)
Robert Dickerson Ronsheim (born Cadiz, OH)
Philip (Phil) Spencer Mehollin (born Bazil)

Sixth Generation

Richard Darell Stamm (born 13 Oct 1926, died 21 Dec 1989)
Juanita Lee Stamm Firestone Housley
Bertram Stamm (born 3 July 1917)
Edna Swimm Hall (born 28 Nov 19--)
Opal Swimm Cook (born 21 Dec 1917)
Willard Swimm
Jessie Crawford Warren
Virgil Scott
Forest Scott
Ines Scott Mefford
Ernest Scott
Carl Esham
Christine crawford Burton
Carol Elizabeth Long Alexander
Donald Ralph Vohs (born 23 July 1929 Kansas City, KS, died 19 Sep 1998)
Paul Anthony Vohs (born Kansas City, KS)
George Francis Vohs (born Kansas City, KS)

Seventh Generation

Rebecca Jane Stamm Conn
Kathleen Marie Stamm Allen Lacey
Patricia Elaine Stamm Allen
Sharon Lynn Firestone Zarndt Fanning
Thomas Lee Housley
Carey Elizabeth Vohs Likens
Patricia Dee Vohs Pottberg Hastings
Donna Louise Vohs Watson Williams
Martha Elizabeth Vohs Furniss
Toni Lynn Vohs Popham
Kathryn Marie Vohs Coe Stanton

Eighth Generation

Brooke Ambyr Zarndt

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