James Watts and Descendents

The Family History of James Watts
of Cumberland and Northumberland Counties, Pennsylvania

Prepared by Sean Furniss

This page serves as a table of contents to the various generations of decendents of James Watts of Cumberland and Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Much of this family history centers around Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

This family history attempts only to document the relationships of the descendents of James Watts, of Cumberland and Northumberland Co., PA, and even some of those are not as well documented as one would wish. There is no specific evidence of James Watts' relationship to any other Watts family in Wales, Ireland or Pennsylvania. Although it is likely that there is a relationship with Frederick Watts of Cumberland, PA, it is not a subject of this family history and readers can decide for themselves what they wish to believe.

Much of the written history that has been found came from the reference books about Bradford, Lycoming, and Northumberland Counties in Pennsylvania. Military records, U.S. census records, and land grant information were obtained from the National Archives. The Patriot Files for James Watts, Sr., James Watts, Jr., and Francis Watts, and the membership application files at the Library of the Daughters of the American Revolution provided additional information about lineages of various descendents of this family. The generous sharing of records by many fellow descendents of James Watts is appreciated. The personal accounts of my father, Clinton C. Furniss, and my uncle, Malcolm M. Furniss, added to this family history by providing ideas for information searches and by providing insight into the lives of their parents and grandparents.

Table of Contents

This Table of Contents to the generations lists only those individuals with known descendents. To find other individuals check the every name index.

Note: For reasons of privacy, some information related to living individuals has been not been included on this internet version of the family history.

First Generation

James Watts b about 1733(?), d 28 Jul 1779

Second Generation

Francis (Frank) Watts d 1808
James Watts d 19 Jul 1808
Rebecca Watts Adams d before 24 Nov 1791

Third Generation

Jane Watts Newell b about 1787
John Watts b about 1787/1788, d 1859
Mary Watts Mercur b about 1790, d 14 Dec 1839
Elanor Watts Spalding b about 1792
James Watts b about 1794, d 1 Aug 1834
Squire Watts b 5 Aug 1800, d 9 Jun 1863
Elizabeth (Betsy) Watts Van Dyke b about 1800-02
William Means Watts
John Watts b 18 Aug 1793, 14 Oct 1852

Fourth Generation

John Newell b 17 Nov 1809, d 1889
Samuel M. Newell b 22 Mar 1813, d 8 Mar 1882
Harry S. Newell b 13 Mar 1816
James W. Newell b 22 Feb 1819, d about 1887
Jane Watts Smiley b 13 Nov 1809
William Watts b 18 Jun 1811, d 21 Feb 1862
Elizabeth Watts Sellard b 3 Feb 1813
John B. Watts b 14 Dec 1814, d 3 Apr 1903
Thomas Murray Watts b 13 Dec 1817, d 30 Jul 1893
James Watts b about 1822, d (?) 28 Feb 1904
Robert A. Watts b 6 Apr 1830, d 1913
Henry Spalding Mercur b 29 Aug 1811, d 7 Aug 1869
Mahlon Clark Mercur b 6 Feb 1816, d 17 Oct 1905
Ulysses Mercur b 12 Aug 1818, d 6 Jun 1887
Andrew E. Spalding b 1811, d 12 Sep 1857
Francis (Frank) Watts b 1819, d 7 Mar 1899
Celinda Watts Keeler
Thomas Murray Watts
William M. Watts b 5 Aug 1828
Jane E. Watts Stull b 21 Oct 1831, d 10 Nov 1919
Andrew E. Watts b 31 Jan 1833, d 27 Nov 1904
Lucinda Jane Watts Strickland
Samuel C. Watts b 1823, d 1895
Thomas Jefferson Watts b 3 Dec 1825, d 5 Sep 1913
Mariah Jane Watts Mallory b 10 Oct 1828, d 14 Jul 1886
John A. Watts b 30 Sep 1830, d 24 Oct 1906
Phoebe T. Watts Williamson
Jonathan William Watts b 28 Dec 1841, d 9 Apr 1930

Fifth Generation

Robert Thomas Watts b about 1849
David Roine Watts b 6 Jun 1851, d 30 Apr 1931
Catherine Watts Barnes b 1856
Thomas Wilson Watts b 21 Jul 1859, d 20 Apr 1947
Floyd S. Watts b about Mar 1850
Charles F. Watts b about 1866
Cory (Carey) A. Watts b about Jun 1871
Charlotte E. Mercur McGlathery b 8 Sep 1850
Rodney A. Mercur b 20 Sep 1852
James Watts Mercur b about 1857
Horace M. Spalding b 7 Oct 1840
Thomas M. Watts b 24 Aug 1857, d 2 Jul 1932
William W. Watts b about 1875/6
Myra Irene Watts Van Fleet b about 1881
Clarence H. Watts b 10 Jan 1870, d 8 Sep 1950
John Franklin Watts b 11 Aug 1855, d 18 Sep 1927
John A. Mallory b 19 Dec 1849, d 10 Feb 1917
Eli Montgomery Watts b 9 Oct 1873, d 1 May 1957
Ida E. Watts Bowles b 28 Aug 1875
Hess Deliah Watts Ross b 17 Mar 1877, d 30 July 1904
John Austin Watts b 23 Apr 1881, d 18 Nov 1964
Nevada Malvina Watts Landen Bedger Clark b 27 Nov 1885, d 1967

Sixth Generation

John Francis Watts b 29 Aug 1874, d 30 Dec 1946
Blanche Watts Blackman b 6 Sep 1881
Minne Watts Putnam b Sep 1875
Electa Watts Schaffinaker b about 1877
Earl L. Watts b Nov 1880
Ruth Nina Watts Furniss b 12 Oct 1881, d 20 Feb 1966
Nora Edith Watts Clark b 30 Nov 1881, d 2 Oct 1965

Seventh Generation

Neva Valeta Watts Shartzer Allee b 6 Jun 1915, d 29 Jan 1984

Other Watts Individuals and Families From Bradford County

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