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Indexes to Names

Bogardus Index to over 65 names related to the family of Evardus Bogardus and Anneke Jans, primarily from New York City and Kingston, New York.

Cate Gardner Index of over 100 names primarily from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Darling Index of over 600 names related to the Darling families of Senceca Co., NY, and Bradford Co., PA

Furniss and Furness Index to over 300 names from Portsmouth and Durham, NH, with related families in MA and NY.

Gallagher Index of over 850 names related to Richard Gallagher of Castlefinn, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Kilzer Index of over 260 names primarily from Woodbury Co, IA, Ashland Co., OH, Noble Co., OH, and Thurston Co., NE

Keenan Index of over 200 names primarily from Co. Monaghan, Ireland, and Allegheny Co. and Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania.

Spencer Index of over 150 names showing the lineage from John Spencer of Edworth, Bedfordshire, England to Hannah Spencer of Haddam, Connecticut, who married Daniel Brainerd, whose descendant Ann Brainerd married Edward Bailey, whose daughter Sarah Bailey married William Wallace MacFarland, whose Hetty Hart MacFarland daughter married William Ponsonby Furniss.

Stamm Index of over 400 names primarily from Brown Co., OH, Bracken Co., KY, and Lewis Co., KY.

Sutton Index of over 100 names. This family record starts in New York City, moves west to the area of what is now Fort Lewis, Washington, then spreads to various parts of the country.

Rockefeller Index of over 100 names primarily from Hunterdon Co., New Jersey and Tompkins Co., New York.

Vohs Index of over 1600 names from Oberselters, Germany, Miami Co., KS and other locations in the United States. Although the index shows all names, the html records show only the first six generations up through the early 1900's.

Watts Index of over 800 names primarily from Bradford, Lycoming, and Northumberland Counties in Pennsylvania.

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