The Descendants of Matthew Talbot, Gentleman

Matthew (I) Talbot, Gentleman

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            The roots of the Talbot family run deep in America.  Matthew (I), the subject of this page, almost certainly was the immigrant but the Talbot name can be found as far back as the 10th Century in England, France, and other European countries.  While the European history of the Talbot Family  is an interesting and distinguished one, it is not the focus of this web site and its associated links.  Although occasional references are made to ancestors of Matthew (I), the principal subjects of this site are Matthew (I) Talbot, his six children, and their descendants, a family tree that now spans twelve generations in America.

             Matthew Talbot was born September 29, 1699, probably in England or Ireland.  He came to Maryland about 1720 and May 6, 1721, he married Mary Williston in Maryland. Mary was the daughter of James Williston and his wife, Ann Belgrave.  During their 15 years of marriage, four sons were born to Matthew and Mary.  

The children of Matthew Talbot and  Mary Williston

Sp: Drusilla Gwin
Matthew (II) 

Sp (1): Mary Hale Day
Sp (2): Agnes Hayes(?)

Sp: Elizabeth Smith
John Williston  1735-1798
Sp (1): Sarah Anthony
Sp (2): Mary Phebe Moseley

            The first child, Charles, was born in Maryland on November 26, 1723.  The second child, Matthew (II), was born November 27, 1729 in Virginia. Accordingly, Matthew and his family must have moved to Virginia before 1729. Family legends hold that heavy losses at sea forced Matthew and his partner, Nicholas Hale, to leave Maryland and look for better opportunities elsewhere.  The Hale and Talbot family histories would be further connected with the marriage of  Matthew (II) and Nicholas Hale's daughter, Mary.  Soon after coming to Virginia, Matthew and Mary settled in Bedford County near the present day town of Lynchburg.  Indeed, the first court in that County was held at his home.

            James Talbot, born November 7, 1733,  was the third child of Matthew and Mary and John Williston Talbot was born not quite two years later on July 13, 1735.  At the age of 36, Matthew Talbot had a growing family and he had established himself in the Virginia Wilderness as a country gentleman.  But in just over a year, on October 1, 1736, he would lose his beloved Mary.  Matthew was left with four children to rear.  Charles was 13, Matthew (II), 7, James, 3, and John was still an infant at only 14 months of age.

            The following year on May 23, 1737, Matthew was married to Jane Clayton, a lady some 14 years his junior.  We do not know if Jane, born in 1714, had been married previously and , indeed, little is known about her except that her mother's maiden name was Isham and that she was the niece of William Randolph.  Matthew and Jane had two children, Isham, born November 3, 1738 and Martha, born August 25, 1740.

The children of Matthew Talbot and  Jane Clayton

Sp: Elizabeth Davis


Sp: Barnabus Arthur

            The following years were filled with hard work and hazardous times.  Indian raids were not uncommon and Matthew was a leader of the Bedford County Militia.  For the next 18 years, he was honored many times by elections and appointments.    The records of Bedford County, Virginia are replete with entries describing his services to the community and to the County.  His sons followed in his footsteps with solid accomplishments of their own.  Each was appointed or elected to positions of responsibility and authority.  Surely, Matthew Talbot could take pride in "a life well lived".  When he died in 1758 at the age of 59,  he had been privileged to see all his children reach maturity and the two older ones married with families of their own.


The Matthew (I) Talbot Story
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Talbot Genealogical Data

Descendant Registers


The descendants of MARTHA TALBOT - Martha was the youngest child of Matthew Talbot. She married Barnabus Arthur.  These data, in LDS format, were provided by Dan Richard Sadberry.  7-5-2009
The descendants of Thomas Talbot - Son of  Matthew  (II) and Mary (Day) Hale.   These data were provided by Bennett Dickson.  The notes are a significant part of this file. 7-5-2009

Recently Published Talbot Stories
Subject Author Publication Date
Isham Talbot, Jr,

TALBOT, Isham, a Senator from Kentucky; born near Talbot, Bedford County, VA., in 1773; moved with his father to Harrodsburg, KY.; completed preparatory studies; studied law; admitted to the bar and commenced practice in Versailles, KY.; moved to Frankfort, KY., and continued the practice of law; member, State senate 1812-1815; elected as a Democratic Republican to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Bledsoe and served from February 2, 1815, to March 3, 1819; again elected to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of William Logan and served from October 19, 1820, to March 3, 1825; resumed the practice of law; died near Frankfort, KY., September 25, 1837; interment in the State Cemetery, Frankfort, KY
(Biographical Directory of the United States Congress)

Ann Talbot Brandon Womack
Farris Wade Womack
April 21, 2007
Emily Talbot
The youngest daughter of William and Mary Bailey Talbot, long lost but now found.  The story is fascinating--Don't miss it.
Ann Talbot Brandon Womack
Farris Wade Womack
September 28, 2006
  These spectacular pictures of the plantation house built by William Talbot in 1807 in Morgan County, Georgia evoke memories of a bygone era.  The DAR marker placed July 29, 2006 commemorates his service and that of his father in the American Revolutionary War. Ann Talbot Brandon Womack
Farris Wade Womack
August 6, 2006
S.S.S. Tonic--The Charles Thomas Swift Story
One of the most famous patent medicines concocted by an interesting Talbot descendant.  The family interests in Atlanta are worth the read!
Ann Talbot Brandon Womack
Farris Wade Womack
August 3, 2004

James Theodore Talbot
1825 - 1862
Soldier in the West
James Theodore Talbot spent his short life in pursuit of adventures that ordinary men only dreamed about and shortly before his life came to an end, he was a participant in the two week exchange of ultimata that preceded the firing on Fort Sumter in 1861.  The story is a humdinger! Click here to read Theo's story!

Ann Talbot Brandon Womack
Farris W. Womack
December 5, 2002

The Hale Talbot and Elizabeth "Betsey" Irvine Story
1754 - 1828

Hale Talbot was born in Virginia, the oldest son of Matthew (II) Talbot and Mary Hale.  He grew to adulthood there, was married to Betsey, and migrated to Tennessee, then Kentucky, and finally to Missouri.  His father, brothers and sisters, and many other family members migrated further south from Virginia but his journey toward the west is an exciting one filled with much hardship and adventure.

Ann Talbot Brandon Womack
 Farris W. Womack
February 23, 2002

The Joseph Hale Talbot Story
1775-78 -  1858
Joseph Hale Talbot, born in Virginia at the very beginning of the struggle that would produce the United States, migrated with his father to Tennessee as a child, moved to Georgia before he was ten, and, once there, put down roots that would last through his long and useful life.  His marriage to Bethany Callaway would produce 11 children and thousands of descendants who will find this account warm and comfortable. 

Ann Talbot Brandon Womack
Farris W. Womack
January 5, 2002

Martha Talbot
1812 - 1882
The Martha Talbot Story is a fascinating account of the life and times of the 11th child and 5th daughter of William and Mary Bailey Talbot.  Set in Georgia and Alabama during the turbulent decades surrounding the Civil War, the story describes how one southern lady lived her life in the middle of both the good times and the bad. 

Ann Talbot Brandon Womack
 Farris W. Womack
November 28, 2001


Posted April 30, 2001

“The Searchers, Revisited”
by Milton W. Talbot, Jr., MD


The Book was published in 1954 by Harper and Row.  The movie, produced in 1956 by Warner Brothers, was directed by John  Ford, and featured John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles,  Ward Bond  and Natalie Wood.

Milton's research, coupled with his penetrating analysis of the stories surrounding this event, will interest every serious student and touch the hearts of all Talbots.  Click here to read Milton's work and view some exciting pictures of the Harvey cabin and markers.


 Ancestors of Some Famous Talbot Mothers
Mary Williston married Matthew (I) Talbot in 1721. 4-10-2000
Mary Hale married Matthew (II) Talbot in 1753. 4-10-2000
Mary Bailey married William Talbot in 1789. Trying To Find
Mary Tate Anthony married Green Berry Talbot in 1815.  8-1-2000
Mary Ellender Brawner married Green Berry (II) Talbot in 1842. 4-10-2000


Talbot Family History
(Family Histories grouped under the Six Children of Matthew (I) Talbot)

Charles Talbot  1723 - 1779
Hugo Lafayette Black, United States Senator from Alabama, 
Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court, 1937-1971, 
Great(4) grandson of Matthew (I) Talbot

Matthew (II) Talbot  1729 - 1812

The Hale Talbot Story
The Joseph Hale Talbot Story

The William and Mary Bailey Talbot Story
The Green Berry Talbot Story
Talbot Brothers move to Alabama,
Matthew, William, James, and Hale
sons of
William and Mary Bailey Talbot

The Martha Talbot Story
The Emily Talbot Story
daughters of
William and Mary Bailey Talbot

William Bailey Talbot and his Children
Green Berry Talbot, Jr.: The Preacher
Tilmon and Sarah Higginbotham Brawner 

(These stories contain links to pictures and letters that are priceless to the serious Talbot researcher.)   

A Memorandum of the Talbot Family, by Edmund Talbot (1849)
Edmund Talbot by Linda Carol Lewis Dumas
The William Talbot House 1807, Madison, Georgia

The County Line Baptist Church, Chambers County, Alabama
The Bethesda Baptist Church Calhoun County, Arkansas
Memories of  Gran  Mary Ruth Dedman Abbott remembers
Larkin Monroe Talbot
Country Life in Georgia in the Days of My Youth Rebecca Latimer Felton
A Talbot Genealogical Sketch by Edris Abernethy
A Piece of Cake Recollections of William S. Talbot
The Searchers, Revisited  by Milton W. Talbot, Jr. MD
 Pictures of gravestones: Hail and Betsey Talbot,  by Paul Porter
Pictures of Thomas Talbot and Ruth Greer
Portrait of Clayton Merriwhether Talbot, courtesy of Susan Curran White, a descendant of Melinda Talbot Oldham, daughter of Clayton


Rebecca Ann Latimer Felton,
first woman member of the United States Senate, Great (3) grand-daughter of Matthew (I) Talbot
William Harrell Felton,
United States Congressman from Georgia, husband of
Rebecca Ann Latimer

Claude Denson Pepper
United States Senator and United States Congressman from Florida, Great (5) grandson of  Matthew (I) Talbot
Samuel  Hogg
United States Congressman from Tennessee,  husband of Mary Talbot, Great grand-daughter of  Matthew (I) Talbot

Charles Thomas Swift
Founder of the S.S.S. Pharmaceutical Company

Charles Nesbitt Wilson

United States Congressman from Texas, Great (5) Grandson of Matthew (I) Talbot


James Talbot  1733 - 1777
 by James Smith Talbot, Grandson of Matthew Talbot
Pension Application and supporting affidavits for James S. Talbot
Pictures of James Smith Talbot, Thornton Smith Talbot, and George Talbot

Pictures of  Isham Strother Talbot and 
Gravestone of James Smith Talbot-Paul Porter
Surely Someone from this line can help identify a candidate

John Williston Talbot 1735 - 1798
Matthew Talbot, Governor of Georgia
Memorial: Pictures of  the Memorial at the Colonial Capitol at Williamsburg showing names of Virginia Patroits including John Talbot
Freeman Walker, United States Senator, Georgia, husband of Mary Garlington Creswell, Great-grand daughter of Matthew (I) Talbot

Isham Talbot 1738 - 1825
The Isham Talbot, Jr, Story - Kentucky Senator

The James Theodore Talbot Story,  son of Senator Isham Talbot  Jr

We need help with this one!
Isham Talbot, United States Senator from Kentucky, and Grandson of Matthew (I) Talbot

Martha Talbot 1740 - 1811
Diane Dash and Dan Sadbury are working on this story
We need help with this one!
There are some prominent descendants - Help us find their story!

Talbot Wills
The Will of Matthew(I) Talbot
The Will of James Williston, Father of Mary Williston
The Will of John Talbot
The Will of Phebe Talbot - wife of John Talbot
The Will of Nathaniel Twinning - father-in-law of Matthew Talbot, son of John and Phebe
The Will of Eliza Talbot Walker - daughter of John Talbot and wife of George Walker
The Will of Charles Talbot
The Will of Williston Talbot - son of Charles
The Will of David G. Talbot - son of Charles
The Will of Isham Talbot, Jr. - Son of Isham Talbot, Sr. - U.S. Senator - Kentucky
The Will of Martha A. Talbot Featherston - Daughter of Isham Talbot, Sr. - Wife of William Featherston
The Will of Thomas Talbot - son of Matthew  (II)
The Will of Joseph Hale Talbot - son of Thomas Talbot
The Will of Matthew (III) Talbot - son of Matthew (II)
The Will of William Talbot - son of Matthew (II)
The Will of Edmund J. Talbot - son of Matthew (II)
The Will of James Talbot - son of William and Mary Bailey Talbot

Talbots in the Civil War
A Civil War photograph of Captain Matthew Talbot Nunnally and his brother, Sergeant Josiah Elam Nunnally
 Statue of Matthew Talbot Nunnally, Monroe, Georgia Cemetery
Tilmon Monroe Brawner, Senior
Tilmon Monroe Brawner, Junior
Captain Bailey Montgomery Talbot - Picture and a letter written to his two year old son, Bailey Montgomery Talbot, II Major James Anthony Talbot
William Henry Talbot Walker, Brigadier General, Killed in 1864 The sons-in-law of Green Berry Talbot
Matthew Henry Talbot, died as a Federal Prisoner of War at Camp Chase, Ohio in 1862. Nunnally's in the Civil War
Andrew Jackson Talbot

Talbot "Electronic" Cousins
Electronic Mail Address
Ancestor/Research Interest
[email protected] Ann Talbot Roberts Charles, Williston, Mildred Ann
[email protected] Hart, Heather Isham 
  Fournier, Mickey James
  Couch, Darren James, James Smith
[email protected] Weiss, Marlene James, James Smith
[email protected]  Porter, Paul James and Matthew (II), Hale
[email protected] Henry, Betsy John Williston
  Mills, John Lamar John Williston
  Dash, Diane Martha
[email protected] Mins, Pat Martha
  Sadbury, Dan Martha
[email protected] Van Fleet, Sharon Martha
[email protected] Mason, Richard S. Matthew (II), Hale
[email protected] Dumas, Linda Carol Lewis Matthew (II), Edmund, Martha
[email protected] Kuester, Pamela Matthew (II), Matthew (III), Nancy
[email protected] Linda Rogers Weiss Matthew (ii), Matthew (III), Joseph Hale
  Butler, Thomas Talbot Matthew (II), Thomas
[email protected] Abbe, Mary Anne Matthew (II), Thomas and Edmund
  Dickson, Bennett Matthew (II), Thomas, Mary
  Barnes, Donna Matthew (II), William, Green Berry (I), Elizabeth Hale
[email protected] Edwards, Beverly Barnes Matthew (II), William, Green Berry (I), Elizabeth Hale
[email protected] Abbott, Mary Ruth Dedman Matthew (II), William, Green Berry (I), Green Berry (II)
[email protected] Stone, Linda Matthew (II), William, Green Berry (I), Green Berry (II)
[email protected] Womack, Ann Talbot Brandon Matthew (II), William, Green Berry (I), Green Berry (II)
[email protected] Womack, Ann Talbot Brandon Matthew (II), William, Green Berry (I), Green Berry (II)
[email protected] Talbot, Paul Matthew (II), William, Green Berry (I), William Bailey
  Barker, Karen Matthew (II), William, Green Berry (I), Caroline America
  Linley, Jo Ann M. Matthew (II), William, Harriett

This page reflects the work of many people who share an interest in the Talbot family.  The data presented consist of official records, published histories,  family legends and stories.  The data are accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief.  Nevertheless, the reader is urged  to verify anything found on these pages and  send corrections and suggestions.  Please reply to: [email protected]



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