Members of the William Harrison Womack, Junior, Family About 1930

Pictured left to right, front to back: Eugene Womack(far left), George Jordan, Opal Womack(young girl in front), Valera Womack, Lois Womack(squinting, holding doll), Jacklyn Lina Womack, Ira Womack(in back of Jacklyn), Donnie Duncan(woman next to Jacklyn, in middle), Charles "Buddy" Duncan(young man with tie, in front and slightly right of Donnie), Tom Jordan(in back, facing right), Elmer Duncan(behind and slightly to the right of Charles), Nathan Womack(young boy, front row, facing left), Mary Evelyn Jordan(youngest girl, holding doll, next to Nathan), Abbie Jordan(back row,facing left towards Tom Jordan), Leamie Duncan(behind the two girls holding dolls), Margaret Jordan(front row, holding doll, underneath window), Reece Duncan(man on back row directly beneath window), Grace Womack(in middle row, in front of Reece), Hazel Womack(front row, white collar, holding scarf in right hand), Jerry Womack(back row behind Hazel), Helen Daisy M. Womack(back row holding child), William "Bill" W. Barron(child in Helen's arms), Sam Barron(back row next to Helen), Bessie Womack(last woman on right), Homer Womack(man on far left)