New information has been discovered on this family line recently.  An Adam GADDIS, b. 1760-1770,  and his wife, Catherine McKEE, b. 1775-1780, (formerly thought to be Nancy NN) came to America in 1801 from Ireland.  A biography on one of the sons states there were two children born in Ireland before they came here, but does not state if both children survived or not.   Catherine is reportedly a native of County Down, Ireland and of Scotch-Irish descent.  Adam is from Ireland.  It is unknown what county.

They first settled in Orange County, NY, with some of their children being born in Walden.  They then moved to Delaware County, NY before the 1810 census was taken and had a few more children there.  I am still sorting out which children were born when and where.  But, the names of the eleven children were: John, Joseph, James, Thomas, Croffard, Adam, Robert and Kate.  There are two other sons and one daughter I have not been able to identify yet.

Adam and Catherine disappear from the NY census after 1830.  I, also, can find no trace of them passing away in Delaware County, NY.  They might either be buried on the family property or maybe moved with one of the children to a different state. (Amended:  It has been discovered that Adam and Catherine supposedly moved to Morgan County, IL in 1836.  I was unable to find them in the 1840 census when I searched line by line.  But, will continue to look for other sources.)

Adam and Catherine's children:
John GADDIS (1798-1886), the oldest known son, was born in Ireland.  It is reported it was Monaghan.  Whether it is Monaghan County or town is unknown.  He lived his entire life in Delaware County, NY.  He married a Chloe FOX (1804-1891).  They had nine children:  Allen, Walter, Mary, John, Lucas, Chloe, Joseph, Catherine and Nancy Jane.

Joseph GADDIS (1803-1858) married a Nancy LOUDON (1800-1843) and had at least one daughter, Katherine (1820/25-1856).  There may be a few more children, but I've not been able to identify them yet.  Joseph reportedly went to Wayne County, PA and died there in 1858.  But, I can find no traces of him.

James GADDIS (1805-1861) married Rhoda LAMB (1808-?) and they had two children:  Elizabeth A and Helen Marie.

Thomas GADDIS (1819-1894) married Sarah McCOY (1812-1883).  They had five children:  David, James Adam and Mary are the only known ones.  He moved to Morgan County, IL in 1836.  He was a farmer and owned much land in Jacksonville and Concord.    Thomas later married a Fanny GLASSCOCK HAM.  David (1844-1901), the son, later moved to Lancaster, NE with his family (Mary LEONARD and children Sarah and Thomas.)  James Adam GADDIS (1846-1882) married Sarah Abigail BROWN (1852-1913).  They lived in Jacksonville and Concord, Morgan County, IL and had three children:  Clara, James Thomas and Mary Jane.  Mary possibly married a John MILLER/WELLER.

Croffard GADDIS (1824-?) married Sarah Ann IMBLER (1854-?) and moved to Roseburg, Douglas County, OR.  He was a probate judge there.  They had five children:  Cassius, Winfield, Clyde, Echo and Earl.  I believe descendents of this line now live in Hawaii.

Adam GADDIS - I'm not sure about him.  There are numerous Adam, James and Thomas' in Morgan County.  They all seemed to exchange names.

Robert GADDIS, per family lore, lived in Biggsville, Henderson County, IL.  He had three daughters and a son, but I have not been able to confirm this yet.

Kate GADDIS supposedly married a James McCOY and had three children: Will, Robert and Rachael.  But, I know nothing of them or where they lived.

My husband's family is descended from the John GADDIS line.  I have extensive family on this line.  Some of the names are Rosalpha, Milton, Agnes Elizabeth, Margret, Emma, Hattie F, John Harper, Jenny, Lillian Estelle, Carley Lucas, Walter Mertillow, George Fox, Albert Watts (my husband's grandfather), James Clyde, Elnora Marinda, Amy Lucetta, Maude Lenora, Warren Phelps through the next generation.

The family spread out to IL, IA, WY, CA, TX, CO, HI, WA, VA that I've documented.

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