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Links to early Canadian documents

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Canada Land Grants

Indian Lands


Settlers and Immigrants

Land transactions and immigration lists in various provinces, not including Maritime provinces

Official Documents on size of grants, granting of certain areas, dispatches, and other information

Clergy Lands

Related to Upper Canada and Lower Canada Land Patents

Military Lands, Ordnance Lands, Admiralty Lands

Return of Lands Sold for Taxes

Under Assessment Laws - lists lot, concession and name of purchaser. Most between 1828 and 1831

Lands in Maine surveyed under a Treaty with Great Britain in 1842

Lots of French families. Search for a family name or Land Commissioners' Report

Lands Forfeit to the Crown

the profits from reselling and those unsold, 1823 (lists the land owner that forfeited the land)

Maritime Lands and Immigration

Talbot Settlers

Free: Full text of the Talbot Papers - includes militia payments, letters, journals

Free: Settlers in Dunwich and Aldborough - lot and concession included,

Biography of The Hon. Thomas Talbot 1881

List of Lands in the London and Western Districts placed in the hands of Col. Thomas Talbot 1836

Petition by William Jackson son of Robert Jackson 1835

Petition by John Ardiel 1835

Petition by Levi Lewis 1835

Further information on the Petitions by Ardiel, Jackson, and Lewis 1835

Claims by Militia men in Lower Canada for land scrip or pensions after 1st March 1850