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Churches and Missions

Commutations paid to clergymen 1855 - various churches, looks like pension information giving name, age, life expectancy, church

Salaries and Pensions paid to Ministers and Missionaries in all the various churches - lists the priests or their survivors, parish, and some remarks (includes some dates of death) 1843 - 1848

Church of England in Canada West

Church of Scotland in Canada West

Presbyterian Church of Upper Canada

Wesleyan Methodist Missionaries

Presbyterian Clergy in Eastern Canada

United Church of England and Ireland in Upper Canada

Church of England in Canada East

Not sure which Church these expenditures are for, check out the letter on the preceeding page - they appear to be late payments of salaries

More late payments of salaries

And More late payments of salaries

Missionaries in the Colonies 1834 - Society for the Propogation of the Gospel in the Colonies, by province but also includes other colonies

Distribution of Government Appropriation to Roman Catholic Clergy - lists various clergy and teachers from 1831

Relief of the Poor

Payments made in PEI, 1861-1862

Petitions for aid, PEI 1847

1817 - Requests for relief in Lower Canada, many names, many pages of documents in French.

People asking for relief in the Gaspe area 1833 - there are letters from the clergy from many areas in the Gaspe but only a few have names included.

People from County of Saguenay seeking relief 1833 - lists head of family and number of people in the family, and number of arpents of land that they own.

Settlers on the road between St. Joachim and St. Pauls Bay asking for relief 1833

Settlers receiving seed from Perrault's Fund - to be distributed to poor farmers. Montreal District Agricultural Society.

Poor relief Harbour Grace 1844

Appendix RRR 1828 Description of troubles in the Parish of St. Louis Lotbinier, Quebec and has on page 6 a table of Families needing relief from the Fabrique

Clergy Reserve Lands

Satement of Lands set aside for endowment of churches in Upper Canada 1836

Satement of Amounts due on leased Clergy reserves 1839 - lists name, lot, concession, township

Satement of Amounts in arrers for rents of Clergy reserves 1839 - lists name, lot, concession, township in Upper Canada

List of persons who have purchased clergy land from 17 September 1845 to 1st April 1846

List of applications to purchase Clergy Reserves in the Brock District dated May 12 1846

List of Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian Ministers in Upper Canada 1830

List of of Jesuit property 1856 - not sure what this is but it lists Party Commuting, property, date of deed and amounts. Continues for 4 or 5 pages

Lands set aside in Toronto for Clergy but sold off