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Folk Tales of Canada

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Born with a Golden Spoon - folk tales of the Pontiac region

The Golden Fleece - printed about 1626. In the words of ...

An allegory with many interesting references to Vaughan's colony in Newfoundland, and an early map of the island drawn by Captain John Mason.

The Chien D'Or - a Quebec legend

Raise the flag and other patriotic Canadian songs and poems

The Collegian - from Newfoundland, Howlers section Jan 1897

A Collection of Yukon River Indian Legends - Compliments of White Pass & Yukon route

Songs of the Great Dominion Voices from the forests and waters, the Settlements and Cities of Canada 1889

Lightfoot, Lord of the Mighty Pack, and Other Poems J.G. Wilson

Part of an early nursery rhyme from The Teddy Bear Story Book
He ran away like melted butter,
When before the fire it is put to warm.
And the ducks and the drakes ate him up in the gutter,
And that was the end of Sugary Sam