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The Prelates, Dignitaries and Parochial Clergy in Ireland 1820

Calendar of the Patent Rolls of the Chancery of Irelant

Tithes in Ireland Accounts and Papers some names, 1833 and prior

Irish Pedigrees The origin and stem of the Irish nation, volume 2, 1888

Return of Outrages reported by the Constabulary in Ireland 1845 to 1847 - some names and descriptions starting on page 87

The Proceedings and Papers of the Royal Society of Ireland with a listing of their latest findings


General Introduction to Statistical Account of Upper Canada Page clvii contains a list called State of the Feus on the Lands of Baltilly, Scotstarvet, and Craigrothie, in the Parish of Ceres, County of Fife which lists Names of original Feuers and Head Occupiers of the house. Search on the word Fife. From the notes before and after the table it appears to be a list of cottagers that were placed upon the author's family estate.


Returns of the Canada Company from 20th September to 20th December, 1835 Starting Page 64 and on 413

Returns of the Canada Company Starting Page 476, 13th January 1840

Report, Province of Quebec 1886-87 Page 265, Annex 11, List, county by county of sales and free grants of Crown Lands in Quebec

Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes early French genealogy. A preview is available for some pages but you will have to buy the book to see everything

Settlement of Upper Canada 1869 with special reference to The Bay Quinte

Sessional Papers of BC 1882 including a List of Voters in the several electoral districts of BC

Sessional Papers of Canada 1854-5 information on education including a list of Superannuated Common School Teachers

Sessional Papers 1865 Various lists of names for rifle competitions, marksmanship, militia returns, volunteer certificates

United Empire Loyalists Appendix B contains a copy of the "Old U.E. list" preserved in the Crown Lands Department

Session Papers of Canada Volume 8 1887 Page 247 includes a list of Graduates of The Royal Military College of Canada from 1880 to 1886, Page 250 Seniority List, and pages and pages of names

Session Papers of Canada Volume 16 1887 includes lands affected by the CPR, applicants for government land patents, and accidents on the railway line.

Petition from Lower Canada 1835 Complaints "arising out of the vicious principles upon which their Political Institutions are based"

Abstracts of the Actes de Foy et Hommage (Fealty Rolls) 1667 to 1674, starts on page 31, use the Search box and search Hommage. Google Books Same book also has the Parish Registers for Montreal starting in 1766 to 1768

Canadian Almanac, and Repository of Useful Knowledge 1855 to 1860, lots of lists, names

Report of the Minister of Education Page 110, List of Teachers in 1857, gives their country of birth, residence in Canada, and match the teacher number to the notes on the following page for more details. Table O The Superannuated or Worn-Out Common School Teachers

Prussian Immigrants settled in the Upper Ottawa area 1860 with Township, lot and concession. Search on prussian. On the following pages are also a list of German immigrants in Renfrew County.

Statement of Gratuitous Grants of Land in Lower Canada1831 to 1840, search for grants. These are mostly to armed forces personnel. Also following in this section, List of Officers granted land in Upper Canada, Grants in Upper Canada 1839, Grants in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Account of Sales of Crown Lands 1840 search for Crown Lands. Goes on for eight pages. Also search for Clergy Reserves

Expenses Attending the Commutation of Tenures Page 217 describes the problem, Page 242 begins a list Lands in Roture, Lower Canada.

Sessional Papers 1883 including Appendix No. 9 various lots on public property up to June 1882

Annual Report on Railways and Canals 1881 including Appendix No. 5 various lots leased on canals and railways, lands bought and sold

Session Papers of Canada 1833 contains timber licences, Six Nations land dispute, grazing ranches on CPR, and other information

Session Papers of Canada 1888 contains property leased on canals

Cadastre Abrege de la Seigneurie de Lauzon 1864, list of tenants names

Surviving Veterans of the War of 1812

Clergy Reserves sold to the Elgin Association April 5 1861, list of purchasers, lots, concession, township. Search for Elgin Association

McNab Township 1841 reports on lots awarded. Appendix HH. Report by the Crown land agent and then comments by Angus McNab.

Schedule of Unsold School Lands 1841by various townships Appendix (K. K.). Followed by Schedule of School Lands for which Payment in full has been received..

Abstract of Patients . admitted, discharged and remining in the temporary Lunatic Asylum in Toronto 1841

List of Tavern Licenses granted in Toroto for 1841 Appendix (S.)

Lands sold by King's College January to November 1839 - free ebook at Google, search for Sales of Land

General Statement of Lands 1814 granted in Lower Canada by Township. Page 483 or search XVIII.

The Irishman in Canada includes anecdotes on many early Irish families in Canada

The Peerage, Baronetage, and Knightage of Great Britain and Ireland for 1856, search Canada


Army Service and Commission Book 1820

The New Army List 1846, listing rank, standing, and various servicse of every regimental officer in the army including ordnance and royal marines

Oxford County 1846, Register of Persons Entitled to Vote

Monmouth County 1846, Register of Electors

The New Army List 1857, listing rank, standing, and various servicse of every regimental officer in the army including ordnance and royal marines

Poll Book July 1852, Contested Election for the Southern Division of the County of Northumberland

Local Government Board Great Britain 1888-89 Emmigration of Pauper Children starting Page 175. Lists the child, their parish, who they were sent to in Canada including the lot, concession and township.

Minutes of Evidence 1818 Various lists of people employed in various factories in Britain including names, age, years worked, after page 254

The Bankrupt Directory - a list of all bankrupts appearing in the London Gazette from Dec 1820 to Apr 1843

Troops sent to Canada from Britain 1862 during the American Civil War page 211. Search also for Births, Marriages and Deaths notices.

Gentleman's magazine 1833 various birth, marriage and death notices


History of the Tenth Regiment Michigan Volunteer Infantry 1864. Search this book for Canada

Minnesota 1864 search for Muster Rolls

Army Register January 1881

Lands in Maine surveyed under a Treaty with Great Britain in 1842 Lots of French families including Dube, Cyr, Michuad.

Vicennes Donation Lands Lands granted to settlers in the Vicennes area, in part to keep French settlers in the US territory rather than going to Spanish territory. Click Read Online and then you can search.

Other Countries

Plan of the Island of Dominica As surveyed from 1765 to 1773. Lists land owners

Early Magazines

The Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine

The Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine 1884 full view

The Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine 1883 full view

The Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine 1850 full view

The Wesleyan Volume 5 Part 1 full view

The British North American Wesleyan Methodist magazine Volume 2, full view

Marriages During 1886 contained in The Dominion Annual Register and Review, starting on page 354 (Google books)

Obituaries for 1879 The Dominion Annual Register and Review, starting on page 382 (Google books)