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We don't know too much about John O'Hara and Sarah McCaffery. Census records indicate John & Sarah were born in Ireland and arrived in Canada prior to 1840 which is the latest date for when their first child, George, was born. Where John and Sarah were married, where they were buried, their parents - remain a mystery. Sarah's connection to my other McCaffrey lines is also a mystery.

According to the agricultural census of 1851 they owned 100 acres located on Range 9 Lot 16 Masham, Ottawa County, Quebec

Children of J.J O'Hara and Sarah Ann McCaffery

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George O'Hara
James "John" William O'Hara
Robert O'Hara
Mary Ann O'Hara
Joseph O'Hara
Elizabeth O'Hara

1851 census page PDF

1871 census page JPG, Sarah is a widow

1851 census page JPG

Screen shot of 1851 census1851 census page screen shot

1851 agriculatural census page PDF

1851 agriculatural census page JPG

1851 agricultural census screen shot

George O'Hara & Elizabeth Shouldice
George was born in North Gower, Ontario. Records have him born as early as 1836 and as late as November 1840. Elizabeth was born in Canada - probably at Masham, Quebec in November 1850. Her parents were Joseph Shouldice and Isabella Johnston.

George & Elizabeth had seven children that we know of. Six were born while they lived in Canada. They appear in the 1880 and 1900 census of North Dakota so I am assuming that Thomas Henry was born in the US. The 1900 census shows Lizzie 10 children, with 4 still living.

George and Elizabeth in the 1871 Canadian census with children Robert and Isabella (though the name could be mistaken for Grubbbu). Also on this image are two Shouldice families - Elizabeth's parents and her brother William's family.

In 1880 they packed up and moved to North Dakota, where they are recorded in the census for Pembina County.

George & Elizabeth in the 1880 ND Census - census image

Screen shot of 1880 censusScreen shot of 1880 census page

In June 1900, they appear on the North Dakota Census for North Carlisle Township.

George & Elizabeth (Lizzie) in the 1900 ND Census - census image

Screen shot of 1900 censusScreen shot of 1900 census page

George and Elizabeth do not show up in the 1885 Dakota Territory Census. Their eldest daughter Isabella is married in Hurley,Wisconsin in 1888 so perhaps they were living there. George's brother Robert, who married Isabella Featherstone, has moved to North Dakota by 1885, and possibly another brother, Joseph. They are listed together along with another Robert O'Hara who may be George's eldest son.

Living next to the Robert O'Hara in 1885 are John McCaffrey and his wife Sarah Ruth Cox. John McCaffrey's parents were Thomas McCaffrey & Mary Ann Dawson of Goulbourne County, Ontario. One of John's sisters is Mary Ann McCaffrey. the mother of Isabella Featherstone who marries George O'Hara's brother Robert O'Hara

Census info from 1885 (the scan of this page is too light to read)

02-024-08 O'Hara, Robert 36FarmerCanada
02-024-09 O'Hara, Isabella 26Canada
02-024-10 O'Hara, Alice May 2Dakota
02-024-11 O'Hara, Mary Ann 10/12 Aug Dakota
02-024-12 McCaffrey, John 30FarmerCanada
02-024-13 McCaffrey, Sarah 25 Canada
02-024-14 McCaffrey, Joseph D. 4. Dakota
02-024-15 McCaffrey, Alda 1 Dakota
02-024-16 O'Hara, Joseph 33FarmerCanada
02-024-17 O'Hara, Robert 19Farmer Canada

George and Elizabeth are interred in the Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton, North Dakota. No death records were found in a search by Vital Stats of Pembina.

Scan of land notice from 1882

North Dakota land records for a George O'Hara with a wife and seven children were obtained. They state he first settled on his claim in April 1881, commenced breaking land and built a log house and a stable. He had declared his intentions to become a citizen of the United States. When the Pre-Emption testimonies were signed in September of 1882 George had 30 acres under cultivation in wheat and oats. His log house had been finished by October 1881 with one door, two windows, a board floor and a good roof. His claim was for SW1/4 NW1/4 Section 10 Twp 162N Range 52W (though the affidavit says 51W).

The notice published in the Pembina Pioneer lists his witnesses as John McCaffery, Paul Johnson, O.W. Mathews, and John Eastman. His two witnesses for Pre-Emption in 1882 were John Eastman and Paul Johnson. There appears to have been a problem when he brought William Riley as his witness for pre-emption, instead of one of the first four gentlemen. He had to swear an affidavit to return the next day with the correct witness. Final approval came Nov 20, 1884.

Children of George O'Hara & Elizabeth Shouldice

Robert O'Hara
Isabella O'Hara
James O'Hara
William A. O'Hara
George Clifford O'Hara
Joseph "Walter" O'Hara
Thomas "Henry" O'Hara

James "John" William O'Hara & Jemima Mary Craig

Known as John, he was born December 16, 1844 in North Gower, Ontario. Jemima was born February 22, 1849 in Rupert, Quebec. Married in 1867 in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Wakefield, Quebec, they had thirteen children in Quebec before moving to North Dakota. They immigrated to North Dakota in 1902, though some of their children immigrated earlier. Both are interred in the Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton, North Dakota. Jemima's parents were William Craig and Elizabeth Walker

James and Jemima in the 1910 ND Census - census image

Screen shot of 1910 censusScreen shot of 1910 census page

Jemima is also in the 1920 Census living with her son Thomas.

Screen shot of 1920 censusScreen shot of 1920 census page

Children of James O'Hara and Jemima Craig

William James O'Hara
Sarah O'Hara
Eliza Jane O'Hara
Joseph O'Hara
Mary O'Hara
Thomas O'Hara
Robert O'Hara
Jemima O'Hara
George Francis O'Hara
Margaret O'Hara
Annabelle O'Hara
John Andrew O'Hara
Wesley Richmond O'Hara

Robert O'Hara & Isabella Featherstone

Robert was born 1845 in North Gower, Ontario and died May 26, 1922.
Isabella was born in Canada on September 18, 1856, the daughter of Thomas Featherston and Mary Ann McCaffrey.

Robert and Isabella are in North Dakota prior to the 1885 census. Their first two daughters are born in North Dakota. Sometime in 1885 they move back to Canada. They are found again on the 1901 census for Richmond Village, Carelton County, Ontario which states the daughters immigrated in 1885. Robert and Isabella are interred at St. Thomas Anglican Cemetery, Stanley's Corners, Ontario, Robert on May 26, 1922, Isabella on May 25, 1909.

Robert & Isabella in the 1885 Dakota Territory Census

Robert & Isabella info from 1901Census Richmond Village

Screen shot of 1901 censusScreen shot of 1901 census page

Robert & Isabella tombstone inscription

Children of Robert O'Hara and Isabella Featherstone

Alice May O'Hara + Charles Hannan
Mary Anne Edith O'Hara + Denis Tompkins
Emma Mabel O'Hara + William Thomas Featherston

Mary Ann O'Hara & William "James" Craig

Mary Ann was born in Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario Dec 10, 1846. William was also born in Fitzroy Harbour - July 24, 1840. In 1888, they moved to North Dakota, settling on Section 14 NE 1/4 Range 52 N, Township 162, North Carlisle, Pembina County. They are interred in the Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton, North Dakota.

James & Mary Ann in the 1900 ND Census - census image

James & Mary Ann in the 1910 ND Census - census image

James & Mary Ann in the 1881 Quebec Census - transcribed

James and Mary Ann also appear in the 1920 ND Census, living in Bathgate.

Children of Mary Ann O'Hara and William James Craig

Arthur Craig
Sarah Ann Craig
Eliza Craig
Jemima Craig
George Marshall Craig
Mary Francis Craig
William Joseph Craig
Bella Abigail Craig

Joseph O'Hara born March 23, 1849, Masham, Quebec. Died March 1932 in Pembina, North Dakota. Joseph moved to North Dakota in 1881 and was a farmer on his own land. Joseph never married.

Joseph in the 1910 ND Census - census image

Elizabeth O'Hara & William Thompson

with thanks to D Kelly

Elizabeth was born January 22 1853, Masham, Quebec. and died November 25, 1916 in Southey, Saskatchewan, where she is buried. William was born about 1853 and died around 1895 in Lemburg, Saskatchewan. His parents were Matilda Mullins and James Thompson

William and Elizabeth were married October 28, 1874 in Wakefield, Quebec. By 1886 the had moved to Saskatchewan and were farming around Lemburg. They had six children before William died around 1895. After his death Elizabeth and the children moved to North Dakota for a time. Possibly staying with her brother George who had moved to North Dakota around 1880. Elizabeth and some of her children returned to Canada, first to Manitoba and then to Southey, Saskatchewan.

William and Elizabeth in the 1881 census in Lowe, Quebec, line 11-15

Children of Elizabeth O'Hara and William Thompson
Sarah Matilda ThompsonJuly 24, 1875
Robert Charles ThompsonMarch 20, 1876
Mary Abigail ThompsonFebruary 22, 1879
George Clifford ThompsonMay 5, 1886
William R. Thompsoncirca 1888
Rachel Edith Adella ThompsonMarch 29 1891

The 1900 census Pembina, North Dakota, shows Mary Thompson living with John McCaffery and Sarah Cox (line 67-69). John McCaffrey may be related to Sarah McCaffery married to John James O'Hara, but I have no connection yet.

The 1906 census for Saskatchewan Humboldt District #13 Subdistrict 02 shows William Thompson (25 yrs) with brother Cliford (21 yrs) living at Section 4 Township 25 Range 18 W2 (west of the 2nd meridian). This matches Western Land Grant records..