Descendants of James William O'Hara & Jemima Mary Craig

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William James O'Hara - Dec 27, 1867 - May 14, 1936, interred Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton, North Dakota
+Rose Agnes Harrington - May 10, 1877 - May 04, 1939, St. Anthony's Cemetery, Bathgate, North Dakota

The information I have on this couple comes from the LDS online IGI index. There is a baptism record from William in "Nasham Mills", Quebec. Could this be Masham? William may have been in North Dakota as early as 1882. He and Rose were married Apr 26, 1899 in Bathgate, Carlisle Township, ND. Rose's family also came from Ontario. The IGI ancestral file shows her parents as Ella McCaw and Edward Harrington. William and Rose had 10 children.

Children of William James O'Hara & Rose Agnes Harrington

Ella Jemima O'Hara + James Russell
Mary O'Hara + James Connole
Loretta Margaret O'Hara + Sheril Keena
Rosabel Inez O'Hara + Francis Budde
William Edward O'Hara + Beatrice DeMars
Annie Pearl O'Hara + Royal McEwen
Frances O'Hara + Thomas Reed
Robert O'Hara +Joanne
*(2nd) .+Rose
Elizabeth O'Hara + Frank Moberg
Luella Martha O'Hara + Charles Trudel

Sarah O'Hara- Jul 08, 1870 - Oct 20, 1917, interred Pembina City Cemetery, Pembina, North Dakota
+Henry Wills - Mar 16, 1851 - Feb 19, 1912, interred Pembina City Cemetery, Pembina, North Dakota

Sarah was born in the area of Masham, Quebec, Henry was born in Lowe, Quebec. They immigrated to North Dakota between 1900 - 1903 and settled in Pembina County. Their second child Mary was born in Quebec in 1898, their third child, Margaret, was born in Bathgate in 1903. They had six children in total. Henry also had three children by a previous marriage to Rachel Kennedy.

Sarah and Henry in the 1901 Census - transcribed. To view the census image click on split screen at the top of the page

Children of Sarah O'Hara & Henry Wills

Harold Edmond Wills + Ida J. Lovelady
*(2nd) + Carmen
Mary Jemima Ethel Wills + Rube Middleton
*(2nd) + Walter Kern
Margaret M. Wills + Lorenzo A. Martineau
Robert John Wesley Wills + Isabel Berard
Richmond Thomas Wills .+ Juanita Teresa Durbin
*(2nd) + June Sheridan Brockhage
*(3rd) + Rose Marie Nohren
James Arthur Wills + Dorothy Wright

Children of Rachel Kennedy & Henry Wills

Jane Gertrude "Gertie" Wills + George Francis O'Hara
William Henry "Bill" Wills + Rose Bolduc
David Albert Wills + Pearl Nolte

Eliza Jane O'Hara - 1871 - Jul 30, 1947, interred Union Cemetery, Rupert, Quebec
+Henry Murdock - Oct 31, 1856 - Feb 19, 1924

Not all of the O'Hara family moved to North Dakota. Eliza and her husband Henry remained in the Masham area. They were married in Wakefield, Quebec in 1892 and had thirteen children who spread out to Oregon, Pennsylvania, British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

Henry & Jane in the 1901 Census - transcribed. To view the actual census image go to the top of the page a click on split screen

Children of Eliza Jane O'Hara & Henry Murdock

Andrew Murdock
Robina Murdock + Charles Martin
Athelma Jemima Murdock + Curtis Ulric Gamble Kennedy
Joseph Nelson Murdock + Emily Chamberlin
Ada Eva Murdock + Herbert Gilchrist
James Murdock + Hazel Mary Elizabeth Hickey
Edward Murdock + Evelyn Thistle
Beatrice Murdock + Sydney Lyman
Thomas Murdock
Elizabeth Pearl Murdock + Patrick Joseph McCartney
Colin Murdock + Edith Alice Tanner
Samuel Murdock + Sadie Early
Elsie Pearl Murdock + Harold Daly

Joseph O'Hara
+Elizabeth Rixon

Children of Joseph O'Hara & Elizabeth Rixon

James Arthur O'Hara
Lola Jemima O'Hara + Leslie Woods
*(2nd) +Kenneth Moncrieff
Loren Donald O'Hara

Mary O'Hara
+Robert Lowery Campbell

Mary and Robert in the 1910 North Dakota Census

Children of Mary O'Hara & Robert Lowery Campbell

Robert Lowery Campbell +Clara Marie Tribbles
William James Campbell .+ Frances Edna Anderson
*(2nd)+ Letha Inman Priest
*(3rd)\+Velma Carr Edic
Jessie Campbell
Abbie Stella Violetta Campbell .+ Donald John Wulff
Mildred Frances Campbell + Larmon Dobbs
Milton Francis Campbell .+ Viola Mae Ast
Eleanor May Campbell .+Marion Albert Kullbom

Thomas O'Hara

Thomas in the 1901 census with his parents
Thomas in the 1910 census with his parents
Thomas in the 1920 census with his mother

Robert O'Hara

Robert dies in 1897 in Masham, Quebec

Jemima O'Hara
+Arthur Craig

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George Francis O'Hara
+Jane Gertrude Wills

Jane is the daughter of Henry Wills and Rachel Kennedy. Her father's second marriage is to Sarah O'Hara

George and Jane in the 1910 North Dakota census - image.

Children of George Francis O'Hara & Jane Gertrude Wills

Lillian Mae O'Hara + Elwin (Al) Streick
Sydney O'Hara + Margaret O'Leary
Thomas O'Hara
Joseph Clifford O'Hara + Mary Susannah Louise Bellamy
Wilbur O'Hara
Kenneth J. O'Hara
Albert O. O'Hara
Cecil Alvin O'Hara + Ida Flagel
Charles Vernon O'Hara + Mary Leona Bill
Francis Marvin O'Hara + Mabel Lovine Pohl

Margaret A. O'Hara
+James G. Middleton

Children of Margaret A. O'Hara & James G. Middleton

Mae Middleton + Elwood Kemp
Margaret June Middleton + Franklyn Barron
Thomas James Middleton + Rachel Agnes Degeldere

Annabella O'Hara
+ George Clifford O'Hara
*(2nd) +William Nagel

Children of Annabella O'Hara & George Clifford O'Hara

Gordon Wesley O'Hara
Dorothy O'Hara
Clinton O'Hara + Hulda Greening
Jean Isabelle O'Hara + Donald Brenner
*(2nd) + Fredrick Louis Stanley West
John Lewis O'Hara + Ruth Olson
Betty Jane O'Hara + Paul Stenerson
*(2nd) + Samuel Henry Bill
Joseph Thomas O'Hara + Patricia Burns
*(2nd) + Marcella Marie Dumas
Vivian O'Hara

John Andrew O'Hara
+Anna Katherine Grell
*(2nd) +Cleora Stratton

Children of John Andrew O'Hara & Anna Katherine Grell

Helen Mae O'Hara
Thomas Arthur O'Hara + Martha
*(2nd) +Juanita
Dale Stratton O'Hara + Sharon M. Keena

Wesley Richmond O'Hara
+Elizabeth Nagel

Children of Wesley Richmond O'Hara & Elizabeth Nagel

Annie Frances O'Hara + Carl Erickson
Florence Mae O'Hara + Jack Erickson