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Thomas McCaffrey / Mary Ann Dawson James McCaffrey / Mary Hanna Mary McCaffrey / Carleton Cathcart Jane McCaffrey / William Armstrong John McCaffrey / Jane Eccles William Featherstone / Isabel Ornsby

Mary Margaret McCaffrey (1808 - 1890) & Carleton Cathcart (1798 - 1882)

This couple also farmed in Goulbourn Township and are buried in St. Thomas Anglican Cemetery, Stanley's Corners. Some of their children link to my Featherston families.

Children of Mary McCaffrey and Carleton Cathcart
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William Cathcart - abt 1829Liza Dunfield
James Cathcart - 1830 Mary Massey
Thomas Cathcart - 1833 Catherine Good
Alexander Cathcart - 1835
Catherine Cathcart - 1836 Anthony Seabrook
Carleton Cathcart - 1839 Sarah Small
Ann Cathcart - 1841 Jeremiah Wall
Jane Cathcart - 1843Thomas Moreton
John Cathcart - 1845 Isabella Gillespie
Elizabeth J. Cathcart - 1848George McCaffrey
(son of Thomas McCaffrey & Mary Ann Dawson above)
Emily Cathcart - 1850 Robert Cathcart
son of William Cathcart & Mary Mills

Jane McCaffrey & William Armstrong
This couple also lived in Huntley Township and are buried in Christ Church Anglican Cemetery.

Children of Jane McCaffrey and William Armstrong

John Armstrong
Thomas Armstrong
Ann Jane Armstrong
William Armstrong
James Armstrong
Samuel Armstrong
Mary Armstrong
Margaret Armstrong
Irwin Armstrong
Hazelum Armstrong
George Armstrong

John McCaffrey & Jane Eccles
This couple lived in Huntley Township, Carleton County. They are buried in Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, third line, Huntley. There are four known children.

Children of John McCaffrey and Jane Eccles
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Rockliff McCaffrey
James McCaffrey 1851 - 1906
John McCaffrey
Samuel McCaffrey 1841 - 1885

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