Descendants of Henry Angus McDonald and Isabella O'Hara

Descendants of Henry Angus McDonald & Isabella O'Hara

Back one Generation

Edna McDonald + Richard J. Ralphs

Married in Regina, SK in 1909 and returned to Bantry, North Dakota in 1910 where they raised thirteen children

Obituary for Edna McDonald Ralphs

George Earl McDonald + Verna

Retired in Yorkton, Saskatchewan after raising a family of twelve children

Earl in the 1911 census near Nokomis, SK

Memorial card for George McDonald

Memorial card for Verna McDonald

Ethel Elizabeth McDonald + Pete Ferguson

Ethel retired in Vancouver, British Columbia. I don't remember meeting "Uncle Pete" but he owned a farm not far from where I grew up in Pontrilas, Saskatchewan. We used the garden for three or four years. I remember two long rows of raspberry bushes, with black and red currents at one end. I also remember an old, abandoned house that my sister and I worked up our courage to enter one day. Of course we got in trouble!

Obituary for Ethel McDonald

Ethel and possibly her sister Verna (Vera) in the 1911 census boarding near Nokomis, SK. Verna is listed with her parents but this girl is the right age.

Hazel Pearl McDonald + Archie Norman Shaw

Moved to Prince George, British Columbia when it was still a bush town. Descendants of their six children are still in Prince George.

Obituary for Archie Shaw

Hazel and Archie with their familyHazel and Archie with their family (gif format)

John Willard McDonald + Jean Henderson

Raised their family of four in Abbotsford, British Columbia

Willard was first married to Eileen McGuire when he was quite young. He also served in WWI and WWII.

Obituary for John McDonald

Willard McDonaldWillard and Jean with friends (gif format)

James McDonald + EleanoreI have no information on James and Eleanore

Robert Clifford McDonald + Marjorie Henderson

Raised a family of five and retired in White Rock, British Columbia. "Cliff" is my grandmother, Verna's, twin brother.

Memorial Obituary for Robert McDonald

Clifford McDonaldCliff, Marjorie and Willard on the BC ferry circa 1950 (gif format)

Verna May McDonald + William Bertram Sanders

Raised a family of six children in various towns in Saskatchewan. I remember them living in Choiceland - not far from where I grew up in Pontrilas. My grandfather was the International Harvestor dealer. The house and show room were all in one building so we could visit grandpa while he worked. We were only allowed to stay for a minute or two, unless we were helping clean up. But we weren't very good sweepers back then, and soon were chased out. Grandma was a tiny lady, about 5' tall, grandpa was over 6'. I remember him drinking tea - adding the cream & sugar, then pouring small amounts from the teacup into the saucer and drinking from the saucer.

For information on the Sanders line follow this link

Obituary for Bert Sanders

Joseph Angus McDonald + Caroline McDonald
...*2nd Wife of Joseph Angus McDonald:.+ Flora

He served with C.F.C. during WWII. He had two children.

Obituary for Joseph McDonald

Fred McDonald + Dorothy
...*2nd Wife of Fred McDonald: + Adeline
Fred & Dorothy had five children and lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba for a time. He later married Adeline who also had a family. Their letters to Verna are filled with encouragement and love.

Fred McDonaldFred and Isabella (gif format)