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Atlantic Military - follow the link

early British Military - follow the link

Upper and Lower Canada Military

Free: War of 1812 Nominal rolls and paylists

Index for Lower Canada and Records for Lower Canada

Index for Upper Canada and Records for Upper Canada

Index for Miscellaneous Records and Miscellaneous Records

Index for Losses Claimed Losses Claimed 1813 - 1848

Free: Appointments in the Militia 1827 search Appendix M, page 256, Google Books

Liste de la milice du Bas-Canada - 1828 (free ebook)

Report on the Organization of the Militia 1829

Officers Commanding Corps and Posts in 1813

Free: Periods of Service of Militia Officers of 1st Middlesex Regt. District of London 1812 to 1814, follows with 1st Norfolk Regiment, 2nd Norfolk, officers possessing horses,

People attending a court martial in St. Thomas 1830 - including regiment and rank

Garrison Reserve, Toronto 1836 - awarding of lots

Lots sold on the Miliatary Reserve, Toronto 1833-1836

More lots sold on the Miliatary Reserve, Toronto 1833-1836

Expenses for people attending a court martial in London 1838 - "Trials of the Brigands" of the 1837 rebellion. Continues on the next two pages.

A description of claims arising from the War of 1812 - some names mentioned

Some military pensions to be paid in 1816 - Lower Canada

Claims arising from the 1837 rebellion in - broken down by District and County from a report dated 1849

More claims for compensation from the 1837 rebellion- from a report dated 14 December 1838. There is an index of names at the end of the section.

Commissions, Exemptions and Fines under the Militia Act to the 19th day of November 1839

Commissions, issued since 6th March 1838 to 30th March 1839 - lists regiment, rank, name

Active Militia Force 1839 - lists regiment, rank, name

Provincial Marine 1839 - lists regiment, rank, name

Militia called out during the outbreak of rebellion 1837 and 1838 - lists regiment, rank, name

List of prisoners from the 1837 rebellion

Return of Militia Fines - exemption money paid by Menonists, Quakers and Tunkers up to 1832

Return of Militia Fines - militia delinquents. Broken down by regiment. Lists Colonel and some men

Officers in 1827, 1828 - this document is in french. Begins with retired officers, continues with dismissed officers, then those that are serving, and volunteer corps.

Officers in 1827, 1828 in Lower Canada - this is the same list in english.

Promotions in the Division of Vaudreuil 1827

1st Battalion of Co. of York 1827 - some officers

Some Militia Officers retired or promoted 1827 - small lists continue on the next two pages

More Militia Officers retired or promoted 1827

List of expenses for some people attending a court martial in Newcastle 1835

Some Officers in the New Brunswick militia 1865

Militia pensions being paid 1825 - lists name, rank, regiment, how wounded or killed, widows name, guardians of minor children

Military Pensions paid January 1 - Dec 31 1825

Claims by Militia men in Lower Canada for land scrip or pensions after 1st March 1850

Applicants for militia pensions after 1st March 1850

List of Military prisoners accepted into the penitentiary ending September 30, 1851 followed by those released

Commanding Officers of militia 1857

Nominal List of Non-commissioned Officers, Privates and Buglers of the Companies of Royal Sappers and Miners Disbanded at Rideau Canal December 1831- also includes a list of men that returned to England and where they were in 1834

Free: Militia Rollcall 1812 - early settlers of Bowmanville and vicinity

List of Casualties in the South African Field Force From 21st March to 31st July, 1900

Atlantic Region Military

Military Pensions New Brunswick 1847 - broken down by county

Military Pensions New Brunswick 1860

Canadians from PEI and New Brunswick in the Boer War

County Rifle Competition for 1865 - list of winners from each county and their regiment

Free: Muster Master's Office (1777-1785) - various muster rolls in a searchable database

Example page

List of Officers of the Sedentary Militia of Lower Canada - 1862 (free ebook)

early British Military Records

Free: A List of the Officers of the Army and of the Corps of Royal Marines - 1831

An Authentic register of the British successes against the French in Quebec - July 26, 1758 to Nov 21 1759. Includes names of prisoners, wounded and deceased men. (free ebook)