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Register of Shipwrecked Vesels - at Ste Anne 1831

List of Vessels lost on St. Paul's Island - from 1831 to 1834, some names of passengers

List of Passengers on board the ELIZA LIDDELL from Lord Palmerston's estate 1847, p. W-18

Same List of Passengers on board the ELIZA LIDDELL from Lord Palmerston's estate 1847, p. A5-110

List of Passengers on board the ELIZA LIDDELL from Sligo, receiving aid in County of Gloucester, up to the 24 August 1847, page table(p.120) and following page, p. 141 List of Deaths at Sea on board the Eliza Liddell 1847

Report on the Ship Star arrived at St. Andrew's, New Brunswick from New Ross Ireland on 28 May 1848, Deaths on the Passage and Since Landing, p16.

Report on the Steamer Herald list of those drowned when the ship broke up near Isle of Sable, sailed from Galway on 28 April 1847, p51. Page 32, Emigrants arrived at Quebec from Wrecked or Distressed Vessels from England and Ireland in 1847

List of ship's captains and their ships 1848 - signed to a petion asking for heavier penalties for desertion and tighter controls on seamen. Quebec was one of the worst ports for seamen, having numerous taverns and bawdy houses which stripped the sailors of their money and forced them back to the ships to make more money. The "crimps" were responsible for gathering new crew members.

List of ship's captains and their ships 1834 - Port of Quebec

List of ship, number of men discharged and number of desertions 1848

List of Passengers on board the KEDAR and EUROCLYDON, EUROPA, INDIAN QUEEN from Liverpool to Nova Scotia 1865

Lists of Vessels shipwrecked prior to 1833 - lists are repeated in French. Name of Master and some mates, no passengers

List of payments for Quarantine Establishment at Grosse Isle - from April to December 1833. List of workers and companies.

List of Emigrants arrived at the Port of Charlottetown - 31st December 1855, page B-[3] and B-[4]

Passenger List of ship Lord Sandonfrom Cork, Ireland to Quebec, July 19, 1848, page 52

List of Vessels leaving British North America in 1836, 1837, 1838 - no passengers listed

Van Diemen's Land, Alphabetical Return of the disposal of the Free Female Immigrants, per Strathfieldsay 16 August to 22 September 1834, p. 33

Return of Agricultural Labourers that have immigrated to New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land 19th August 1833 to September 1835, p. 39

List of Deaths on board the Packet Ship Blanche on the Voyage from Liverpool to St. John, NB 20th March to 20 april 1854, page 36