Wall / Dube Family Tree - featuring Acton, Craig, Doble, Dube, Letkeman, Merrick, O'Hara, Sanders, Usselman, Wall, Wingfield<p> From Russia, Ireland, France to Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Alberta

The Shouldice Families from Ireland to Quebec and beyond

with the help of Debra Switzer Dirks, Joan Secord, Annette Anderson, Steven Rowe, Cindy McClelland, Arnie Krause, Don McAmmond, Eric Johannsen , Gary Bishop, Glen Thompson, Wayne Shouldice, Debbie Coxon Prince, Cheryl Hazelwood Smelser, Donna Henderson, Jan Livingstone, Sharon Nelson, George Jenks and many others

Johann-Nicholas Shouldish / Maria Elizabeth Schalles

The Beginning

James Pritchard/ Judith Irwin

Connections to another Gatineau Family

Peer / Shouldice

These families intertwined many times

Hazlewood Connections

Another Palatine Family

Yake Connections

Family from Strasbourg, Germany

The Beginning

Johann-Nicholas Shouldish & Maria Elizabeth Schalles
According to research done by Shouldice family members, Johann-Nicholas was born in Rhineland, Germany about 1700. He married Maria about 1725 in Rathkeale, Limerick, Ireland.

Children of Johann-Nicholas Shouldish and Maria Elizabeth Schalles
follow the links for more information
Johann Martin Shouldice abt 1726 - 1791married Anna Sophia Cornele
Godfrey Shouldishabt 1728 to about 1759 - Castletownara, Tipperary, Ireland no spouse known
Jacob Shouldiceabt 1730 - 1795 no spouse known
Leonard Shouldiceabt 1732 - 1808spouse unknown
Henry Shouldize abt 1746 - 1804married Ann Dolmage

2nd Generation

Leonard Shouldice
Leonard was born in Tipperary, Ireland about 1732 and died there about 1808. He married around 1755 but his wife's name is unknown.

Children of Leonard Shouldice
Anne Shouldiceabt 1756, Tipperary, Ireland married James Carter
Crawford Shouldiceabout 1757 - 1787, Tipperary, Irelandno spouse known
Catherine Shouldiceabt 1758, Tipperary, Ireland married James Corbett
John Shouldiceabt 1759 - 1805, Tipperary, Ireland married Jane Watkins
Nicholas Shouldiceabt 1760 - 1825 married Susanna Mooney
Susanna Shouldiceabt 1762, Tipperary married David Shepherd
Leonard Shouldiceabout 1764, Garrane, Irelandno spouse known
Jane Shouldiceabt 1766, Ireland married Lewis Armitage
William Shouldiceabt 1768, Ireland married Elizabeth Hickie

Jacob Shouldice

This line is mostly speculation at this point. There is no wife and only two children:

Martin Shouldice
Nicholas Shouldice

Henry Shouldize & Ann Dolmage

Henry was born abt 1746 in Tipperary, Ireland and died Dec 1804 in Courtmatrix, Limerick, Ireland. He married Ann Dolmage who was born about 1750 in Rathkeale, Limerick, Ireland. Ann also died in Dec 1804. They were married Mar 2, 1773 in Rathkeale. No known children.

Johann-Martin Shouldice & Anna Sophia Cornele

Johann Martin was born about Apr 1726 in Tipperary, Ireland. He married Anna Sophia Cornele in Rathkeale, Limerick, Ireland on Feb 19, 1750. Ann was born about 1730 and died Jan 10, 1798. Johann Martin had passed away on September 4, 1791.

Known Children of Johann Martin Shouldice and Anna Sophia Cornele
Adam Shouldice birth date unknown no known spouse

3rd Generation

Descendants of Leonard Shouldice
Many of Leonard's children immigrated to Canada in 1818 with the Talbot Settlers.
Anne Shouldice - about 1756
+James Carter
Anne was born in Tipperrary. She and James were married in 1775. A record in the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid lists Shouldice, Ann (Carter), Maitlandbank Methodist Section B Huron, McKillop, Ontario

Catherine Shouldice - about 1758
+James Corbett
Catherine and James were married about 1779

Children of Catherine and James
Patrick Corbett + Elizabeth Spearman - immigrated to Canada with the Talbot Party
Nathaniel Corbett
Crawford Corbett

John Shouldice - about 1759- about 1805
+Jane Watkins For more information on this line click
John and Jane were married about 1784 and had six children

Children of John Shouldice and Jane Watkins
Leonard Shouldice married Mary McQuade
Susanna Shouldice
Joseph Shouldice
Sarah Shouldice married William Ryan
John Shouldice
William Shouldice married Marcella McCutcheon

Nicholas Shouldice - about 1760 to 1825
+Susanna Mooney - about 1764-1844

Nicholas and Susanna immigrated to Canada in 1818
as part of the Talbot Party.
Their children were all born in Ireland and came on the ship with them.

Children of Nicholas Shouldice & Susanna Mooney
Nicholas Shouldice
James A. Shouldice + Jane Boyd

Margaret Shouldice + George Clarke
Leonard Shouldice
John Shouldice + Elizabeth Nesbitt
George Shouldice
Jane Shouldice + Thomas Frederick Link
Martha Shouldice + Lot Briggs
Susanna Shouldice
Jane Shouldice about 1766
+Lewis Armitage
Jane and Lewis were married in 1786 in Tipperary, Ireland

Children of Jane Shouldice & Lewis Armitage
Mary Armitage
John Armitage
William Armitage
James Armitage
Elizabeth Armitage
Anne Armitage
William Shouldice - about 1768
+ Elizabeth Hickie
William and Elizabeth were married about 1791

Children of William Shouldice and Elizabeth Hickie
William Shouldice + Susanna Hodgins
Elizabeth Shouldice + William Hodgins
Joseph Shouldice + Elizabeth McCutchin
Leonard Shouldice + Alice Lewis
Hannah Shouldice + James Wallace

Descendants of Henry Sholdize
Adam Shouldice - December 1, 1771
+Eliza - about 1782
Adam and Eliza were married about 1804

Children of Adam Shouldice and Eliza
Catherine Shouldice
John Shouldice
Sarah Shouldice
George Shouldice
Samuel Shouldice
James Shouldice
Adam Shouldice + Maria Forrest Henry
William James Shouldice + Jane Logan Holmes

Descendants of James Shouldice and Anne Irwin - in the 1851 census, line 28
Mary Shouldice - September 28, 1846 - 1941
+James Stephenson - 1858 - 1910
Mary and James were married October 9, 1866 in Wakefield, Quebec

Children of Mary Shouldice and James Stephenson
Florence Stephenson + William Ivanhoe Cullen
James Shouldice - March 16, 1848 - 1921
+Mary Stephenson - March 25, 1851 - 1952
James and Mary were married July 9, 1873

Children of James Shouldice and Mary Stephenson
Annie May Stevenson Shouldice + Preston A. Aylsworth
Thomas Howard Shouldice + Bessie Hollington
Jennie Chamberlin Shouldice + Robert Stewart
Arthur Ernest Shouldice
Joseph Shouldice - March 30, 1850 - 1936
+Mary Ann Thompson - 1858 - 1947
James and Mary were married Feb 26, 1878

Children of Joseph Shouldice and Mary Ann Thompson
George Hector Shouldice
Clara Shouldice + Irvin G. Prentice
Joseph Hiram Shouldice
James Herber Shouldice
Elizabeth Shouldice
Frederick Augustus Shouldice
Ethel Mary Shouldice
Foster Cleveland Shouldice
Gordon Walter Shouldice
Hollis Allister Shouldice
Olive Helen Shouldice
Christie Clarence Shouldice
John Shouldice - Jan 31, 1853 - 1935no other info

Nicholas Shouldice + Esther Margaret Nesbitt - in the 1851 census and their children
Jane + Foster Irwin
Margaret + Robert Jamieson
Rebecca + Richard Peer
Elizabeth + James Peer
James + Margaret Peer
John Forest + Jane Thompson
Joseph + Katherine Graham
Ann Ellen + William T. Blakeway

Barbara Heck Shouldice + Thomas Witheral Hazlewood
Barbara was the daughter of William James Shouldice and Martha Foster, she was named after Barbara Heck a founder of the Methodist church in the US and Canada. A passage from the Shouldice Family album reads

"One lady who attended the reunion also had the privilege of having this name. The William James Shouldices of Shallow Lake, having read a book about Barbara Heck, and the founding of the Methodist Church in America, felt so inspired that they named their new daughter Barbara Heck and expressed a desire, at her baptism, that she might marry a minister of the church. This secret hope was fulfilled when she married the Rev. T.W. Hazlewood, prominent minister of Deer Park United Church, Toronto, until his death."

James Pritchard & Judith Irwin

For the complete history of this Gatineau family, please follow this link to The Pritchards and Related Families

The Shouldice connection comes through their granddaughter Anne Irwin who married James Shouldice.

Peer / Shouldice Connections

Elizabeth Shouldice + Richard Peer

Richard and Elizabeth were married in 1837. In the marriage records they are listed as living in Wolford, Bathurst District which was situated on the Rideau Canal. Elizabeth's brother Nicholas was married in Hull, PQ in 1838, jut across the Ottawa River.

Richard Peer married Rebecca Shouldice
Jane Peer
James Peer married Elizabeth Shouldice
Margaret Peer married James Shouldice
Sara Peer
John Peer
Joseph Peer
1851 census image
Marriage record

Elizabeth Shouldice + James Peer

James and Elizabeth were married in 1868 in Aylwin, Quebec but I have not found a record to confirm that.

Sarah Alice Peer married Richard Boyle
Margaret Ann Peer married Thomas Pettigrew
Nicholas Harvey Peer married Maria Blakeway
Horace James Peer married Mary Jane Tyndall
Elizabeth Peer married Sam Hayes

Rebecca Shouldice + Richard Peer

Rebecca and Richard were married in 1862 in Wakefield, Quebec according to researchers.

Margaret Jane Peer married Richard Delmage
Nicholas Peer
Mary Agnes Peer
Abigail Peer married Richard McGregor
Rosana Peer

James Shouldice + Margaret Peer

James and Margaret were married 1871 in Aylwin, Quebec, according to researchers.

Horace Nicholas Shouldice
Richard Niram Shouldice
James Shouldice
Ruggles Shouldice
Jemima Shouldice

Hazlewood Connections

Thomas Wetheral Hazelwood and Barbara Heck Shouldice

For the Hazlewood side of this tree, please search google for Hazlewood Roots

Yake Family

James Shouldice and Mary Yake

James Shouldice + Mary Yake
James Shouldice b. 1870
Alice S. Shouldice b. 1872

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