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William Craig and Elizabeth Walker

William Craig was born in the Armagh district of Ireland between 1811 and 1813. In 1838, he was married to Elizabeth "Betsy" Walker (born 1814-1821) also of Armagh, Ireland. Were they married before they came to Canada, or after? Their first seven children were born in Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario between 1839 and 1855. Elizabeth dies before the 1871 census. William lives with his daughter Sarah and eventually moves to Phelps County, Nebraska with her. William died in Phelps County and was buried in the Williamsburg Cemetery in 1885.

William and Elizabeth in the 1851 census - scroll to the bottom of the page

William living with daughter Sarah in the 1881 Canadian Census in Ftizroy, Carleton, Ontario

Our Roots - a site with local history books. This one containing information on William Craig and Elizabeth Walker.

Children of William Craig and Elizabeth Walker

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William James Craig
Sarah Ann Craig
John G. Craig
Jemima Mary Craig
Elizabeth Jane Craig - 1850, died young
Charles Craig
Thomas Craig - May 22, 1855
Richard Craig - 1857
Mary Craig - 1859

Sarah Ann Craig and Augustus Marshall

Sarah was born 1845 in Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario. On March 8, 1865 in Fitzroy Harbour, she married Augustus who was also born in Fitzroy, according to the 1851 census. They remained in Fitzroy Harbour until June 1865 when their daughter Elizabeth was born. At some point, they moved to Phelps County where they resided until their deaths. Sarah and Augustus are buried in the Williamsburg Cemetery.

Augustus with his parents in the 1851 census of Fitzroy Sarah's family is on the previous page of the census.

Augustus and Sarah in the 1881 Canadian Census in Fitzroy, Carleton, Ontario

Augustus and Sarah also appear in the 1900 Census for Phelps County, Nebraska
Sarah also appears in the 1920 Census for Buffalo County, Nebraska

Children of Sarah Ann Craig and Augustus Marshall

Elizabeth Sarah Marshall
John A. Marshall
Alexander W. Marshall
James C. Marshall
Thomas Marshall
Phoebe E. Marshall
Benjamin Marshall
Mary Marshall

John Craig and Margaret Bradley

John was born 1847 in Fitzroy Harbor, Ontario and died 1889. Margaret was born about 1845.

John and Margaret in the 1881 Ontario census - transcribed

Children of John Craig and Margaret Bradley

John Thomas Craig
Jane Ann Craig
William Craig
Adeline Craig

Charles Craig and Ann McCorkell

Charles was born 1851 in Fitzroy Harbor, Ontario and died May 11, 1885 in Killala Township, Quebec. Charles and three of his children died of dipthyria and were buried in a graveyard about six miles west of Rupert, Quebec..

Ann was born May 8, 1853, the daughter of Andrew McCorkell and Jane McKenna.

Cemetery marker for Annie McKortle, wife of Charles Craig

For more information on the McKenna family, please email me. They connect to the Taman, Downey and Nichols families of the Gatineau also.

Children of Charles Craig and Ann McCorkell

Thomas Andrew Craig
Jane Amanda Craig
Eliza Craig
Albert Craig
Richmond James Craig