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This page is meant to give some general information about the Gallup family and its history.  Much of the info has been derived from the Gallup genealogies that have been published in 1893, 1966, and 1987.  There is a new Gallup genealogy currently being published.  The Gallup Family Association has been existence for over a century and has done an excellent job documenting its genealogy.  

The Gallup family is one of the oldest families in this country. The patriarch of this family is John Gallop.  John Gallop was documented to have arrived in this country on the "Mary & John."  He left England on March 20, 1630 and arrived in Boston.  He settled in Boston and became one of the first grantees of land in the northern part of town.  John Gallop had a wharf and house, and the area was known as Gallop's point.  

John Gallop's wife, Christobel Bruschett did not travel with her husband to Boston.  She stayed behind with their four children: John b. abt 1615, Joan b. abt 1618, William b. abt 1622, Nathaniel & Samuel b. abt 16 Aug 1629 (this is a baptism date).  They had one other daughter, Frances,  who died at a young age.  Christobel was the daughter of Edmund Bruschett and Emma Nichols and was probably born in the 1590's in Dorset, England.  Christobel did not want to travel to the Boston...and her husband was ready to return to England.  John Gallop had become an important member of the colony and Gov. Winthrop was eager to keep him in America.  Gov. Winthrop wrote Rev. John White in Dorchester, England - 

I have much difficultye to keep John Gallop here by reason of his wife will not come. 
I marvayle at the woman's weaknesse. I pray pursuade her and further her coming by all means. If she will come, let her have the remainder of his wages; if not, let it be bestowed to bring over his childre, if so he desires. It would be about 40 pounds losse to him to come for her.
Your assured in the Lord's worke,
Massachusetts, July 4, 1632
J. Winthrop.

Christobel was apparently persuaded and landed in Boston harbor on the ship "Griffin" on 4 Sept, 1633.  John Gallop, himself, piloted the ship through the harbor through a new channel that he had discovered.  John Gallop was very important to the development of trade between the Massachusetts Colony and Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Descendants of John GALLOP


Generation No. 1

1. JOHN5 GALLUP (J4 GOLLOP, THOMAS3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1591 in Mosterne, County Dorset, England, and died January 11, 1650 in Boston, Middlesex Co., MA. He married CHRISTOBEL BRUSCHETT January 19, 1617 in St. Mary's, Bridport, Dorsetshire, England, daughter of EDMUND BRUSCHETT and EMMA NICHOLS. She died September 27, 1655 in Boston, Middlesex Co., MA.


i. JOHN6 GALLUP, b. 1615, Bridport, Dorsetshire, England; d. December 19, 1675, Narragansett Fort, South Kingston, RI; m. HANNAH ANNA LAKE, Bet. 1642 - 1643, Boston, Middlesex Co., MA; b. July 03, 1621, North Benfleet, Essex, England; d. Aft. December 19, 1675, Ipswich, Essex Co., MA.

Bapt/Christening: January 25, 1620, St. Mary's, Dorset, England
Burial: December 1675, Mass Burial at Narraganasett Fort, RI
Military service: Indian Wars: Great Swamp Fight at Narragansett, RI

Burial: Whitehall Cemetery, Mystic, New London Co., CT

ii. JOAN GALLOP, b. Abt. 1618, Bridport, Dorsetshire, England; d. March 20, 1691, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA; m. THOMAS JOY, 1637, Boston, Middlesex Co., MA; d. October 21, 1678, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA.

Bapt/Christening: September 20, 1618, Bridport, Dorset, England
Burial: Churchyard behind Hingham Meeting House

More About THOMAS JOY:
Burial: Churchyard behind Hingham Meeting House
Occupation: House-carpenter, Millwright & Architect

iii. WILLIAM GALLOP, b. Abt. 1622, Mosterne, Dorset, England. (No Recorded Children)

Bapt/Christening: August 04, 1622, Bridport, Dorset, England
Returned to England with George Denison and died there fighting for Cromwell.

iv. FRANCES GALLOP, b. Abt. 1625, Bridport, Dorsetshire, England; d. November 18, 1625, Bridport, Dorsetshire, England.  (No Recorded Children)

Bapt/Christening: June 27, 1625, Bridport, Dorset, England

v. NATHANIEL GALLOP, b. August 16, 1629, Mosterne, Dorset, England; d. 1676; m. MARGARET EVELEY, April 11, 1652, Boston, Middlesex Co., MA.

Bapt/Christening: August 16, 1629, St. Mary's Church, Bridport, Dorsetshire, England

vi. SAMUEL GALLOP, b. August 16, 1629, Mosterne, Dorset, England; d. Bet. 1667 - 1679; m. MARY PHILLIPS, November 20, 1650, Boston, Middlesex Co., MA.

Occupation: Ship Captain

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