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For those of you who have dial up modems, please be aware that these pages will take some time to download.  There is a lot of information here and it was very difficult to separate the cemeteries.  I am very proud of these pages because they represent the generosity and hard work of several people.  Special thanks to Stephen Laskey, Jon Saunders, Midge Frazel, Sharon J Cadieux, Shirley LeFever, Michael Smith, Deanna Lamb, Peggy Blais, Sharon Gallup, John Darby, Christine Gallup, Jean Schroeder, Jamie Moore and Lynn Gallup.  If I have forgotten anyone, please let me know!

I've done some restructuring on these pages.  I am attempting to help them make some sense.  So, please bear with me as I go through this "conversion!"  I will explain what I am doing on each page below.

Gallup Family Photos - These are photos of people, places, or things - but not gravestones! :)

Gallup Cemeteries - CT - These are cemeteries not included in the main Gallup cemeteries such as Gallup Hill and Whitehall.  If I have made some mistakes on these, please let me know.

Gallup Cemeteries - Whitehall - I had so many wonderful pictures that I had to have them on their own page.  I love problems like that!

Gallup Cemeteries - Gallup Hill - This is the cemetery that the Gallup Family Association was established for.  Their main goal was the upkeep and preservation of this cemetery.

Gallup Cemeteries - Gallup Hill - 2 - I had too many pictures for just one page, so I had to build another. 

Gallup Cemeteries - USA - There are Gallups living all over the therefore, there are many cemeteries outside of CT or NY.  Some are in OH, NE, or MI.  If you have some more pictures to add, let me know.

Gallup Cemeteries - NY - There were several families who left CT in the late 1700's and moved to Albany Co., NY and they spread from there. Many of these were taken by a cousin of mine on my Gage family, Peggy Blais.  She has very generously taken the time to take these for me! (STILL in PROGRESS)

Gallup Cemeteries - Hingham, MA - These are the descendents of Joan Gallup and Thomas Joy.

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