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Luke William Gallup b. 27 Feb 1822 d. 10 Apr 1891 m. (30 Apr 1850) Lydia Cook, m. (13 Nov 1862) Mary Howling, m. (16 May 1868) Emily Pierce, m. (10 Oct 1876) Augusta Caroline Lundquist.  Son of Luke Gallup & Melinda Williams, grandson of Nehemiah Gallup & Elizabeth Brown, gr-grandson of Henry Gallup & Hannah Mason, gr-gr grandson of Benadam Gallup, Jr. & Eunice Cobb.  Luke joined with the Mormons in 1850 and came across the continent arriving in Salt Lake City, UT on 2 Oct 1850.  This picture and the following 4 pictures were supplied by Sharon Gallup and Mr. John Darby.  Special thanks for their generosity. (Info from Sharon Gallup)
Luke William Gallup is the older gentleman on the far left.  Standing beside him is Esther Augusta Gallup, in front of her is Lillie Bridget Gallup.  The boy standing by mother is Luke Lundquist Gallup.  The woman is Augusta Caroline Lundquist, Luke's 4th Wife.  She was b. about 1844 in Sweden. (Info from Sharon Gallup)
These are the children of James Gallup, and grandchildren of Luke William Gallup and his first wife, Lydia Cook.  They are left to right:  Arthur LeRoy, Grace, Tryphena, Persenda, Millie Odessa, Amos Luke, Belva Amelia, Zelpha Melinda, Lydia Ardilla, James Alva.  James Gallup was b. 27 Mar 1855 and d. 10 Nov 1910 and was m. (23 Sept 1875) to Eleanor Amelia Warren b. 8 Nov 1858 and d. 17 Apr 1935.  She was the daughter of Amos Warren and Abigail Childs. (Info from Sharon Gallup
This is a model of the "Mary & John" which is the ship that John Gallop sailed in when he arrived in Boston.  He set sail from London on March 20, 1630.  His wife and children came later.
The is a farm in Connecticut in the area where many of the Gallup families lived.
Stephen Laskey sent this water-color that his grandfather painted of the Gallup motto. 

Gallop's Island is located in the Boston Harbor.  Here are comments from Lynn Gallup...who took the picture. "You'll remember, the town of Hull is where Captain Chubb dropped off the "Mary and John" passengers (in violation of his contract) who then had to make it to Boston by some other means (I wonder how). Boston is the large city to the left in the photograph; by land it is a loooong ways away. I think Gallup's/Gallop's Island was used by John Gallup and his sons as a kind of a warehousing area for goods they shipped up and down the coast by their coastal shipping business.  It was a confusing island to identify so I had a park ranger climb the old fort tower with me to point it out.



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Unidentified Gallup Pictures

This is a picture of a Dow family in Ogdensburg, NY who is possibly connected with the Gallup family.  It is provided by Ida Johnston and if anyone can identify the picture, please notify me and I will pass the message on to Ida.


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