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Photos of Gary Scott Collins's ancestors and related families

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Descendants and relations of Richard Collins (1725-1808, NJ)

Collins burial grounds, Collins Mills, Port Republic, Galloway Township, Atlantic Co., NJ.   The burial grounds are about one mile west of Smithville and south of Port Republic, in Galloway Township, Atlantic Co., NJ, and include the grave of Richard Collins (1725-1808) and numerous descendants.  (The burial grounds are in ill repair.  Gravestone photos below were taken in 1991, courtesy of Francis Chamberlain)
John Collins (1769-1845).  Reverend John Collins was son of Richard Collins (1725-1808) and a founder of methodism in Ohio.  He helped organize a migration to Ohio from southern NJ in the very early 1800's by about 100 families.
John Collins (1806-1900).  Grandson of Richard Collins (1725-1808) via Levi Collins (1772-1813).  John was a New Jersey Sea Captain who sailed as far as Brazil, as described in a newspaper article here.  He was also a prosperous farmer in Port Republic, New Jersey.
Asenath Collins (1839-1870) and William A. Bowen (1835-1903).  Asenath was great granddaughter of Richard Collins (1725-1808) via Levi Collins (1772-1813) and  Daniel Lake Collins (1808-1887).
Daniel Collins (1837-65) was great grandson of Richard Collins via Levi Collins (1772-1813) and John Collins (1806-1900).  He had two children Thomas Jefferson and Daniel Charles Newman by his wife Elizabeth Lippincott (1835-1934) before dying young of smallpox in New Orleans in 1865 while setting up a business.  Elizabeth lived to the age of 98. 
D. C. Newman Collins (1865-1953).  Newman Collins was son of Elizabeth Lippincott and Daniel Collins and an industrial engineer and architect by profession.  He was also a talented musician, chronicler, painter and craftsman.  He had two wives.  His first wife, Laura Rossiter (abt 1871-1899), bore him two children, Harold and Edith.   His second wife, Rosalie A. Furman (1874-1955) bore him a son John Dillard Collins (1912-1959).  .Rosalie graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry in 1895 and taught at the Finch School in Manhattan and at high schools on  Staten Island and in Northern New Jersey before marriage.  
Arthur Lippincott Collins (1891-1975) and Ethel Drysdale Watson (1892-1988).  Arthur was son of Thomas Jefferson Collins (1862-1905) and nephew of D. C. Newman Collins.  Arthur may have been raised in part by D.C. Newman Collins after the early death of his parents.  Arthur was a metallurgist in Philadelphia.
Douglas Lippincott Collins (1921-2000) and Liselotta Hinterleitner.  Douglas, known as 'Bink', was first son of Arthur Collins and Ethel Watson and a mechanical engineer. Thomas Norwood Collins (abt 1925- ).  Norwood , known as 'Buda', was second son of Arthur Collins and Ethel Watson.  A church organist.
Edith Rhoads Collins (1894-1983) and Walter E. Chamberlain (1892-1983).  Edith was daughter of D. C. Newman Collins by his first wife Laura Rossiter.
Francis Chamberlain (1923- ).  Son of Edith Collins and Walter Chamberlain.
John Dillard Collins (1912-59) and Bit Miller (1914-78).  John was son of D. C. Newman Collins and his second wife Rosalie A. Furman.   Bit was daughter of William Charles Miller and Margaret Rucker Smithson.  John graduated from MIT in 1933 with a degree in electrical engineering.
Gary Scott Collins (1944- ) and Peggy Lynn Webb.  Gary was son of John Dillard Collins.

Descendants and relations of Dillard Collins (abt 1760-1821, KY)

John Dillard Collins (1823-81) and Elvira Jane Hatchett (1827-70).  John was grandson of Dillard Collins (abt 1760-1821).  He was a surgeon in the Confederate Army.   John and Elvira had three daughters, Leila, Jessie and Rosalie.
Rosalie Allan Collins (abt 1852-abt 1910).  Rosalie was youngest daughter of John Dillard Collins and Elvira Hatchett.  Never marrying, she raised nieces Lucy and Rosalie Furman after their mother, her sister Jessie Paralie Collins, and father, Williams Barnard Furman, died.  She received a degree from the State Normal School of New Jersey in about 1870 and taught in Evansville, Indiana.  She lived for some time around 1900 in New Harmony, Indiana, site of an earlier religious commune.
Leila Salome Collins (1846-aft 1910) and John Donald Gunn (abt 1840-).  Leila was eldest daughter of John Dillard Collins.
Glenn Dillard Gunn (1874-1963) and Bessie Bracken (1881-aft 1930).  Glenn was son of Leila Salome Collins and John Donald Gunn.  Glenn was a musician, director of a musical school, and reviewer of musical performances for major newspapers in Chicago and Washington, DC.
Maurice Gunn (1885-aft 1930) was another son of Leila Salome Collins and John Donald Gunn.  He was an artist who painted.
Narcissa Williams Jeffress  (1805-aft 1880) and John Archard Hatchett (1798-1860) were parents of Elvira Jane Hatchett (1827-70), John Dillard Collins's first wife.
Cornelia Hatchitt (1842-aft 1929) and Harvey Longland. Meadows (abt 1824-aft 1880).  Cornelia was sister of Elvira Jane Hatchett and daughter of Narcissa Jeffress and John Avohard Hatchett.
Cornelia Quinn (1888-1984)  Grand-niece of Cornelia Hatchett (1842-aft 1929), a schoolteacher for many years in the area of Charleston, Hopkins Co., KY (thanks to Rosa Bearden for the identification)
Maurice Kirby (1829-1897)   Husband of Marianna Hatchett (1832-abt 1879) and brother-in-law of John Dillard Collins.   Highly respected educator; superintendant of Henderson KY schools, Professor, and Principal of Louisville Male High School, as cited here.  Married "Aunt Anna" and was part of the trek of John Dillard Collins (1823-81) during the Civil War from Kentucky down to Louisiana and back, during which he was private teacher of Rosalie A. Collins ('Dossie'), as recounted in the historical account Uncle Maurice

Descendants and relations of Richard Furman (1755-1825, NY and SC)

Richard Furman (1755-1825), an eminent Baptist preacher in South Carolina and founder of Furman Theological Seminary, later Furman University, in Greenville, SC.. 
Samuel Kirkwhite Furman (1818-1896) was grandson of Ruchard Furman (1755-1825) and son of Samuel Furman (1792-1877).  Samuel was a planter and a physician, and had four wives.
Williams Barnard Furman (1845-84) and Jessie Paralee Collins (abt 1848-1876).  Williams was son of Samuel Kirkwhite Furman and Samuel's  first wife Lucinda Barnard Williams (abt 1820-1847).  Jessie was the middle of three daughters of John Dillard Collins.  Williams was a physician like his father and father-in-law.
Mary E. Barnard (abt 1785-1860) was a great aunt of Williams Barnard Furman, aunt of Lucinda Barnard Williams and daughter of John Barnard who was owner of Wilmington Island, GA.  Mary E. Barnard reportedly never married.
Lucy Salome Furman (1869-1958), daughter of Williams Barnard Furman and Jessie Paralee Collins.  Lucy was an educator, author of a number of best selling books portraying life in Appalachia, and activist promoting humane treatment of animals who were trapped and, via the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), abolition of the sale of alcohol.  Lucy taught for some years around 1905-1910 at the Hindman Settlement School, in Knott County, Kentucky.    .
Rosalie Allan Furman (1874-1955), daughter of Williams Barnard Furman and Jessie Paralee Collins, sister of Lucy Salome Furman, and future second wife of D. C. Newman Collins.  Rosalie attended Brym Mawr College, from which she graduated in 1895, and taught high school in Northeastern New Jersey and Manhattan before marriage.

Miller, Smithson, Bransford and Dickerson families

George Albert Smithson (1797-1885) and Elizabeth Caldwell (1800-1888)
Thomas Henry Smithson (1852-1914) was grandson of George Albert Smithson, a farmer and minister living with his wife Nannie Woodson Carnefax (1854-1911) in rural West Virginia.
Margaret Rucker Smithson (1887-1946), daughter of Thomas and Nannie Smithson, was a schoolteacher in Greenbrier Co., WV before marriage to William Charles Miller in 1910.

Johann Friedrich Mueller (1826-1903), his wife Maria Carolina Theis (1829-1900) and two young children  John Charles Miller and Frederick W. Miller emigrated to the US from near Trier in West Prussia in 1854.  Their travel document can be found on the documents page.  Johann was a farmer in Prussia and a grocer. in the US.
John Charles Miller (1852-abt 1895), son of  Johann Mueller and Carolina Theis, married Elizabeth Meyers (abt 1855-abt 1890).  They had two children that survived to adulthood, William Charles Miller and Theodore Frederick Miller.  John was a bookkeeper.
William Charles Miller (1886-1950) and Margaret Rucker Smithson (1887-1946)., had four children William Jr., Bit, Ruth and Norma.  William was a banker.
William Charles Miller, Jr. (1911-56) and Freda Ann Bresser (1913-2001).  William was son of William Charles Miller and Margaret Rucker Smithson.
Bit Miller (1914-78) and John Dillard Collins (1912-59).  Bit was daughter of William Charles Miller and Margaret Rucker Smithson.
Ruth Virginia Miller (1917-87) and Robert Elson (1911-91).  Ruth was daughter of William Charles Miller and Margaret Rucker Smithson.  Ruth was a professor of history at Vassar College and other institutions..
Norma May Miller (1921-91) and Joseph Beattie Dickerson (1924-94).  Norma was daughter of William Charles Miller and Margaret Rucker Smithson.  
Carroll Keister Bransford (1912- ). A nephew of Margaret Rucker Smithson by her sister Mary Willie Smithson (1879-1947).
Luther Dickerson (1825-1910) and second wife Sarah Johnson.  Luther was first settler of Atchison, Kansas, member of the Kansas territorial legislature and a rabid abolitionist.
Jesse Dickerson (1814-1871), elder brother of Luther.

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Many suspected of being friends or relatives of Lucy or Rosalie Furman or Rosalie Collins living in the area of Henderson, KY or Evansville, IN in about the 1870's to 1890's.
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