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GassiotGassiott/Gasciote Genealogy

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June 26, 2020. Hello, after many years of being busy with life I am again getting back to Genealogy. My first step is to fix the issues on the site, so everything works. Then maybe get a permanent Home for the site. In the future I will add more family data and maybe link to personal and business web pages of Gassiot Descendants.

This site serves primarily the descendants of Francis Gassiot. Francis immigrated to the United States in the 1830's and lived in New York City, Southern Mississippi, Southern Louisiana and Central East Texas. There is also information on Gassiot/Gassiott's from other families. So take a look and see if some of your family information is located here.

If you have suggestions or wish to help with this site please email me at [email protected]. I have to review 156 pages with 3794 links. If you run into a problem (even typo's & grammar) please let me know. This will take time, probably several months. The French and Catalonian pages will take a very long time. I dont speak either language, so they will get translated one word at a time. Please follow the link below to the Genealogy site:


The old site search engine PICOSEARCH does not work. For now use the google search below to search the site. I will be replacing the Picosearch with a custom Google search engine.
CAUTION -- If you use Gassiot or Gassiott you may get several hundred hits.
Use a first name, a full name, a place, date, etc. along with the last name you are looking for. You may also ask a question.  i.e. What is the history of the Gassiot name? These techniques will narrow the search results.