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Before 1910 few churches in Hamilton County  owned a church building.  While a few churches met in homes or yards, most shared the community school house.  There were probably churches meeting in each  school house in the county, although records have not been found to establish this as fact.  

Churches in village of Hamilton sometimes met in the courtroom of the court house.  Churches which had buildings shared their building with other congregations.  At that time, few (if any) churches had services more than once each month.  Many pastors/preachers (at least Baptist) pastored from 2 to 4 churches--each in a different community.  My Grisham ancestors chose to attend church services (irregardless of the denomination holding the service) every time a service was held in their community.

All Baptist churches which have ever participated in Hamilton County Baptist Association/Hamilton Baptist Association may be reached through this LINK.

Agee Baptist Church, Agee

Aleman, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Aleman
FM 932
Aleman, TX

Bee House Baptist Church, Pearl, Coryell County

Bethel Baptist Church, between Pottsville & Indian Gap

Bennett Creek Baptist Church, Center City

Bethel Methodist Church, near Ireland

Bethleham Baptist Church, likely near Spurlin

Blue Ridge Baptist Church, Blue Ridge
Rt 1 Box 85
Hamilton, TX 76531

Blue Ridge Methodist Episcopal Church, Blue Ridge

Carlton Baptist Church, Carlton

Carlton Methodist Church, Carlton

Center Valley Baptist Church, Center Valley

Center Valley Methodist Church, Center Valley

County Line Baptist Church, Hico

Coryell Baptist Church, Jones Mill (Jonesboro)

Cottage Hill Baptist Church, Cottage Hill

Cowhouse Baptist Church, Pottsville

Dry Fork Baptist Church, Dry Fork

Energy Baptist Church, Energy, Comanche County

Evant, First Baptist Church, Evant, Coryell County

Evant, First United Methodist Church, Evant, Coryell County

Evant, Church of Christ. Evant, Coryell County

Evant, Sardis Primitive Baptist Church

Evergreen Baptist Church, Evergreen

Evergreen Methodist Church , Evergreen

Fairy Baptist Church, Fairy

Fairy Church of Christ, Fairy

Fairy Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 
Fairy Presbyterian Church
, Fairy

Fairy United Methodist Church, Fairy

Falls Creek Baptist Church, Falls Creek

Freeman Baptist Church, Freeman

Friendship Baptist Church, Lancing (near Jonesboro)

Gentrys Mill Baptist Church, Gentrys Mill

Gentrys Mill Methodist Church, Gentrys Mill

Grayville Baptist Church, Grayville (between Carlton & Hico)

Grove Baptist Church (south of Hico)


Hamilton, Abundant Life Assembly of God
321 N. Manning
Hamilton, TX 76531


Hamilton, Alive in Christ Fellowship
P.O. Box 569
Hamilton, TX 76531

Hamilton, Barn Church
Jason Harris Pavilion
Hamilton, TX 76531

Hamilton, Calvary Baptist Church, Hamilton
Hwy 22, Rt. 1 Box 279A
Hamilton, TX 76531

Hamilton, Central Christian Church, Hamilton

Community Bible Church
720 S. Bell
Hamilton, TX 76531

Hamilton, First Baptist Church, Hamilton
200 S. Bell St.
Hamilton, TX 76531

Hamilton, First Presbyterian Church, Hamilton
600 N, Rice
Hamilton, TX 76531

Hamilton, First United Methodist Church, Hamilton
215 W. Main
Hamilton, TX 76531


Grace Penecostal Church
809 s. Manning
Hamilton, TX 76531


Hill Top Baptist Church
Hamilton, TX 76531

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness
183 S Hwy 22
Hamilton, TX 76531

Hamilton, Littleville Baptist Church
108 E. Hoard
Hamilton, TX 76531

Hamilton, Live Oak Bible Church
1101 S. Rice
Hamilton, TX 76531

Hamilton, Park Heights Church of Christ, Hamilton
Park Heights
Hamilton, TX 76531

Hamilton Reagan Street Church of Christ, Hamilton

Hamilton, St. John's Lutheran Church, Hamilton
Hwy 22
Hamilton, TX 76531

Hamilton, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Hamilton 
West Main St.
Hamilton, TX

St. Thomas Catholic Church
707 N. Nicholson
Hamilton, TX 76531

Hamilton, Sardis Primitive Baptist Church, Hamilton

Hamilton, United Primitive Baptist Church, Hamilton

Hamilton, Victory Temple
724 W. Coke
Hamilton, TX 76531

Hamilton --Other churches for which I have only the names

Harmony Baptist Church, Pidcoke, Coryell County

Hico Christian Church, Hico

Hico Church of Christ, Hico

Hico, First Baptist Church, Hico

Hico, First United Methodist Church, Hico

Hico Presbyterian Church, Hico

Hills Dale Baptist Church, Izora/Townson Mill, Lampasas County

Hinesdale Baptist Church, Evant

Honey Grove Baptist Church

Hurst Ranch Baptist Church, Hurst Ranch

Indian Creek Baptist Church, south of Fairy

Indian Gap Baptist Church, Indian Gap

Indian Gap Church of Christ, Indian Gap

Jonesboro Baptist Church, Jonesboro, Coryell County
Hwy 36
Jonesboro, TX 76538

King's Chapel Baptist Church, Dry Fork

Lanham Baptist Church, Lanham

Lanham United Methodist Church, Lanham

Lamkin Baptist Church, Lamkin, Comanche County

Lebanon Baptist Church, Pottsville

Leesville Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Leesville

Leon Baptist Church, #1, Snowville

Leon Baptist Church, #2, near Carlton

Leon Baptist Church, #3, 5 mi. NE of Hamilton

Liberty Baptist Church, #1, Center City--now Mills County

Liberty Baptist Church, #2, Hico/Iredell

Liberty Baptist Church, #3, Liberty

Liberty Methodist Church, Liberty

Liberty Hill Baptist Church, Star, Mills County

Little Cow House Baptist Church, Little Cow House

Live Oak Church, Live Oak

Lookout Missionary Baptist Church, between Pottsville & Caridan

Lund Valley Baptist Church, Lund Valley

Macedonia Baptist Church, South of Hico

Martin's Gap Missionary Baptist Church, Martin's Gap/Fairy

Martin's Gap Methodist Mission, Martin's Gap/Fairy

Mason Mountain Circuit,  Vista

McGirk Baptist Church, McGirk

Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Pearl, Coryell County, TX

Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Pottsville

Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, Martin's Gap/Fairy

Mt. View Baptist Church,  between German Valley and Stanford Valley and between Pleasant Valley and Cranfills Gap.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Old Hico

Mt. Zion Methodist Church, Lanham

New Hope Baptist Church, # 1, north of Hamilton

New Hope Baptist Church, #2, near Jonesboro

New Hope Baptist Church #3, 9 miles south of Hamilton

North Lampasas Baptist Church, McGirk

New Providence Baptist Church, Cove/Star Mountain

Oak Grove Baptist Church, McGirk

Ohio Baptist Church, Ohio

Ohio Church of Christ, Ohio

Olin Baptist Church, Olin

Olin Methodist Church, Olin

Ondee Baptist Church, Ondee

Pecan Baptist Church, 5 miles northeast of Hamilton

Pilgrim's Rest Baptist Church, #1, Hamilton County

Pilgrim's Rest Baptist Church, #2, south of Hico

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Eidson School 

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Dry Fork

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, Pleasant Valley

Plum Creek Baptist Church, Purmela

Pottsville Baptist Church, Pottsville

Pottsville Church of Christ, Pottsville

Pottsville--Immanuel Lutheran Church, Pottsville

Pottsville--Trinity Lutheran Church, Pottsville
1184 FM Rd 218 W
Pottsville, TX

Prairie Springs Baptist Church, near Hico

Providence Baptist Church, Providence
Rt. 1 Box 232H
Hamilton, TX 76531

Resleys Creek Baptist Church, Resleys Creek, Comanche County

Rock House Baptist Church, Rock House

Salem Baptist Church, 16 miles west of Gatesville, Cove, Coryell County

Sardis Primitive Baptist Church, near Murphree Cemetery, then Little Cowhouse, then Blue Ridge, then Parsleys Crossing, then Hamilton

Sardis Missionary Baptist Church, Simpsonville, Coryell County

Shiloh Baptist Church, Townson/Townsend Mill/Adamsville, Lampasas County

Shive Baptist Church, Shive 

Shive Methodist Church, Shive

Shive Presbyterian Church, Shive

Shive--St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Shive
Shive, TX
Parsonage 254-386-5976

Siloan Baptist Church, Hazel Dell, Lamkin, or Gentrys Mill

Simpsonville Baptist Church, Simpsonville/Levita, Coryell County

Sims Creek Baptist Church,  Lometa/Atherton/Townsend's Mill, Lampasas County

Spurlin Baptist Church , Spurlin

Spurlin Methodist Church, Spurlin

Star Baptist Church, Star

Sunshine Baptist Church, Sunshine

Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church, Evant

Sycamore Baptist Church, Busyton

Sylvan Baptist Church, ?

Union Baptist Church. Union

Union Grove Baptist Church, between Hamilton and Fairy

Unity Baptist Church, Hico

Warren's Creek Baptist Church, Warren's Creek

West Point Baptist Church, West Point

Purmela Baptist Church
FM 932
Purmela, TX







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