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Transcribed and Shared by Chris Morton

  Date of Registration Name Native of  Signature of Elector  
  1 Aug 6, 
Peter Sneed Arkansas Peter Sneed  
  2   Isaac H. Steen Mississippi Isaac H. Steen  
  3 Aug 7, 1867 Frederick A. Hambright Tennessee Frederick A. Hambright  
  4   Charles W. Baker Arkansas Charles W. Baker  
  5   Matthew Kuykendall Tennessee Matthew (his x) Kuykendall  
  6   William Tatum North Carolina William (his x) Tatum  
  7 Aug 8, 1867 John S. Baker Arkansas John S. Baker  
  8   Richard Sneed Arkansas Richard Sneed  
  9 Aug 9, 1867 Samuel W. Walker Tennessee Samuel W. (his x) Walker  
 10   William S. Harrison Kentucky William S. Harrison  
 11   John W. Witcher Tennessee John W. Witcher  
 12   William A. Kemp Georgia William A. Kemp  
 13   Frederick B. Gentry Tennessee Frederick B. Gentry  
 14   John S. White South Carolina John S. White  
15 Aug 10, 1867 William D. Collier Texas William D. Collier  
 16   James W. Boon Louisiana James W. Boon  
 17   John J. Durham Alabama John J. Durham  
 18   David Smith Texas David Smith  
 19   John B. Hendricks South Carolina John B. Hendricks  
 20   George W. Loyd Tennessee George W. Loyd  
 21   John C. Suttles Alabama John C. (his x) Suttles   
 22   Luke H. Griffith Tennessee Luke H. Griffith  
 23   Jesse Cole North Carolina Jesse Cole  
 24   David D. Pollock Tennessee David D. Pollock  
 25   Solomon Barron Alabama Solomon Barron  
 26   Alexander Kyle Tennessee Alexander (his x) Kyle  
 27   Jacob H. Boon Louisiana Jacob H. Boon  
 28   John G. Barbee Tennessee John G. Barbee  
 29   Franklin J. Taylor Tennessee Franklin J. Taylor  
 30 Aug 11, 1867 John Rice Tennessee John Rice  
 31   James A. Carter Tennessee James A. Carter  
 32   David Self Alabama D. Self  
 33   Wm H. Goggins Tennessee W. H. Goggins  
 34   John C. Blansit Alabama John C. Blansit  
 35   George W. D. Carter Tennessee George W. D. Carter  
36 Aug 12, 1867 George Cooper Mississippi George Cooper  
 37   Madison J. Carter Tennessee Madison J. Carter  
 38   Alexander Gentry Texas Alexander (his x) Gentry colored
 39   George Probst Texas George Probst  
40   Seborn Matthews Mississippi Seborn (his x) Matthews  
 41   Abrm J. Kuykendall Texas Abrm. (his x) Kuykendall  
 42 Aug 13, 1867 William Babb Kentucky William Babb  
 43   William R. Baker Missouri William R. Baker  
 44   Jonathan Baker Missouri Jonathan (his x) Baker  
 45   James H. Kuykendall Tennessee James H. (his x) Kuykendall  
 46 Aug 14, 1867 James Witcher Tennessee James (his x) Witcher  
 47 Aug 15, 1867 Fleming D. Cox Kentucky Fleming D. Cox  
 48   Thomas S. Vaughn Mississippi T. S. Vaughn  
 49 Aug 16, 1867 John W. Manning Texas John W. Manning  
 50   John B. Dooley Texas John B. (his x) Dooley  
 51   Chapman Howard Tennessee Chapman Howard  
 52   Benj J. Loyd Tennessee B. J. Loyd  
 53   Henry Burts Texas Henry Burts  
 54   George N. Gentry Texas George N. Gentry  
 55   Samuel Kuykendall Tennseess Samuel Kuykendall  
 56   William H. H. Hardin Alabama Wm. H. H. Hardin  
57   William L. Essary Mississippi William L. Essary  
58 Aug 17, 1867 George B. Jopling North Carolina George B. Jopling  
 59   Volentine Howard Louisiana Volentine Howard  
 60   Thomas Cooper Texas Thomas Cooper  
 61   Wm. B. Malone Mississippi William B. Malone  
62   John C. Lovell Kentucky John C. (his x) Lovell  
 63   John S. Willis Mississippi John S. Willis  
 64   James Dublin Alabama James (his x) Dublin  
 65   Isaac Massengill Tennessee Isaac (his x) Massengill  
 66   Samuel Gann Tennessee Samuel (his x) Gann  
 67   Isaac Malone  Kentucky Isaac Malone  
 68   George W. Faggard North Carolina George W. Faggard  
 69   Isaac Malone Mississippi Isaac Malone Jr.  
 70   John Q. Anderson Mississippi John Q. Anderson  
 71   Wm H. Fuller Mississippi William H. Fuller  
 72   Andrew J. Malone Texas Andrew J. (his x) Malone  
 73   L. D. Orman Tennessee L. D. Orman  
 74 Aug 19, 1867 Felix G. Morris Tennessee Felix G. Morris  
 75   Adam T. Witcher Tennessee Adam Witcher  
 76   Milton Lester Louisiana Milton Lester  
 77   Henry C. Griffith Tennessee Henry C. Griffith  
 78 Aug 20, 1867 Wm B. Self Tennessee Wm. B. (his x) Self  
 79   John R. Pancake Virginia John R. Pancake  
 80 Aug 21, 1867 Henry R. Orman Tennessee Henry R. Orman  
 81   James L. Dooley Texas James L. Dooley  
 82   Eli Howard Kentucky Eli (his x) Howard  
 83   Silas Snow Mississippi Silas (his x) Snow colored
 84   Anthony Barron South Carolina Anthony (his x) Barron colored
 85   David F. Higginbotham Virginia Daniel F. Higginbotham  
 86   Charles Orr Mississippi Chas. (his x) Orr  
 87 Aug 22, 1867 Robert H. Moore Georgia Robert H. Moore  
 88   Solomon Gann Tennessee Solomon (his x) Gann  
 89   John Gann Texas John (his x) Gann  
 90   Isaac Gann Texas Isaac (his x) Gann  
 91   Wm H. Underwood Alabama Wm. H. (his x) Underwood  
 92   David C. Hendricks South Carolina D. C. Hendricks  
 93   Napoleon L. Kelly Texas N. L. Kelly  
 94   Thomas J. Moss Louisiana Thos. J. Moss  
 95 Aug 23, 1867 John A. Hardin Missouri John A. (his x) Hardin  
 96 Aug 24, 1867 Solomon Strickland Mississippi Solomon Strickland  
 97   George W. Fugua Texas George W. (his x) Fugua  
 98   John Baggett Georgia John Baggett  
 99   Henry Fuller South Carolina Henry Fuller  
100   Henry E. Fuller Mississippi Henry E. Fuller  
101   Wm H. Reed Texas William H. Reed  
102   John C. Deaton Tennessee John C. (his x) Deaton  
103   William Kincey North Carolina Wm. (his x) Kincey  
104   Robert G. Willis Mississippi R. G. Willis  
105   Andrew J. Morris Indiana Andrew Morris  
106   John D. Morris Indiana John D. (his x)  Morris  
107   Isaac Reed Tennessee Isaac Reed  
108   Samuel Avants Missouri Samuel (his x) Avants  
109   Washington Sapp Louisiana Washington (his x) Sapp  
110   James B. Fulcher Texas James B. Fulcher  
111   George L. Ray North Carolina George L. Ray  
112   John W. Ray Alabama John W. (his x) Ray  
113   P. Fuller South Carolina Pertiller Fuller  
114   Thomas Malone South Carolina Thomas Malone  
115 Nov. 17, 1869 D. C. Snow Alabama D. C. Snow  
116   John R. Alfrod Tennessee John R. Alfrod  
117   Simpson Loyd (crossed out) Tennessee Simpson Loyd (crossed out) (no reason given)
118   L. B. Wickam Texas L. B. Wickam  
119   W. A. Doggett Georgia W. A. Doggett  
120   Thomas J. Stclair Arkansas Thomas J. St. Clair  
121 Nov. 18, 1869 Juluis A. Bush Alabama Juluis A. Bush  
122 Nov. 20, 1869 William W. Cook Mississippi William W. Cook  
123   Francis M. Graves Alabama Francis M. Graves  
124   Andrew J. Mayham Arkansas Andrew J. Mayham  
125   Thomas Barron Mississippi Thomas (his x) Barron  
126   Levi Barron Mississippi Levi Barron  
127 Nov. 22, 1869 George L Dooley Tennessee George L Dooley  
128   Goodman B. Stout Mississippi Goodman B. Stout  
129 Nov. 26, 1869 James B. Stout Illinois James B. Prater  
130   E. M. Hambly blank E. M. Hambly  
131   James ? Ireland James ? naturalized 1856 New Orleans
132   A. J. Collier Texas A. J. Collier  
133   John Groomer Kentucky John Groomer  
134   C. N. Vaughn Texas C. N. Vaughn  



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