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Held with the

Shiloh Baptist Church, Adamsville, TX

August 14 and 15, 1907

Moderator: J. N. Davis, Hico, TX

Clerk: P. M. Cady, Shive, TX

Treasurer: Jas. W. McKenzie, Carlton, TX



Messengers and Churches attending the meeting:

Agee: J. J. Vinson, W. T. Driver, and J. A. Anderson

Bethlehem: G. W. Loyd, J. N. Holloway, W. W. Holloway, Jas. Peter, W. E. Mills, and T. B. Collier.

Blue Ridge: N. Y. [Nathaniel "Nat" Young] Williams and J. L. [James "Jim" Lemuel, Sr.], Grisham, J. A. [Jessie Andrew] Grisham, Birta [Sarah Berta Sparks] Grisham, Rockie Oglesby, and Collie Oglesby

Carlton: R. H. [ Randolph "Randal"] Gibson, J. T. Adams, Jas. W. McKenzie, Cora Barrett, Olivia Barrett, and Selman Mitchel

Center Valley: Eld. S. A. [Stephen Anderson] Rains, 
Eld. John D. [Dempsey] West, and E. E. Curry

Cottage Hill: E. M. Sparks, J. S. Colwell, P. M. Cady, 
Sister O.A. Sparks, and M. D. Colwell

Cow House: Not represented

Energy: J. I. Robinson, Yank Robinson and F. B. Williams

Evant: Jas. Smith, Bennet McClendon, Sister Alice 
Thompson, and Ned Thompson

Evergreen: C. C. Nix, W. J. Taylor, and J. W. Davenport

Fairview: J. M. Reed

Falls Creek: Petitioned for dismissal and was granted a 
letter of dismission to unite with Bosque Co. Association

Hamilton: W. B. Fowler, W. B. West, Miss Booker Staff, 
Dora Martin, and Miss Nellie Secrest

Hico: A. J. Copass, J. N. Davis, J. P. Rodgers, and B. F. 

Indian Gap: Nelson Neighbors and G. W. Gurley

Leon: R. Adams, A. J. Mills

Liberty: J. F. Register, J. F. Lecroy, and S. L. Ballard

Martinís Gap: J. M. Burney

Mt. Olive: W. C. Karns and T. A. Lovell

Olin: By letter

Pleasant Valley: Calvin Bennett, D. A. Griffith, and J. H. 

Pottsville: M. M. Rhodes, T. F. Nichols, B. F. Wheeler, 
and Virginia Wheeler

Rock House: Lewis Carl

Shiloh: J. S. Crabb, J. T. Smith, and W. M. Thompson

Star: Not represented

Sunshine: J. L. Lary and Will [William Lewis] Rodgers

Sweet Home: Not represented

1. Several churches in HCBA had the address of Star.  Perhaps the Star church listed referred to another church which had a post office address of Star.  
2. I have always assumed that Cowhouse Baptist Church and Pottsville Baptist Church were the same church; however BOTH are included in the above list. Only Pottsvile sent messengers.
3.  Both Evant and Sweethome were listed.  I have always assumed that both names represented the same church. Messengers were received only from Evant. --E. Weathers]

Report on Obituaries

[Members who were deceased between August, 1906 
and August, 1907]

Carlton: Sister Sally Adams

Cottage Hill: Sister K. M. Ray and Bro. A. Young

Hamilton: Bro. Simpson Loyd

Hico: Brethren A. J. Cooper, W. H. Hooker, B. R. Golden, 
and Sister Ida Graves.

Martinís Gap: Sister W. P. Slater


Report on Ordained Ministers

[Who were Members of Churches in the Association]

J. T. Adams
Wm. Agee 
I. R. Carmicheal
A. J. Copass 
J. S.[John Seymour] Deaton 
F. L. Dupont
W. L. Franklin
R. H. [Randolph Hunter "Randall"] Gibson 
 J . P. Gilliam
W. A. Huckabay
R. J. Ingram 
J. C. Newman
Bro. Odell
S. A. [Stephen Anderson] Rains 
M. Ray 
J.  B. Reese
J. W. Riddle, Gatesville 
J. N. Thompson
J. D.[John Dempsey] West, 





Christian & Ministerial Education

A. J. Copass

Ministerial Consecration and Support

J. M. Burney

Old Ministers Relief

Eld. S. A. [Stephen Anderson] Rains

Foreign Missions

John D. [Dempsey] West


P. M. Cady

Associational Missions

W. B. Fowler

Buckner Orphansí Home

W. C. Karnes

Executive Committee

J. A. [Jesse Andrew] Grisham, Sec.

S. A. [Stephen Anderson] Rains, Chairman

Sunday Schools

J. L. Lary

State Missions

J. N. Davis

Committee on Finance

J. M. Ballard, J. P. Rodgers, C. C. Nix




Jas. W. McKenzie


W. M. Thompson, J. S. Crabb, B. F. Wheeler

Licensed & Ordained Ministers

J. J. Vinson, W. L. [Wm. Lewis] Rodgers




Eld. S. A.[Stephen Anderson] Rains, Chairman

J. A. [Jessie Andrew] Grisham, Secretary

Agee: J. J. Vinson

Bethlehem: G. W. Loyd

Blue Ridge: J. A. [Jessie Andrew] Grisham

Carlton: James W. McKenzie

Center Valley: S. A.[Stephen Anderson] Rains

Cottage Hill: A. D. Smart

Cow House: J. S. [John Seymour] Deaton

Energy: W. H. Morgan

Evergreen: C. C. Nix

Fairview: J. M. Reed

Hamilton: W. B. Fowler

Hico: J. P. Rodgers

Indian Gap: Jas. Harris

Liberty: W. M. Ballard

Martinís Gap: J. M. Burney

Mt. Olive: W. C. Karnes

Olin: (none)

Pleasant Valley: D. A. Griffith

Rock House: Lewey Carl

Shiloh: J. T. Smith

Sunshine: J. L. Lary

Sweet Home: D. F. Smith



State Missions: James W. McKenzie

Associational Missions: R. H. Gibson

Orphans Home: Dick Adams

Foreign Missions: S. A. Rains

Home Missions: J. D. West

Old Ministers Support: J. S. Deaton

Denominational Schools & Christian Education: A. J. Copass

Ministerial Education: John Adams

Sunday School: G. W. Eudaly

Temperance: P. M. Cady

Pastors Support: F. B. Williams

Womans Work in the State: Mrs. A. J. Copass

Hamilton County Deacons: J. P. Rogers

A Financial System: J. I. Robinson


Bro. J. W. Deaton was chosen as a delegate to the Southern Baptist Convention.

Delegates to the State Convention: J. N. Davis, W. M. Thompson, R. [Randolph "Randal"] H. Gibson, A. J. Copass, M. Ray, J. T. Adams, J. W. McKenzie, J. D. [John Dempsey] West


Extracted 24 January, 1997 by Elreeta Crain Weathers. Names in brackets [ ] are those I have supplied.


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