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Hamilton Herald - August 26, 1886

We take pleasure in chronicling the marriage on the 25th ult. of our ______, E. R. Misener, one of the leading _______, men of Hamilton County, to Miss Sarah E. Collett, of Pottsville. The wedding took place at the residence of the bride's father, J. H. Collett, near Pottsville, and was said to be an exceedingly pleasant affair. The Herald is full of good wishes for the future happiness of the young couple.



Edwin R. Misener

Grand Warden, Mr. Misener entered the Hamilton Lodge in 1896. He entered the Grand Lodge in 1900. Since then he has served on the finance committee and he served as Grand Marshal in 1902. He was elected grand warden in Dallas in 1912. He is a member of Charity Encampment No. 93, Dallas Canton No. 6 and the Carlton Rebekah Lodge.



Hamilton Herald - October 23, 1919

Honorable and Mrs. E. R. Misener Home from Interesting Trip


Mrs. J. E. Sellers went over to Hico last Monday to meet her father and mother, Hon. E. R. Misener and wife, who were en route home from a long and interesting trip through the North and West. Mrs. Misener left Hamilton some three months ago, and has spent most of the time intervening with her daughter, Mrs. V. Reese in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and with relatives of Mr. Misener in New York City. Mr. Misener went to join her in Washington, D. C. six weeks ago. After a visit in the Capitol they went to St. Thomas, Canada. Mr. Misner's old home, where he had not been for fifty-five years. There is a prevailing drought in Canada this year, and Mr. Misener said that his visit there was somewhat of a disappointment. However, he found relatives and old friends of the Misener family in that city, and went to the graves of his fore-parents. Leaving there they proceeded to Beloit, Wisconsin, the native town of Mr. Misener. Canton, South Dakota, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Niagara Falls, and points in Illinois, Maryland, Indiana, Iowa, New York, Elizabeth, New Jersey and other states were included in their long itinerary. They returned by way of Denver, Colorado, through New Mexico to El Paso, where they visited in the home of their daughter, Mrs. E. J. Massman. Mr. Misener says that after all the world they have seen they came back to Hamilton perfectly satisfied to remain here. In fact, Mr. Misener said that Hamilton county came nearer being the garden spot of the world than any place they found. He came back, he said, realizing more than ever before the vast possibilities of development in this section of Texas, which appears to him as almost a frontier in its newness and undeveloped state. A host of friends welcome home these wanderers, and all are please that they came back with the old affection for Hamilton in their hearts grown stronger.


(One reason they made the trip. During the WWI, Edwin was investigated because his German name. He made the trip to get proof that his forefathers had been here a long time.)



Hamilton Herald - 1922

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Misener and daughter, Mrs. J. E. Sellers, Jr., with her young son, Edwin Sellers, left Thursday morning for Dallas, the future home of Mr. and Mrs. Misener. After a short sojourn in Dallas Mrs Sellers and Edwin will go to Del Rio, Texas, to join Mr. Sellers and reside. They will build a nice new home in the border city and will, therefore be permanently located there. The loss of this prominent family from Hamilton will long be felt, and the regret in the hearts of our people is tinged with sorrow because of their intimate association with us here in the little home town so long as friends. With their going another pioneer family quits Hamilton County. Mr. Misener has for years been prominently identified with the politics and lodge affairs of this section of the state. He is past Grand Master in Texas of the I. O. O. F. and is widely known in this connection. As a business man he has made a notable success and has helped put Hamilton on the map in many ways. We shall miss them, but we all like them and are hoping that they may find the new happiness and satisfaction they are expecting to gain by moving to Dallas. Mr. Misener retains considerable of his Hamilton county property and will be visiting here occasionally.



Honorable E. R. Misener Represents State at 
World I. O. O. F. Sov. Grand Lodge

For the second time Hon. E. R. Misener is the chosen representative of the State of Texas to the I. O. O. F. Sovereign Grand Lodge of the World, meeting in Detroit, Michigan.

As often before Hamilton has been the home of the most highly honored man in the fraternal organizations of the state. Mr. Misener is Past Grand Master of the Texas I. O. O. F. Lodge. Prof. J. E. Corrigan was the representative of the district including Texas and two other states in the Sovereign Grand Lodge, W. O. W., of the World.

Before returning home Mr. Misener will visit his daughter, Mrs. V. Reese, and husband, in New York, and will, also go over into Canada to again visit his boyhood home and to see relatives and friends. Everyone here wishes him a pleasant journey and a safe return home. Mr. Misener will be absent from Hamilton some four weeks.




1886 - 1911
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Misener
At Home
Friday, August the twenty fifth, eight thirty to
eleven o'clock
nineteen hundred and eleven
Bell Avenue
Hamilton, Texas


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