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The Hamilton Sanitarium had its origin in the home of Dr. D. B. Beach which was formerly the home of the late Dr. McMordie, in the year 1921. Dr. C. E. Chandler and Dr. Beach were on the staff. In the spring of 1922 eight rooms were added to the building which made a total of 16 rooms. Dr. C. C. Cleveland was added to the staff in May, 1922.  Dr. H. L. Applewhite was on the staff for ten months in 1923.

The building in which the Sanitarium now operates was erected in 1924. The charter was granted to Chandler, Beach, and Cleveland, School of Nursing was started the same year.

The operating room is equipped with a gas machine for administering of Anesthetics. Miss Goerdel, an experienced anesthetist is now taking post-graduate work in anesthetics at Baylor Hospital in Dallas. The ex-ray room is equipped with the best machines made and the fluoroscope and violet ray equipment is modern in all respects.

The laboratory work is handled by Dr. A. C. Bennett who became a member of the staff in 1933.

Other doctors who have been associated with the Sanitarium from time to time are Dr. W. W. Beach and Dr. Fred Lorentz, 1925; Dr. J. W. Green, 1927-1929; Dr. C. H. Frank, 1928; Dr. W. M. Cole, 1929.

The first class of nurses were graduated in 1926. The members of the class were: Annie Shave, May Derrick, Ethel Haynes, Hattie Kopp, Esther Voelter. The exercises were conducted in the Methodist church. In that same year in December the Hamilton Sanitarium was incorporated with the following as directors: C. E. Chandler, D. B. Beach, C. C. Cleveland, A. R. Eidson, J. M. Williams, and Ed Perry. Other nurses who have graduated are Ethel Stowe and Emma Hale, 1927; Gertrude Reiwe, Elsie Miller, Matilda Voelter, and Opphelia Knorzer, Lizzie Etta Loeffler and Dora Smith, 1929; Velma Spivey, Emma Swartz, and Myrtle Harris in 1930; Era Smith Esther Leitko, Creola Trimble, Elizabeth Nichols, and Pauline Goerdel, 1931; Clara Goodwin, 1934.

Jack W. Walker [Jack Winfield Walker]  became business manager of the hospital in January, 1934.

The Hamilton County News, Vol. IV, Number 11--Section Three

Historical and Trading Expansion Issue

W. F. Billingslea, Editor-Publisher

Subscription Price ONE YEAR ..$1.00

June 29, 1934


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